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1 3.Light Work Feat. Rittz&Jarren Benton me pull a trigger on him They don't want a real nigga on him Actually let me take that back Cause it's always the fakest nigga in the room tha ... exist People will tellJohnny Valiant this I[?][?]I don't play no Bob
2 3.The Hit pulls The trigger And you fall Again He walks up to you with a smile Breaking into laughter Clueless he was That you grabbed a knife before Yo ... ot aware Plunged on to him So valiant so deadly So deadly so deadly You strike the barrel As he pulls The ... ke the barrel As he pulls The trigger You stab through His heart beat
3 52.Little Weapon heartless valiants Childhood destroyed devoid of all childish ways Can't write their own names Or read the words that's on their own graves Th ... consoles I aim my hole right trigger to squeeze Press up and Y one l
4 14.Marines hin their valiant heart Keep'em hungry for the liberty love Hatred just a tool the aggressors to control Into the jungle's depth into the dese ... w you have to go You hear the trigger of a foreign gun To bury all yo
5 1.VALIANT TRIGGER-VALIANT1.VALIANT Lyricist 結城アイラ Composer TeddyLoid・Giga Eyes ... up明日を照らせ Valiant hearts幕が上がるとき(Ready to roll?)プロローグの台詞で音楽は躍りだす It's a dance of joy Not sadness(Sure) It's the beauty in passion(That's right) ... tionalにそして来る Reflection We're TRIGGER望めるかじゃなくて臨む意思しかない突き刺すような痛み負っても護り叶 ... gher明日を示せ

6 2.バラツユ TRIGGER-VALIANT2.バラツユ Lyricist 安藤紗々 Composer 村山☆潤ぽつりこぼれ
7 3.My Precious World TRIGGER-VALIANT3.My Precious World Lyricist 岩越涼