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【 In Love... 】【 英文 】【 1997 】

1.Angel Of Love
2.Bad Boys In Love
3.Give Me More Time
4.Key To Paradise
7.Time Machine

1.Angel Of Love (修改)

My angel make him dream of me tonight
Just tell him I'm alone, he'll hold me tight
Angel of love
Angel of love
Why don't you try
My angel wipe the dark clouds from the sky
My angel let our lovelight shine on bright
Angel of love
Teach my heart how to fly

2.Bad Boys In Love (修改)

Bad boys in love
They amaze me
They're sexy and they're crazy
They're just trying to impress me
By dancing in the street
Bad boys in love
Night and morning
They're everything but boring
They just make me smile
And that is why they are so cute

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3.Give Me More Time (修改)

No it wasn't very easy
To escape but we did
Leaving the party so that no one noticed we were amiss
Just the moon looks down
And sees us as we kiss the first time
And he knows just what
My feeling ask you to decline

Give me more time
Please, just a little more
Just some more time
Because I need it
We can walk to my home
But then leave me alone
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I'm not ready for your love tonight
Won't you give me more time

Such a wonderfull feeling
Kissing 'til we feel faint
With our hearts beating so madly
Like they're going insane
For the very first time
We are here on our own
But what we both want to happen
Just won't happen tonight

4.Key To Paradise (修改)

You are the island
In a sea of teardrops
You are the sunshine
In the night
And when it's raining
You are the rainbow
You are the key
To paradise

I'm yearning
I'm yearning for you

I'm homesick
I'm homesick for you

5.Rollercoaster (修改)

Roller-coaster of emotions
Plunging deep
Then flying high
Do you love me like I love you
Do you want to say goodbye
Roller-coaster of emotions
Call me if you care for me
Don't you keep me waiting too long
I won't wait eternally

6.S.O.S. (修改)

Lover's Grief
Baby, can't you see
I love you
And I want
You to love me too
Through the night
I can see your light
Shining tenderly
Come and rescue me

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7.Time Machine (修改)

I am light years away
And I won't turn around
In my spaceship I see
All infinity
I've seen future and past
I've seen pleasure and pain
On my travels I've been all times and states
I see all that once was
I see all that will be
Somewhere I saw your face
So far away
Here I am so alone
I'm just a spaceship in the night