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【 10 Day (Mixtape) 】【 英文 】【 2012 】

1.Long Time II
2.Prom Night
3.Hey Ma
4.U Got Me Fucked Up
6.Juke Juke
7.Fuck You Tahm Bout
9.Brain Cells
10.Long Time
11.22 Offs
12.14,400 Minutes
14.Missing You

1.Long Time II (修改)

[Verse 1]
I wonder if Gladys smiles when angels bring my name up
Or change language and subject change up
Her boy's a long way from red dolls and green rangers
Things ain't been the same since Ms. Patterson called me famous
I saw your reflection in a toilet full of vomit water
You don't think I felt your hand on my head yelling, “Call his father”
But people don't hear ghost, so how they gon' play me?
Money saved me, so I'ma do the same thing
You droppin' pounds, gettin' small on some sick shit
Like how you got the drive but don't know how to use a stick shift?
You better not miss this, overdose dope and mix this
Let your throat close with a boatload of dope quotes within it

Long time now since I seen you smile
Long time long time now
Since I seen you smile
And it's been a long time, long time now
Since I seen you smile

[Verse 2]
Dropping tapes 'till I lost the count
Coughing out blood, dropping weight like I lost an ounce
Throwing words and tossing nouns
NY traveling, I'm Boston bound, bossing 'round homies
And talking down to shorties while I'm jotting down
Notes to spit to Harlem crowds, surfing through the Harlem crowds
At the crib I'm falling down, I'm on the floor crawling 'round
I'm calling out to God, 'You're little angel's falling down
Save me from my darkened cloud, reach your hands and arms around'
Long time long time now since I seen your smile
We miss you

[Verse 3]
It's been a really, really long time, long time
Since a goof ass nigga done tried me
Label niggas wanna sign me and lame ol' nigga wanna buy me
Food and weed and drink and shit, just as long as you inkin shit
Sometimes I can't pay for food cause sometimes I can't think of shit
Where's your head at? Where's your head at?
Singing my shit like you just said that
Wanging my shit like where'd you hear that?
Young ass nigga where you headed?
Long time to get famous, life's whatever you make it
Just thank god that we made it

2.Prom Night (修改)

[Verse 1]
Charlie Bartlett, John Bender
Class Switcher, Time Bender
Chance Bennett, a peculiar name
Graduation night teachers Ferris Bueller'd my name
You made a mixtape? Good job, I hope you get a good job
We was all outcasts only listened to Good Mob
I performed at fun fair
Fun fact, I'm never going back to school
Been there, done that
They see my little 10 Day tape and my dumb raps
Don't call it impossible, if you really want that
They send my ass to summer school, don't call it a comeback
I just came to beat a bully's ass and get my lunch back
Chano y tequila you know you know you don't want that
I rap my songs in Spanglish I wrap my weed in blunt wraps
Wrapped up in this one line I hope that shit get unwrapped
As if niggas was getting signed off of a line off one rap
Yo Vic, remember when they called us some freshmen niggas rapping?
Now I ain't gonna be a freshman and I'm rapping
I should've learned a lesson from all of this shit happening
I just look over to Justin for refreshments of the Captain
It's sipping when it's weak sauce, it's shots if it's cracking
Sip it when we tear up, and chug it if we laughing
Fuck it if we're fucked up I never thought of Chatham
Until the day they said I would have to chat without em
And I'm just in the studio hoping that it sounds right
Here's a brighter bulb for your limelight
And this is your night, homie, shine bright
This for everybody's fucking prom night

[Hook X2]
And it's alright
And it's ok
And we're all good
We're with homies
Any problems, you can call us
It's all love, it's all love

[Verse 2]
Uh, yo this prom shit feel like the Grammy's yo
These pictures Granny took gonna make me ask where'd Granny go
So pass the Sanyo to Auntie Jo
And snap a couple candid's of the family, get some cameos
You can change the clocks but you can't change hours
I'm waiting on the day, Spring can't bring flowers
Let me ask for minutes from dad for those campaign hours
And pour these thirsty hoes a couple champagne showers
And hop up in that limo, the hood going dummy
The hood fucking love me, the hood think we lovely
So go and pop some bubbly, this right here's to loyalty
This to a moment's glimpse at royalty
This is for my momma Jan who spoiled me
Look what we've accomplished
Time flies, watches look like magnets on a compass
Before we dip, Gladys said a prayer over the limo
Bumping 10 Day with the Angels with Jesus shopping my demo
And rode up out of Chatham, the whole hood clapping
And damn it would be crazy if any of this shit had happened
But it didn't, I missed prom, I missed it to spin
I did a show at AKIN and I would do it again


[Verse 3]
Look at, look at your business tux, all night airplane
Go and get your racist on, all white everything
I'm on my paper now, put that on my heading
I ain't even write this down I don't write errthing
I know y'all don't like everything
She want a night she can call her wedding
Giving Eskimo kisses, with some Eskimo bitches
Nose diving, going all night sledding
Coked out like 'Don't change when you grow up
I hope you get some change when you blow up'
Cuz honestly I've always loved the way you could throw up
Rest up on my shoulder, float up flying lotus
'You deserve a warm towel, you deserve a soda
You deserve a quiet room, you deserve a sofa
You deserve a Ferrari and a matching tiara
And a hand to wipe away all that running mascara'
But I, I want to thank you for this prom night
Thank you for this prom night
Thank you for this prom night
I really enjoyed my prom night


So good, So right
Hey baby, so good, so right
You know it feels so good
So good, so right
To be with you tonight
So good, so right
To be with you tonight
So good, so right
To be with you tonight

3.Hey Ma (修改)

Hey Ma, hey Ma, hey Ma
Hey Ma, hey Ma, hey Ma

[Verse 1]
I said 'Hey Ma', don't go stretching your wallet
These niggas gotta pay me for taking a year from college
Go on get ya nails polished, stylist for your eyelids
And a pilot for your mileage for them frequent flights to your island
Ms. Brown and Ms. Polleck, little boy done grown up
Little voice done blown up, middle-class that bonus
Hey Ma, Hey Mama Jan; God just gave me another chance
Rod just gave me another line, probably gave me another fan
7-7-3, Oh, since Kanye was a three-old
Down the street from D. Rose, was practicing his free-throws
Shout out to that Gulf Shrimp, shout out to King Gyro
Shout out that Ms. Moody, auntie Toni them my heroes

We gon' get this paper, put that on my mama
You gon' see us laid up, put that on my mama
Monica and Ava, thanks for all the favors
Got my money saved up, put that on my mama

[Verse 2]
Hey Ma, hey Ma I know I never did behave a lot
Never got good grades a lot
And turned your hairs to grays a l|ot
And go in stores and take a lot
And never shopped but saved a lot
So you ain't gotta shop at Save A Lot
And you ain't gotta worry about Chase a lot
They playing with your checks, your shit
Cause they gonna take your pay or not
Que Sera gotta then, fuck them niggas you smarter than
We just gonna beg your pardon them
Save Money, my partner and them
I'm part of them, It's part of me
This Save Mula, Bo squad III
I'm riding around my side of town
Hot boxing no cops around
I had the tux I had the gown
Just had a show, just had to bounce
It's Chance ho, #10Day
Chano no hable englais
That language be that chanish but ooh! Muy caliente
So she just gonna throw her steps on
And haters gonna throw that epsom
And we just gonna throw a party
And I'm gonna just throw my teflon
Cause family be that blood though
And I ain't even flexin
But twin bro be that Victor
And Big Cuz be that Chef Sean

I said don't stop, in what you be
In what you do, don't stop


Ayo I wanna thank, MC Tree mama
I wanna thank Fox mama, I wanna thank Robbie mama
Lili mama, Peter mama
MY mama, my dad mama
Your mama, I wanna thank moms
I wanna thank, L-Boog mama, I wanna thank Tom Fool mama
I wanna thank, Talent mama, Marcus mama
I wanna thank, Thelonious mama, Vic mama, Reese mama
I just wanna, I wanna thank anybody whose been a mother to a motherless child
I love you mommy
I hope y'all had a good time

4.U Got Me Fucked Up (修改)

[Verse 1:Chance The Rapper]
Stupid ass student
True I got truants in Spanish
Beats by Inglish rap Chanish
Fluent, can't fly got flew in I'm foolin'
Adidas influence Nike I do's it
Coolin' with Mikey, low-key I rock
Mags on my bike, Tay like he chuck
Hockey I puck, Rockie I fresh
Saki, my cup like Rocky 'Wassup'
Ohh he got two weeks ten with the foolie
Doobie sawbuck, school be too huff
Caleb my nigga, Fresco my nigga
Gon head send it up
Save Mula too tough

[Hook x4]
This ain't no game, ain't shit here funny
You got me fucked up fucking with my money

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
Wavy so wavy, trendin' I'm trendy
Bending these pennies mommy done gave me
Business so savvy, savey no spendy
Drifty so empty, city so windy
Master champ Chancelor, TrapMan the Chance or
Vance the bag handler, Bagger Vance
Pants is baggy, Vans rancid, band of bad bandits
Abandoned bandanas banned from band practice
Sentence so gavel, wordplay so scrabble
Chance to split atoms slit Adams apples
Adamant chano rat a tat vandals
Had to have at em' as an example

[Hook x4]

5.Family (修改)

feat. Sulaiman & Vic Mensa

[Verse 1:Vic Mensa]
Turn the radio up and we can have a good time
Got me feeling like J.J. on Good Times
Back when Thelma had that ass, off the fam good
My sister said she likes my raps cause it sounds good
Told me not to cut corners, use to cut quarters
Sitting in the room, on the phone, cooking up orders
Till my pops popped me off, that was family matters
Used to watch him in the kitchen sipping Sammy Adams
Now I'm rollin', iPhone Stolen
Mama whip with 5 of my guys, 4 holdin'
Trying to live our lives like our lives are so golden
Got big shoes to fill like try go bowling
Til we strike out, we just hoping we don't strike out
4th quarter, how you gon go and take Mike out?
Summertime Chi, I had to pull the bike out
Riding getting nice cause it's nice out

[Hook: Chance The Rapper]
Let's land in the land where the Famo stay
Grind all day til the fam okay
It still warm my heart to hear my grandma pray
For the fam of my friends when my mans go away (x2)

[Verse 2: Chance The Rapper]
Don't wake up, don't wake up, don't wake up too fast
Don't make up your mind, you should flake on that class
Sing all you want, just don't Drake on they ass
Shore you got drive, don't turn fake on they ass
Good morning, good raps, good morrow, good luck
Tonight you could blow, tomorrow you suck
Bizarro, my carro, I borrowed from Chuck
A new SLR and Ferrarro deluxe
No money for the meter when I'm parkin' em
Gassed than a bitch no car with him
Market him, tell him that he's buzzing like a game of operation with Parkinsons
Young kid rappers, kidnappers
Young whipper snapper that will whip past ya
Will get at you, come get at you
Wanna break ya off, Come Kit-Kat you


[Verse 3: Sulaiman]
Now the team work make the dream work
Go ahead and send an application if you need work
If it need hurt, then I'mma bring hurt
How you finna see the clouds if you never seen dirt
Now you finna play it loud, listen how it's goin down
Didn't know the name before bet you niggas know it now
Chi-City niggy, made a 50 out a penny
Got some titties at the cribby and the Savemoney with me and we going in
Going all out for them hoes again
Now I'm fin to bring the fucking flow and bend it back
And show it's more to this than rap
Love my parents for supporting cause they know I'm finna crack
Know my niggas got my back, got some niggas selling packs
But I'm tryin' to get em cheese so I can get em out the trap
Now my figures getting fat, a lot of hoes be tryin' to jack
But I got her on my lap, All she do is make it clap

[Hook x 4]

6.Juke Juke (修改)

Ohh! Igh!

She workin' that thang, she know she got it
Lil mama so bad, you know she naughty
Her do it so slow, now watch her take it
She giving a show, now watch her break it

[Verse 1]
Back it up like, 'Juke Juke'
3, 4, 'Juke Juke'
Hands on the tracks like Choo Choo
Can't nobody do it like you do
True, true
Mami sip a little bit of the screw juice
Or a little bit of that Special K
And throw it in the bowl like fruit loops
Hola, mami chula
Mami hol'up, mami slow up
'Scuse my french, my lingo
But I no hable cinco
Her girlfriends say they bout it, you know that I'm bilingual
And Chano gonna mingle, I'm off a couple pintos
The bad hoes out on Saturday, it's church on dondomingo
So while they out her frontin' go on back it for your mans
Cause even when your friends actin' funny you gon' dance like

(Juke x26)

Break it down
Chi-Town break it down
Chi-Town break it down
Break it down

Break it down
Chi-Town break it down
Chi-Town break it down
Break it down


[Verse 2]
Bust it, bust it
Wide open, open
I been hopin', hopin' shorty goin' goin'
She from lowend oh an'
Went to Kenwood? Me too
Nah I'm lyin', she say she got somebody bitch
Me too
I hope that that shit do work out man
Cause this that new 'New Workout Plan'
And I'm that dude, you heard bout
And I hope that get your shirt off and if not
Keep on dancin' babe, all I need is that preview
Put you on the floor and show them niggas how to freak you
Slow whine, slow grind
On time, you can take your own time
But if I can't hit your ass on time
Gotta hit me online, you can't hit my phone line




7.Fuck You Tahm Bout (修改)

Are you for real?
Are you serious?
Fuck it then!

Fuck you tahm bout?
Nigga, fuck you tahm bout?

[Verse 1]
Nigga, fuck this whole school and everything you tahm 'bout
Don't ask me for no I.D., bitch I fucking signed out
Bitch I've been suspended, bitch I've been on timeout
Waking up in grind mode and sleeping in a grindhouse
So please don't hit my line 'bout the party trying to find out
What time that shit going to start or when it end, or who gone come out
Or if I walked the stage, I've been on stage since I could rhyme out
Shows and shows and tapes of trying to get my fucking lines out
So please don't take my BIC out
My book out, my pick out, my hair, my fucking big mouth
You dick head you dipped out of class and now you shit out
Of luck Who fucking slick now, and with them rhymes you written down
I hope you get a mix down with a diss track
From Ms. Rownd and my dick sack in this bitch mouth
Give a five-hive to my teacher face and my principle that fist pound
And now you gotta switch gowns, caught you, little rascal
We got you throwing tantrums, when you could've thrown a tassel


[Verse 2]
Nigga you're a weakling, why you talking dealing?
Like, 'All my niggas flip birds!' Nigga, you're a wing-zing
You ain't nothing but my seedling, I'll hang you from the ceiling
And leave yo' little ass leaking, and leave yo' body stinking
Dude yo' ass been drinking? Or you just wasn't thinking?
I'll hit you with that 6-piece: bink, bink, bink, bink, bink, bink!
I hear you're pockets jingling, it's calling me like ring, ring!
I'll choke you with your bling bling, then run faster than Tink Tink
And all these goofies mad though, like, 'Why he such a asshole?'
And I ain't even mad yo, I'll stab you with a screwdriver
That shit ain't even rhyme nigga, I'm fucked up out my mind nigga
I stay right off the '9 nigga, that's where they try an' find a nigga
Feeling froggy? Better timid up, hard feelings gone, put 'em in a blunt
Cause niggas don't wanna get bended up, stay talking but don't send it up
Used to send it up for my skinner lunch
Save money niggas really won't spend a buck
Gimme that cash, that ben what up
Pockets keep that denim bruh like


8.Windows (修改)

feat. Akenya Seymour & Alex Wiley

[Verse 1:Chance The Rapper]
This is six blunt rotation music
This is just got off six month probation music
This is steppin' on the beach when you're too drunk to feel a beat
This that laughing in a condo, throwin' shit down in the street
This that shouts to the Ave
Shouts to the lab
Shouts to the clucks, shouts to the strags
This for every math class that I ever had
So fuck you if I failed, and fuck you if I passed!
For shitty summaries and bummers in the past
Cause some of our teachers act as if summer was for class
Some of us is seeing summer, some of us have passed
Some of us ain't seeing summer, some of us have passed
So I'm just glad to say I'm sippin' rum up out a glass
Cause some of us is only sippin' some up off the grav
And heaven's gates look a lot like prison from the Ave
We on the ground yelling, 'Give my nigga back!'

[Hook: Akenya Seymour]
And I just want to roll with my windows down
And I just want to roll with my windows down

[Verse 2: Alex Wiley]
Another weekend full of blunts and brews
Too comfortable, yelling 'Fuck a school'
Ain't seen the world before noon in like a month or two
Blunts to the face, bottles to the dome
Niggas never need no cup
Livin' out dreams, never givin' hopes up
Ridin' with them Vill niggas, never givin' no fucks
In the game tryna get our feel, tryna get a deal
Tryna get a million
Just ridin' around with my niggas and them
Real white nigga man mean real appeal
We go all out 'til we fall out
Niggas get called out then hauled out
With the windows down we like to smoke all out
Drink 'til I fall out, fuck is you tahm bout boy
The Village is my brothers
It's me, Mikey, Kembe trappin'
Hella love for Chance The Rapper
We know 10 Day is a classic, on God


[Verse 3: Chance The Rapper]
This is for sand in my shoes
Shout out to Oak Street
For the free train rides
Shout out to Polk Street
To the ice cream man you just on hella dirt
How you don't see us can't hear us
You Helen Keller
But I'mma save my dollars for Mary Jane
And embellish her
Inhalin' her, Smellin' her, maybe sellin' her
You niggas got cold feet, shouts to Luke Helliker
But that's my homie, my dude be droppin' hella verses
Shouts to D O C and Nu Tribe too
Man we out this jam, see how new guys do
But its still save money like a coupon
So you can catch me off of the Ave gettin' my stoop on


9.Brain Cells (修改)

(Verse 1)
Here's a tab of acid for your ear
You're the plastic, I'm the passion and the magic in the air
The flabbergasted avalanche of ambulances near
The labyrinth of Pan's Lab is adamantly here
No assignments, book of rhyming and I'm drawing doodles
I should rhyme rhyme with Ramen Noodles
Ramadan, I'm the don of the diamond jewels
Fond of finding a way to kindly tell these toddlers toodles
I'm a kamikaze and I'm a kinda cuckoo
I could write a fucking book, non kamasutral
You niggas goofies, it's a conflict that is kinda crucial
Caught you on the 9 in all blue yelling I'ma neutral
But I'ma let the bull pass like matadors
Versus a Minotaur
Verse is a metaphor
A metamorphoses and I'ma fuckin animorph
I used to go to school with Anna Fedele & Danny Whorf
Remember I used to bang with bad ones
'til my grandmama told on her grandson
Mama said that I was way too handsome
To be throwing the hand's son”
Breaking Walls like Samson
But I'ma throw a tantrum
'til I'm on Every Samsung
Sanyo, and Handheld and Handgun
Please Put ya lighter's up
'til life is up
And light it up
And slice a cut
The night is young
It's nice enough
The nicest blunt
The nicest stuff
My niggas out here trapping a lot
I know you think you on
Hiding Reggie sacks in your socks
更多更詳盡歌詞 在 ※ Mojim.com 魔鏡歌詞網
I hang with niggas, whole jab in the jock
.4's for 15, yea my niggas we be taxing a lot
Only to goofies tho, choking on a doobie though
My eyes do be low, two be rolled
Remember days of the Rufio
Remember the Days of Chan-Man and the Skeeter Man
Brrrang Dang to Lil' B
And Bang a Rang to Peter Pan

I burned too many Brain Cells down
To be worried bout my Brain Cells Now (4X)

(Verse 2)
Light a joint
Or spliff it if you classy
Split a swisha witcha nigga
If you ask me
Ain't no questions hit it vividly and pass me
Don't answer about your problems
Or your issues or your Ashleys
It's a quarter to imminent, ten minutes to infinite
Rims, Henny, and reminisce
Nostalgia and M&M's
Cinnamon tone women and
Feminine's getting intimate
All broads is frivolous
Homies could get they dividends
Is he illiterate, literal syndicate
Illegitimate, idiot, gangbanger affiliate
Sick twisted prick, sick sadistic son of a biscuit
Man fuck this shit


10.Long Time (修改)

I wonder if Gladys smiles when angels bring my name up
Or change language and subject change up
Her boy's a long way from red dolls and green rangers
Things ain't been the same since Ms. Patterson called me famous
I saw your reflection in a toilet full of vomit water
You don't think I felt ya hand on my head yelling “call his father”
But people don't hear ghosts
So how they gon' blame me
Money saved me
So I'ma do the same thing
You droppin pounds, gettin small on some sick shit
Like how you got the drive but don't know how to use a stick shift
You better not miss this
Over dose, dope and mixes
Let ya throat close
With a boatload of dope quotes within it

Dropping tapes 'til I losted count
更多更詳盡歌詞 在 ※ Mojim.com 魔鏡歌詞網
Coughing out blood
Dropping weight
Like I lost an ounce
Throwing words and tossing nouns
NY traveling I'm Boston bound
Bossing 'round homies
And talking down to shorties while I'm jotting down
Notes to spit to Harlem crowns
Surfing through the Harlem crowds
At the crib I'm falling down
Yeah, I'm steady crawling 'round
I'm calling out to God
Your little angels falling down
Save me from my darkened cloud
Reach your hands and arms around

11.22 Offs (修改)

I'm off the nog, I'm off the Loko
I'm off that local, I'm on that global
I often had dreams of being locked in my mamas Volvo
Watching the garage burn down, I'm off the codo
I'm off the top, I'm off some pot
I'm off Ciroc, I'm off a lot
They gave me 10 Days off
That's an awful lot
I was off campus, but the officer
Told the office, that he saw me from the parking lot
But it's all good, I'm off that
I'm just finna off his ass, off of the Ave
While rocking all black
Dip off and hide the garbage bags in the dip spot
Just to make sure that I don't get caught
更多更詳盡歌詞 在 ※ Mojim.com 魔鏡歌詞網
Buying hella bug spray, making sure I get off
They told me go on and rock it, I told them that it's lift off
How all my homies get caught, picked off by a dick cop
Why you allowing hiccups, why you just didn't slip off?
And now I'm at the precinct, and I'm off of my square
Having a white cop beat me while he offers me squares
You gon' torture me yeah? Well that's awfully fair
All for nothing, tryna tweak me like you offering years
Bitch I ain't scared, I'm already here
Tell ya partners and ya friends, the next coffin is there's
Guess what bitch, I'm from internal affairs
Looking for crooked cops, to tweak so I can offer 'em years
Have me tweaking, like I'm all full of fear.... alright, I'm tweaking

12.14,400 Minutes (修改)

Igh! igh!

[Verse 1]
I got suspended, ohhhhh you got suspended
For chiefin' a hunnid blunts, 14,400 minutes
Fans all in the stands, they hands for Mr. Bennett
That racket over the net, ohhhhh give me my tennis
Shoes, give me a minute, ohhhhh I can't be tardy
My class is already started, they told my mom I'm retarded
But that 10Day done in one night, Honda from a Hyundai
No tassel in the spring, but after summer I'm alumni
They took my nigga one night, and I was standing right there
An inch away from heaven, a million songs from right here
A step away from South by, a swing away from Cali
A hook away from verses, I'm a dad away from rapping
So at the school they arrested him, back seat, squad car, nestled in
Shouts to the bitch nigga Heselton , wit' his Big Show body ass wrestlin'
Finna see the 10Day Pestilence, so far, so good, so special and
No stars, good jobs, or excellents, and I'm still so fucking non-echelon
Ohhhhh you got suspended, ohhhhh you not gon' finish
Ohhhhh you look familiar, ohhhhh you look like Kenneth
Damn they gon' resent it, ohhhhh you representin'
A class of bad kids, 14,400 minutes ahhhhh!Like

Igh! Igh! Igh! Igh! Igh! Igh! Igh! Igh!

13.Nostalgia (修改)


[Verse 1]
I still got orange and white cassette tapes
Tents where my neighbor came to spectate
Niggas that's tough now used to get little in the dark
It's all cool now, we're all little kids at heart
Accident prone Chance, y'all remember 'bout
The time I cracked my head open at Auntie Linda's House
From diapers to outfits to castles to Elmos
From Santas to Grandmas to Gameboys and cellphones
Rocked your world, fourth grade talent show
Jada and Justin's birthday magic show
Games of tips taking niggas to school
Two quarters and I'll bust your ass at pool, on bull
Round here we lose best friends like every week
I like to think we playin a long game of hide and go seek
And one day maybe I'ma find Terrance and I could lead them
Kids of the Kingdom singing about freedom

Heads down, eyes shut, time to play Seven Up
Heads bowed, hands clutched, bottles gone, Heavens up
Smiles come through, though my eyes might cry
When they reminisce over you, my God

[Verse 2]
Let's take it back like Indian givers
To Indian burns and Jiminy Crickets
To the smell of Pillsbury on biscuit mornings
To puffy wintercoats and Christmas mornings
I used to chill with the kids next door
And SpongeBob came around 'bout four
And then I'd hang with Bart's guys
Around the bend was Smart Guy
Flipping through the picture books
Checking through my archives
Remember the old days, the ones you'll never get back
At the end of parties, passing around gift bags
Now we blow entire O's at one kick back
MY$FITS and mismatch
That get off like wristslaps


[Verse 3]
Remember Jeepers and Odyssey Fun World
Young pimpin' like you oughta see one girl
Mama Jann, mama Charlie, and my mama Lisa
Booster seat used to boost my kitty, Connie's Pizza
And every year we made a Christmas list
And Auntie Linda cooked a Christmas dish
And all of our grandparents made a Christmas wish
Like “Lord, let me see another year like this”


14.Missing You (修改)

[Intro / Outro]
In the real world, these just people with ideas

[Verse 1]
That shit cray that shit dead
That shit fake blast a kid
Cassius clay at his head
Atta boy, atta kid
I'ma need a napkin, cook 'em up
And he gon' need a Aspirin, hook him up
Niggas was busy scrappin', put 'em up
I was too busy rapping, good as fuck
Niggas don't act like grown ups when niggas don't get to grow up
Niggas don't wanna throw hands that's what made me wanna throw up
But these young gunners ain't nothin' but young stunners
Niggas see you as come ups so niggas just wanna run up
Niggas asking what up, I said on my soul I'm a hundred
My niggas stay in the low end the others stay in the hundreds
My daddy throw me the hands and my momma told me to love em'
My neighbors told me they hunting I hope I make it through summer
They stole one of my niggas I should have seen that one coming
My priest told me its angels my niggas told me its nothing
Im thinking about my nigga he thinking before he die
I'm going to war with fate and I'm going to war with God
I'm burning up all the papers cuz all the reporters lied
I call him my lil homie he brought him a .45
Brown boys are dying and none of 'em were for business
And all of em' love they mommas and all of they mommas miss em'
And this shit is just stupid this shit is fucking senseless
The news shouldn't support it, this shit is getting expensive

(I don't know why I sleep with my eyes wide
Hoping that I find you) x3

And hoping that I find you
I been hoping that I find you

(I'm missing you) x5