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【 Respect The Architect 】【 英文 】【 2014 】

2.Once Again feat. Count Bass D & MidaZ The BEAST
3.Good Vibe
4.Oh Word
5.True Vision
7.Silver Lining
8.The Climb
9.Respect The Architect
10.Bulletproof Resume feat. Illogic

1.Overdosin' (修改)

Yeah, yeah, this sound so rugged
No bliss, no glam, just that low budget
This sound so blunt, my own fam don't want it
Print these low drums, man, I can't flow on 'em
No worries, my man, I'm bout to go forward
Soon as you said 'no thanks', I had a song for it
I see fans sleepin', I see 'em see snoring
So nine outta ten, I'm takin' weed, overboardin'
Records ain't sellin', all the stores closin'
Can't make a livin' 'less you on that row touring
Fans singin' that the underground deserves explorin'
Cast used to bring the heat, now they all dormit

We don't drop enough, they want it more often
It's too water down, they want it more potent
It ain't strong enough, they want more dosage
They want it uncut, I'll leave them overdosing

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I don't want it all, just a small portion
Something cool with a view and a small office
It ain't like I'mma really be there all that often
Pro'ly get Colorado chasin' broads, snow boardin'
While they Salt Lake ballin' like John Staten
Record shoppin', breakin' brand with the cool Mormons
I wanna look back and laugh at my own struggles
Things I used to trip about don't even seem important
So till he get his, it's gon' be hard to stop him
Even though he know it's more money, more pro'lems
But for him it's really more money, more options
Cause at least he can escape it all by goin' shoppin'

But we don't drop enough, they want it more often
It's too water down, they want it more potent
It ain't strong enough, they want more dosage
They want it uncut, I'll leave them overdosing

2.Once Again feat. Count Bass D & MidaZ The BEAST (提供)

3.Good Vibe (提供)

4.Oh Word (修改)

I love them all
Fans and naysayers
Max and fake players
Lovers and player haters
Brothers that trade gators
But that's copycat 'cause they want the same flavor
But I was thought that bigger fences make better neighbors
I told Fest to hold tight and get greater later
He didn't have the patience so he tried to take my paper
When brothers gonna learn? With this is long-term
Respect's bout to earn but greenhouse won't burn

Motherfuckers, they think they can really fuck with me at this shit
It's what I do, man, you can't stop the kid
Going in, bro

How should I begin?
Back on my grind again, biters wanna bite the kid
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Writers wanna slight the kid
Herb's got nerve to criticize the life I live
But if they can't relate then I don't lie for them
But if you're listening now, home or out in the crowd
I gotta assume you feeling the style
Otherwise you probably would've turned me off like pop!
Ok, back to the track
This is for my cats that stack the paper up
My people packing'tape it up
I'm just a cat in rap tryna make a buck
You got a platinum plaque but I say you suck
You fake fuck, this is my true life story
The same, bro, I came from shoebox money
Now dudes wanna remove all dues from me
'Cause you do what you wanna do when you got money

5.True Vision (修改)

They're saying that he insane, crazy, mind stands aiming
I wonder who out there, the people gotta name me.
Lazy for a couple years, drowning in beers
Picked up where I left off for head on my peers.
It seems I got styles, personality seems
Boss type, light pep, ... jeans
I seen the whole rap game, sipping on lean
But be the tension when it's mentioned, that ...
He a five star general, analogue or digital
Avant-garde, plus boom bap and minimal.
All things to those that plays original
Throw bottles at the idols of the one dimension.
Come forth! Gather round and hear me speak
.. rhymes and the stones, we're for the people that ink
Got sent back to the bottom when I reached my peek
With the riddle I was given at the foot of the sphinx
The rhyme - I construct one brick at the time
It's impossible to top when you put out of line
I hit the underground harder than a harder event
Rappers fall like the third tower planes never hit. Shit!

This ain't your everyday rap, I got a true vision
I do this for myself, man, I'm a musician!
Say yey, if you're feeling it (feeling it)
Raise your hands, if you feeling it (feeling it)!
This ain't your everyday rap, I got a true vision
I do this for myself, man, I'm a musician!
Say yey, if you're feeling it (feeling it)
Raise your hands, if you feeling it (feeling it)!

They wanna know if Print's real, well, I can't stay
I'm too hard to find, my crib is the back cave.
The block where they got sprayed, under covers masquerade
It used to be worst back in the day
Mean Bean got locked up and passed away
You can take life and run, or you can sneak in the back way
.. is the rap where soul is half away
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Moving at the speed of light, switching to the fast lane
24 boss and 48 loss of power
Every time I rhyme my street buzz gets louder.
I'm ... inhaling lines, I'm gun powder
Running down our streets, chasing down cowards
Cops go out of their way to send me subliminals
Cause they're working 9 to 5 for a wave just minimal.
But I'mma keep it cool and still smile in their face
Till they master up enough heart to call me my name.
Busy rhyming for your mens, I rhyme for the fans
Just more in ..., I got too much charm on their hands
If I'm really as small as they say that I am
Then way would distancing me be a way of advance?
Please, you know my... rolling on MTV
Probably rocking dirty jeans with a whole in me.
I woke up in the spot, with all dollar looking dummie
And walk out with something soft, plus three numbers
Whether making songs, making out or making cream
You better know that throw backs the only you'll make the team.
Slang weed, or slang... it's all the same in me
Cause I'm compelled to the same degree without a fight
You can take a fang from me.
I earned my spot, nobody ever gave it to me!
So don't play with me!
Because you gotta be a martyr that gained fame for me.

See, this ain't your everyday rap, I got a true vision
I do this for myself, man, I'm a musician!
Say yey, if you're feeling it (feeling it)
Raise your hands, if you feeling it (feeling it)!
This ain't your everyday rap, I got a true vision
I do this for myself, man, I'm a musician!
Say yey, if you're feeling it (feeling it)
Raise your hands, if you feeling it (feeling it)!

6.Perspective (修改)

[Verse 1 - Blueprint]
Ten girls stapped on a collage campus
Twenty school-kids gunned down in Sandy Hook
A black teenager is murdered over skin color
It feel like the chaos is everywhere you look
Thirty afghans killed at a family wedding
Sixty Iraki killed trying to vote
A woman gets gang-raped down in India
Five kids' lifes get ended by a drone
I don't care if you living in a high-rise
You're no different from a man in a hut
Every single life is sacred in God's eyes
You ain't worth more cause you got more stuff
I don't care what the color of your skin is
I don't care 'bout your fortune and fame
I just want for us to have more perspective
And understand that everybody's pain is the same
Bird's eye view
It's beautiful up here

[Verse 2 - Blueprint]
Understand that the empathy for all others
Appreciation as a have or a have-not
Recognize that people's worth is decided
By the content of character, and not what they got
I get upset cause it seem so hard for us
When we lie to ourselves we sound so crazy
We tell ourselves that they don't work as hard as us
They could be like us if they just weren't lazy
I think it's just an excuse
That allow us to treat them as less human
Cause once we begin to take it as the truth
It justifies all the evil things that we do to them
Some people work hard and barely stray by
Others work hard and end up rich
It doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate success
But understand the systematic hurdles that exist
Bird's eye view
It's beautiful up here, might shed a tear

[Verse 3 - Blueprint]
A man with no shoes stands on a corner
Sad about his circumstance of being on the street
Then realize it weren't that bad
When he was joined by another man that had no feet
A woman makes a post on facebook
About how she and her brother got beef
Unaware it was read by a friend of hers
Who's own brother passed away just last week
Boston get's hit by a dirty bomb
Hundred people injured, three people died
Rare for us but for many that's the norm
The daily threat of an attack is part of their lives
I ain't sayin' what we feel ain't real
But understand just what it means to be privileged
That's when you ignore the circumstances of those
Less fortunate then you, that you don't have to live in
Bird's eye view
It's beautiful up here, might shed a tear

7.Silver Lining (修改)

Right, so much more than a rapper
They only write rhyme, well I'mma writer
That use rap to capture the times
The songwritin' so excitin', like ridin' a bike
But speed, never exceed what you can catch in a line
On rainy days, you never see me fighting a vibe
My brainstorm can light before the lighting is ripe
Blow, lost for days, moms taught me bout honest ways
I saw that crime don't pay at the youngest age
Just a south side kid from around the way
Most of our friends deadbeat till extended stays
You're just an animal once you get inside that cage
That's why I fuck with basketball, I'm out there working all my J
Got some lettuce from school, askin' me to play us
It seem to be the way to escape the inner city maze
A brave scholar that love art and praise knowledge
But got shot at the summer before he went to college
I never told my moms that, she had enough to bear
She sacrificed everything just to get me there
To see your baby boy graduate, shed a tear, computer science major
The math added an extra year
Found a sampler and put it on layaway
Spent my Christmas break making beats every day
Things I saw in high-school told me stay away
But my love for the music never gonna fade away
High price to pay for the greez even then
Five years of school, the debt added extra ten
But came home making more dough than all my friends
So when my fam needed my help I could finally give
Moved to Cincinnati, couldn't be stationary
Felt a lot of love with the girl I moved there to marry
Progammer first, local rapper secondary, battle anybody
Wanted to be legendary
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Try hard to get promoted but I wasn't able
Having better luck with the mike and the turntables
All we wanted was attention from a lil' label
Kept pushin', even though my family wasn't stable
Lost my big sis, hardest year of my life
Pops got sick and told me not to stop by
Makin' paper, still didn't have a decent car
Banging two mortgages, cause moms got hurt on the job
Had to slow my roll, from out there, gettin' mine
To understand how the family is intertwined
They all sacrificed so we can live a better life
So you gotta step up to the play when it's yo time
Remember this, when you race towards the finish line
Credit towards your fam should never be minimized
Lot of people lean on 'em when they on the rise
See some, success, then they wanna break the ties
Flippin' through the channels, landed on Charlie Rolls
Interviewing Sting about all the songs he wrote
Charlie asked how a song writer keep his hope
Well, Sting answered, I never dared forget the quote
He said 'the music get dark whenever things get bad
But artist gotta understand, it's easier to pay with black
If you feel it comin' on, you gotta reel it back
Cause people turn to us to hopefully escape from that'
I try to think of that time to time when I'm writtin'
Responsibility that come along with the rhymin'
'Don't be the guy always talkin' bout the sky fallin'
Don't paint the dark cloud, unless you paint the silver lining'
It's why I'm rhyming, to be that silver linin'
Huh, to be the silver linin'

8.The Climb (修改)

Smooth as the mood that we need on the set
Explore new techniques so I'm never bored
Even when I feel depressed, I press on
Always ...,cause music is everything
You can't see it all cause you're a few points...
Expand your frame of art until you can picture it
Supporters get the storage
I think I know why
They 're focused on the peek
But I'm focused on the climb
You can never know it all and a man's styles
A hole on the sand and your hands on the beach
A walk on every inch and layin' on your feet
But even know you can't
You still feel ...
I'm fascinated about the sound so I have to speak

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I never write rhymes just because the beat bangs
I write rhymes cause I need things I got to say
I'm never forced to ...even though I'm getting paid
I wouldn't care
Even if it's so nice and...
You see what I did there,I shouted at the greats
But not even this so don't get it twisted
It's just what my crew says when they hear them spit
Everybody raps so I lie when I dance
I say I even work behind a desk and a boss
And I don't wanna tell them
It sounds like shit
See crackin' the day I would probably tell the truth
But now I got a lot less to prove
I learned what is best to let people do what they do

9.Respect The Architect (修改)

[Verse 1]
You want the fly shit, you got the right brother
Catch a kin thrill right after I fly over
I battle alcohol, had to brawl like a soldier
Vowed to never fall, now all my nights sober
Refine my mind, reclinin' on my sofa
Designed to rhyme and strike kinda like a cobra
My pen's venomous, poison ten sentences
Paralyze your steril mind and leave skid blemishes
'When is he gonna fall off?,' some of the people wonder
You're more likely to see a foot of snow in the summer
I'm not mainstream, the tide can never take me under
I'm Clyde Stubblefield, the rhyme is my funky drummer
I write this like my ancestors holding kitchen(?)
Before the Bible and any man made religion
Author contextualization, sign and spirit
It's like I neva loose sleep if y'all don't feel it
I'm in my own lane, it has no speed limits
Psychedelic mind is assault without the weed in it
I'm at the point of no return, too deep in it
We can turn and look back, but I proceed wid it
I lost track of time, felt like I was unconscious
Did drips, somebody stole my style and I can't stop it
Top to bottom, whole thing like I was madtronics
Woke up with a rhyme, half asleep in my boxers
If it's gonna happen I go a bit beyond
You know the true architect when you hear the song
The foundation for the underground you're standing on
True fans gonna miss him when he gone

Respect the architect

[Verse 2]
Right, you can find many rappers more complicated
But not many if any high nominated
I'm at the top waitin', my album top rated
The brightest rap stars not in my constellation
Tryin' small talk your way into the conversation
But I dominated kinda like a dominatrix
Till the point that my biggest haters stop the hating
And pass the piece like a plate at a congregation
The most holiest, atop is the loneliest
But only cause I don't associate with any lames
Expose the phoney, show 'em how cold it gets
With flows that go against the grain
No doubt
I play the shooter and coroner, it's me
When you know the party droppin', catch it when it's easy
My rap pedigree commands respect
Blueprint, the master builder

Respect the architect

10.Bulletproof Resume feat. Illogic (提供)