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【 TheGodleebarnes LP 】【 英文 】【 2010 】


1.TheInnocent (提供)

2.AzulitoTheGreat (提供)

3.GloryUsDelux (提供)

4.NeverDream (修改)

Produced By:Exile

Sleepwalking got you following your dreams boy
Take it from me (never, never dream)
Don't wear your heart on your sleeve boy
Tellin' me this world isn't all that it seems
You're 'bout to fall for the scheme
We all wanna be kings boy
Take it easy (never, never dream)
It ain't as easy as it seems boy
Everybody wanna lead but nobody wanna bleed

[Verse 1]
Now was it all to bling?
I used to read the Source magazine
Before I started going full-force on this rapping thing
I had a mean left but never had a battle swing
Yet I would ball up all the ballers on the traveling team
I was a bit more secure than your average teen
Too broke for prom yet the queens kept asking me to ask them
I was like: ask him!
I was thin, about five ten benching with the baddest thing in school
Sneaking sips of pops' pimp juice
Rocking Timbs and my gym shoes
But still hoopin' on niggas with the truest form switchin
But now I think my uniform is missin'
Cause me missin' shots: rarer than a unicorn existing
I was playin' more positions than they shoot in porn pictures
I was born with it but I wasn't born for it
Still I never looked back like Forest


[Verse 2]
Yes indeed he wrote graffiti on the bus
Backseat, headphones, blown on the kush
Being something great
Told my lady 'wait I gotta leave up out the States!'
Cause I ain't know who I was
Before I had a buzz, I used to shoot the shit with the crips and the bloods
Funny thing about it was I didn't know they was
Told 'em they was gods cause they didn't know they was
We just rolled hay, blowed away, playing thangs
We only taked drugs as a way to stay above
From government officials with missiles or the thugs with the pistols
Taking hate to places they forget to take they love
I was talking to my cuz just the other day
Hung up the phone, didn't tell him what I want to say
I want to say that whenever you fall astray
Stay awake and you'll always find a way


I mean, damn, it's like everyday's the same day
Another realisation that you ain't paid
I came to the conclusion that I can't complain
Cause if the world was a canvas I wouldn't paint pain
I've seen Jay's fame but I took Dames advice
And took the hustle route, tryna flip a couple thou
Just like a humble child listen to my uncles feed
Geeked off a couple thou they was makin' once a week
Now the truth leaks out when they discussin' me
So I had to flip it for niggas that get productive, see?
Now the business is busy as a bumblebee
Hoping niggas mumble me and soon the next Puff will be
I never asked these niggas to put trust in me
But really, who would lead you to the heavens if it wasn't me?
Huh? Plus I do it so comfortably
Doc Martin, never thought I would become a King


5.TheGOD's&Me (提供)

6.Grandma'sKitchen (提供)

7.Difficulties (提供)

8.SpanishWinter (提供)

9.BeGO(o)D! (修改)

[Verse 1:Blu]
So glorious
Never was a valedictorian, more like a hip-hop historian
I kiss the morning when I wake up and thank God
Fresher than a born again baby, I stay fly
Since ye high dreaming of creamin' panties
And performing in auditoriums in Miami
Granted the Grammy's, they'd hand me the planet
You think if opportunity knocked I wouldn't snatch it?
'The millionaire, the mansion'
Reluctantly I let them have it (take it)
And they still couldn't fuck with me
I'm into more important things now
Like my Porsche keys and importing rugs
You know, important stuff
Tell Bubba once the tables turn around
F trying to end careers, let the labels turn them down
You boys on that same ol' chasing rainbows around
Trying to find a pot of gold but ain't no paper around
Nowadays they frown, when yesterday they crowned you
'Til they heard about all the new fans that found Blu
True fam do know, no matter what the pseudo say
'If you okay, Blu's okay, I will hold you down B'
Even when the business try to drown me
Under all the love I've received is where they found me
Boys talking what? Tell them hush hush they mouth piece
Because somebody with me will (blaw!) bust they mouth piece
Pro box feather weights, levitate out B
If you ever need ring, no doubt count me
In it, for pennants
Penmanshipping and handling business is what I'm 'bout B!
Bout to be bout some down South beats
Don't be surprised if you close your eyes one day
And they open wide to a brand new Blu soaked in ice
F being broke and hot, I rather be spoken broken English
Folding Benjies not Lincolns, Biddies
F was ya'll thinking? First CD I ever rapped on was called 'Glory'
End of story, and even I don't write it down
God surely, records it for me

10.TheRunOut(erlude) (提供)

11.It'sOkay (提供)

12.OnMarsWithTheStars (提供)

13.Smoking@6InTheMo (提供)

14.CityOfLos(t)Angel(e)s (提供)

15.AllTheKingsMen (提供)

16.AWorldGoneBlind (提供)

17.MelloSunshine (提供)

18.'TilWeDie (修改)

[Verse 1]
Laugh now, cry never
Never mind, nice guys finish fine, I guess
Forever fly
Used to be fresh but now I'm wise
Guy's, try to imply
Like I should optimize on lies and cries
I find it harder now to author nouns and sounds
It's like couldn't believe I was really bout to father a child
*When all of this foul
*World girls are brought up in now
All the options
Cloggin and crowdin'
Little Knoggins'
With products instead a knowledge
And it bothers nobody cause she fine as hell
So she whine's/wine's
And dines
And tells, more lies
Trynna find herself
Fell on ma knees today to find myself
And it helps when It ain't no one around to tell the truth to
When I'm not have the guy/God I use to be
Use too
Who be?
Used to say
You the truth too
Now I'm just Truthful
Truthfully it hurts
Usually worse
Used to be worse
Running from comfort
Cause I wouldn't conform, or convert
Now I just converse
About how much love hurts
And how good God is
And how much I want more for ma kids
Cause life is not fair
But it does not stop there
Do what you got til you drop
But don't trip, my dear
It's God's here
Right here

[Verse 2]
Whatever you be on is you nigga
Whatever I be on the good God got me on
I try to lone through the winter
Jottin' home in poems
Trynna remember the warmth when the storms pass
Blue skies
Sunshine ma minds forecast
Not like I was born last week
Complete ma format
My perspective gets deep
My lessons have been collectin' like Blessings
The exchange rate is beautiful too
Proving that truth can override anything but love
So God Bless you
A timeless
Life a
Stressin' this fight with lust
I try to put my life love up above you but
Movin' the world with a duty to truly be something worthy of
Lavish ass pad's
With cars
And all types a devices
Must be nice if happiness is priceless
Price my life
And y'all can have the Range bright lights and fame
For some change, give an exchange if your souls intact
And it's hard to beat that with a bat
Most cats get wit this
It's '08 jack
I stick wit that
Boom bap mind state
'96 mind flip, get money
Other than that
We praise God
Sometimes I play y'all
Never did play cards or
Video games
I was eight trynna navigate principle aim
Multiplyin' ma visual game
By ma spiritual gain
Divided truth by pain
Still steerin' the plane
Like the pilots do it
Sun shine
And in the sky is Blu
So high
Wave hi we just ridin' through
No titles, No idols, No pride
No time to prove to you why we fly we just do US
And we trust that you do you
That's what we was brought up to do

19.Crowns (修改)

Produced By:Blu aka Godlee Barnes

[ Verse 1 ]
I told 'raach I need a crown
He gave me ????? wisdom for the third eyebrow and now
Well spoken and wrote like a true poet
Felt heroic at first and get your hearse
I was born again
Like the church say to rope em in
Praise god down on earth rocking gold skin
Letting my ego go again
Trying to make space for my soul within
Somebody told me then
I said I'm getting in
You smell the tortoise and the hare tale up in the air
Bed hair, used to toss tails in the air
Taught some heads how to get ahead of billionaires
No feelings but the thrill is there
And no shilling for the children's care
It's just chitlins for the niggas there
You know ????? learned to swim scared
I'm just making more noise to fill a void that isn't there
I swear
Gods rock gems
Kings rock gold
And hoes buy ice for the price of their soul
They say keep what you know
It increases as you grow like interest
So invest in more

[ Verse 2 ]
I told joe I need a crown
He said visualize a price before you shout the prize out
Nevermind a mind in doubt
Found out when I shouted out 'the king has arrived'
But got crucified
I wonder who's next
Losing line pompous
Like I heard his conscious ain't true as mine
Pow! shot down for such a stupid line
Remind me of the dude in the mirror that used to rhyme
My mind clear, divine sight to overstand knowledge by acknowledging life
It's like molding this globe, it takes both hands
I balance planets on my fingertips
Looking back at life like I'm old, damn
Hipping kids to my old plans
Like if the master asks have you seen the coats just say no and dance
Picking cotton is the easiest job I've ever gotten
It's like throwing products in the shopping bag
Fuck you doing with a prada bag, trick?
Can't bitch cause I'm bout to buy my dad a jag right quick
Tight grip on the mic
Give a shout to my ancestors for living their life
Walking over cloverfield like shit's starting to feel right
Rebuilding then chill drunk can't wait till my kingdom comes
Young child, smile
You think I'm grinning now, just picture me in a

[ Verse 3 ]
I told my mom I need a crown
She said put your head down and picked the thorn out my scalp
I smiled like I seen her now
Like I smiled on the culture so bare with the essence I had to bow
Proud to be where I was found
On the ground
Still feeling like I'm in the clouds
Haven't smoked for a while cause my highs had me feeling down
When I'm around crowds can't seem to hide behind the frown
I even tried to be like a clown and paint my face on
And keep my faith strong in a movement that got their brakes on
But why make songs
Eight long years spitting spins with a cape on and couldn't even save J barnes
Let alone those hoping for somebody to give them some soul over this okey doke
And when you blow don't forget about the people
They thought I sold my soul but I just sold them my ego
Counted my change, realized it wasn't equal
Doubted my name until the game became my easel
Fuck blu
I'mma paint the town you
Left home like, you can have my throne, and my crown too

20.Outro(OpenMindDead) (提供)

21.TheBonusSongMyBoyBlu (提供)

22.BenevolentOffering&Benediction (提供)