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1 1.Free As A Bird Dwele-Sketches Of A Man1.Free As A Bird yeah ooh woo woo mmmm CHORUS set you free as a bird you can do as you please don't l ... that i can do except let you fly away Chorus X2 kiss your lips in the morning when we wake up held my comments till you put on your make up even ate the whole pl ... ause your homegirls are shady too i'm mad cause i spent love on you ittook too long to see that you've wasted all
2 2.Feels So Good Dwele-Sketches Of A Man2.Feels So Good I know(I know) Feel so(feel so) Feel so(feel so) Good baby Got to(got to) Let the(let ... don't need no damn protection Too feel the groove and move your booty Lets get down Show me your step(step) And don't hold back baby Ill will show you mines But m ... lot goin' on but you lookin' fly baby That drink you holdin' keep it in the sky please! I paid way to much for you to be lettin it ... much for you to be lettin it flyJ
3 7.Brandi Dwele-Sketches Of A Man7.Brandi[Slum Vilage] This chick this chick this chick ... s chick this chick this chick Fly fly fly Oh oh oh oh(nooo)[Dwele] Yeah yeah I asked can I get a taste now Punch strong love you've got me slowing down my pace And I gotta vision of you going ... ey who was a little chill and too bubbly See you got me talkin funny to be around you is no good You only here to take all my money from me[Slum Village] Oh oh[ ... y from me[
4 16.Vain Dwele-Sketches Of A Man16.Vain You're saying thangs No one stays the same So I take it lightly When you say that I've change ... ou babe I got enough money To fly you around And around the world again Until you're ready to come down(all the way down) But let's keep it real Had it not been f ... Your diamonds and thangs If I took a breathe and left this business for you I might lose you in the same Can you blame me for wanting to hold on to something this ... u) Oh La-l
5 6.A Pimp's Dream Dwele-Some Kinda...6.A Pimp's Dream[Verse1:] Is this is a dream? Is my car this mean? Am i imagining things? Diamond in the ... ou wanna ride with this super fly How can i decline i can't(no way) If this is dreaming i don't want to be In reality no i don't I must be high on someone's on su ... sidence But i'm still pimping[dwele:]ooooh look at that line[guy1:]damn man i aint bout to stand in this dude[guy2:]it's ... stand in this dude[guy2:]it's too long anyway

6 13.Kick Out of You Dwele-Subject13.Kick Out of You Trust me baby I confide in your love Time away makes me come back to you can't deny Anyway t ... e Soon baby you and I will be Too mellow I'm telling you you bring out of me A dripping romantic singer I... I get a kick...out of you As long as the sun will shi ... shine As far as the sky will fly I... I get a kick...out of yo