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【 Blood & Banjos 】【 英文 】【 2014 】

3.of birth
4.Sons of Darkness
5.Judge, Jury, & Executioner
6.of burial
7.Draw Down the Moonshine
8.The Binding

1.Regenesis (提供)


2.Anti-Assumption (修改)

Do my own eyes deceive me?
My wife, once dead, now walks
I believe I did this right, I trust I watched you die

Say no more boy, I've forgiven you
Just come along and look upon your son, you're gonna fall in love
Now it is plain to see this miracle was surely meant to be

The blood still wet on my hands, too real to be a dream
Has my work been all for naught, or was this God's plan for me?

Say no more boy, I've forgiven you
Come rest your head boy, I know what to do

Let's pack our bags and take the southern train to find a brand new home
We'll settle down into a quiet town that we can call our own
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We'll raise our son into the man that he ought to be
The world will see that we are once again a family

Wait a minute something's amiss
You almost had me there I confess
To God's own word I must stay true
With this my banjo I'll end you

Into the jaws of hell I send you again with a kiss on the cheek from my steel strings
Broken into two, my instrument and you, I'll find another way to eradicate this spawn of Satan

And yet, I hesitate
For I alone decide my fate
God may have sacrificed his son, but I am going to raise this one

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3.of birth (提供)

4.Sons of Darkness (修改)

I sure do hope my work impresses whoever is watching up above
But either way I see no reason to end my crusade when I've just begun

My children buried, their grave marked with stone
Who might be next, well I'm just dying to know
What's this? I think someone is outside
Maybe they will be next in line

Abram Stone we've surrounded your home
We have your axe in possession and we know you're alone
Come out and join us, we mean you no harm
We have a few things we'd like to discuss

They all must take me for a simpleton
That is quite a length of rope for a friendly discussion
I'll have you know that I have God on my side
And I'm warning you now, I'll win this fight
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The end is nigh
You must answer for your crimes / lack of faith
And when you die, we won't pray that your soul be saved
The end is nigh!

Blood for blood, and so it shall flow
Give unto the lord, unsheathe thy banjo

Each note that he plucks brings a whirlwind of death
Hearken to ragtime doom
It's perfect, it's sacred, divine
No one left alive

One hundred murders, five strings

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5.Judge, Jury, & Executioner (修改)

I just seen something I would like to forget
And that means a lot from me you've gotta admit
Now I was walking near the West Bluff to deliver the post
And, oh help us Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Abram Stone!

What has he done with his poor family now?
His wife and kids lay dead and bloodied the ground
He was digging two new holes in the earth
And I can tell you neither one was for her

His axe her body cleft
In his well, you'll find what's left

Grave indeed, these tidings that you bare
Swift we must be in making sure this debt is paid

If what you're telling us is the honest truth
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Then it's quite clear to me what we've got to do now
Assemble all ye men who claim to strive for what's right
We're gonna have ourselves a lynching tonight

Fetch your rope

Tie him up
Make him pay for his sins

Hoist him high
Make him see what he's done

Let him hang
We thirst for justice now

Abram Stone
We're coming to burn you out

6.of burial (提供)


7.Draw Down the Moonshine (修改)

Tonight, this life I've taken
One final look around
This jug, these hands
Are empty once again

It's time to take this fate bestowed upon me to the next step
I know that Jesus would be proud
(or was it Satan?)
I can't recall...
What it's like to want to taste the rain or lean into the evening breeze
I know that all things must come to change
but, goddamn, if I could see where life was taking me

But have I done what is right?
Dear God, I believe that I might

I've accomplished this holy feat
But something's telling me that my job is still incomplete
Maybe this curse runs deeper in her blood
I must prevent my sleeping children from waking up

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Oh Lord I know my next task
Your will, my hands, this axe
No demon will become of my young
No need to ask me, my savior, it's done

Close your eyes and go back to sleep
Ignore the cries of your brother he's had a bad dream

I'll be right there, I promise, just wait your turn
I'll send you both to your mother, together you'll burn

Oh, how it feels to be just in one's deeds

There's something about this that feels so right
I can't believe it's taken me this long to see the light
I'll find more demons to slaughter and trust me I can

I am God's hand

8.The Binding (修改)

I know we've had a good life but your time has come
I can't let you give birth to the devil's son
I don't know what you mean, dear, but you're clearly drunk
Hush hush, oh my darling, my work's almost done

Where did it come from this wretched idea in my head?
How do I tell the lies from what the good lord has said?
Why must you trouble my darling? Come join me in bed
That would be lovely my dear but you're already dead

I know we've had a good life but why should it end?
Why must heaven and hell take my dearest of friends?
Come lay with with me for awhile and we'll count the stars
With the children asleep this night could be all ours

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9.Anti-Annunciation (修改)

Abram Stone is drinking whiskey alone outside when he is approached by an apparition. The figure claims to be Jesus (but it is actually Satan) and has some bad news for Abram.
By the fire, a jar of whiskey, and a banjo on my knee
Oh this is all any man should need
But there's an emptiness, a longing in my heart
And I've been spending all my time praying
For a new day a new life
What I'm given never will suffice

Wait and see? Why must I wait and see?
Oh Father up above answer me

Oh my son, I've heard your prayers, and I've come to help you out
Now you must listen to your messiah, to the one true Jesus Christ

It's gonna be a long ride and though you'll make it out alive
It breaks my fucking heart to have to tell you
That I cannot say the same for your beloved wife

In her womb dwells the son of the morning star
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Oh, this means the end my boy, but there's still time to save us
As she sleeps this very night you've got to end her life it's the only way

Oh no, this cannot be the truth I refuse to believe your words
You ask too much of me
But if you're who you say, then this is the way it must be
I know my name

Yes, go forth my son
And my kingdom come
And my will be done here on Earth as it is in...

Hell, I'd do anything that the lord asks of me
Forgive me for my doubts, your voice truly is the voice of
God damn, salvation rests in my hands
But I won't let you down, I will swear that on my wife's grave.

10.Kings (修改)

Mount up
Our time to shine has finally arrived
Round them up
We've got an apocalypse to attend

Cut down all who dare to stand in our way
This caravan stops at nothing, for no one
Abram Stone has just cleared our path to
The brightest future that we will ever know

I've tried my best, oh Lord, for you

Lucifer, that is my true name
Fool, you are, just another pawn in this game

I should have known
Oh why did this happen, how could I have been so damn blind?
But where has God been?
He has forsaken me, I've been hung out to dry

God wants nothing to do with you or your petty prayers
I have come to bring about what you truly deserve
Stand aside, there's nothing you can do now
Can't you see the approaching cloud?

For forty days and forty nights death will rain upon the land
And plague will eradicate them all
The seas turn to black and a darkness will prevail
While innocent blood fuels our machine

I will become more powerful than God and his son
I will take us to the depths where we all belong

I can see now that I am all alone
God has abandoned me and they've destroyed my home
But you're mistaken if you believe that I've forgotten what you did to me

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Eye for an eye
Tooth for a fucking tooth
I will find a way to meet again one day

Go ahead and try
But I hope you're prepared to die
If that is your true wish, if this is your desire
Then I'd be thrilled to oblige

You underestimate me
You and God will pay
Oh, just wait and see
What's about to come your way

I'm gonna raise your son
Fuck your armageddon!
I will raise my son

Lucifer, I know were you live
Lucifer, I bet you bleed just fine (and you will)
Lucifer, you're next

Cry no more, my son
Better days are on the horizon
You will see your mother again
When we pry her out of God's dying hands

Nations will crumble at our feet
Heaven and hell will lay in ruins
We will be kings with no one left to steal our crowns

Take up arms, lead us all
Be proud my son, stand tall
Play your song for us all
Blow your horn, break these walls