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1 2.What The Dead Men Say Trivium-What The Dead Men Say2.What The Dead Men Say I'm calling out to you c
2 5.Bleed Into Me Trivium-What The Dead Men Say5.Bleed Into Me Bleed into me An ounce of your e
3 1.Kill The Poor Trivium-Kill The Poor1.Kill The Poor Efficiency and progress is ours once mor
4 1.Drowning In Sound Trivium-Drowning In Sound1.Drowning In Sound Second-guess every word before I
5 1.I Don't Wanna Be Me Trivium-I Don't Wanna Be Me1.I Don't Wanna Be Me I don't wanna be I don't wan

6 10.Like Light to the Flies(Flavus) Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio10.Like Light to the Flies(Flavus) Behold o
7 11.Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies(Flavus) Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio11.Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies(Flavus)
8 13.Pain(Ruber) Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio13.Pain(Ruber)[Verse1] One by one They fall
9 14.A View Of Burning Empires Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio14.A View Of Burning Empires And it was the
10 15.Pillars Of Serpents Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio15.Pillars Of Serpents'I'm alive!''I'm aliv
11 16.If I Could Collapse The Masses Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio16.If I Could Collapse The Masses[Verse1] I
12 17.Requiem Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio17.Requiem[Verse1] How can you just stand t
13 18.Ember To Inferno Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio18.Ember To Inferno[Verse1] In birthJust an
14 19.To Burn The Eye Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio19.To Burn The Eye[Verse1] A mind lost with
15 20.Falling To Grey Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio20.Falling To Grey[Verse1] In this day Aspi
16 21.My Hatred Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio21.My Hatred So you think you've won Come t
17 22.When All Light Dies Trivium-Ember To Inferno Ab Initio22.When All Light Dies[Verse1] In this chas
18 2.Silence in the Snow Trivium-Silence in the Snow2.Silence in the Snow Here we all stand on this ca
19 3.Blind Leading the Blind Trivium-Silence in the Snow3.Blind Leading the Blind Losing Losing my faith i
20 4.Dead and Gone Trivium-Silence in the Snow4.Dead and Gone I fear I'll die a forgotten manJus

21 5.The Ghost That's Haunting You Trivium-Silence in the Snow5.The Ghost That's Haunting You Ghosts surrounding
22 6.Pull Me from the Void Trivium-Silence in the Snow6.Pull Me from the Void As I descend I see the end
23 7.Until the World Goes Cold Trivium-Silence in the Snow7.Until the World Goes Cold As I crawl through dir
24 8.Rise Above the Tides Trivium-Silence in the Snow8.Rise Above the Tides She'd rather let the ocean
25 9.The Thing That's Killing Me Trivium-Silence in the Snow9.The Thing That's Killing Me The Devil is in the
26 10.Beneath the Sun Trivium-Silence in the Snow10.Beneath the Sun The sun beats down Crushing me
27 11.Breathe in the Flames Trivium-Silence in the Snow11.Breathe in the Flames Your kingdom built on lie
28 12.Cease All Your Fire Trivium-Silence in the Snow12.Cease All Your Fire Shots fired tensions grow h
29 13.The Darkness of My Mind Trivium-Silence in the Snow13.The Darkness of My Mind A wreath built of withe
30 1.Brave This Storm Trivium-Vengeance Falls1.Brave This Storm Have you beheld how our ending befe
31 2.Vengeance Falls Trivium-Vengeance Falls2.Vengeance Falls I am outnumbered My vision blurred I
32 3.Strife Trivium-Vengeance Falls3.Strife My anxiety's clawing Out from deep within me
33 4.No Way to Heal Trivium-Vengeance Falls4.No Way to Heal I tear your heart out from behind Rem
34 5.To Believe Trivium-Vengeance Falls5.To Believe As the innocent take the punishment That
35 6.At the End of This War Trivium-Vengeance Falls6.At the End of This War There is no life at the end o
36 7.Through Blood and Dirt and Bone Trivium-Vengeance Falls7.Through Blood and Dirt and Bone Die young save yours
37 8.Villainy Thrives Trivium-Vengeance Falls8.Villainy Thrives I can feel it aching within every b
38 9.Incineration: The Broken World Trivium-Vengeance Falls9.Incineration: The Broken World They're straight from
39 10.Wake(The End is Nigh) Trivium-Vengeance Falls10.Wake(The End is Nigh) With my hands around your thr
40 10.Meliora Sequamur 's lofty space. The trivium quadrivium all baser thoughts now to efface. O Domine O Magister- we aspiring
41 1.Detonation Trivium-The Crusade1.Detonation[Verse] That's the sound of humanity melting a
42 2.Entrance of the Conflagration Trivium-The Crusade2.Entrance of the Conflagration A common woman Lives by Th
43 3.Anthem(We Are the Fire) Trivium-The Crusade3.Anthem(We Are the Fire)Just when you thought you were th
44 4.Ignition Trivium-The Crusade4.Ignition Raise the guns At every self-made suspicion Bui
45 5.Unrepentant Trivium-The Crusade5.Unrepentant A poor man with four daughters A wife and a

46 6.And Sadness Will Sear Trivium-The Crusade6.And Sadness Will Sear Shepherd is chased by the wolves W
47 7.Becoming the Dragon Trivium-The Crusade7.Becoming the Dragon[Solo Corey] Swimming the river ascen
48 8.To the Rats Trivium-The Crusade8.To the Rats You hide behind barricades Built of facades
49 9.This World Can't Tear Us Apart Trivium-The Crusade9.This World Can't Tear Us Apart I was so empty Self loath
50 10.Tread the Floods Trivium-The Crusade10.Tread the Floods Stress breaking my back Pulse is stutt
51 11.Contempt Breeds Contamination Trivium-The Crusade11.Contempt Breeds Contamination Mistaken identity You rea
52 12.The Rising Trivium-The Crusade12.The Rising[SoloJason] And the earth Begins to shake A c
53 14.Broken One Trivium-The Crusade14.Broken One Defeat grips you Life deflates you Killed yo
54 1.Rain Trivium-Ascendancy1.Rain Every time I'm left alone My misery begins to drown
55 2.Drowned And Torn Asunder Trivium-Ascendancy2.Drowned And Torn Asunder Forcefeed them your ways Dictate
56 3.Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr Trivium-Ascendancy3.Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr The face And th
57 4.Departure Trivium-Ascendancy4.Departure This weight is so unbearable caving my lungs Al
58 5.Ascendancy Trivium-Ascendancy5.Ascendancy All this life shrouded in a veil Of deception
59 6.Master Of Puppets Trivium-Ascendancy6.Master Of Puppets Lyricist Clifford Lee Burton Kirk L HammettJam
60 7.A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation Trivium-Ascendancy7.A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation You starve your chil
61 8.Declaration Trivium-Ascendancy8.Declaration Freedom is all I have to say in defense Of wh
62 9.Suffocating Sight Trivium-Ascendancy9.Suffocating Sight I am but a farce a satire of stability
63 11.The Deceived Trivium-Ascendancy11.The Deceived Disintegration constituents to decompose of
64 12.Dying in Your Arms Trivium-Ascendancy12.Dying in Your Arms I'm wearing thin wearing out becoming
65 14.Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies Trivium-Ascendancy14.Blinding Tears Will Break the Skies One by one they fall
66 15.Washing Away Me in the Tides Trivium-Ascendancy15.Washing Away Me in the Tides Disgusted with what I see S
67 1.In Waves(Single) Trivium-In Waves (Single)1.In Waves(Single) In waves* In waves In waves In wa
68 1.Shattering The Skies Above Trivium-In Waves1.Shattering The Skies Above*Deluxe Edition Bonus Track* Take
69 3.A Grey So Dark Trivium-In Waves3.A Grey So Dark*Special Edition Bonus Track* Ripping out the
70 5.In Waves Trivium-In Waves5.In Waves In waves In waves In waves In waves Do I end this
71 6.Inception Of The End Trivium-In Waves6.Inception Of The End just when you thought it was over the
72 7.Watch The World Burn Trivium-In Waves7.Watch The World Burn If we all fall down We fall before mov
73 8.Dusk Dismantled Trivium-In Waves8.Dusk Dismantled We are the insect We are the insect breedin
74 9.Black Trivium-In Waves9.Black Decomposing in this worthless tomb Nothingness inhale
75 10.Built To Fall Trivium-In Waves10.Built To Fall You are the cancer spreading its wings So se
76 11.Caustic Are The Ties That Bind Trivium-In Waves11.Caustic Are The Ties That Bind It's we the people Who spaw
77 12.A Skyline's Severance Trivium-In Waves12.A Skyline's Severance I am Disintegrating As I set fire To
78 13.Forsake Not The Dream Trivium-In Waves13.Forsake Not The Dream Been down this road Too many times B
79 14.Of All These Yesterdays Trivium-In Waves14.Of All These Yesterdays Take away all of this pain Life fe
80 15.Chaos Reigns Trivium-In Waves15.Chaos Reigns I built these wings With broken things Found
81 16.Leaving This World Behind Trivium-In Waves16.Leaving This World Behind Could someone please erase me Ta
82 17.Slave New World Trivium-In Waves17.Slave New World Face the enemy Stare inside you Control yo
83 18.Drowning In Slow Motion Trivium-In Waves18.Drowning In Slow Motion*Deluxe Edition Bonus Track* Drowni
84 1.Kirisute Gomen Trivium-Shogun1.Kirisute Gomen He who walks the fire breathes Unlike the rest
85 2.Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis Trivium-Shogun2.Torn Between Scylla And Charybdis Within struggle amidst horr
86 3.Down From The Sky Trivium-Shogun3.Down From The Sky A chasm grows In the cavity of serpentine t
87 4.Into The Mouth Of Hell We March Trivium-Shogun4.Into The Mouth Of Hell We March Can't you see it's not only m
88 5.Insurrection Trivium-Shogun5.Insurrection Bow not before his creation These mortals'man' T
89 6.Calamity Trivium-Shogun6.Calamity You cannot be you're the mistake calamity Sent to de
90 7.He Who Spawned The Furies Trivium-Shogun7.He Who Spawned The Furies The afterbirth has barely dried Whe
91 8.Of Prometheus And The Crucifix Trivium-Shogun8.Of Prometheus And The Crucifix I am the Promethean Tragic fig
92 9.Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven Trivium-Shogun9.Like Callisto To A Star In Heaven Taken forcefully A thing wh
93 10.Shogun Trivium-Shogun10.Shogun Won't walk the Earth a specter Won't hold my tongue f
94 11.Iron Maiden Trivium-Shogun11.Iron Maiden Lyricist Steve Harris Won't you come into my room I wan
95 12.Poison the Knife or the Noose Trivium-Shogun12.Poison the Knife or the Noose Don't let this ruin all that I
96 13.Upon the Shores Trivium-Shogun13.Upon the Shores Wandering endlessly upon the shores For some
97 1.Vengeance(Single) Trivium-Anthem (We Are The Fire) (Single)1.Vengeance(Single) I will drown you
98 1.The Storm Trivium-Demo Cd1.The Storm Out from the darkness my future is here A frigid c
99 2.Sworn Trivium-Demo Cd2.Sworn Sworn to fight evils of night Clad in black legions at
100 3.Demon Trivium-Demo Cd3.Demon Pull the blood upon your face Grip dementia I am now e

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