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1 9.多謝曬 dskod Kula Brandon AtomicAttack Calvin Ho Absolute Maggie David MISO呀So亞龜亞星亞力家華 Billy德寶經理 repeat@x2 Sharo
2 2.Man at C&A ear attack Rocking atomically This Third World War atomic sounds. The man in black he told me the latest
3 12.Smash feat. ElzJenkins cocked This for Ms. Tomica Wright I leave you brainless Hop! I'm joking still loving my brethrenJarren th
4 2.Say Eligh! Say Grouch! town over beats anatomically change your body chemistry Drastically searching for better nights and bett
5 9.Concrete and Cherry Blossom e circle round the atomical sun Mid the concrete shapes and the cherry blossom. Walking up and down over

6 4.I Cadaver my life is still Anatomical examination against my will(Chorus) I cadaver But will they do this as I'm al
7 6.Obsession the their bodies Anatomical paradoxes Are riling your existence Eternal repetition of holy ignorance Ensl
8 5.Wartime The Atomica Project-Self Notes5.Wartime We stay down very low We watch the hovercr
9 2.Tyrone You Put That Sugar Down e spliced Noting anatomical flaw Not to be released Stuck to the man Relapsed back to beast Singing a son
10 4.Different Sides ected serotomically In the rhythm of the moment there's a burst of electricity When we get cohesive Holding on it's elementary With a girl lik ... the beat We are connected serotomically In the rhythm of the moment t
11 5.We Are All Connected st of the universe atomically[Feynman] I think nature's imagination Is so much greater than man's She's n
12 12.Food calate and land on Atomically a storm is forming then born You know it's my duty to warn them of this wic
13 16.Atomic Misphilosophy taminated contents Atomically activated saturated beyond its Limits to live within its boundaries with co
14 11.Kill Her na murder[Tomica Wright] I'm thinking of taking her out for a pizza slice Then tie her ass up and then beat the life Out her god damn skull ti ... ing around and asking What do[Tomica]be doing with her time I don't really know though I just keep a low-pro cause I'm mad with the contract I signed I was so hap ... now I'm building a casket for[Tomica]to rest in Bitch you ain't nothi
15 3.Black Roses st The sub level anatomical omnipotent Circle squared nautilus Al-Aksa martyr brigade You don't want us t
16 3.Letting Them Fall... es of there kind Anatomical knowledge Known as I remove the kidney Bound are the abdomen and feet Often n
17 14.Can Be ction figure are anatomically correct Everybody likes to rattle a lion's cage But no one wants to go in a
18 16.A Gag Reflex he schism is not anatomical Nor is it residual It's a societal ghetto It's a societal black hole. Surrend
19 5.Maculate Conception ing battle in me Anatomical disgrace PREGNANT WITH THE BEAST! On my podest. A freak of interest Horror in
20 13.Rip Vs. Poet Laureate dea of aliens or anatomical subs For dinosaurs that feed off our flesh and blood They worship the Sun put

21 1.Intro Hour Of Inevitable Conquest specially when I anatomically become an unexplained light anomaly K-RIno SPC Ha
22 6.The Vitruvian Plan tiful rejection. Anatomical anomalies come as humans deviate. This corrugated landscape surrounded by an
23 3.Make Mine Marvel f'Triumph' We bomb atomically Flex the white gold tarantula Can you feel it now tell me? Our golden arms
24 13.Trees e the day? When we atomically breakdown the walls we once held raised And suddenly suddenly we're climbin
25 9.Infecting Them With Falsehood eds Donations of anatomical specimens To rid myself of worries My fortress was built weekly To secure my
26 3.Forensic Clinicism The Sanguine Article lancet so sharp Anatomically my surgery maims Decortication by the clinically deranged Gross misconduct
27 1.Neanderthals Were Master Butchers ed to Extinction Anatomical beauties monsters A flattened cranium with a heavy brow ridge above large eye
28 4.Inaudible Out of anatomical uniqueness Unique atoms I embrace to form The Rubix Cuban a ... race to form The Rubix Cuban atomically Decompose my cell structure t
29 5.High Rollers t flows at trash Anatomically equipped to rip shows in half If I speak a little fast you get whiplash Pro
30 7.Mondo medicale through reams of anatomical charts Bisecting livers and dissecting hearts Arcane knowledge for doctoral u
31 9.Preservation of Death e time to reveal Anatomical dogmas so far not appealed In perfect suspension this gralloch begs the quest
32 8.Dead Wreckoning descry anatomical enigmae? Or to deride what he has fathered Who am i when push comes to shove? A madman investing exanimate matters To descry ... xanimate matters To descry anatomical enigmae? Or to deride what he h
33 4.Sickplicity t ink like I was anatomically part tentacle Subliminal Vakill disses echo past ya While I squeeze off til
34 16.Oxycodone ign Astrological anatomical in the name of art Hosanna's form Lipstick on the collar of a wed man Comical
35 2.Hide Da Pain ynamite my beat is atomically Your automatic AK-47 ain't no stoppin' me Got the chronic got it proper G I
36 3.Atomica ve In Silence3.Atomica Take my first steps into the morning The sun no longer keeps me in place A
37 7.Bassarabs Walk e ground Atomica.... this is atomica What a monster mand and his machine All the good that he could do Save himself from himself But he don't want to So bolt by b ... But to drink his bitter pill Atomica...this is atomica Oh my darling little one If only you had learned Now all your time spent under the sun Might have well been burned So on we g ... y That we worked so hard for Atomica... this is atomica...we're at anew milleni
38 6.Theme from'Super Skrull' s many questions anatomical his features aren't as malleable as the features of his fellow Skrull. From h
39 1.Treasures of Anatomy Haemorrhage-Anatomical Inferno1.Treasures of Anatomy Dealing with Anatomy! satisfy my morbid
40 2.Surgery for the Dead rrhage-Anatomical Inferno2.Surgery for the Dead Once again I dreamed of rot Macabre visions inside my bloody morgue Rigidness... Rigor ... se silent graves Searching anatomical preys...Upon the rotting innard
41 3.Putritorium Haemorrhage-Anatomical Inferno3.Putritorium Welcome to my Paradise... The fetid Putritorium
42 4.Worminfested Cavities Haemorrhage-Anatomical Inferno4.Worminfested Cavities Parasites of rot Dead Flesh Davastator
43 9.H2oproof 'em or get at'em Anatomically designed to be solar fuck the rap star When i die i want niggas doin drive-
44 1.Tropicana ce un'abbronzatura atomica tra la musica dolce dolce tutto andava giu' Mentre la tivu' diceva mentre la t
45 1.Fragments(Anatomical Relics) e1.Fragments(Anatomical Relics) Desecrating- digging up th grave I search in the coffins for my l

46 2.Dolly ou dress are you anatomically correct
47 1.Siamese Screams apart in reality Anatomically incorrect One body with two souls United as one A mutual split Will eventua
48 4.Unexplained t Be turnin into anatomical rust reastonishing crush Ash to ash dust to dust[all together] Check the smok
49 6.Deadly Melody apon-try as i bomb atomically Stagnant they stood surrounded and astounded By this total square mileage o
50 25.Triumph ectah deck] I bomb atomically socrates' philosophies And hypothesis can't define how i be droppin these M
51 6.Omnicron nity inviting thee Atomically bombing the fraudulent MC Escorting he with battle strategy Confusion weapo
52 13.Communion: The Crop Circle Thesis e Plexus from my anatomical it gets darker A sense of urgency Enters the atmosphere with my excursion In
53 4.From The Anatomical Deeps ts4.From The Anatomical Deeps Out of the deeps of a human life distress works its way. It promisc
54 11.Butchered Mutilation e system visible anotomical destruction Butchered mutilation Capillaries spurting fresh blood Butchered m
55 2.Electric Cafe politica De la era atomica Electric cafe Images synthetique Forme estetique L'art poetique A l'age atomiq
56 7.On Returning e your divisions anatomical derision Lobster head and lobster feet On arriving with a third language Tuck
57 2.Luomo Nasce Nudo ormai Per la cena atomica. Io sono una di quel pazzi in verita Che giocherebbe a dadi questa umanita Per
58 2.Cross Species Transmutation ssue engineering Anatomically incorrect interspecie mixture Collections of foreign cells incubate Quarant
59 5.Mirror of Dead Flesh ion An anatomical trip inside us all Relentless Lesson in human art The dead Resculptured Cysts in the upper kidney pole Malighnant tumours ea ... in the show Penetration An anatomical trip inside us all Relentless L
60 1.Overture race and uniform Anatomical and metaphysical Oh the dye A blood red setting sun Rushing through my veins
61 2.Savoureux race and uniform Anatomical Metaphysical Ph the time A blood red setting sun Ruahing through my veins bur
62 1.Jetstreams The Atomica Project-Six Years1.Jetstreams Each day you'll try your best to wipe aw
63 2.The Devil The Atomica Project-Six Years2.The Devil If I had someone Someone like you I'd lay
64 3.Nuevo The Atomica Project-Six Years3.Nuevo I collect my effects My departure's on you Dr
65 4.Mutiny The Atomica Project-Six Years4.Mutiny I've been here for far too long I've been wa
66 5.Lets Find A Way The Atomica Project-Six Years5.Lets Find A Way Let's find a way To last another da
67 6.The Greatest Night The Atomica Project-Six Years6.The Greatest Night It happened on the greatest nigh
68 1.Tears in My Eyes The Atomica Project-暫存1.Tears in My Eyes Ooooh Every day I have tears in my eyes A
69 2.Blur and Gray The Atomica Project-暫存2.Blur and Gray I keep calling And I keep calling Someone ou
70 3.Delorian The Atomica Project-暫存3.Delorian Delorian I could be your lover an abandoned mothe
71 4.Our Hero The Atomica Project-暫存4.Our Hero Life has gone by oh-so-quickly Everything I've ev
72 1.Triumph eventy-nine I bomb atomically Socrates' philosophies an' hypothesis Can't define how I be droppin' these
73 1.Anatomically Correct 存1.Anatomically Correct She seemed to be atomically correct but normal is what's
74 1.Blood Bath Attomica-Attomica IV1.Blood Bath Nightmare
75 2.Down the Drain Attomica-Attomica IV2.Down the Drain Nobod
76 3.Yakuza Attomica-Attomica IV3.YakuzaJapanese paral
77 4.Night Killer Attomica-Attomica IV4.Night Killer Late at
78 5.Black Death Attomica-Attomica IV5.Black Death Death co
79 6.Wanted Attomica-Attomica IV6.Wanted Every night I
80 7.Hurt'N' Scared Attomica-Attomica IV7.Hurt'N' Scared They
81 8.Mysterious Lady Attomica-Attomica IV8.Mysterious Lady Anot
82 1.Ways of Death Attomica-Disturbing the Noise1.Ways of Death The guilty one Died by the poisono
83 2.The Chainsaw Attomica-Disturbing the Noise2.The Chainsaw Hear the noise of a killin' machine
84 3.Deathraiser Attomica-Disturbing the Noise3.Deathraiser The cold wind comes slow and down Br
85 4.Violence and Terror Attomica-Disturbing the Noise4.Violence and Terror Night comes slow cold wind b
86 5.Blood Attomica-Disturbing the Noise5.Blood Look at the knife what do you see? Death.
87 6.From Beyond Attomica-Disturbing the Noise6.From Beyond Creatures Horrible dreams come true
88 7.Forbidden Hate Attomica-Disturbing the Noise7.Forbidden Hate I am hearing screams Disturbing m
89 1.Dying Smashed Attomica-Attomica1.Dying Smashed full of f
90 2.Marching Over Blood Attomica-Attomica2.Marching Over Blood dev
91 3.No Life Till Madness Attomica-Attomica3.No Life Till Madness Yo
92 4.Children's Assassins Attomica-Attomica4.Children's Assassins Bl
93 5.Flesh Maniac Attomica-Attomica5.Flesh Maniac you keep h
94 6.Samurai Attomica-Attomica6.Samurai Samurai on the
95 1.Atomic Death Attomica-Limits of Insanity1.Atomic Death Those people died with no fright They
96 2.Short Dreams Attomica-Limits of Insanity2.Short Dreams In a vision so deep This dreams start
97 3.Highway401 Attomica-Limits of Insanity3.Highway401 Highway401 Madman on the run Steel mach
98 4.Rabies Attomica-Limits of Insanity4.Rabies Howling in the night Hear the dogs transmit
99 5.Limits of Insanity Attomica-Limits of Insanity5.Limits of Insanity Your visions are from a manic I
100 6.Knight Riders Attomica-Limits of Insanity6.Knight Riders Book of the past A tale told from th

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