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【 Soul Amazing Part Five (The Alchemist Edition) 】【 英文 】【 2015 】

2.Palisades (Feat. Big Twin, Killa Kali & Planet Asia)
3.Yacht Rock Side B (Feat. Big Twin & Chuck Inglish)
4.Camp Registration (Feat. Evidence, Action Bronson & Domo Genesis)
5.Thelonius King (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Tristate)
6.Spudnik Webb Master (Feat. Durag Dynasty)
7.Tomorrow (Feat. Step Brothers & Rakaa Iriscience)
8.The G Code (Feat. Action Bronson & Domo Genesis)
9.Gallon Of Henny (Feat. Killa Kali)
10.Everyday Is Xmas (Feat. Planet Asia & Tristate)
11.Cut The Check (Feat. Roc Marciano & Quelle Chris)

1.Cobb (提供)

2.Palisades (Feat. Big Twin, Killa Kali & Planet Asia) (提供)

3.Yacht Rock Side B (Feat. Big Twin & Chuck Inglish) (修改)

[Verse 1:Big Twinz]
We on a Yacht, celebrating non-stop
Burning pot, thinking 'bout the journey to the top
We on the grind. Ah, who knew this shit'll pop
I didn't see it. It's like my mind had it blocked
Now we hot. Still to this day up shocked
Shorty flop, ready to jump right on the spot
'Bout money, swingin' till my man ops?
Stay focused, keep the rare words of my pops
Them niggas gon' hate, done till the day I drop
I don't worry 'bout a nine in the Stare? spot

[Verse 2: Chuck Inglish]
Colours, Nardees with the buckets
Shorts with the Tims like, fuck it
Real foreign and the sports look rugged
So I tanned in the ?
Hardaway, Chris Melon in the hallway
Getting money, get away when it's sunny
Feeling lovely, the ball fades for the summer
Brush waves, book pays, get it done, then we pumping
Ride around in the side
Nine-Hundred, the ? for ?
Tanning with the honeys, understand we getting much
Chop Salad with the onions, out weird tryna function
Shooting Dice with the loved ones

[Verse 3: Blu]
(Damn, I couldn't even sway to it)
Bubble coats, tell coach I need the boat
And seldom let us float, so dope with no smoke
Murder she wrote, how the burner revoke (decide)
Couldn't compose it over burgers and coke
Ayo, pompously I approached the ho modest
Novelty like a page out of poverty that I wrote
I told her I was dope (word up)
Yo, she didn't believe me. She was Stevie

4.Camp Registration (Feat. Evidence, Action Bronson & Domo Genesis) (提供)

5.Thelonius King (Feat. R.A. The Rugged Man & Tristate) (修改)

Thelonius King, Thelonius King, Thelonius King

[Verse 1:Blu]
They bring the ceremony to me
I kill that opener with the opening speech
Closing your sheets
Please, hoping I slip is ridiculous, too deep
Too street for you niggas, I'm concrete
High priest nigga, chief, rock a beat to sleep, like a G
With the gold teeth, gold on my neck, gold on my sleeves
On my ring I got the black spinel stone of the onyx
Pulitzer Prize like a king I should change my name to Nobel Peace

But it's Thelonius King, Thelonius King, Thelonius King

[Verse 2: R.A. The Rugged Man]
In a world of murderers and rapists
And children with exposed rib cages
Organ damage from famine, flies on their faces
Blood thirsty baby killers and mental cases
Gun toting cops born racists
School districts preaching hatred
Angels with black wings holding automatic guns like gatlings
Bodies blown to bits, bloody torsos that lack limbs
You beating me, that's like a Ku Klux Klan white supremacist
Tryna have a Klan rally, uptown Harlem on Lenox
Ruining nations with bloody mutilations
Cult practitioners, voodoo Haitians
Colonizers shooting, boozing and raping
I'm bringing ruckus, they licking rubbers, hip hop is starting to scare me
It's a circus of clowns like Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey
I hurt any pagan, I murder any mason
I smack up any herb that's perpetrating
More disturbing than D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation
Media playing the race card, avoiding the rape charge
They robbing the graveyard, these devils disgrace God
Ain't tryna create jobs, they leaving your bank robbed
They feminine, hate hard, I'm leaving you face scared
Come on


[Verse 3: Tristate]
Gold kufi, jewels droopy, the rock's ruby
From King Uchi to King Tut, the rope's dooky
Bow gracefully and face death, erase you the hateful
Barbarians overthrowing your stable
Kemetic wisdom, they can't shatter the Sphinx
Move spirits through the infinite plains where we exist
Slang ancient into the triple stage of darkness
Spoils of war, carve your sword to be the sharpest, shank shit
Protecting the think tank, sank ships
No papyrus, I'm writing this one on a blank disc
The Nautica god, pirate of society
Address my empire as the Durag Dynasty

6.Spudnik Webb Master (Feat. Durag Dynasty) (提供)

7.Tomorrow (Feat. Step Brothers & Rakaa Iriscience) (修改)

[Verse 1:Evidence]
Sat on a bench penning a verse
Yes, it's Evidence
Who wrote “For Whatever It's Worth”
I let the ink bleed
'Cause when I squeeze it's cohesive
Make a beat, release the cold pieces
That's the sound when I am down and out
Round and round, we go round another roundabout
The city painted blue or red is what a pound about
I'm steppin' out tonight, and god willing stepping out of bounds
I came up, but money can't buy me
Love, but it can buy me other things I need
What? Do you think it's time to break the gate again
I motivate and think bigger than money out the ATM
It's as good as gone, shit, it's as bad as here
Status, it's the climate in the atmosphere
Things you can't touch, spray but can't brush
I guess the latency said a little late
But I can't rush

[Verse 2: The Alchemist]
Sat in the back of the Jimmy Z
And I started sketchin'
One arm hanging out the window with the muscle flexin'
Stacy Adams foot on the seat, resting
Open the book of revelations and pick out a lesson
Powers beyond control of pencil
Draw blood every time I cut a record, I blow a vessel
You get charcoal
The battery charge while this Japanese sparkle in the carafe
Two fingers, raise the glass off the marble
It's all a legend
Mix the medicine with the Benson and Hedges
Know where the ledge is
Might take a little off of the top, fade the edges
Still keep it crisp
Pay no attention to the politics, 'cause ignorance is bliss
Complex napoleon, triple-X nickelodeon
Remove the garbage
Work the night shift, the rap custodian
Use your face as a tray to put out a bogie
In due recording, midnight, noon, or morning
So move according

[Verse 3: Rakaa]
I sat on a plane and let my brain unwind
Hot towels for my face and wine
Defying the laws of gravity, space and time
International air space, I'm flying with the divine
Keep the fact that race tracks could lead to dark places in mind
Exercising smart taste, refined
Higher than artificial borders in these man made lines
Thirty thousand feet above a past of man made crimes
The future is pure potential I'm promised
And unpolished, is raw
Soft clay, but data's the new knowledge
The present is a gift, like my presence when I'm gone
In fact, it's always right now, even when I'm wrong
The elevation never drops
Tell em better never stops
Watch 'em play the part
I tell 'em to get some better props
Understanding one world
Over trying to set it off
Looking down I see the bubble
Hoping that it never pops

[Verse 4: Blu]
Check it
I sat on a bus, brushing my wave
Sunny CA
My sunshine shine, as if it don't rain
Your dame went from no name
To damn near knowing the whole game
That's cold fame
My cell phone rang
My number don't change
I picked it up
Had her pick me up from my domain
She drove a dope range
Like my blood brother who don't bang
She love that Cobain
Because she blow brains and blow things up
Out of proportion sometimes
I light her propane
She like to hold hands with grown mans
I like to hold papers and blow cake like it's my birthday
I feel I'm thirty eight
I say forget my curses, J
I should've went to church today
To wash away my sins
So I could shine, when them curtains raise
I hope the gas prices lower, like the murder rate
So all that break a circle, ey probably
With an urban state
So much red and blue, you saw it was a purple state
I guess they threw that gold on it and hopes Earvin stay

8.The G Code (Feat. Action Bronson & Domo Genesis) (修改)

[Verse 1:Action Bronson]
I got this pretty, brown queen, her kids addicted to chicken nuggets
She used to play college ball, I'm just trying to ball
I'm trying to sit on leather 'til my time is called
When it is, fuck it, it's been a wild ride
Since '95 with the jeans set back on the scene fresh
Beamers that lean left
I'm on the fucking roof doing squats, ain't no boots in the box
Just some dead, white man and his Glock
The cyrus cock-eyed doing 360's in front of Popeye's
Nobody could control me, Allah tried
But then I ate ribs, fuck I hate myself, this shit is banging though
Shoot the pistol, bite the mango
Out for tango, bravo
Applaud me, the seats are coffee
My mother wrist look like it's coughing, it's costly
Hide the dope inside the four-seat
Hit me on the jet before 3
I'm there at 5 like basketball team

[Verse 2: Domo Genesis]
Looked in the mirror like oh my progression's beatiful
Look how you wear success, what could any problem do to you?
You seen everything so nothing new, no one's unusual
You made it through and niggas fell, survived the greatest crusible
How you rebel, you claim that you already in hell
And you just trying to float up everytime you take an inhale
Statistics say my destiny is with shells or in jail
Man, I'm just trying to make the things I pencil if it helps
I just hope the steps that I've exampled could inspire
Manifest your desires and we can set this bitch on fire
Who's a liar? If said that I wanted it, but I reached that
While I'm spitting heat crack, them black sand beach raps
They riding dirty for surely, you better keep your seat strapped
Seen a baby boy with Tyrese, got his drink jacked
Meaning watch out for them young niggas
Show me green, I fucks with you, never fronting
I'm puffin blunts

[Verse 3: Blu]
Ayo, the steel cold-crushed and flux
She touched the real with he deal, playboy
The Illinoise got you iller, still a laid boy
The Rudy Ray Moore, but with that clayborn she stay warm
My [?]stay stunting like say, son
You know I told 'em wise play dumb
Hop out that grey one and keep low
Illegal lingo like Ocho Cinco, blow the weed smoke
Good of for three tokes, don't try that East Coast
My people brought if back for the lax
And Latinos lax my leeno, I crack my single
Roll off the leaf and chief the keef slow
[?]some fresh keish and cut the cheese
Dust the eagle 'til she shine like a bald boss
From Baldwin to [?]
If the sober receive note it ain't a loss
And that's the G code
The cross match the gloss on the linx
We got the streets on like moccasins be
Model my meat flow, I'm honor, B
My oceanography is no philosophy, it's peace, bro
Chunk the deuce in the trunk, the chumps needs those

9.Gallon Of Henny (Feat. Killa Kali) (提供)

10.Everyday Is Xmas (Feat. Planet Asia & Tristate) (提供)

11.Cut The Check (Feat. Roc Marciano & Quelle Chris) (提供)