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【 An Evil Shade Of Grey 】【 英文 】【 1992 】

1.An Evil Shade Of Grey
3.Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream

1.An Evil Shade Of Grey (修改)

I am one with sorrow
from the tree of grief I fall...
into the shadows
of an evil shade of grey

A taste of tears
is flowing down my tongue
like memories of days
when the world was new
and I was young

Nowadays my garden is pale
and the trees bear fruit no more
but so is life they say
of age the colours fade away

As time pass by in this twilight land
I wish the winds would take my hand
and lead me into the cosmic halls
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to carve my name within its walls

But the winds will fail
as the ways are of night
to blow out my candle
of forsaken light
for they are the winds
of a daytime dream
from the land where shadow gleam
in silent tears I wish to close my eyes
and the world leave behind without goodbyes

But so it shall not be
and that I have always known
for on the tree of grief
my fruit has grown

2.Scars (修改)

Once upon a time
a time far past
you broke my heart
and broken it would last...

You left your scars
and your scars run deep
I think of you as I weep

But soon the sorrow evolves
into the purest love
a love to see you dying
my angel from above

Days filled with confusion
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nights of endless search
in horror you will be weltering as I emerge

What you did to me
now comes to you
in an act of love
I will run you through

I leave my scars
and my scars run deep
with a grin I turn around
and I leave you bleeding on the ground

3.Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream (修改)

Take me to the other side
beyond this world I know
thru madness eternal falls
my sanity will flow

Here I will be
where the rivers of madness stream
down the gules to a pit of dream

My sanity defiled
now I leave behind
to plaines immortal
I unleash my mind
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Here I am not lost
these sights are not strange to me
and I shall not dwell alone
within my insanity

'Though dead I seem
I will live forever within my dream
for beyond the lakes of sanity
our dreams become reality'