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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手Tom Chapin( 湯姆·查賓 )Common Ground

Tom Chapin( 湯姆·查賓 )



【 Common Ground 】【 英文 】【 2001-02 】

1.Common Ground (提供)

2.Not Tired of Love (提供)

3.Love Me Tonight (提供)

4.Story of A Life (提供)

5.Bob Marley's Orphan Son (提供)

6.My Electronic Vacation (提供)

7.The Singer Is the Song (提供)

8.12 String Ramble (提供)

9.Uncle Wally's Tale (提供)

10.Martha & Oprah (提供)

11.A Jangle In the Air (提供)

12.Roll On Your Way (提供)


With Common Ground, Chapin delivers his first new studio release in nearly a decade -- and it's a masterpiece. From the anthemic title track to the bluesy Not Tired of Love to the humorous Martha & Oprah, each track hits the mark. Chapin, known for almost three decades now as a hard-working road warrior performing 150-175 shows per year, has one of the most wide-ranging audiences in the business: from the younger generations who know him from his family recordings, to older folk and folk/rock aficionados who are more familiar with his adult-oriented recordings. Booklet contains complete lyrics and liner notes.