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Melody Gardot( 梅洛迪·加爾多 )



【 My One and Only Thrill( 為你情狂) 】【 英文 】【 2009-04-28 】

1.Baby I'm a Fool

2.If the Stars Were Mine

3.Who Will Comfort Me

4.Your Heart Is As Black As Night

5.Lover Undercover

6.Our Love Is Easy

7.Les Etoiles

8.The Rain

9.My One and Only Thrill

10.Deep within the Corners of My Mind

11.Over the Rainbow

12.If the Stars Were Mine (Orchestral Version)

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年僅23芳華,2008年以一張《Worrisome Heart》令樂壇驚為天人的全方位創作才女,亞馬遜音樂網站Amazon.com全美暢銷音樂專輯總排行No. 1之新時代女聲奇蹟締造者,2009年全新自創作專輯,彈唱間(吉它&鋼琴)呈現出無比生命力的悸動樂語。

美樂蒂.佳朵 Melody Gardot,一位樂風根植於流行音樂、爵士、鄉村、搖滾、藍調之間,能透過多元風格的徘徊穿梭而唱出興味盎然的當代新韻,並以動人聲線的低吟淺唱擄獲聽眾的跟隨,堪稱是後現代酷酷新聲的第一人。19歲時的佳朵除了持續演出外,平日則於小區大學主修服裝設計,原本該盡情享受青春時光的她,卻不幸地於騎自行車返家途中遭吉普車追撞,頭部、脊髓及神經系統均受損,因而嚴重影響其記憶及行動功能。為了幫助佳朵能盡快走出晦暗生活及即早恢復記憶,在醫師建議下進行音樂治療,她開始在醫院病床上嘗試詞曲創作並自彈自唱以期對復健有所幫助,2005年所發行的EP'臥床記實'(Some Lessons - The Bedroom Sessions)即收錄她當時的作品。因車禍而意外地為佳朵年輕的生命裡劃下一道不完美刻痕,但她始終不氣餒退縮,藉音樂以抒發情感及愈療身心,其於國家公共廣播電台的訪談使其在樂壇上嶄露頭角,而她優異的表現亦深受當代音樂巨擘賀比.漢考克極力讚許,邀請她共同參與音樂會的演出。



The preview of Melody Gardot's new album that is due out in April.

Editorial Review,

Amazing though it is, the story of how Melody Gardot overcame the effects of a near-fatal accident to become one of the vocal sensations of 2008 is not the most extraordinary thing about the 23-year-old Philadelphia singer-songwriter. It is simply that here is a voice in a million; one that touches the soul.

Melody's debut album Worrisome Heart introduced, in the Sunday Times' words: 'a remarkable talent by any measure', with songs of quiet, wistful poetry in arrangements that 'ooze after-hours sophistication'. Yet the follow-up, for release in April 2009, marks a substantial leap forward. My One and Only Thrill is an intensely creative milestone, transcending genre distinctions of jazz and blues to offer a haunting personal musical statement that will appeal to all music-lovers.

These eleven songs, covering a wide range of emotions, are all her own except for an irresistible, Brazilian take on Somewhere over the Rainbow.