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Vampires Everywhere!( Vampires Everywhere )



【 Hellbound And Heartless 】【 英文 】【 2012-06 】

1.I: Hellbound

2.I Can't Breathe

3.Beauty Queen

4.Drug Of Choice

5.II: The Inferno

6.Star Of 666

7.Kiss Of Death

8.Rape Me


10.III: The 7th Gate (提供)

11.Unholy Eyes

12.Social Suicide

13.IV: Born Individual (提供)

14.Anti Hate

15.Hell On Earth

16.My Blood Is Yours (Amanda's Song)


Revamped and revivified, VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! in 2012 is a leaner, meaner and far darker entity, showcasing a rawer, beefier and altogether more bombastic sound, but still retaining their core sound that served as their calling card. Loud and brash, Hellbound And Heartless is uneasy listening indeed. While songs like lead single ;I Can't Breathe; and the dark fist-pumping ;Drug of Choice; are immediately catchy, they belie an ominous tone that permeates the entire record. The slow burn and churn of ;Unholy Eyes; and the full frontal assault of ;Hell On Earth; show the breadth of VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE!' s vision of a Bleak New World. VAMPIRES EVERYWHERE! will be spreading their dark gospel nationwide and beyond in support of Hellbound And Heartless. Keeping in the great tradition of the undead who have walked before them, VE! have gone through a metamorphosis themselves - boasting a new line-up, a new sound and a new vision. VE! have fangs bared and are ready to rip and tear, leaving all in their wake Hellbound And Heartless.