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1 1.硬仗(& Benny King) 妄想 Punch breatheJab Submit kick roll believe You're gonna win this fight Till I die bleed. Never see me c
2 10.Save Me Qu Yuan bed Nothing will be submitted I'm dying of my frenzy I'll be erased from the pieces Sink me under Hold th
3 8.It might be you bum: On& On-Hits Of Submitted by: rajram Corrected by: Rated:8.5(6 votes) Time... I've been passing time
4 4.Eye in the sky Project The Album: Submitted by: Santiago Mendoza Corrected by: Robert Lee Rated:9.6(39 votes) Don't thi
5 13.I'll make love to you ish is my command I submit to your demands I'll do anything girl you need only ask Chorus: I'll make love

6 13.I'll Make Love to You ish is my command I submit to your demands I'll do anything girl you need only ask Chorus: I'll make love
7 8.Game Court filed and submitted an'alpha'-davit in the Game Court. With trumped up charges against my client Snoop Dogg Tha Doggfather- for227 counts of f ... The anti-player has filed and submitted an'alpha'-davit in the Game Court. With trumped up charges against my client Snoop Dogg Tha Doggfather- for357 counts of v ... The anti-player has filed and submitted an'alpha'-davit in the Game C
8 10.Utopia t You don't have to submit The future works upon us As we all work upon it Utopia utopia utopia utopia ut
9 3.I'll Make Love To You ish is my command I submit to your demands I'll do anything girl you need only ask I'll make love to you
10 1.The Flame n't take any more I submit to the rage again Don't leave me Stay with me When you cut my body with your k
11 4.Intention to Deceive o your mind shrinks Submit to my train of thought And I'll take you for a silly ride Fit your mind into m
12 1.Land of the Free tin' Every time you submittin' we all guilty admit it The lord won't get you acquitted but you still ask
13 12.Movin Backwards without using Waze Submitting myself to praying these days Yeah moonwalking backwards it's only for stag
14 1.Be Mean then I'll submit If you want then I'll submit Keep on burnin' love how you kee
15 2.Sense of Ease ve got to submit You have to divide Your choice only Never never enough Your sense of ease you trust[Guitar Solo] Never never enough Never nev ... our choice only You've got to submit You have to divide Your choice only Never never enough Your sense of ease you trust Never never enough Never never never neve ... our choice only You've got to submit You have to decide It's your cho
16 7.Fathers lf illegitimate I'm submitting the slip of eternal significance My life I would dedicate it and give to h
17 5.Trigger lieve I surrender I submit to this dream Before when I had a feeling I was protected had a lover's shield
18 10.Into The Nothing sent the lessons To submit must curse the questions CRAWL Into the nothing CRAWL Renew the numbing Blindi
19 10.Within and Without n the chasm's brink Submitting to the darkness And grey and black and nothingness We form a line from the
20 4.Dead Planet gnored. Now we must submit to extermination. A predestined termination a chance to redesign their failing

21 4.Tomorrow(feat. Krizz Kaliko) t I can't handle it Submit to defeat or self-analysis Thoughts so deep it'll cause paralysis I guess this
22 4.Enslaver standards and rules Submit and obey or be shunned and rejected Be a part of this machinery Adept into it
23 3.No Guilt In Pleasure ds here too bold to submit Season after season we still can't quit But it always ends too soon Wrapped up
24 6.Submit To Self-Destruction n The Enslaved6.Submit To Self-Destruction
25 49.Something Wonderful t alone. Maybe I'll submit to my own desire Will the agony be too extreme? Something deep inside pulled m
26 4.Windows ercome did you just submit In a pinch I was sprint Hazardous situation They triggered my Spidey sense So
27 3.The Tennessee Kid ous And charged him submit Forthwith to atone At the crossroads Celebrated in song Come on Up jumped the
28 8.Never Understand cs Would you please submit your corrections to me? Thank you
29 2.Let's Ride canvas but I won't submit Pushed to my limits and I almost cracked This tide is turning and I'm fighting
30 5.S.S.(Sonic Shock) ive it away S(S.S.) Submit Solo1(Jett)- Bass Solo(Kay) Solo2(Monroe) Die Die Die Di
31 2.Sorcery Of The Black Souls rer that refused to submit by your strength and deeper knowledge of mankind got rid Through the ways of s
32 8.I Won't Be Submitted oes8.I Won't Be Submitted
33 12.March10th And A Third ly you so Stay more submitted Take your repentance like way more serious than mere confession and scream
34 6.Fall Into You I admit my wrongs I submit my strife Givin' it to Christ Taking it all and Handing it over Leaving it the
38 7.Of No Light lissful catatonia I submit myself to this cosmic fate Of constant fall from grace Endless leap of faith I
39 6.Dirt on You e ever time that we submit Maybe making me think putting one in the oven Baby are you trying cause you tr
40 5.Circo Inhumanitas on' well Growing up submitting to the ignorant swollen coffers Growing up ignoring all the worst that hum
41 3.I'm Not Perfect more cuz I proudly submit To this bible sitting in front of me[Hook][Verse3] Yo This ain't no court room
42 8.Right on Time l that's left is to submit my full report I'll have turned all of my hunches into certainties And I will
43 2.The Master's Voice fe Itself a mystery Submits on bended knee We were wasting all those years End of the rainbow Broken prom
44 3.Pursue l persevere I won't submit to any fear Where I go you've been before All my trust is in you Lord Now unti
45 2.A Pit of Blasphemy is pit of Blasphemy Submit To your human Carnalit

46 9.Momma admitted it once I submitted it wrapped in plastic Remember scribblin' scratchin' dilligent sentences ba
47 1.Right Now tone to your Mobile SUBMIT CORRECTIONS CANCEL You take from me So why you holding back? Boy why you holdi
48 10.Heaven Below rest By denying to submit to the whims Of their unstable patterns I glide above them all Heaven below Li
49 5.War Game push of the button submit to death Wipe them all out no one is left Playing right into our hands War gam
50 4.Rejoice In Misery r Rejoice In Misery Submit To The Servents Of Hell Your Soul Shattered Your Spirit Torn Apart You Now Pre
51 5.Internal Decadence internal decadence Submit to parasitic thoughts drown in a mental haze Extraction from reality feelings
52 4.Do It been missin ya I'll submit to ya And boy when you get off I'mma go off Let's take it all the way I'll do
53 13.Home Free You were a saint I submit you be canonized You treated me so damn right Adios and good night Relieve the
54 4.Alvarado mind Resistance can submit to an existence Pinch behind the ear getting wetter every year and the oxygen
55 2.Passing through the Fire to Molech verpower your wails Submit your life Inhale thy flames[Chorus] Passing through the fire to Molech Oven of
56 14.Last Dayz(Re-Recorded) be fixed to be fly Submit crossing up And downtown action And when he sticky keeper grip and move with t
57 9.The Book of Change ck to need Go ahead submit your inquiry In a state of calm Contemplate the source It's very wise to pause
58 1.It's Darker than You Think all carnal delights Submit yourself and drink my blood I am the bringer of hate Evil reigns supreme on ea
60 12.I Wanna Be Where The Stars Fall Down blue Until the sun submits and it's dark so I can't see you I'm gonna be where the lights fall down Thes
61 3.Cascading Shard broken body sinking submit to the unclean threat immoveable execrating shadows behold the incessant wield
62 4.Beholding the Throne existence Forced to submit destroy and create Become the monarch Blessed to see this words decay annihila
63 10.All Things Well e I am I am totally submitted to You For You do all things well My life is in Your hands. You never make
64 12.Submit-X en Cirkel-Submit X12.Submit-X
65 11.Arrested Development Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X11.Arrested Development
66 10.Secret Area Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X10.Secret Area
67 9.Vader Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X9.Vader
68 8.Where's Your Cash Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X8.Where's Your Cash
69 7.Thomas Mensch Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X7.Thomas Mensch
70 6.Stakapella Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X6.Stakapella
71 5.Stakan Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X5.Stakan
72 4.Chatters Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X4.Chatters
73 3.Zombie Machine(Acid) Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X3.Zombie Machine(Acid)
74 2.Zombie Machine Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X2.Zombie Machine
75 1.Feat. Liette Gesloten Cirkel-Submit X1.Feat. Liette
76 5.All In le All In Submit Correct Lyrics SUBMIT CORRECTIONS CANCEL You know I'm
77 8.Worship The Digital Age ations to come Will submit to a lying scum Don't waste your time we're already numb Programmed for the no
78 8.Reloaded Let It Go2 Feat. MIA& Crystal Caines found in the gutter submit to you rhymes And you[?] It's Trilligan You know we don't play with rap And yo
79 19.Well Fare dance but make her submit a plan Mama was drinking white I was off that[?] She like'I know you19 on your
80 16.Deathray you divine! So now submit to us and all of you in line Don't reach out no refunds everybody takes! Show
81 4.Blade of Brutus re me And submit to your death Now the world will see That a god still bleeds I am a traitor To life's existence Here now these words Sworn'si ... of cold animosity With this I submit your life disgorged and disembodied And I will ... ed and disembodied And I will submit to no god No man no master from this wretched existence Deny you existence23 bloody curses Discord amongst the senate Destruc ... eath My life now forfeit As I submit to death I remain a traitor To a
82 2.Fire& Triumph iate And I will not submit I give no quarter to these domesticated dogs Salivating at the taste of their
83 7.Hooked blame. We'd rather submit to a substance that hates us than have to earn all the things we love How twis
84 5.Reforging The Crowns know not revere nor submit Through the dust they will shine with a sparkle of light To rip the leash of f
85 1.Resurgence Of The Empire Obey and submit All of you traitors shall bow And we're going to rebuild this empire from their bones and their guts Now from dust shall rise ... the ash of servants Obey and submit All of you traitors shall bow An
86 3.Narcissist med now you're ours submit cede ours to keep starve out bleed friend! what you fighting for? give up we g
87 4.Burden host A passive mind submit to fear And the wait for redemption at hand Waiting to fail Failing again If d
88 2.Heir Apparent e nothing but blind Submit to nothing and swallow my spit of scorn Invisible king- dying Procession of wo
89 2.The Gift neanderthal finally submitting to the final caresses of sexual oblivion. It was more than the human mind
90 21.Blind Sublime(Remix Edit) same I'd submit to it And still feel sane I'd submit to it And still feel sane I'd submit to it And still feel san
91 14.Blind Sublime(Demo) same I'd submit to it And still feel sane I'd submit to it And still feel sane I'd submit to it And still feel san
92 7.Blind Sublime(Remastered) same I'd submit to it And still feel sane I'd submit to it And still feel sane I'd submit to it And still feel san
93 11.So To Speak e life If I'll only submit to the surgical knife? But what are the odds on a month or a week? When the be
94 8.Never Again Won't commit Won't submit'Til I know Never again Woman Runaway woman Never again Woman Oh my woman Woman
95 24.Shattered d eyes no reconcile Submit to none I am divine Shattered shattered You call me evil I'm but the instrumen
96 10.Only the Silent rce us to submit and wither deep down inside[Pre-chorus:] For an anthem I sing for a word I speak I'll be rewarded in the dark corridor For a ... s of red twilight Force us to submit and wither deep down inside[Pre-
97 9.Submit to Dehumanization ourmental Void9.Submit to Dehumanization
98 6.America's Dreaming on really helps you submit But the meek are inheriting the short end of the stick Think twice(think twice
99 6.Submit to Him Deathfuk-Submit to Him6.Submit to Him
100 5.God Can't Save You Preteen Deathfuk-Submit to Him5.God Can't Save You

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