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1 1.節拍崛起 平我拔FLOW相助 from bottom to the top we rock'n hip hop用靈魂文字語言旋律嚟唱歌 work that underground ... 語言旋律嚟唱歌 work that underground sound we are rock'n it now..o come on節拍崛 ... 拍崛起 music from the people hop for the free flow節拍崛起節拍崛起 we'll give u what u want and definitely what u need come on Walk you through sometimes ... e real energy coming straight from the bottom of the ground underneath they call it H.
2 2.Come Closer Wizkid-Sounds From The Other Side2.Come Closer作詞 Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun作曲 Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Go outside big time forward heh Starboy ... g representing for me city yo African-born me rep my ting yo Me come
3 3.Naughty Ride Wizkid-Sounds From The Other Side3.Naughty Ride作詞 Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun作曲 Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Buss the tune... Oh yeah yeah yeah Oh ... ie no Omo to shan omo to shan African girls! Come and shake it yeah M
4 4.African Bad Gyal Wizkid-Sounds From The Other Side4.African Bad Gyal作詞 Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun作曲 Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun Sarz on the beat Yaga Them no born me yesterday Every girl ... a cigarette Baby girl are you from Ghana? Or you call me from Somalia? Ah you call me from Uganda? Or ya call me from Nigeria? African bad gyal Baby don't change your style Girl I love you the way you are The way you are Feeling the dancing yeah Sarz on the b ... w y
5 2.DNA. again the sound that engine in is like a bird You see fireworks and Corvette tire skrrt the boulevard I know how you work I know just who you ... has done more damage to young African Americans than racism in recent years54321 Tell me somethin' You mothafuckas can't tell me nothin' I'd rather die than to li ... d sleepin' in a villa Sippin' from a Grammy and walkin' in the buildi

6 4.No Favors at I need from'em? No favors Clique too big bread? Gotta break it Cause these others lowkey with the snaking faking Everything lined up for th ... or the taking And what I need from'em? No favors no favors What I need? No favors Everything lined up for the taking And what I need ... or the taking And what I need from'em? No favors I'm about getting the job done boy up every night I'm about rolling a seven when I toss up the dice I'm about get ... like that's my therapist I'm
7 13.Vague Rock Song ing along Sounds like a little like Biz Markie Or Cypress Hill with a little bit of me Come on now everybody dance Come on now everybody dance ... t's gonna be good Let's go to Africa Rumble in the jungle(Chanting) I hope you like my vague rock song And that you aren't too terribly bummed I hope you like thi ... thing cool?' She stepped away from the cash register I walked over to the refrigerator She said'Okay please pick an ice cream sir.' He said'Thank you ma'am' and c ...
8 28.The Actual(Feat. Talib Kweli) I know it sounds basic to some But what's basic to some to some others is actual Peep the factual professional sabbatical taker I'm a Laker a ... lean They fiend forever wean from a bag that's plasticine And pass the green and stack the cream Etcetera etcetera etcetera Cash rule everything around everyone ... passenger Whip it through the African diaspora Followin' navigation like nations to a degree Like a doctor or when I'm rockin' the education is key Swallowin' med ...
9 21.Still Feelin' It we goin' African My bruh put a Zanny in Actavis about to nod off'Bro wake up man what's happening?' Fabby Davis where you been bruh? On80 goi ... y Mazzi with??? I bought that from life of the party And I just want to party with somebody body Get a little naughty and turn out the party Like'HEY' I'm in your ... o I'm still chilling with The sound that we started they stealing it But that just let us know they still feeling it Yup I'm still feeling it I'm still feeling my ...
10 3.Maangamizi i meaning African hellacaust Because we paid a hell of a cost And don't really know what was lost And the process ain't ever stopped Since bla ... Islam spread across Northern Africa With slavery and massacres Too many hurt refused to convert Spread South and West and people dispersed Christianity is not al ... kable abuses To make a nigger from an African human Took a woman ready to give birth Tied her limbs to four posts held firm In a main square made every slave wat
11 4.Gang Bang Anyway Hange Far from average I'm smoking tHis cabbage Bottled teetH joint karats say cHeese make tHe cops freeze Big cribs four bars living pipe dre ... the red and blue lights nigga From the Hoovers to the Hundreds nigga From Kelly Park to Bounty Hunters nigga(Watch out for the shooters) Same age as the kids in Iraq now LA Chiraq now funerals is packe ... lking out the church How that sound? Niggas don't really like it but we grew up in it City of angels belly of the beast ge
12 8.Blow My Load is a kid from Africa you you are a kitchen I come quicker than pitches ... n I come quicker than pitches from Sammy Sosa You hoping I'm joking but first[Hook]x2 I'ma eat your pussy til you tell me you can't take it Screaming'Stop it' don ... he)[Outro] That was new music from the soundtrack of the upcoming film Be call
13 1.World Music with Black Edges r> Out of Africa Mother of the species The original tribe falling to pieces As families diverged and spread to farther lands We are the offspr ... those traveling bands Back to Africa returning to the Source Neonism revived connecting to the Force Hear the artillery of the Solefald gunboat We bring you the r ... In Kragerø Telemark reporting from the fjord Tanned people row boats with children onboard Above the codfish and mackerel below the gulls of the sky In these summ ...
14 13.Big Boys Neighborhood(Freestyle) ndigenous African only spoke Zulu my American tongue was leery Hopped out the gas station a homeless man with100 grand Who passed me just aske ... en to me I want a single bill from you Nothing less nothing more' I told him I didn't have it then close my door Tell me how much how much a dollar costs? And thi ... m kickin' too wicked straight from Compton If you come around my city you'll get stomped in The neighborhood Watts and Long Beach Boy you out of reach This is TDE ...
15 2.Weak People e niggers sounds identical I'd rather drown in a swimming pool then to let you imbeciles stop me ... to let you imbeciles stop me from topping my pinnacle Try me Glock by the genitals Trust me it's not intentional it's a difference between a gangster and a crimi ... o back where the fuck we came from my nigga Yea there's a whole motherfucking continent that belong to us nigga It's called ... elong to us nigga It's called Africa motherfucker what the fuck is y'
16 1.Heads Up wake Away from the fear from the hate we've made Heads up for the light Where we never die Under the moonlight We start to unfight Heads up for this time Wh ... me for me to take all the way African XXX It's all differences that make the richness of our soul It's time to walk around and try to find a ... walk around and try to find a sound Way up near the cloud and way dow
17 1.Imperfection(feat. Fuse ODG) it's far from perfect)(But let's try it'll be worth it) Imperfection(my love you deserve it)(Have a try we can work it)[Verse2: Tinchy Stryde ... e2: Tinchy Stryder] Originate from the east side of Africa But I met her on the west side of London Me I'm coming ... side of London Me I'm coming from the west side of Africa But I grew up on the east side of London it's aligning Finders keepers therefore losers weepers You're looking like oh myJesu ... ness no not th
18 5.Very Much Money(Ice King Dream) at starts from thereJust need some help with the financing I ain't got nobody to pitch it to[Hook] My friends are superheros None of us have v ... ing countdown takeoff Another sound stage rehearsing a fake space walk Lil' Wayne is an ancient ... walk Lil' Wayne is an ancient AfricanJay-Z's been around since the20s
19 8.Virgin Islands Nice ssure-The Sound8.Virgin Islands Nice Oh yeah Virgin Islands nice so nice shuh I'm so proud to be ... nice shuh I'm so proud to be from the V.I. A place of history like thAfrican soil yeah St. Thomas and St.John and St. Croix Nothing can come between us but the waters that divide yeah Even though we're ... rn And Edward Blyden with the Africa vision Remember St.John with the slave rebellion General Buddhoe say emancipation That's why the place nice so nice so ni
20 5.Butterflies omin' off from my block And I make sure I won't stop as I chew right through your spot Won't have enough'til we all on top Better make room or ... the list Shoot for the stars from sky like I had subs on the jet Was never in the same class so let's change the subject Weed the only substance that was making ... your vocal cords recordings[?]from sortin' Even when I started this game I saw ends lost friends Met up with my Pro-Era clique And I ain't ended up in the pen cau ...

21 1.Around the Sun(Solstice) o it went from Africa to Port-au-Prince to Knoxville then I come in Manhattan South Bend Albany BROOKLYN! Philly back to Harlem and now we in the A ... the family with relative ease From blood seed to120 degrees Bachelor's Master's knowing what's faster The speed of ... ng what's faster The speed of sound or the speed of light The speed o
22 7.Dance Off the Devil f life In Africa Africa Dance off the devil dance for the light In ... devil dance for the light In Africa Africa High up on the planes on top of the hills In ... planes on top of the hills In Africa Africa You're close to heaven to spirits in the sky In ... aven to spirits in the sky In Africa Africa Let's dance off the devil Let's dance for the moon and the rain Let's dance off the devil The spirit in the sky Take in the V ... the Voodoo fo
23 9.Wrong State Of Mind(Remastered Version) far away from home in some kind of exotical place The situation was such that when I looked at my surrounding I got nervous and my heart just ... e noise is not even hearing a sound There wasn't a trace of a human face as far as my eyes could see I started to feel kind of lonely and I wanted some company I ... in a tree Or an ancient tribe from Africa but this doesn't bother me I've probably got lots of relatives that areJews and nobody knows Maybe that's the reason fo
24 11.Big City of Dreams 't make a sound(Shhhhh!) That's a moment of silence Loud pack loud gats here go the violenceJust another day in the hood what the fuck I'm bus ... prettiest The place where I'm from made me one of the grittiest The hand we were dealt it was one of the shittiest I'm ill with the words nigga one of the witties ... umped in the tub like Whitney Africa spears hit you the Black Britney would clap with me Stand in front of the court and bring Shaq with me Scrap with me brought ...
25 14.Favela Love you ain't from this place it'll change you Walkin by I thought I was sly Offered to try at first I thought she was shy'Til I saw this guy at t ... r heart All along she a place from the start My favela love man I fell in love man I fell in love Man I fell in love man I fell in love Man I man I fell in love M ... t or just lookin to be a part From a boss in my prime look how we crossin the finish line How you tired I stay wired like I was offered a line[Hook][Verse3] Uh uh ...
26 9.Hi-Dea's Hate the sound check but always lovin' the performance Love for the ladies with a lot of self confidence But hate the attitude learn to take ... ter and attitude in many ways From my teacher to my coaches to my school yard friends Maybe someday I'll see your face again What a hi-dea[Bridge] Aight let me tr ... l on the floor that's perfect sounds current Following the formula is that what you stand for? How come all these douche bags keep running the dance floor? Douche ...
27 1.Shot By Love(Feat Toi) her down from inna the first round The love ya realer than the Vatican own She a the queen fi me ... can own She a the queen fi me African throne No mercenary Taliban it control Me a the one fi lock your body and soulJah set the plan me just a watch it unfold You ... barrier down A shot without a sound Me never see you coming Like a st
28 8.Tiger Style(Feat. B.E. Labeau& Amaze88) in French sound like'Beh-uhh'][Verse3: Amaze88] Yo... Yo!(Bay shit!) Yo!(Bay shit!) Uh I'm the mothafuckin' dangler the rearranger The untangl ... Lay low we in Paris hasheesh from Africa Make the eyes turn Asia But that's kinda racist though It's not cool yo No homo And off we go though Peace to Portier peace t ... you can't stop it Like words from a prophet make a profit Even when
29 10.Insane Computer Raps(Feat. Alim) ical Kool Africa demasiado to flossy opera singer to blue-eyed Petey Pablo I think I'm Petey Crack(computer) Bleed... blues blood brother Hemo ... ee me rap Cop weed in Glasgow from Indian fans of50 Cent Gimme the cash gimme the loot Gimme the pretty penny Henny sipping mane Heavy with the[?] They ready with ... ter Third video on YouTube It sounds better(it does) I lean with Vic
30 10.Pity Party my beats sound On Spotify? I try to be grateful After all it's the first world But when I'm alone and I'm looking on Facebook I feel like a c ... ng it off? American losing my African-ness Trying to sneak a peak at the abyss I know how to breathe but I don't though And I don't know And I don't know Tell mys ... igh Forbidding my animal-ness From chasing that vaginal bliss Life is
31 7.Out Of Bounds low cause from the pain came the joy you might never know CHORUS I go out of bounds out of bounds and leave everything I know to go out of bou ... n rose the most beautifullest sound the first time exposed in Algeria tradition getting passed down ya'll getting knowledge ... down ya'll getting knowledge from an elder chillin in Krakow late nights in the streets dancing in Marseille Flagstaff to Albuquerque where them stars play the c ... he connection that I'm seeing Afric
32 10.Guns Pakistan Africa Chi-town Oakland guns by the cop make a mama dream broken blood on the dance floor drama at the school shots ... oor drama at the school shots from the glock show a crack in the cool everybody drop everbody drop and nobody safe suburbs to the block you hear the gun cock clic ... murder chalk's on the street from the beef no burgers words so dead up the gun clappin back in the day used to settle with the scrappinJohn Wayne Rambo gangland ... wer gun protect
33 1.Step Inside New boss sound that began with thunder A lick of one Barrington Levy song make a gunman cool his ... y song make a gunman cool his sound Chorus Cry out louder so the DJ will know it Replay the ... he DJ will know it Replay the sound and keep the good times rolling Everyone has just a minute to show so Hold high and make sure that your lighter is glowing We ... ghter is glowing We preaching from the pulpit Don't reach or fall into the bottomless pit Run come quick we
34 11.Panic Room(feat. Onyx) it hangs from the front of my truck like an ornament I collect trophies for rappers I tormented I got em walking like zombies in this bitch O ... up now you starving like it's Africa Now witness the massacre to death ill be bashing ya Ya wife I be banging as you watch you couldn't handle her Now take ya las ... til I find em all... My voice sounds like my stomach growling Grimey
35 11.Mics Checks and Balances Truth you sounding different on the beats you talkin' on.” I'm tryna get my“Like Water for Chocolate” on! Success in the end that what my sigh ... ' fed into a megaphone Coming from a place where self-worth minimal Police run roughshod and Black Skin Criminal Situation critical tired of hearing it?'til. Ever ... words you never heard before African linguistics broke the French li
36 6.Lizzy Come Back to Life w song It sounds like one of your songs It doesn't really matter I could write a hundred new ones But I could never make them ... s But I could never make them sound The way that you do Everyone dies It ain't nothing new On a gloomy afternoon Lizzy come back to life Topless in your headdress ... Richard Hell I wanna dig the African rhythms I wanna be there when you write'Where Are the Gazelles?' One'cause you're beautiful One for your soul One for the me ... ries And the mel
37 1.The Digi-Box hat SHAKE from MEKA My Crews on Poise Like Scarface& Nino2DOPEBOYS I RAP-UP Rap Down& Rip Shop Raw Like MAD SKILLS in December HIPHOP-N-MORE M ... ng Mogul Mind Feeding Kids in Africa Yeah That's That GLOBAL GRIND YOU HEARD THAT NEW(Ung) It's a LOWKEY RAPFIX Like(SWAY DUKE RAHMAN& ROB MARKMAN) It's All REALT ... SACRED PLACE I BANDCAMP ON A SOUNDCLOUD W WILD TUMBLRS RAP GENIUS DO
38 11.The Great Americans h and I'm from Chicago Where young niggas die every few seconds But we still just wanna be great Americans[Verse1: Rick Ross] I was born to be ... o toast up My attraction have African in them happy homes Never seen a square nigga with a happy home All the money generated double M the greatest Rest in peace ... s that never made it Don't it sound like I'm dedicatedJoe Flacco deal
39 5.ba al chiliagon swords ft. YC The Cynic a trip to Africa tell a master kiss my a-hole Passin' spliffs and[?] Acid trips and cakeholes Pardon my aberration I be attacking different an ... n tank tops As our banks drop from these student loans It's hard to notice over the chorus of jubilant moans Buttressed by a fortress built of horse shit Norse go ... lant silence that can swallow sound And I rendered unto Caesar his ol
40 13.Narrator[Speech] the deep sound by the full tone Of his voice that he spoke my language And I suppose you may wonder just how he could speak In a dialect that ... tand And yet understand every sound that he made I learned to do this a long time ago Walking up and down the sideroads and the main stems Of this land here I lea ... do it when I walked ashore in Africa And in Scotland and in Ireland and in Britain London Liverpool Glasgow Scots towns and Anglo's farms Irish canals and railroa ...
41 4.Old Soul at Reggae soundJamaican blood sound system upbringing Our black american cousins are big influences On the songs we are singing. It's all Soul with ... e singing. It's all Soul with Africa at it's base So Fela and Masakela Makeba play ... Fela and Masakela Makeba play from the same place[Hook: Asheber] I re
42 9.Maangamizi i meaning African hellacaust Because we paid a hell of a cost And don't really know what was lost And the process ain't ever stopped Since bla ... Islam spread across Northern Africa With slavery and massacres Too many hurt refused to convert Spread South and West and people dispersed Christianity is not al ... kable abuses To make a nigger from an African human Took a woman ready to give birth Tied her limbs to four posts held firm In a main square made every slave wat
43 4.Tweakin' ic Mensa] Sound like RayJ and Chris Brown on Celebrity Deathmatch Where the latter of the two get his neck slashed Or slapping a paraplegic wi ... kwards And vacuumed the seeds from out of my black backwood I'm an author without the aardvark Pull tricks like Card Shark thumbs up to the camera like Nardwuar W ... ion and dip with the doors up African elephants in my tour bus[Hook][Verse2: Vic Mensa] Where do babies come ... c Mensa] Where do babies come from? Porkin' the
44 4.You Can't Be Neutral On a Moving Train e clearly from God. A young sailor saw land said' we isn't far' Columbus lied said he saw it the evening before. They touched ground they were ... ied at work the children died from lack of milk and they died in the dirt. They were just takin advantage of a passive people they were just bein the savages of m ... verything racism based in the African had a more advanced civilization. Black was slave master was white rationalization50-million dead that's Western civilizatio ...
45 ight here From London Africa U.S Booba! Rozay! Ugh! Need the money on a scale baby Real niggas worldwide you heard me? It's all we know yeah[Couplet1: Boo ... r my dawgz and I swear to God From a scrub on the corner webs on the wall I used to be that youngin' on a air mattress Now it's Panameras fly private to Paris Nig ... hs throwin' gang signs Niggas sound spiteful when you livin' right Mi

46 5.Live in Love e in love From time to time we seem to forget the beauty of life And focus on everything we've got to deal with When you check it life is ever ... And problems– just a thought from being all that I need From the morning to inna the night I'm grateful for this simple way Don't need much of anythingJust gimmeJah love to penetrate Highe ... give them the love love power sound And hail the Most High everyday Lion conquer here to stay Bless ... on conquer here to stay Ble
47 1.PoeticJustice oung East African Girl you too busy fucking with your other man I was trying to put you on game put you on a plane Take you and your mama to t ... in the city And you don't run from where we come from That sound like PoeticJustice PoeticJustice You were so new to this life but God damn you got adjusted I mean I write poems in these song ... more time homie where is you from? Or it is a problem''Ay you over here for Sherane homie?''Yo I don't care who this nigga ov
48 4.Fatty Boom Boom l rappers from back in the day? Now all these rappers ... he day? Now all these rappers sound exactly the same It's like one big inbred fuck-fest Sies No I do not want to stop collaborate or listenJimmyJimmyJimmy hold on ... hustle something to eat South Africa used to be a twangy'd(y'know dat
49 2.Fresh All Day that weed from early(ey) OG smoking on that OZ And all she wanna see is a couple more Gs(hahahaha) Well I got money to blow and shawty I ain't ... And if I remember the name it sounded something like fame For the money for the game I would kill it no shame We're the crew that's untamed and I'm the dude that' ... chase this Swagga all vintage African Fresh Prince Fly like theJetson
50 10.My Apartment's Very Clean Without You arving in Africa Genocide in Darfur But the thing that really makes me sad Is your toothbrush is not in my drawer Yes it's true My apartment's ... mess with my mop and broom No sound of sports from the other room I found'The Last Bo
53 6.Rivers of Blood n PIcture Soundtrack)6.Rivers of Blood[Intro RZA] The Chinese have a saying'Dangerous men will meet in narrow streets.' And so it was. ... stainless The archbishop run from the narcs A crisp biscuit plus play the harp wrist glisten Goon captain catch me in ... sten Goon captain catch me in Africa black down with45 Somalians Black Tims rubber suit Wonder Woman bangle a blue coupe I'm usually upon the roof countin' mad lo ... g against your dome piece and sound l
54 17.I Came to Kill emerging from the shadows With a vendetta beetle who wanna battle Man you gon' get whipped in flaw shackle to an A-frame Beaten full force un ... ss Ask the AT about the south african necklace Go ahead and pick your poison it was coming to you Call me the prison bull I came to fucking kill you Have must I c ... front gates Used to hear the sound of broken arms rib and leg makes
55 9.Mission ould a be from the east Could a be from the west Could a be from the north So could a be from the south No matter where down in a the world Shaggy will be at your doorstep Pan you cassette down in a you deck No bother thi ... eck(mic check) No sabotage mi sound check You better let a lyrical genius Come try intercept Shaggy a say one more time(chorus)(verse2) Vibes it a lick the reggae ... he music a lick Say what West Africa a wey the music a lick Cause(ver
56 2.Black-eyed Peas to adapt from amoebas to rappersJust open The Origin of Species and read its chapters And study up on the impact of people's actions On farm ... cated black-eyed peas In West Africa around7000 BC And now they got millions of mouths to feed While their wild cousins just watch ... their wild cousins just watch from the weeds Too many MCs not enough mics How many MCs wannabe MCs Too many MCs You play it in your system every night Too many MC ... ive responses So if you say I (
57 4.Streets Of Music e talking Africa Smooth operator sees on the fader Seal at the big and you know what came later You wanna talk music on the streets Imagine hy ... s touch all life is too short Sounds like it cause it made life matter Music in them streets made a lot of moments magic Like the first song you played when you t ... is in the hatch back the shit sounds terrible I'm from Ohio so when those… Slip that in the deck right next2 Pac Then I moved to Caroline where that Outcast dr
58 3.Voices Of The Voiceless Lowkey-Soundtrack To The Struggle3.Voices Of The Voiceless[Verse1- Lowkey] ... Voiceless[Verse1- Lowkey] From West10 to the West Bank I write righteous rhymes with my right and wrestle the devil with my left hand Never work for a Zionist ... victim of racist persecution from Auschwitz to Hebron My words may sting cowards For people that were atomised by the Thermate in the Twin Towers Those living th ... ddle Passage coming War Chant African drumming Gatlin
59 15.Obama Nation Part2 Lowkey-Soundtrack To The Struggle15.Obama Nation Part2[feat. M-1& Black the Ripper][Hook] I don't I don't want no Obama Obama natio ... 1] After you divorce yourself from the right wing Propaganda campaign it's all simple and plain America customed the game Your president got an ... he game Your president got an African name now who you gone blame? When they drop them bombs out of them planes Using depleted uranium babies looking like two hea ... es? See it's not wher
60 21.Skit1 Lowkey-Soundtrack To The Struggle21.Skit1 What Malcolm X said when he got silenced by Elijah Mohammed was in fact true America's ch ... k this country by terror away from the Sioux the Apache the Arowak the Comanche the Arapahoe the Navajo. Terrorism. We took ... he Navajo. Terrorism. We took Africans from their country to build our way of ease and kept them enslaved and living in fear. Terrorism. We bombed Granada and killed innoc ... Palestinians and Black So
61 18.When The Bombs Drop er make a sound Better hope ya not around When the mountain making bombs drop down[Verse1: K-Rino] My children my children what is this I'm he ... hey targeting the Latinos and African descants I was recently selected as underground superintendent I'm not signed to a label I sell music independent And I'm st ... y sisters and shed some tears from my mother Somebody better get em for I touch em Cops don't listen gotta get em tell em karma here it comes And you can run but' ...
62 12.Valentine's Day Massacre(1997 Version) mpin' you from this existence It seems to be absolutely mandatory cuz you be manipulatin' skin But no way because you fake I can trace out you ... the blazing roof Prev creates Sound break concord eye of the condor Hand skills of a saboteur your in for A war that pours coarse of molten into cords Strung by t ... ir cartoon characters Grafted from Africa in this game you got no stature Not even a factor in this Whole shit makes me yawn Snatch your heart out your chest lik
63 3.IJust Can't Wait to Be King Lion King Soundtrack3.IJust Can't Wait to Be King作詞 EltonJohn Tim Rice I'm gonna be a mighty king So enemies beware Well I've never se ... heart Kings don't need advice from little horn bills for a start If this is where the monarchy is headed count me out Out of service out of ... me out Out of service out of Africa I wouldn't hang about This child
64 19.Part One o protect from people pursuin' A cape to conceal a collection of tricks And eveything black on this he insists I am the Batman I jump up and t ... on a shoulder I heard a loud sound and I went on the ground It was sad... and my father was dead My mother was screamin' till she was shot in the head. See pearl ... d tracking and hunting On the African plain In China learned TaoJapan
65 4.The Heat tell it's fromJesus As good as Pelican Brief is With the force of a sorcerer never put fork in a pork I'm orchestratin' the orchestra Forfeit ... r All of'em into ballin' this sounds scannin' the cannon You ask if it's all appallin' All the braggin' is saggin' and swaggin' and sellin' drugs And the thug in ... some bread And my lawyer and African prince Slid to America with thr
66 1.Because I Got It Like That at and an african rap My partner by my side sammy b is on the cut Your djs chill and chill but hey so what? Nuggets in my pocket wine in my ha ... no kids no wife100000 rhymes from one band that's many But back where i come ... 's many But back where i come from they ain't worth a penny You've got a lot of talent but you fail to see You paid for yours i got mine for free Play in the rain ... round the world schoolin' the sound If i could bet a crowd and get caught us l
67 2.Behind The Bush re?) live from africa Verse3: afrika I want to be your hero I want to be your man I want to love you every moment i can I want to take you back to ... motherland And listen to the sounds of a steel-drum band Climb up a
68 11.Straight Out TheJungle cated man from the motherland You see they call me a star but that's not what i am I'm a jungle brother a true blue brother And i've been to m ... my side suckers run and hide Africa's in the house they get petrified You wanna know why i'll tell you why Because they can't stand the soght of the jungle eye T ... do it And lay down the jungle sound and run right through it And when i'm on the mic i never stutter or stumble'cause i'm a jungle brother straight out the jungle ...
69 5.He Reigns(Live) ed Rising from the African plain It's the song of the forgiven Drowning out the Amazon rain The song of Asian believers Filled with God's holy fire It' ... nds Caught up in the heavenly sound Let praises echo from the towers of cathedrals To the faithful gathered underground Of all the songs sung ... rground Of all the songs sung from the dawn of creation Some were meant to persist Of all the bells rung ... persist Of all the bells rung from a thousand stee
70 8.Say Whaaat p like an African safari Heading to the beach cuz I heard the waves are gnarly No flip flops just a pair of old Barkleys Got the golden ticket ... ticket like I took that shit from Charlie Hardly the day to complain Ima save that for later Right now I'm too busy being lazy as a gator Even if I seen a hater ... kes Chorus I feel good And it sounds kinda gangsta I'm sorry but I guess it's in my nature Vibrating got the bass all cranked up Chilling in that'85 Samurai say w ...
71 2.Nothing But Strangeness ozi South Africa greet our brethren These women got me thinkin' dirty thoughts like I'm dead We nightclubbin' all of a sudden I got her hands ... it[Deacon] In the rain we ran from Miami hurricanes And left lanes on Autobahn lanes with foot on the gas GPS on the dash while all the names looked the same on t ... ity looks the same lookin' up from the gutter So hook me up with another round dude they're lovin' the ... round dude they're lovin' the sound So march the grou
73 7.Oh Really? ask again From one to ten we pass the ten Bumping Dead Prez cause I'm an ... umping Dead Prez cause I'm an African I'm naughty by nature raunchy by nature Forty by nature Y'all Corny by nature; Meaning all of y'all naturally whack And I'm ... I go by the style not by the sound So when you cop my CD you can go
74 2.I'm Smellin' Myself It's the African funk fresh from the motherland Better than the other brands on the other hand You be the judge tell me how you feel about it I got a buzz it is ... e please Okay slow down start from the beginning Well Del I know you been peeping game and how it unfold You understand how this dumb old record industry Pimp art ... really outta bounds How that sound? They think we sheep And put out the weakest mothersuckers with a beat I smell I peep okay I'm findin' for
75 18.Digitarian Riverbank The Soundtrack Of Our Lives-Communion18.Digitarian Riverbank I want to be there in the morning I want to wake up by your side If ... I'll bring you dragon's teeth from silver beaches Shells from Africa I'll give you China dolls and silken shawls Orchids for your hair Treasures drowned in sunker galleonsJewels ... wned in sunker galleonsJewels from desert caves When I get there We'll see each other in the morning when the sun comes up We'll see each other i
76 6.The Black Death d outward from Messina and struck hardest in the summer And if you were in the path of plague it really was a bummer. Well we blamed it on the ... ntine developed to protect us from diseases And to help and keep your family ... to help and keep your family from dying of my sneezes. The bubonic plague's bacterial with rat fleas as the vector And the speed of spread's retarded by this ani ... en you put it all together it sounds like the plague to me! And best of all tra
77 3.Blap That Ass Up involving African-American victims across the U.S. Has led to a string of angry protests ... to a string of angry protests from outraged black community members(There is a culture of police officers out there that represent)(a legalized genocide and we ne ... ke it equal'Blap blap' be the sound for the WOOP WOOP when we see you It's a gang war sequel Between us and the punk police for what they do[Chorus][more news exc ... re news excerpts and speeches from3:30 to the e
78 2.Street Credibility Straight from Naija Street Credibility We get am Check my fans Walahi aya e a ja No be lie hear am No be lie hear am No be lie Eyin mu j'abe ... Nice up your party I know it sounds like bragging But it's true that I'm talking Can't deny God's blessing Right now we're at a zebra crossing No cars are passin ... ahu Anywhere I dey You are my african queen No be small thing
79 11.Shake Down* supplyin' From a*** down to a half a pound a quarter to a dime Tryin' to own a piece of Brooklyn like my***John Klein Hey you know me I'm know ... her homie You know I got that African connection Locked up in a facility correction I'm a star style changed hangin' like blaow Black royals of front we in the pl ... down First*** to create this sound Can't believe it took a konvict t
80 1.Archaic Revival Kent. And sound by Space Time. Words and ideas by Terence McKenna. Rap one The Archaic Revival. History is ending because the dominator cultur ... ver knew was on the plains of Africa15000 years ago rocked in cradle of the great horned mushroom goddess before history. Before standing armies before slavery an ... e mushro! om-dotted plains of Africa where the plant-human symbiosis occurred that pulled us out of the animal body and into the tool-using culture-making imagina ...
81 6.Eat To Live ut by the sounds of hunger pains in his tummy Nuttin' in the freezer nuttin' in the fridge Couple of40 ounces but nuttin' for the kids Little ... e House right down the street from his He went anyway more scared to face his moms She'll beat him soon as she flip out seein' his face scarred Walkin' past the d ... en either It's harder than it sound'cause nowadays Put that swine in everything The white sugar so addictive it's pure'caine They got pork in the toothpaste soda ...
82 1.Shake Down勒索現場 supplyin' From a key to a half a pound A quarter to a dime Tryin' to own a piece of Brooklyn Like my niggasJohn Klein Hey Ya know me I'm known ... ther homie Ya know I got that African connection Locked up in a facility correction I'm a star style changed Hangin' like blow Black royals in the front We in the ... wn First nigga to create this sound Can't believe it took a konvict t
83 1.Midwest Choppers ut with a African style Meetin' with them I' really sure so I'm too sick for a cure so And no need for a doctor my bod won't work Late in maki ... gy And if you lookin' for the sound it can be found With the nigga wearin' the crown are you really with me? And when you hear it then nigga then zip it De-zip it ... and E real numbers bitch Now from us to you Tech N9ne collabo's Welc
84 14.Labbayk nd to the sound when the Hajjis go round In the place where we face they put their heads to the ground. Bowin' in submission with conviction o ... he month Dhul-Hij People come from every place on this planet to do it. It's the Hajj is a journey to the house of Allah Where over two million different people c ... million different people come from near and from far... By car and by boat and by plane and by the camel Some brothers even do it by foot just with a sandal. But
85 8.The Rhyme Renaissance y started from the need to follow wildebeest herds Or the need to distinguish between weeds and herbs Or ... sh between weeds and herbs Or from mimicking the mimicking screams of red and green birds. It's a chicken egg riddle: Which came first Plain speech or verse?'Caus ... ll human beings are descended from Africans Who spread across the map in every different direction And adapted to every place under the sun So their faces started chan ... unJust as every language c
86 14.Freedom Walk(Scene6)- Marvelous the Mouthpiece Original Soundtrack)14.Freedom Walk(Scene6)- Marvelous the Mouthpiece Freedom Walking- Walk the talk Real Recognize Real Lifesavas De ... ) Remember strange fruit hung from the Mississippi tall trees Nowadays brothers hang ... trees Nowadays brothers hang from their chains and car keys These ghetto celebs they sentenced to life11th hour pardons give em back they civil rights Freedom ... ack they civil rights Freedom sound like when thunder be threatening to s
87 7.African Nights Show7.African Nights Driving down the road Under the southern light Looking back to see Where we've come ... back to see Where we've come from As we watched the sun go down Rain it fell like diamonds ... wn Rain it fell like diamonds From kimberley mines On the road to jo'burg With the dying light Farewal durban City of natal Stopped a while to stretch my thoughts ... ways remember Those beautiful african nights In the old vw We'd count the miles We travelled
88 10.Yelling Away(Oddisee Remix) hillin on Soundbombing3 with my peoples From the East Cypha Soundz from West Mr. Choc This is how we do it I got y'all back y'all got mine Let's do this- no more music motherfuckers[laughing][Zap Mam ... it Look in the sky and I see Africa's eyes in it The land is dry lik
89 1.African Nights Show1.African Nights(Les Holroyd) driving down the road under the southern light looking back to see where we've come ... back to see where we've come from as we watched the sun go down rain it fell like diamonds ... wn rain it fell like diamonds from kimberely mines on the road to jo-burg with the dying light farewell durban city of natal stopped awhile to stretch my thoughts ... ways remember those beautiful african nights in the old v.w. we'd count the mile
90 3.Inspiration Island rgy I get from an enemy's stare. Is anyone there? I'm short of replies. I'm starved with nothing to feed off in this Lord of the Flies. I'm co ... p to think my dreams are made from the future but of course suckers were wrong. As I pulling the bong bubble my thought's on a course inspired ... hought's on a course inspired from a song. Cos everything I think of stems ... s everything I think of stems from the past. Learn from my idols not from a paid teacher
91 3.Yelling Away illin' on Soundbombing3 with my people's From the East Cypha Soundz from West Mr. Choc This is how we do it I got y'all back y'all got mine Let's do this no more music motherfuckers Yelling yelling ye ... it Look in the sky and I see Africa's eyes in it The land is dry lik
92 3.Yellow Brick Road d move up from our parents station and each generation should do a little bit better.[ Verse1] Come on let's cut the bullshit enough Let's get ... s kicked damn near everywhere>From Bel-Air shopping center just for stopping in there> ... er just for stopping in there>From the black side all the way to the white side Okay there's a bright side a day that I might slide You may call it a past I call ... ike And steal a god damn bike from somebody's backyard And drop it off
93 21.No One Else In The Room ght plush from the ears to chucks As we??? across the dance floorJust me and you no one else but us to[Maxwell] No other girl in the room No o ... d us All I could hear was the sound of(her) Twirlin' her around just(her) See nobody in the crowd just(her)[Maxwell](No other) No other girl in the room(No one) N ... u Dara] You know it all comes from Africa But my version is the blue
94 12.Throw Back different sound You had block parties with free gifts Mr. Magic and Marley gave radio a lift You don't understand but we do That's why I'm try ... Balance Fila Nike and Elites African clothes and medallions was worn And when Rakim came out knowledge was born In the midst of it all I almost forgot There was ... gold chains Like I was Mr. T from the A-Team It was just a sign of m
95 9.Passion ammin' or sound blastin' When Quannum meets Expansion this is what happens Runnin' through the jungle with a flare gun Arrow-arms zonin' out m ... laze whole forest down Pullin from within' the inner insane warrior California to the District of Columbia Hella high octane lookin' through a lazy eye All ablaze ... ion Passion the black-skinned AfricanJazz-men of the half in Aspen Relaxed gettin' my back rubbed I'm still here I've seen cats get killed here I've seen cats mak ...
96 11.Aural Pleasure ree ya up From the he's and she's and needs Emotion surface to be havin' your search through the abyss Aural pleasure y'all In amidst of the d ... Nothin' to wallow in but the sound that you're gobblin' up Rockin' in time until your poppin' your mommy up Callin' your aunt and also your pa and the swallow th ... n guitars Spark Cohoba cigars African Tsars From the call think fast like Ramadan I
97 6.Bruises o back to Africa From I heard that sound these a vibe non-stop right? Roun
98 4.A Charmed Life k Mcclain Africa Port-of-Prince Knoxville Anvan Manhattan South Bend Albany Brooklyn ... an South Bend Albany Brooklyn Africa Port-of-Prince Knoxville Anvan Manhattan South Bend Albany Brooklyn ... an South Bend Albany Brooklyn Africa Port-of-Prince Knoxville Anvan Manhattan South Bend Albany Brooklyn ... an South Bend Albany Brooklyn Africa Port-of-Prince Knoxville Anvan Manhattan South Bend Albany Brooklyn Brooklyn New York to wherever you at This is autobiograph ..
99 5.Family Name blessing from the Kingdom When you wish to begin this program Place your right hand on the scanner And tightly clench up your butt cheeks As ... you desire You have selected African American this is your history First of all the term black and white is a fallacy It simply is another way of saying this or ... igenous And even higher still from the tribe of and yet higher The rainbow children when this understanding comes The so-called minority becomes a majority in the ...
100 6.Revolution az runnin from me like the Olympics And I'm told my man Gutter I'ma get him And every shell I spit is guaranteed to hit him BLAKA Chorus: Grac ... at this resteraunt that serve African food where you allowed to smoke weed and the waiters is type rude You see I used to date this bitch ... see I used to date this bitch from Botswana Half-African but she looked like Madonna Aiyyo check it she had a tiger for a pet I'll never forget the resteraunt is where we met And he ...

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