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Sub Focus



【 Sub Focus 】【 英文 】【 2009-11 】



Highly anticipated 2009 self titled debut album. Undeniably, Sub Focus is one of the most talented and talked about Drum 'n' Bass producers of this decade. He displays a real talent at incorporating elements from an eclectic range of influences to give his music a universal appeal. Having the chance to express himself fully on this album, you can hear enjoyment oozing from his music. The Drum 'n' Bass tracks alone come at you like never before with the massive 'World Of Hurt', 'Deep Space', 'Triple X', and 'Let The Story Begin'. On top of this, you have the genius Techno infused work-out of 'Vapourise', the euphoric master-piece that is 'Splash', the legendary 'Timewarp', and recent Top 40 hits 'Rock It' and 'Follow The Light'.

1. Let The Story Begin
2. World of Hurt
3. Follow The Light
4. Last Jungle
5. Deep Space
6. Rock It
7. Move Higher
8. Vapourise
9. Triple X
10. Could This Be Real
11. Splash
12. Timewarp
13. Coming Closer