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1 3.MC Breed(w Tupac)- Gotta Get Mine(W Tupac) mad brew taking names and after that im kickin ass too. breed kinda of tha{can i get a ryhme to go} hey yo pac ill set back and design it slo ... o see a young nigga COME UP another punk RUN UP and have to get his GUN UP cause um i aint takin no shorts like a newport explortin the fully joint and explodin o ... ettin riches miss me when lie picture me living out my life as a busta i ratha pop out a shot out my glock and blast muthafuckas i live that thug life baby im hop ...
2 9.すなのしろ 's just another perfect picture in my head I don't know why I try I don't believe in lies I wanna get it right But it's ... I wanna get it right But it's taking me back nowふたりの爱を重ねて崩れ去った砂の城心地いい
3 6.SUPERSONIC ゲットイナフ…!! Pictures of my soul Hitting Kicking the ... inkフリーキー MOTHER FxxKERSいつだって Weラブモッシュ This is how I do it to feelニュー・バイブレーション30%ブースト・アップ!!うなるニュー・コミュニケーション Unspeakable How I feel it's my trut ... AVEJust Watching it Making it Taking it Feeling it Wishing it Bumping it Hitting it Dropping it FxxKIN' SxxTTIN' ROCKIN'!! GONNA CHANGE the LIFE we gotta ROCK to
4 3.Nobody's Home lways and taking the pictures from frames And arrangements of daisies in vases you made Are all dead and alone like I am but I hope that Maybe I'll forge ... u someday But today is just another Monday So nobody's home I'm all alone Guess it's just whiskey weed me and my phone I'm on my own I didn't know I don't like th ... u someday But today is just another Monday So nobody's home I'm all a
5 4.Unlonely cs can't bother me Living is tricky as it is so that ain't stoppin' me You and me we both agree That no one needs the scruity All we want is p ... it's just you and your phone Taking pictures of yourself Baby maybe I can h

6 34.Hurt the Same n't get another chance Fucking lame niggas I don't really understand'Cause you know I'ma cash out fuck the rubberbands I bought you everything ... kept me in the dark painting pictures I know you lying and you sneaking I'm just stating facts I'm just that dummy who believed you'cause I loved your ass Not th ... now you loving it You on some other shit and I'm on my own again I was looking forward to us making love And waking up for round two But you ain't stayed long eno ...
7 2.Headphones 's just another chain reaction When you make the big mistake So for all our satisfaction I feel this way A pretty ... tion I feel this way A pretty picture of a better man taking you out Holding your hand it's your favorite band He says'it's so fucking cute when you rock it out' If you laugh to your rou ... mouth to mouth Oh it's just another chain reaction When you make the big mistake So for all our satisfaction I learn something(I'm so glad we can still be friends ..
8 4.No Favors p for the taking And what I need from'em? No favors Clique too big bread? Gotta break it Cause these ... d? Gotta break it Cause these others lowkey with the snaking faking Everything lined up for the ... g Everything lined up for the taking And what I need from'em? No favors no favors What I need? No favors Everything lined up for the ... s Everything lined up for the taking And what I need from'em? No favors I'm about getting the job done boy up every night I'm abou
9 8.Holding Back Tears witched Another homicide lied on the dry cement I couldn't even cry all I wanted was revenge Some wounds never heal even time couldn't fix The ... you an off brand Now try and picture my frame of mind Portraits develop in dark rooms it's ... ts develop in dark rooms it's taking time A fine craft on display wit
10 15.Made in Maryland(feat. Steph the Sapphic Songstress and DJJav) ppin' ass taking names'fore this rap shit was cool I was either chasing dreams or chasing ass after school Ditched class wings with Mambo Sauc ... g my divinity Had a rack of brothers only one that was kin to me Saved my life when they gave the mic and the pen to me But I'm from the same damn state as Freddy ... o hand the God some weak shit picture that Phelps with a felt tip Oly
11 1.God Bless Ohio d and a brother There's an old picture of us playing cards And at night we threw corn at houses It was meant for feeding hogs Later in life I was playingJimmy Fall ... en I can Cause if my little brother goes before me Don't want to swim out into the sea and never come back God bless Ohio God bless every man Woman and child God ... ot then it's one thing or the other Guy letting his pet lions loose in the street and putting a gun in his mouth Young girls held as slaves
12 3.Philadelphia Cop r And the other social media money-making scheme turning you into a zombieJerking you off masturbator procrastinator While the kids in Silicon ... am back home I'm gonna read another chapter of this book Beatlebone The part so far that's made me the most smile is the page that has multiple uses uses of the w ... word'wily' That's me a wily motherfucker Come to Massillon and that's what you get sucker Gimme a one out of five a big fat ten Give me a two either way it's all ...
13 4.Shine Theory edict a brother kid But doctors say I need a sis That I can pawn off to my spiral shell And tie to my cord as well I wanna want her so bad But ... ve the asses for TV But who's taking my picture They better be taking it only of me I wanna want him s
14 8.Get High hile they taking pictures I tell that bitch drop that ass like she hit the switches I take the phone and take a selfie while I'm fuckin' bitches Now ... around this party ain't this motherfucka hella lit? These niggas is zeros we came with pre-rolls Same niggas used to moving kilos get high Yeah all fuckin' day ni ... ix-tre Like I won't let this motherfucka Three-wheeling with a cloud
15 10.Destroyed ft. Euro led to another and then the pencil broke I got that handgun on the table shotgun in the closet Police in disguises I don't like surprises I d ... gure out the code to get the motherfucking safe open Who the fuck left the cage open[?] I'm liable to blow your fucking face open Every bone you can break broken ... get you wacked nigga You can picture that til you break your lense Niggas take no ends Nigga fuck your hoe While you cutting your grass Nigga cut your throat ... r g
16 6.Kings County II Ballad of a So So Glo llad of another So So Glo Another overblown ego explosive kid Everybody get low Hit the deck he's gonna blow Oh oh oh oh Here comes the ballad of an ... oh Here comes the ballad of another So So Glo Another overblown ego that's just what he is Everybody get low Hit the deck he's gonna blow[Verse] He would always stay cooped up in h ... up all day playing celebrity Taking pictures of himself is there anyone else Out there looking in? AndJanie said'Life is a d
17 14.Nightmare ng to the picture of the cock you're holding All that emo shit is gone This music is ... mo shit is gone This music is taking over All these pussy ass promoters Better get the fuck on board'Cause homie you know I ain't slowing Every hour I keep growin ... there in your face Invading motherfucker all up in your space Gonna
18 1.I Want to Be in Love ving in another world She said she made it but you never heard I want to be in love she said I want to be in love Someday we're falling off a ... lot of bad things Like you're taking too much time Like you're terrified to speak I won't be seen again soon You gotta trust in what I say You're speeding for[?] ... nia Someday we're living in another world She said she made it but you never heard I want to be in love she said I want to be in love Someday we're falling off a ...
19 7.Good Gone Bad o paint another picture of the future soon as the pistol draw Like a crystal ball saw it in a vision like click click nah nah I ain't changing my mi ... k him in that bitch while I'm taking everything that I want in this h
20 5.Bring Yo Friends They just taking pictures they ain't really living(yeah) You know my team winning nigga that's a given(yeah) Monster like sully Tunji getting gully M ... lucky Up all night Hit with another show need a red eye flight Told y

21 4.Back Sellin' Crack(Feat. ScHoolboy Q) feds take pictures fuckin' up my image Even mama bringin' drama I don't trust no(bitches) See these hoes be out here switching their sides Whe ... unds7's cry macs applaud They taking shots I had to call You catch'em out the shot gun that's Roddy White from50 yards No body shots I'm hitting jaws Tryna run yo ... He Heat get sprayed And every otHer word on tHe wall get K'ed All the Homies ... wall get K'ed All the Homies taking you to parking space THis my set
22 7.Here Comes the Winter in Dance-Mothership7.Here Comes the Winter Line them up on a stage See which ones are clever and which ones declined with age Watch th ... figure Here comes the winner Taking perfect pictures Here comes the winner It's time to shock the blaow! Here comes the winner You can find me Up on my high horse cutting the b ... And their plastic faces On another level pound for pound And their self-abasement I grow tired of this game Make me feel like I'm to blame Fake c
23 8.Floral& Fading hirst I'm taking Pull the plug I'll keep on shaking And thrustin' about your apartment Drowned on the blankets floral and fading Painful lust ... g guts They tear through each other in the mirror This happy vacation there's no motivation To hold me up[Chorus] You say you want to chase the moon like fire Wel ... e down And I'm just a stupid motherfucker Can't figure it out I want devil horns I wanna breathe in your rush I wanna leap when you want me to fly But darlin' I d ...
24 12.When I(Pullin Up Demo) I've been taking all you know but I know you're saying Ooh when I know you said Ooh when I know you say[Hook] Tell them all to wait inside whe ... know you're saying I've been taking all you know but I know you're saying Ooh when I know your said(say) Ooh when I know you say(Ohh baby)[Hook] Tell them all to ... as early yeah I just got that picture that you texted You look ready girl don't tempt me I'm flying down to shut it down You tryna buy your ticket to me[?] Seems ...
25 11.Raving Mad Mad Another nightmare is coming true Taking possession out of the blue There's a cyclone in my head It's never ending- keeps coming backJust can't control this monster I ... this acid test Can't sort the pictures all blurred and skewed Dystopi
26 1.Vigilante Genesis from the other side dawning a gas mask It's on again Introduce the808 mechanic Slay satanic ways my state's in a panic Petro from wild animal ... equences My fury is to bomb another target I'm not timid Bricks thru your window then I spit at the judge Do my time standing up like a man won't budge When these ... on't budge When these greedy motherfuckers try to take what I love I write'greed' in red ink let it drip like blood Punk ass security They circle in shifts Seems ...
27 16.YMF still I'm taking over with this ether And since he got a new bitch He ain't dropped no new music either Told my lady I was an alien; she belie ... church and wedding gowns And other portions of the big picture You'll leave out of the portrai
28 1.It's All Love(Feat. Starrah) Belly-Another Day In Paradise1.It's All Love(Feat. Starrah)[Verse1:Belly] Topless shows Tokyo hoes heart Sake cold lock and load Cou ... dow won't follow you here I'm taking trips to the coast so my bitches can boast Paparazzi flicking ... can boast Paparazzi flicking pictures time to switch up the boat Cha
29 9.Exotic(Feat. Waka Flocka Flame) Belly-Another Day In Paradise9.Exotic(Feat. Waka Flocka Flame)[Hook Waka Flocka Flame] I can't fuck if she ain't exotic I can't smok ... looking like I'm two stepping Taking pictures with bottles you never paid fo
30 2.1000 Miles found Are taking over me I could see your picture and hear the sound Of the song you sung to me You gotta feel and take every chance You did the right thing Drove a thousand ... es away Out of trace and in another time You did the wrong thing And bought it back in your mind Why's life so unkind? For always and ever it's getting better I f ... like it said in the letter Another place another time Blown away Got blown away a
31 12.Back to Yesterday s finally taking off I had to put it first My boss said one of us can take off early I was like'me please''cuz I wanted to surprise- her So I ... e struggled but we loved each other now it's coming to a sudden end Fighting tryna move my furniture up out of momma's crib Pack my shit kiss our dog on the head ... Staring at her facebook every pictures that she posts every comment tryna' see if she gone' call me back on an over lonely heart My mama said it's gonna' pass pla ...
32 10.BasedGod e trigger Picture me up in the Phantom with a young-ass chauffeur And that bitch suck my dick and she park my Rover For that nigga that punche ... nigga that punched me in my motherfucking face I'mma take his main bitch and I'mma fuck her face[Hook] Yeah you fucking bitch nigga BasedGod BasedGod BasedGod Ye ... on me I ain't even on TV and taking pictures on streets God damn BasedGod nigga swagged up shawty While I'm screaming Free Boosie and I tip that40[Hook][Verse3]
33 9.Orangutan(featuring Tech N9ne Rittz Ces CruJL B.Hood& Wrekonize) xhibit We taking over the planet and all of the outer limits They hand me they will and really ain't gotta be reinvented With the pen and some ... nvented With the pen and some picture being plotted You couldn't mimic I'm p-equitable service I'm in a tin and let him out like Krizz Hanging off of the tree but ... do eat shit Hit the drop and motherfuckers chop-suey prick This our p
34 6.Judas their arm taking pictures like no harm would ever come to these Gods they see that people get caught but think they can beat the odds they crazy but ... m Undercovers? Tapped by them other Brothers? Nah he ain't on they radar mind like a razor you can't feel his activity he's screen saver his attitude is you are only what ... ed off from morphine little Brothers acting like the older ones at fo
35 11.Behind My Painted Smile y a frown Picture in the pocket's of blood that decorate the town Trigger jum bullets sung and guns hum Then everyone that's dead was somebody ... m along this dirty roadJust another traveller taking a long journey home[Akala] All this talk of intervention to protect on what is the intention Same as it ever was the colonial ... dy dock[Akala] I been there brother though I don't promote it in this
36 18.No Hook(Feat Quavo) e started taking pictures like a tourist We made a song with no chorus My got more plants than a florist I got a bi**h inJapan I just f**ked up30 ban ... parrots(Lil Yachty) Free my brother Nino out there serving crack addicts Free my br ... rving crack addicts Free my brother Nino out there making trap magic50 thousand got a pu*** ni**a flabbergasted(Quavo) Bricks hotter than the casket5000 for my gl ... vericks Bricks on a boat my brother Lil Boat He wanted it so
37 10.Break Your Halo in of the pictures in my mind Fear is the child I left behind I'm never ashamed of the scars you see across my face I'm only afraid that this ... e had was just perfect enough Taking its toll can last forever And I would give my life just to make things right Got to keep my shit together All I want is an ... shit together All I want is another one chance All I need is one more
38 4.Home for Christmas y And my mother still there and my folks still there Still hustling to get their bills paid When I see all of my cousins and best friends stru ... Think cause I'm getting ahead taking pictures with celebs now That I'm making all this money no way Trying not to lose my mind on the studio grind Gotta make it to the t ... y heart my pride can't take another blow Spending the night with tear
39 10.JukeboxJoints tell you motherfuckers get familliar It's not just model bitches on my genitalia Did Azalea's from Australia trips to Venezuela Cinderella's u ... like I didn't tell ya Niggas taking pictures any time we get together And h
40 10.C. Baby Blue hini And motherfuckers can't see me Wait'till the chick see me on TV I make the shit look easy Who would've thought I hit you right back?[Hook ... I'm the symbol for sex and uh Others would hate but I don't give em no breath Go on a date I'm at the crib with the chef and uh that's me And you could order what ... l I'm on the back of the boat taking pictures with the swordfish[Hook][Verse
41 8.Miss My Mama ever be another woman take your place And I swear I seen a peaceful smile on your face When I told you had the bills up I payed them all Your ... my uncle going crazy Knocking pictures off the wall Keffer screaming fuck no She gone and she ain't never coming backJoseph got me in school and they like what th ... that?Joseph? yeah! I wish a mother fucker would Y'all ain't feeling like I am feeling in here Ain't no more feeling in here in my heart Milk and cookies that was ...
42 7.Late Night King d at each other Running out of time ticked at eachother Running out of time ticked at eachother[Verse1– Trae] Hitting nothing when I pull up forward Looking numbers but got an explorer See you see it know it not me cause m ... near got them pissed at each other Running out of time ticked at eachother[Verse2–Jeremih] First came in dissing each ... h] First came in dissing each other now I got em all kissing each other Want a coach and I just put em
43 5.SLUT 't just another bitch in rotation Thought that she was different it was misinformation So Imma tie her up and kill that bitch in the basement ... y Buttercup. now she's just another slut gobbling up some other Nuts. Taking pics on Instagram showing off her bubble butt(you like my haircut? wait until it grows) I used to love this slut! Fuck you an ... this slut! Fuck you and your mother slut Fuck your dad and dogs and sister And if you got a br ... and sister And i
44 1.Chloe tries I'm taking pictures in the lobby You can't copy how I floss I mix OF& Versace How many people you know flex interviews with Vogue? Fresh from m ... when you're consistent And no other chick is mentioned. That's how I get'em Persistence stay in their mouths more than dentist Music changes when you learn there' ... three And me well there's no other like me on the earth And what I've seen and heard I can captivate with words[Hook][Verse3] Hey gorgeous I can love you
45 1.Waiting Room safe I be taking shit out just to pay myself I should give myself a raise Everyday is a payed vacation I don't take no days off I got cake no ... ncentration I just make this motherfucker bubble like its been carbonated I'm so good I'm shitting on y'all It's almost a fetish I live for the fetti I guarantee ... borrow chains I don't ask for pictures I don't fuck with rappers I do

46 8.A Little Time Yeah she taking pictures send it to my phone And when I'm gone she said she feel alone I'm getting grown I'm tryna buy a home Girl we can get it all ... ifferent zone We upgrade each other like Beyonce's song Girl I ain't thirsty for any of these R&B singers But I respect your mind and I love your demeanor When yo ... Act like we didn't know each other Give me your number and then we f
47 13.Escape From Czarkham Asylum u paint a picture man that's a photobomb I clock you out I mass murder everything You a natural I can't grip these swings Then you out of the ... way you know we large That's taking to a new plateau you rap slow You know the fucking military actors scooping it Dance with them pen Daien and activate the M ... m pen Daien and activate the Mother fucking shit again don't pretend If you don't know the man then you don't know You look dumb like Red Fox when he overslept Sl ... t
48 1.Snitch Bitch(feat. Terrence Howard and Petey Pablo) re in the picture But now the picture's faded bitch- I'm done witcha So gon' head handle yo business And here I am cause I come into business Streets are watching ... on yo way I'll never trust another single one of yo' coz trust is just something you just don't get involved Back stabbing bitch's get you knocked off Classified ... ' keep your head low coz they taking pictures' My Partner Clyde told me'when
49 16.Street Punks the FEDs taking pictures let a motherfucker pose Tryna be the only Crippin' nigga sitting in the Vogue Better put me on the cover undercovers at my home Tryna catch ... Catch me off[?]outta- You a motherfucking street punk[Hook] You a st
50 14.Dayum! uce big brother was in the Buick Your ass in trouble ain't it? Swear to God he'll give me shooters Riding to that hot water a mothafucking hot ... ma keep fucking these bitches taking pictures for ya First day you come home I'm buying a chicken for ya Ain't talking Popeye's I'm talking36 on ya The only nigga made20 ... nds on Mayweather level Big brother always told me you can't show love to these pussy niggas If you ever ever ever ever ever try me Swear to God I'll stac
51 14.Only Human ma go I'm taking me with me I told her shit is on my mind and it's been eating me She got me pissing in a cup she don't believe in me It's not ... all I ain't tell her just the other day that that gun was in my lap Pen and pad in my hand and I was writing a note Didn't get far as soon as I wrote down'mom' I ... lain the'why' to her Couldn't picture her getting a call or somebody saying her son had died to her And shortly after that my pastor called Which at first I kinda ...
52 4.M.P.A. risk you taking? New bitch I been fucking might start a rap war Won't unveil it yet can't tell it yet Defense wins games Bill Belichick These ... 't hug you We sent you off to other hoods and let them niggas fuck you For real we made you watch from afar Even talked down on you tryna dim your star Until we s ... way to Instagram here It's no pictures now you in your feelings I'm a
53 6.Keep Dealing a paint a picture of a bullet for all y'all Now crawl for him My sophomore jinx is more minks But only for my m ... s more minks But only for my mother she'll use'em as couch covers You niggas cheapening my All-Star Weekends If y'all can't swim in the deep end then watch nigga ... for one too many abortions Another Celine it's like a routine It's like ferris wheel of waist trainers and Seven jeans Her new body's in my new body Make her in ... I ain't never see a dead man (
54 13.Detroit State of Mind preach another ghetto hymn A state that doers be Hustling to come up all my life Testify it's just a Detroit state of mind[Verse1] Detroit wi ... make ends meet Flous like a motherfucking bous Slim Thugger Sig Deuce ninety Drug smuggler they ain't got love for us Cuff us throw us in jail for being hustlers ... right I'm trying to preach another ghetto hymn A state that doers be Hustling to come up all my life Testify it's just a Detroit state of mind Turn this shit the ...
55 8.Walk You Home paint her picture So beautiful she had me from my first conversation with her See nobody was ever as clever And I still can't figure how they ... re we first got lost in one anotherJust tripping off the feeling of together we'd discovered And I'm reminiscing on days past escaping to Pearl Before ... past escaping to Pearl Before taking that whole and making it two halves But it was scary to be even this close to a perfect fit Close your eyes I promise this wo ... shared Like
56 6.Sidewalk Show ng if the other not present in the cypher Letter never be divided OG game provided By the star of the show not a side kick My side chick got a ... and played twister I rolled another broken finger this one was moist ended Smoke this for my nigga who no longer with us Your spirit jump out them T-shirts and ... it jump out them T-shirts and pictures You live on my nigga It's like them coward ass suckas never killed ya I'm ... ss suckas never killed ya I'm taking dabs of
57 1.Chess ut you're taking me for a fool boy You don't know So you tell me to stay cool boy Haven't had you around For a while(it's real shit right here ... hat I'm saying Take you to my other friends Then show you this world See I can live it's possible That I can breathe it's possible I can dance it's possible And I ... ou now? Should've been hiding pictures Tell me girl Do you really thi
58 3.519 wanna be taking down the pictures in my head I don't wanna see another chapter of our book left out unre
59 5.Down(feat. QuESt& Devon Baldwin) a blunt Motherfuck a non-believer On my mama word to god ahh no Nigga you will never ever be(down down down down)[Verse1: Skizzy Mars] Smokin ... lavored swishers Walk in they taking pictures Say I'm her man I'm saying it's unofficial I was fucking with a blonde in the Saint-Laurent We could get it on in my living ... es you play When you look the other way I'm not sure if I can take th
60 5.All Gone rsweet no other way to convey It's like you put it on the table then you take it away And that's a head trip falling over my thoughts I'm just ... ts I'm just trying to get the picture by connecting the dots No sense of it in the dark lost looking for light While I try and ask the question you ain't listenin ... s is your home it was all for taking More than you know now it's all gone all gone Wait for the fall it was all for nothing You had it all now it's all gone all g ...
61 7.All or Nothing feat. French Montana& Wiz Khalifa ck it was picture women Hop on this yacht come fishing with me All these bad bi**hes ... with me All these bad bi**hes taking pictures with me All the police taking pictures of me New Lambo all pistol whipping(Repeat Chorus)(Verse2) I want it all You want it to but s**t I want it more I had a bal ... d dollar bills on her Wrote another thousand dollar meal I'm the king
62 4.Under Control ar Fake-Another Manic Episode4.Under Control There's a crack in the ice and it's coming after me Should I wait and not blink or should ... nd once again there will be another way out just like every time So I go drowning and see what's coming next I could go and have a drink with you but I'm too bore ... yself Still under control I'm taking it all from you I go waste your time like any ... I go waste your time like any other day Seems I look forsaken and I'll be
63 9.Used to Be at around taking bout killers and losses Lost a hundred on the road An onion on the stove And the dope gang will turn a good guy like Niko And ... rlito] Dope boys used to hate taking pictures Internet will put them people in your business(But shit ain't how it used to be) Remember nights no cash Praying that tomor ... time Cashville I'm in a whole other state of mind Looking for it beca
64 10.2phoneshawty in these pictures We cannot further this friendship Black twitter veteran Bleeding hearts club membership New prejudice S'all confederate Yac ... l a wobo nigga Fo' fo's in a motherfuckin' four door nigga Dertbag polo nigga In the city dolo nigga A few crumbs try to act like the whole slice I could smell th ... poured a pint In a tub Breathtaking bruh Put a out of town bitch on oxygen that's bad girls club And they watch me they love me Keep up with my moves Follow what ...
65 11.Obama Been Watchin' r clothes Taking some titty picture Posting them videos For some old man to jerk it I see you on the N-S-A I'm checkin' on the N-S-A Come rub them titties In my ... r? This guy is a hero? He's another bum living at the airport I see h
66 6.White Crime ake your motherfucking Wi-Fi And torrent every single song in my library Then I drive by very fucking high by everybody While my lady licking ... n' Dave was Give me all your motherfucking chocolate ho At the stop sign never fully stopping though Filling water cups up with a lot of coke Egging homes m ... h a lot of coke Egging homes motherfucker a lot of yolk Not alone up in this m ... of yolk Not alone up in this motherfucker a lot of folks been doing…[Hook][Verse3:
67 7.Help I've been taking these pills That this doctor prescribed But they don't get me high Like they used to And maybe it's time for divine intervent ... fucking pounding ow I've been taking my time With these women around Cause I don't fucking doubt They want babies And maybe it's time to go check myself in But fu ... I was lookin' at some of your pictures You was lookin' a little crazy man Your eyes was hazy man And it's cool to have fun But maybe think for just once How your ...
68 1.Hieeee !) Take a picture and I'll last forever! Get your drinks now people The more you drink the prettier we look Is this your boyfriend honey? Not ... and mash your mouth around to other people's music for4 and a half minutes It's not as easy as it looks! Do you need a hairpiece? Here you can borrow mine! Show g ... ) Alright but how about breathtaking?Jeez!(YEAH!) I swear its like pu
69 4.House In the Hills k paint a picture of us then sell it straight to the public You young black then you thuggin' What they don't talk about the kid that came fro ... now you won't begin to Cop another Rollex or Porsche try and get even with me Pulled up to the club swear it looked like the dealer with me Cause we had so many ... to make your people better by taking knowledge and spreadin' it Not b
70 1.No Games s Bitches taking pictures cause we keep on getting richer Say a nigga name you know you fucking with them killers Walking through the club only salut ... ow we holdin' hands Success another gamble bitch I took a chanceJumpe
71 6.Forever That Man l paint a picture a picture a picture Of me inside your heart I need to deliver deliver deliver Myself out of the dark(Chorus– part1) This time I'm ... (Chorus– part1) This time I'm taking that chance Grab you by the hand Give you what no ... by the hand Give you what no other woman can No dream can compare To you being here I gotta make you understand(Chorus– part2) The way that the moon meets the st ... something you can't deny I'm taking that cha
72 7.Issue hope the motherfucker don't call back I ain't tryna get you caught up I know you just want to ball up These hoes ain't shit niggas ain't shit ... me we make an appearance they taking the experience No top disappearing act baby girl give me top when I'm steering that In the cut like no Gs up what we don't dr ... cut like how I'm gon get this picture Higher than a motherfucker liable to cuss a nigga out
73 1.Cross the Country making it taking it Nigga they mistake me think I'm selling that midget Nah for real What the fuck a nigga really wanna talk about? You a bitc ... nigga And all he wanted was a picture I used to smoke swishers like a regular nigga Now I'm a backwoods type of nigga A nigga he run up tried to rob I shot him Wh ... use they know I'm in the game Taking pictures of a nigga like a groupie like a fan On my first lick only got a little bit of change Thinking like Obama something
74 3.Come Up Feat. Curren$y really another book I'm gonna give it the way it is fuck the way it look I tell your dream bitch roll something for a nigga A'int gotta touch ... t gotta touch ya got plenty brothers who pull the trigger I'm putting food on the table this a'int no game now See I'm just fucking around we a'int the same now Y ... same now You Instagraming and taking pictures we taking action I'm taking over and our shit is way better
75 6.Pressure(Featuring Rittz) iling and taking pictures Making wishes a change of fate could only take an instant Pimping I'm flying like Aladdin I been Arabian knighted The curre ... ted and stealin Kisses if the pictures surface chill the missus will misinterpret I'll end up in a ditch as a missing person it's the gift and the curse All of th ... n come with some tension You motherfuckers bunt for the fences come t
76 14.Who Is That we start taking streets we start locking these shits We popping shells same size as Budweiser6 Got some money still tote choppas and shit Kno ... ack I'm Snoop Dizzle I'm the motherfucking shiznat Im rolling in that(?) that(?) All these hoes wanna give a kiss Im smoking on that piss sack It smell like I jus ... t smell like I just gone done taking a piss You smoking on that shit pack And it smell like you just got done ... smell like you just got done taking a shit Im
77 5.Longing For Nia quandary picture me Smoking opposition like Barbeque Hickory Flawless victory what would you have done Should've been a track star all I coul ... t doubt me Meanwhile teachers taking me to schools to speak And show my work yo these youngin' were me but even better Saw I made a difference later on when they ... the school I attended look another new beginning… Eh ma by the way peep this Pratt acceptance letter Never say never. HOOK VERSE3 Now as a man Stan managed to st ..
78 3.These Bammas youve be taking all of my time and be consume by nothing Niggas thirsty claiming and hustling but hungry they wasnt Younger discover thats wh ... e the ones that I bail to the others I love her but they dont take no vano Aint try to make no hit shows Slangs for the m ... no hit shows Slangs for the motherfucker hate no Slanges with invisible trades no minimal ways and try to get hit yo We cant roll with flame flow Your angle will ... er my friend I switch out the picture(
79 9.Noodle Soup le you're taking minutes crazy tripping I'm the guy that chops your onions it's my duty to You're just hungry in the stomach Funny like a bunc ... lans I'ma focus on the bigger picture hit ya with the simple things Flip a finger to ya problems like they're getting lost Inside a wheelie bin gone rotten like a ... I will not apologize If your bothered by what I really think[Hook][Verse3-Jeswon:] Yo I got no time for the bovine Sick and tired of all these primates Tryna figh ...
80 4.Sub Zero(feat. Quavo) cuter I'm taking the trips and I fly to Bermuda Sub-Zero Sub-Zero I get peso I'm a Migo I pull out the'Rari the bricks in the engine Got Louie ... ke my father You can't name another nigga that go harda' Name'em and I disclaim frame'em with out the ... isclaim frame'em with out the picture I got jewelry on cost more than
81 2.Only Human(Feat. Emanny) ma go I'm taking me with me I told her shit is on my mind and it's been eating me She got me pissing in a cup she don't believe in me It's not ... all I ain't tell her just the other day that that gun was in my lap Pen and pad in my hand and I was writing a note Didn't get far as soon as I wrote down'mom' I ... lain the'why' to her Couldn't picture her getting a call or somebody saying her son had died to her And shortly after that my pastor called Which at first I kinda ...
82 1.You Are Your Mother's Child Are Your Mother's Child I remember the day you appeared on this earth With eyes like the ocean got blood on my shirt From my camera angle ... ive poison Well you are your mother's child And she'll keep you for a while But someday you'll be grown and then you'll be on your own Halloween costume looking r ... big league adjusting your hat Taking a swing and hearing it crack Look at that apple fly Tears will dry if you give them time Life's a roller coaster keep your ar ...
83 11.Let'R nstragram taking pictures Tryna make the best of the moment Parents don't know when your boss might kill ya Many hoes so familiar One minute on the t ... rib with a court in the back motherfucker I'm ballin' Kush conin' at the table ... lin' Kush conin' at the table taking shots and it's gone then As I ca
84 4.George Clooney is just another double dare we have to follow through or else be an ... o follow through or else be another square how do we settle down acting like we'll never drown? ... cting like we'll never drown? taking pictures with our lovers rub it in for those who never found what it was to be in a committed relationship it just makes em sick eve ... 'm on my way now but I'm in another city sittin on a greyhound everyd
85 4.Shine Theory edict a brother kid But doctors say I need a sis That I can pawn off to my spiral shell And tie to my cord as well I wanna want her so bad But ... ve the asses for TV But who's taking my picture They better be taking it only of me I wanna want him s
86 2.Say Eligh! Say Grouch! ver see another man come out and rhyme like this You can never determine or figure out my timing switch I'm a divine cloud nine surfing under- ... d all up in your face![Eligh] Taking over microphones is what I do Its just my job I take some pride but not a snob a nine to five will not suffice My life is whe ... ] Mista mista can I take your picture? Sign this for my sister? She didn't want to miss ya but she had to study harderJust to make that money quicker in the pocke ...
87 14.Camera ancing at pictures we taking when we was lost kids While picking up my final things in your apartment Shit! It hurts don't it? I know it do My homies said ... ver make my little man call another dad i'll do25 to life and won't r
88 11.Rolex ether the picture I paint in my mind So how I see you know insulting me is wasting my time But we live and learn and learn and love and let go ... t make it worse than before Another hard lesson stressing taking personal notes Remember sweet nothings like baby what's the purpose in those? Both of us saying it shouldn't have went like t ... t back You know Cupid's got another arrow and shit like that And for
89 11.Times Change about was taking home her best friend Remember trocadero had us all going West End? She was the weirdo the lame with no protection So they use ... hat all the boys chasedJust another little boy tryna beat before his voice breaks Valentines day there ain't a choice made Way too many options she can't avoid ha ... d) Mate I'm just painting the picture(where's my brush?) Only two used the gift they was given One never once opened a present up She just opened her legs and... ...
90 9.Hickory(Feat. Talib Kweli& Boots Riley) the kids other times we gotta do it for us Somebody always wanna tell you you ain't doing enough But if you listen to everybody you'll be loo ... me Rollin' even if you can't picture me Sticky green leaves pussy smell victory See me sittin on the dock hickory Never really fuck with fuckery dickery Shout to ... es bartenders and nurses You motherfuckers nervous when we put them out of service Call security with curses cuz we ... l security with curses cuz we taking wha
91 5.Butterflies either brothers or enemies My cargo far your cargo short lack longevity I treat my bitch like a letter I just let her go Sincerely me before ... d swishers expand like panned pictures This is life as a member of what's better So I just throw the Era up like a pitcher with bad records shit Bigger placement ... V No Nasir no Rakim just Pros taking over your globe And we here said we here[Bridge: T'Nah Apex& CJ Fly][Verse7: Dyemond Lewis] Want to know where the era been C ...
92 4.Money Up Feat. Kissie Lee go getter Taking pictures of a fly ass nigga in the club Looking fresh like a m ... he club Looking fresh like a motherfucking gold dealer[Hook][Verse2–
93 16.Lose Yourself he Motion Picture8 Mile2002 prod. by EminemJeff Bass and Luis Resto)[Intro] Look if you had one shot or one opportunity To seize everything yo ... ng This world is mine for the taking make me king As we move toward a New World Order A normal life is boring; but superstardom's Close to post-mortem it only gro ... what you call rage Tear this motherfuckin' roof off like two dogs caged I was playing in the beginning the mood all changed I've been chewed up and spit out and b ...
94 4.Sinflation arpen the picture fine-tune it or lose it God's gift optic oculus rift look around your environment But keep your composure now what do you th ... getting chances when you stop taking them So just follow your orders never question who's making them'Let us hold hands let us pray with him' excuse me what's you ... name again?'Okay we'll have another round ofJameson Drink up rejoice let's pretend we always have a choice'Cause we sure as hell never had a voice' The day of rec ...
95 12.707 oh] I was taking a shit Heard Cousin Fik hit me up He said40 on the ... ik hit me up He said40 on the other line I told that nigga'what?' Press mute widened my eyes bounced the fuck up And started talking business with the boss of whe ... always on my toes Times girl taking pictures for so I'm striking for the po
96 4.Jump Over wn Puff another cloud then we move down To where the goods harvest out for the rich crown There ain't no single question I'm a proud stoner no ... high road how to shine bright Taking high roads the lotus is never light We charging uphill till you living right Made my peace with God a long time ago Model for ... hing but a tripping so take another ride Flying through the sky looking down I got an eagle eye Going out I'm never dead head's always high I'm always on the up I ...
97 12.7 Deadly Sins he bigger picture we was all framed But the game is the game so let it begin In these streets these are the seven deadly sins Now the first is ... For you to be a boss ain't no taking off Now the myth about the fifth it only happens when we eat It's gluttony this is how it happens on the street It's a dude t ... ne of em ended up busting the other Greed is a mother it's greedy motherfuckers like Madoff Cops getting p
98 19.On Da M.I.C. seeing We taking it to you lyrically physically so don't underestimate us Illegal's going for the kill there's no mercy And the effect will be ... o who the Funky Man?) Y'all brothers better say me Not a tall guy a small fry Yo I'm all live making more noise than a.45 And I'm naughty far from corny Got game ... en you say'Lord Finesse' yo brothers know I'm nice with mine I be around like a time zone Mess around get your mind blown I'm brighter than rhinestones And when I ...
99 4.Cocktales I know another freak her name'sJoanne I always get the pussy cuz I know I can Finest bitch around ain't got no man Everytime she cross my min ... fuck her again. She's like another bitch named Christine Bitch so dumb I named her misdemeanor Cuz it had to be a crime to be that dumb I took her to my house an ... nd sing these songs. I know another girl named Stephanie Do anything she can to have sex with me She really don't bring out the best in me But I love her fine ass ...
100 22.All About It(feat. Pimp C) make the motherfucking song last It's a shame you can't make no cash Everytime we roll out we gotta wait on your ass You're just slow can't be ... et laid what you want Tellin motherfuckers where you getting all that money from$hort records now you trying to flip18's Got what it takes make a hit make G's![Ch ... ots in my ear My baby momma brother put me down with the D I bought my babe a'lac and changed my name to Pimp-C I put the pimping down to the hoes Now$hort got me ...

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