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【 I Told You So 】【 英文 】【 2001 】

1.That Would Be Me
2.Be Here
3.Chianardo Di Caprio
4.Don't Say A Word
5.How It Goes

1.That Would Be Me (修改)

(Verse 1)
Chino, name in Indian:Murdering bear
Come fuck with me I put shotgun shells in your ear
Out of fear they've destroyed my carrier
Have nothing left
But I will have my revenge in this lifetime or the next
I experience road rage, walk in a slow pace
Killed a handicapped man for parking in a regular parking place
Learned my art with a leatherface, you must be kidding
I consider myself a dog trainer: I'm most bitten
But I've been written a billion bars of dissin
for any rappers dead or livin that we've ever heard since we was children
My brain got built-in Pentium chips, my thoughts the fastest
For Shakespearian actors: 'Chino shall busteth your asseth,
When I spithed acid' ... yeah your freestyle was tight
You better rhyme of the head good, you can't read or write
A bittin' kid that'll get twist if he front, no publicity stunt
His life flashes by his eyes quicker than Black History Month

Who the only star on WB?
That would be me!
Who the mami's think is so sexy?
That would be me!
Who the illest nigga outta Jersey?
Yo, That would be me!
Who your wife he let fuck her for free?
That would be me!
Who get your ass shot dead in the street?
That would be me!
Who stand damn near six foot three?
That would be me!
Who got lyrics, jewels and plenty money?
That would be me!
Start drama and see the illest papi, yo' what would be me!

(Verse 2)
Yo', Yo'
You wanna be a soldier but ain't reppin' it right
Try me... metal detectors going off for the rest of your life
No matter how hard it gets,
I rather be a soldier drowning in my own blood
Not a coward in my own piss
Focus!... What the fuck you niggas think?
I roll with killers that spent more time in the pen than ink
Don't even blink, and turn your voice down a decibel
Or start lookin' for studios that's wheelchair-accessible
Leave you a vegetable, trust,
I have the letters on your FUBU sweater standin' for 'Fucked Up By Us'
We thrust into beef now
Grill holds back like a Lee nail
You yell as you reach hell
You still wanna E-mail she males
Your train of thought derails
Lost dog, here's the details:
I make you think you on a beach how I make you SEE shells/Seashells
My L.A. airport beef was infamous,
I whooped ass the entire five hour flight
Plus three hour time difference

Who your girl made you pay to come see?
That would be me!
Who the only star on WB?
That would be me!
Who the mami's think is so sexy?
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That would be me!
Who the illest nigga outta Jersey?
That would be me!
Who your wife he let fuck her for free?
That would be me!
Who get your ass shot dead in the street?
Yo, That would be me!
Who bench press about three fifty three?
That would be me!
Start drama and see the illest papi, yo' what would be me!

(Verse 3)
I ain't from Atlanta but I'll leave you outcasted/+OUTKASTED+
And blasted, all fucked up like Schwarzenneger's accent
You has been, I split you apart
I spit from the heart
Yeah you iced out... that's how you slid off the chart
Blindfolded as I sit in the dark, a swoll beast
No peace, big Chi have the police calling the police
I call Aziz, omnipotence
Smoking I shine in its open
We ain't scared of jail we wanna go back
Blast in yo' back, nine bullets in the column of your spine
More than Columbine and Palestine combined, Forty-eight track
Half spic, half black
Sex symbol to the media
Keep my number listed so my beefs can find me easier
In sales you ain't dealing with me
I'm Puerto Rican and I got enough relatives to buy me platinum living with me
I never will be, overthrown... I'm unbelievable
Like the fact that D'angelo's baby's mom is Angie Stone

Who the only star on WB?
That would be me!
Who the mami's think is so sexy?
That would be me!
Who the illest nigga outta Jersey?
That would be me!
Who your wife he let fuck her for free?
That would be me!
Who get your ass shot dead in the street?
That would be me!
Who stand damn near six foot three?
That would be me!
Who got lyrics, jewels and plenty money?
That would be me!
Who bench press about three fifty three?
Who writes hits like B-I-G?
That would be me!
Who go to war like P-A-C?
Yo, that would be ME!
Who carry gats like he crazy?
That would be me!
Who getting' rich still rock lyrically?
That would be me!
Who never lose street mentality?
That would be me!
Who let you live cus you comedy?
That would be me!
Who bring that rock star energy?
That would be me!
Start drama and see who rides for Jersey, yo' that would be me...

2.Be Here (修改)

(Chino XL)
(Yeah.. yo, follow this, follow this, yeah)
She just appeared out of nowhere
at this club it's kind of freaky so I usually don't go there
She will dance with no care
and I was kinda sleepy so to revive I step into the cold air
Who came behind me it was her, wind blowing in hair
She said 'Let's take a ride we could slide to anywhere'
I said 'Look but don't stare'
She said 'It's hard not to a nigga like you in here? It's kinda rare'
Seven-forty I-L, I look cushion in chair
kinda feeling alright, I was sput in her ear?
What do you want from me? I don't have much to share
She said 'Her husband was rich but he was never there
And know she want a affair and this is where I come in
Said she was prepared to help me with my career
So she said I heard I could rhyme and she had lot's of friends
Before we began I told her one thing

(Chorus: Chino XL sings once)
I didn't have to be here
You didn't have to look for me
When I was just a nothing-child, and I know our times are wild
But before this ride is through, and you know I love fucking you
But I didn't ask to be here
You wanted me to be here
I really shouldn't be here
I didn't have to be here

(Chino XL)
Yo, we started to get really close
She started spoiling me right away ?doing? credit card's and clothes
She bought a weed from East Loast
I had been in LA for 3 month's now, but I'm from East Coast
She kept me in a Navigator Rental
Introduced me to her famous producer and payed for my demo
Set it album we was done
champagnr hosts for my future my life had finally begun
Tossed and turned all night, sayed she just couldn't rest she was feeling
distressed about a hubby mistressed
Too many sleeping pills I think she tried to overdoze (Uh-huh)
Her man and me sometimes I wonder who she love the most? (Uh-huh)
Crazy of life of mine yo it's hard to believe
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people feeling my tape, ended up getting signed!
Money for the first time for my rhyme
she started acting up like she didn't want me to shine



(April Frerichs)
And now, I'm unavaible too take your phone call, you know what to do

(Chino XL?)
(?Yo, why I'm bugging you? You know what I'm saying?)

(Chino XL)
Yo, yo, everything started happening kinda fast
I was well know getting cash ?overlast?
I can't remember when I spoke to my baby last
Younger man with a older woman were part of my past
Everyday different show's and sometime's different hoe's (Uh-huh)
When I am on video's I wonder if she know's?
How I miss her in my life and how we used to hang
????? cause just then the phone rang
I picked up she said 'What up?'
I'm like 'I miss you honey'
She said 'You wouldn't have been nothing if it wasn't for me'
That kinda hurt me that she was so addmityed wasn't being there
I thought we both got something outta this?
You made this happen for me and everybody know that
But you refuse to stay in-touch, you choose that!
They want to be happy and you see sad through it(Naw) and I ain't know your
love had a price-tag to it
Besides, you were married women I was just on the side(Uh-huh) and now I'm
pushing a six and getting hard to hide (Uh-huh)
About her husband she shot him to death
they find him dead next to him was a note that said:

(Chorus) - 2X

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3.Chianardo Di Caprio (修改)

(Different Girls talking on answering machine)
-Hey Chino! It's Tina! I missed you!! He he he ... um, Just wanted to say hello...

=I love you... you know I love you, right? You know I love you...

(Chino snorting)


It's the lifestyle (What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
Welcome to my lifestyle (What What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
It's just the lifestyle (What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
Welcome to my lifestyle (What What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
It's the lifestyle (What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
It's just that thug in me
Welcome to my lifestyle (What What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
It's just the lifestyle (What? Chionardo Dicaprio)
That pretty thug in me
Welcome to my lifestyle (What what? Chionardo Dicaprio)

(Verse 1)
The hopeless, Spanish romantic like Zorro
Never soft though, the hard core Don Juan Demarco
I find y'all lady weak in this, prompt to her eagerness
And be fucking her ridiculous, astounded by her fickleness
The Villianess, pimp polygamist, bigger bigamist
Intelligent as master of kama sutra cunnilingus
I leave your thug boyfriend stunned
When it comes to fine rappers I'm one of the few you females got to choose from
These cheap niggas where y'all find them? (I don't know)
They like promise you a condo, and can't afford a condom
Complained about your man so I robbed him
Confused bitches crying like 'Chino, please untie him!'
The mental Samuel Jackson, the physical Adonis
Only sexual with women who can suck the comas out of novels
Fuck them 'till their knees wobble
My house like a brothel
Welcome to the night of the apostle of the lady gospel

(Chorus w/ slight variations)

(Verse 2)
If a woman's heart is an endless ocean of secrets
I run scuba teams to the bottom discover jewels and keep it
Her body is a violin, I'm the violinist and I compose
Her moans are my symphonies I can play the perfect notes
Before being famous,
Chicks asked to touch my hair seduction's what the game is
I intimidate them cus I'm prettier that they is
And in bed I'm gifted,
And I assume every woman's in love with me 'till they tell me different
Since preschool ladies thinking that Chi's cool
I fucked the teacher, it's tragic: a nun
The school it was catholic
Keeping these women spending money on me
Sticking Indian chicks for their dowries
Thinking they fine
If they married the ghetto Banderas gentlemen call
And have mammy's in-laws tell brides leave their sons at the altar
I'm smarter, I'll marry your daughter: 'Till the morning!
I charge pimp niggas for hoes reckless eyeballing (yeah)
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Ain't leaving young girls out of it...
My dick becoming their pride so naturally gotta make them swallow it
I fucked all races, bagged bitches in all places
Older chicks, younger chicks... shit, I brought together generations!
They get financially gracious,
Just to date me on a regular basis
With making love I got patience
And I'm a dog just like you, in all cases
But I can make a woman feel love even coming in their faces

(Chorus w/ slight variations)

(Verse 3)
8 out of every 10 chicks are attracted to me...
One is a relative, and the other one a damn liar!
Leave your girl alone with me commit vagina-cide
Since '99, I'm no longer in pimp denial
Cus I'm a playa, plus I fuck a lot
Please, I got more hoes then these niggas just in names beginning in A's
Pass on more Trojans they will ever get
I'll have to take Ginko or some shit to remember half the bitches I hit
Act a nigga wise! Rap a nigga wise! It's obvious
Son got doe but look how ugly and sloppy he is
One girl's man threatened me with the mafias
I laughed and explained in detail where every mole on his white body was
Music and sex the only joy
When it comes to Trojans been through so many I could invade Helen of Troy
Single dominant A-male, getting pussy by mistake
How much hate mail can one pretty nigga generate?
Wasn't delicious bullets missing me by little inches
Now actress bitches suck my dick and do my dishes
+Kiss the Girls+ I'm world renown
For collecting bitches bi-coastally without Morgan Freeman hunting me down
I'm awesome but you +low-some+... what a damn shame
I done heard 'Nigga, you fine!' so much I kinda thought that was my name
Mr. Perfect impregnates no dame
My sperm worth more than uncut cocaine
I know why these thugs in these clubs can't behave
Form forty-eight hours the lack of pussy making then brave
Never seen a world tour
But I've fucked like I've won Oscars, two Grammy's and twenty Soul Train Awards (bitch)
Squash beef with 'Pac and 'em
Cus I was too busy studying pimping under Ice-T and Freddie Foxxx and 'em
No jealousy, please dunny it's just my life
Don't be mad cus your girl would rather by my whore than be your wife

(Chorus w/ slight variations)

(Chino talking)

As if... as if...

Yo 'Ziz nigga,... this bitch is gonna ask me
'Why the fuck I had her on hold for so long?'
I said 'Bitch! Don't you know the silence of me
having you on hold is more important than anything
any motherfucker on the planet could be saying to you?'

It's just my lifestyle

4.Don't Say A Word (修改)

(Don't say a word) just let me get mines
(Don't say a word) just relax and recline
(Don't say a word) I'm the king of ill lines
(Don't say a word) and all my groupies and dimes
(Don't say a word) keep it quiet, yo, don't say a word, son
(Don't say a word) keep it quiet, yo, don't say a word, yo
(Don't say a word) keep it quiet, son, don't say a word, yo
(Don't say a word) keep it quiet, son

(Verse 1)
Yo, I'm rap's dirty little secret that they try to keep quiet
Till you dropped off your label and your A&R fired
But real niggas like 'That's Chino, fuck around, he gonna burn ya'
For real, I'm like a dead body coming for its murderer
Shit, you seen Chino lately? You gotta see him
What you get to make an album, I get in one day's per diem
Go 'head and live careless
Five years from now you'll be explaining to your childrens what welfare is
I'm anxious to explain to my babies why Daddy famous
I keep womens mad 'cause I'm prettier than they is
An old man, when they ask what you did when you was young
You'll say you hated Chino XL and carried a real big gun
(No more starvin') I seen more evolution than Charles Darwin
Mental revolution with physical attributes of Tarzan
I fold more papers than origami, playing you like Stymie
I'm feeling like an autograph, so many dream of signing me
Vocab extensive and glossy
Expose a flow so expensive it could drain a small Latin country's economy
Commit a verbal sodomy with a dime on Sodom who shot at me(?)
Rappers claiming original, but sounding just like Nas to me
Odds are getting dropped my me, high like Pras in Haiti's
Rips fully laced like Madonna wardrobe in the '80s
Museum is where they place these on the mount
You can hate me now, but you'll write with your left hand like Steve Stoute
Shut your mouth


(Verse 2)
Yo, hey Detroit! Show me some love
Straight out of Jersey to the Slum Village
I lyrically pillage at a high percentage
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And you critics keep your mouths in it like you questioned by the feds
My talent barely recognized like Kravitz without his dreads
Sprinkle my ashes all over Big Lez after I die
'Cause Chino been the illest since I was juvenile, ha
I make cash money, click, go to .380, put you in torment
Trigger finger got the realest frequent flyer mileage on it
I'm coming in the club, keep women pulling on my clothes, froze
I'm the lyrical debt, everyone I C-E-Os/see-he-owes
The illest of flows they fear, 'cause no rapper could stop me
I'm putting their careers on life support like Jody Watley's
I'm tired of S-curls, guest appearances and wack tours
You should've named your last album 'What The Fuck For?'
I hope you ain't spitting them tough writtens out your mouth
Stay quiet like you Shan when KRS was in the house
Don't say a word


(Verse 3)
I been rhyming since 1986, when R&B wasn't feeling us
No rap on Soul Train, motherfuck Don Cornelius
Now they all loving us after all that we been through
You still think I shouldn't have no beef like a Hindu?
I listen and laugh at your CD with my crew
Sound like being a fake me is better than being a real you
(Yo, is that it?) Hell naw, nigga, got more to tell
I ain't feel your albums like I swam in Orajel
XL an artist you can't control
Have MCs changing release dates like they're prisoners denied parole
Yeah, I used to rock for props and not the dollar amounts
Climbed the ladder of success leaned against the wrong house
Fake criminals, you so unfortunate
Only bid you ever did was on my old Lexus after I auctioned it
See me in the street and, straight bitch up
Keeping they mouth closed like they lips stitched up
Don't say a word

(Chorus 2x)


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5.How It Goes (修改)

(feat. Saafir)

[Verse 1:Chino XL]
A pretty smile can cover up a character
Dirtier than Janet Jackson's clothes
When she played Penny on 'Good Times' (right)
A chick in the hood shines
But blind to trick nigga
That has not been exposed to this mentality of mines...
(I find the one I want) If she step up
I get her open like every piece of my mail when I was locked up
Laced up stupid after I drop 'em
Then fuck every model in Q-tip videos with the same condom
(I never met a bitch) That faded me
Cus mentally and physically God was showing off when he created me
(Be afraid of me)
But stop hating me cus women are loving me, I'm sorry
That you was a virgin until your record release party (right)
Hoes won't admit this, but that's groupie's style (yeah)
I call 'em Cleopatras, they the queens of +The Nile/denial+
And these trick niggas dead on 'em
Bithces looking like Barbie doll bodies with a G.I. Joe head on 'em
It's pathetic how quickly are to get naked
Probably infected, shieet! Give me the ones with good credit
Or Dead it, Admitedly I have a fetish you could be on
I like an ass so fat she can turn a boxer shorts to thongs
(Is you hot from all my songs?)
She diggin' me, Got women fingering themselves
Thinking of women fingering themselves that are thinking of me
You know what sickening me? (Yo dog express your feelings)
If Eric Bennet can get Halle Berry I deserve Vannesa Williams

It's how it goes [x3]
Tell 'em how it goes yo...

[Saafir (Chino XL)]

This is how it goes
Down in the town of West Oakland keepin' hoes soaked in

(This game will never change]
(In Jersey freaks touch concrete eight inches on cheese baby)

It'll never be
Another me, sauce see squeeze up on a hoe like
'Oh shit you got to pay me!'

[Saafir Talking]
That's real talk,
And you know what's that fat white man name
Ben Franklin
The bald head nigga with the glasses... feel me

[Verse 2: Saafir]
I dead tricks in the game (what)
Baptise they eyes with the reply that I ain't fly
Trick, bitch, I'm an astronaut
With so much hot acid cock on the concrete
You gotta wear sunblock (know)
Sending these hoes like meteors (whooosh)
By 2004 you'll see me in a space suit
Paper chasin' with hoes in pursuit of my boots
Touch down on that pimp planet, floor
(Gimmie some more)
Up goes the flag made out of wigs and galore
(Take that back)
Panties are vision for male tricks on a mission to hold hoes down
Like gravity, (ha ha), Imagine me (trick)
Cus the way from ya'll I'm like years with the fly gear
And better than credit thats limitless
For breaking a bitch I'm in the mothafucking book of Guinesses
(Breakin' records) Under H.O.T.
Short for: Hoold Ooooon,... Trick!
Let me switch your ?cre-day to mayday
Time to show up, hoe up or blow up (blow up!)
But you know what? (what)
I gotta keep tellin' my other half
Nigga they don't know us, thou shall not hold trust
I'll pass the ass on mine, playalistically divine
No Nickelodeon shit
Hoe take out your clothes and get into this here ?feronien? slick


[Chino XL]
See I dont' chase these hoes,
These hoes chase me, why chase the doe, yo

[Chino XL signing]
Your purse comes first your ass comes last
And I don't know how long we gon' last
But what you do with all your money baby
You bring it all home to Chi...

[Verse 3: Saafir]
To a true P.I., the thick ?? less layer
A playa,-listic
Gangsta pulling your age and funny style ass foul
(yeah, but now)
That's it I'm a shake that trick and I'm puttin nothing else on it
I won't arrest the chest and thighs
Recognize the weapon size
When I shoot this game at your ass
Or get shot with hot shit into ya lip
Blister bitch, miss a nigga if you a plain ass coward
With a colorful name that hate players and not the game

[Chino XL]
Woop!(Latin lover lover)
Famous in art
I'm dangersous and smart
Guaranteed victory dating your wifey on the Change Of Heart
No bitches run me, I told you from the start
So many tears shed over me, don't make a scene, make an Ark
(Straight talk)
Women turnin' their beepers, cutting their phones off
I make love to their minds 'til their clothes just fall off!
I fuck Tamia as a side bed
I make chicks consider themselves widows
Whose husbands ain't even died yet (damn)
To best explain it:
Catch me in your living room gettin my hair braided
By your girl, buttnaked
Look at what having the best lines done for me
Your wifey will trade six of you for one of me
(And that's real)


...Tell em how it goes down [x5]

6.Sorry (修改)

{*William Bell - sample*}
Did I reach out and hold you,(Shaunta:Yeah) in my lovely arm's?(Shaunta:Uh)
Ohh, I forgot to be your lover

[Chino XL]
(Shaunta: Heh heh) We going do it

{*William Bell - sample*}
Ohh, I forgot to be your lover

You said you loved me

[Chino XL]
I did

{*William Bell - sample*}
Did I reach out and hold you,(Chino XL: Yeah) (Shaunta: Uh-huh) in my lovely

{*William Bell - sample*}

[Chino XL]
I'm sorry

My bad

{*William Bell - sample*}

For sure

{*William Bell - sample*}

Shaunta, Chino XL

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
Yeah, come on

We used to make love, now we hate each other guts
No more words between us you in the streets I'm in the cut
I figure, give me space, give it some time
And we put me out on a highway I hitting on mine
Caught a taxi to my crib, roughft up my six
Full throatle to you crib, crying and shit
Should of listen, cause we was like, night and day
Should of seen it, you break my heart, anyway
But I lost my mind you hit my spot when you made love to me
Was you loving me or fucking me when you was inside me?
Insecure, get it from a girl that's yours when the streets beat you up and
you can't take no more
And that life style you living lead's you to back to my door
Tell me, I played the ?fuel? forever as long as you and I could stay
together forever

{*William Bell - sampled*}
Ohh, I forgot to be your lover

[Chino XL]
We going do it

We going do it

[Chino XL]
Sorry baby

{*William Bell - sampled*}
Ohh, I forgot to be your lover

(William Bell: Sample)
(Shaunta: Yeah) Ohh, I forgot to be your lover

[Chino XL]
We going do it
Sorry baby

(William Bell: Sample)
(Chino XL: Uh-huh)Did I reach out and hold you, in my lovely arm's?

[Chino XL]
Yo, yo

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
That I wasn't true to you

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
But you knew what you was getting in to

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
I'm sorrunded by many women that's beautiful

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
Damn baby, I'm only human, what I'm 'uppose to do? (Shaunta: Yeah)

[Chino XL]
Hey boo, ex-wife now it's crucial, you on T.V. with Brandy saying you I
don't you know like I used to
You choose to, be complaining and it just doesn't pass well but chicks be
throwing their panties on stage's For me like Maxwell
Yeah, getting my hand's well to an extended this hard ?????
You know who I'm coming home to, I'm blush you
Just giving problem's, trying to trick me to marriage like Carmen Electra
did to Dennis Rodman (Heh heh)
You violating lotta trying to creep with sedude's
when I provided you with Benz, Jeeps, beepers, and Jewels
She confused, it's my apartment
I cheated on you more than Dirty got police warrants
Just being honest

{*William Bell - sampled*}
Did I reach out and hold you, (Shaunta: Uh-huh) in my lovely arm's?

{*William Bell - sampled*}
Ohh, I forgot to be your lover

(Chino XL and Shaunta)
We going do it

[Chino XL]
Sorry baby

{*William Bell - sampled*}
Ohh, I forgot to be your lover

[Chino XL]
We going do it

{*William Bell - sampled*}
Ohh, I forgot to be your lover

[Chino XL]
Sorry baby

{*William Bell - sampled*}
Did I reach out and hold you,(Shauna: Come on) in my lovely arm's?

{*William Bell - sampled*}

I let your man palm my ass (Chino XL: What?

{*William Bell - sampled*}

All the shit you brought upon for glass

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
I turned your little sexy ass out

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
You got the key's to my apartment and house

Had chicks chasing you down just to see where we leave
I was the baddest bitch in Cali, having your kid's
And you didn't even love me you just like fucking my rib's
Take the key's off the dresser let you stuck at the crib
And I don't even swallow Cum I give's a fuck who you is
Now your ass fill you's with my ???? on your ????

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
Momma said you only wanted my wealth
Still I ended up loving you more than I love myself
Five year's prom bitches taking down off the shelf
Ate your pussy imaging you was somebody else
In the Court House, I'm wilding out, you my housekeeper
(Uh) We split up and the judge let you keep the house

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
We not even legal I'm tripping
The only rain you was getting was around the bathtub after you finish stripping
Apologiies? Save 'em all for your Priests
And the stepdaughter you helped me to raise
is also your neice (That's your sister?)

{*William Bell - sampled*}
Did I reach you out and hold you, in my lovely arm's?

[Chino XL]
I have to chill in your home

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
Keep my baby's mom

{*William Bell - sampled*}(Music start's to fade)

[Chino XL]
Your pussy was the bomb

{*William Bell - sampled*}

[Chino XL]
I had to beat your tongue

{*William Bell - sampled*}