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【 March Of The Undead 】【 英文 】【 2005 】

1.Maggots Grinding Maggots
2.Terror From The Graves

1.Maggots Grinding Maggots (修改)

Conserved till rotenness
Till the maggots fill the flesh
And the brain turns
To rancid fermented mess

Pus runs from punctures
Inside oesophagus

Maggots crawl into the flesh
Now a tissus shapeless mass
Funeral in morbid place
With the remains of the dead

Rotting, by my infamy
Rotting, from flesh to putrid

Dried flesh sticks to bones
And the maggots (still) devour

Maggots infest guts and stomach, they ride back the trachea,
Lungs are almost wholly devoured, insatiable human eaters
As I taste this rotted flesh, maggots enter in my mouth
Bewitched in my dementia, maggots enter in my mouth

I lick the organic gelatine
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Left by the insects

Rites of Torture
I delight in flesh and blood and
Of your corpse... filled with maggots

Dried flesh sticks to bones
And the maggots still devour

Putrid mass of rotenness
Repugnant Human Mess
End in glory
For such a rotten meat

What remain of my son
Still dwell in utero
Maggots escape
From its eyes

A worms infested meat
Lay in front of me

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2.Terror From The Graves (修改)

Convulsive corpses break the coffins
The eyes rolled upwards, They have no conscience
The undead will walk to rip the flesh out
Impetuous death, your vision become tinged with blood


They're drooling over your flesh and your blood
Cause finally, you're nothing more
Torso devoured, The arms are ripped off
Blood-splattered flesh, The teeth penetrate
Your opened throat
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Blood is spurting from the arteries
The terror comes from the graves

Rotting in a pool of blood
The undead's bread dwell in your heart
The undead rise, the undead march
The undead devour

...This isn't a nightmare, just open-wide your eyes...
Terror comes from the graves...