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魔鏡歌詞網歐美歌手The Wedding Present( 婚禮禮物樂團 )George Best

The Wedding Present( 婚禮禮物樂團 )



【 George Best 】【 英文 】【 2010-02-09 】

1.All This & More

2.I'm Not Always So Stupid

3.Pourquoi Es-Tu Devenue Si Raisonnable?

4.Don't Be So Afraid (提供)

5.Nothing Comes Easy

6.Nobody's Twisting Your Arm

7.Getting Nowhere Fast

8.Anyone Can Make A Mistake

9.All About Eve

10.What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?

11.Give My Love To Kevin (acoustic) (提供)

12.Everyone Thinks He Looks Daft

13.Don't Laugh

14.Why Are You Being So Reasonable Now?

15.Not From Where I'm Standing

16.It's What You Want That Matters


18.Give My Love To Kevin

19.You Can't Moan Can You?

20.My Favourite Dress

21.Getting Better

22.A Million Miles

23.Something And Nothing


(2-LP set) Witty, confessional lyrics about the pain and elation of adolescent love accompanied by jangly and frantic guitar has made this album a favorite of many a fan of late-80s indie pop. Hovering in its own brilliant universe somewhere between the less pornographic side of the Buzzcocks and the happier side of the Smiths comes the Wedding Present's classic 1987 debut, George Best. Here with 9 bonus tracks taken from their final two singles on the band's own Reception label.