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1 2.Dance in the Rain Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart2.Dance i
2 3.Free Worshipper Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart3.Free Wo
3 4.Anthem Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart4.Anthem
4 5.You Are Everything Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart5.You Are
5 7.Greater Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart7.Greater

6 8.Unchurched Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart8.Unchurc
7 9.Victory Belongs ToJesus Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart9.Victory
8 10.Put The Attention OnJesus Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart10.Put Th
9 11.Worship You Forever Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart11.Worshi
10 13.Higher Todd Dulaney-Worshipper's Heart13.Higher
11 3.The Anthem Todd Dulaney-A Worshipper's Heart3.The A
12 4.Victory Belongs ToJesus(Reprise) Todd Dulaney-A Worshipper's Heart4.Victo
13 1.You're Mighty Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through1.You're
14 2.Everything to Me Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through2.Everyth
15 3.No Other Name Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through3.No Othe
16 4.Pulling Me Through Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through4.Pulling
17 5.Follow You Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through5.Follow
18 6.Wouldn't Trade Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through6.Wouldn'
19 7.Te Amo Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through7.Te Amo
20 10.My Everything Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through10.My Eve

21 13.Simply Amazing Todd Dulaney-Pulling Me Through13.Simply Amazing Oh oh oh oh oh oh yeah I never knew i'd be loved by You You came along and You d ... Lord You are...simply amazing Todd My God is simply amazing Oh try Hi
22 1.The Anthem(Radio Edit) Todd Dulaney-暫存1.The Anthem(Radio Edit)
23 2.Trusting in You Todd Dulaney-暫存2.Trusting in You Eve
24 3.Pullin Me Through Todd Dulaney-暫存3.Pullin Me Through T
25 1.Your Great Name(Live) Todd Dulaney-Your Great Name1.Your Great
26 2.Fall in Love Again Todd Dulaney-Your Great Name2.Fall in Lo
27 3.Pour Me Out Todd Dulaney-Your Great Name3.Pour Me Ou
28 4.Your Great Name Todd Dulaney-Your Great Name4.Your Great
29 5.Come Alive Todd Dulaney-Your Great Name5.Come Alive
30 6.Sanctuary Todd Dulaney-Your Great Name6.Sanctuary
31 7.Stand Forever Todd Dulaney-Your Great Name7.Stand Fore