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1 71.Athena l she's a bomb Athena all I ever want to do is please her My life has been so settled and she's the reasonJust one word from her and my troubl ... ong She's just a girl she's a bomb she's a bombJust a girl just a girlJust a girl just a girlJust a girl just a girl She's just a girl Athena my heart felt like a shattered gl ... th? She's just a girl she's a bomb She's just a girl she's a bomb Consumed there was a beautiful white horse I saw on a dream stage He had a s
2 1.I'd BeJealous Too ever wild smile appeal is like a Glitter bomb in the atmosphere Eyes locked on her like a movie Like they ain't ever seen a pair of blue jeans Can't blame'em if they want he ... ke a guitar That forever wild smile appeal is like a Glitter bomb in the atmosphere Eyes locked on her like a movie Like they ain't ever seen a pair of blue jeans Can't blame'em if they want he ... ke a guitar That forever wild smile appeal is like a Glitter bomb in the atmosphere Eye
3 2.Chili Lemon Peanuts s biggest smile For the hell of it I'm gonna read a random passage from the Bible It's been in this house since the first day I owned it It wa ... ugitive is hitman in Brussels bombing' I woke up at about9:00 AM Terrible nightmare that Caroline and I were being followed by this creepy lizard-y-looking plasti ... nd his wife and kids were all smiles when they exited I sat in my cha
4 9.EarlyJune Blues ach other smile A person who would drop everything And someone who you loved at Mh... On the TV there is some news A china town shooter was on ... ews Around the corner suicide bombers Planes disappear in the sea A(?
5 11.Dandelion Seed you just smiled and dived in head first There's a sadness in everything I never did And everything that I did do While not really being there ... dn't really see How I built a bomb shelter under every dream And how

6 14.A Report to the Shareholders Kill Your Masters clean and bomb hospitals So I speak with the foulest mouth possible And I drink like a Vulcan losing all faith in the logical I will not be co ... core Turn around see El and I smile Hell coming and we got about a mile Until it's over I remain hostile... Pt. II: Kill Your Masters[Verse1: Killer Mike] Mere mo ... bleeding This song's a dirty bomb for they dirty dealings Boots on t
7 10.One By One want your smiles to wake me] I don't think that I should slowly go Never ending trials I am facing I don't want their wives to mix me up I'm a ... Boosting my mind(?) the atom bomb to crush us I bathe in the moonlig
8 8.Shorty Gotta Fat Ass opped the bomb I felt bad so I reached out and snatched her arm I pulled her back gave her my apologies She accepts it but now she starts to f ... u can't trust a big but and a smile I'm not concerned with the niggas
9 7.Mad High turn your smile into a frown Bitch I'm from the street I turn a seven to a pound I left my baby mama and I went and got a model You can't get ... know how to swallow What the bombaclot I feel like oscar cause I'm a
10 5.Northern Skies- Live at Norwich Owl Sanctuary Six-The F-Bomb5.Northern Skies- Live at Norwich Owl Sanctuary Even if the sky is grey We'll have feelings come what may. Even as these ... Oh my under Northern Skies. A smile can go a long long way A candle o
11 4.Amnesia Club t a bleak smile on your face(just in case just in case) the radio plays the end of days messages are floating by sincerelyyours it's a lie nex ... 't fuck it up bring the booze bombay and juice forget the fight tun o
12 8.Thought U Lost It p to some bomb sex from a freak bitch that I met at the front desk Takin' off like my brother off-set Cause I got the diamonds Bird gave me th ... ookin' at my dick and gettin' smiley I'm tryna' dip and tryna' disapp
13 4.Jay-Z-Early This Morning e Put the bomb in my socks so cops can't locate the vials I ain't freshly dressed but got a Colgate ... hly dressed but got a Colgate smile That's right throw on the same clothes I had on last night I got loads of capers to come up with this paper I got money scheme ... swarm I'm getting rid of this bomb[Hook
14 9.Once Upon A Time today You smile now and later you die By a drive-by you only have time to see the bullets fly On the news it was televised An Astrovan on Dayt ... get picked on O. Mobsta Bass bomb Another gangsta from the funk farm
15 6.Dirt Sledding heap shit smile and one inch fuse You hurt me Santa and I'm confused[Chorus: Brandon Flowers] Pretty girls Christmas lights Mistletoe holy nig ... owers] Yeah I hear you on the bomb shell I was taken back myself And
16 9.Lord Have Mercy rse2] The bomb been dropped dust ain't cleared Choppers ring out drown in fear It's kill or be killed roll up or get smoked ... killed roll up or get smoked Smile in your face but at each throats
17 6.Stray Dog make her smile And make it last for a while Do all the things you can do at home Maybe once in a while get away somewhere special Create a me ... e same Like the atom and that bomb that causes so much pain So I came
18 4.Come Back Back Bomb breaker Earth shaker Like a monkey wrench A salt shaker Such a faker Moon maker Back breaker My middle finger's up for the trou ... r down Try hard not to fake a smile Now I can make you come back Anytime I want to(want to… want to. want to) Now I can make you famous Suck it up and take this(t ... own Try hard not to fake that smile(Smile…) Now I can make you come back An
19 1.Epicyte Parasite built on smiles Of early dreamers Hypocrites condemn us all Punishing the sinners Kneel or crawl The venom will numb Misbegotten plans Gestat ... eace is a pantomime A ticking bomb Deadly rising tide Sewn lips shut
20 3.Drinkers Inc. Gama Bomb-Untouchable Glory3.Drinkers Inc. If you're on the scratcher and you're sitting on your hole Take heart you better get s ... t On the bathroom tiles can't smile Curry from the chipper down the f

21 6.Sunny December Bombadil-Hold On6.Sunny December love is a disease it infects what you believe about yourself and the others you need love i ... eed love is not kind it won't smile and it won't shine it isn't there
22 3.Club of Optimistic People 77 Bombay Street-Seven Mountains3.Club of Optimistic People In the dark there's a light falling through your windows you'll for ... ne again(will shine again)... smile... smile... smile... smile you'll be singing'bout your life again ... singing'bout your life again smile... smile... smile... smile Let's forget about the why and whesmile... smile... smile... smile It's good to know you always have a friend
23 9.Mindless Mass the fence Smile in face- stab in the back Thou shall not kill An eye for an eye Sixth sin- holy wrath Respect life but only the unborn Commit ... ame is near Peace is won with bombs blasts Mass…… You shall not kill
24 1.Birds of Flims throwing bombs like Mike Tyson But some like Pernell are slippery[?] Some are fearless like Gatti But like Henry Akinwande Some of them buckl ... nd cry Like Oliver'The Atomic Bomb' McCall Life's a chess game for all of us Hit don't be hit jab and hook and feint and bob and weave When the fighters got back ... e I was surrounded by genuine smiles(beautiful smiles) There at the table with all of
25 1.Mob Right Thru stay wit Bombay I should be sponsored maybe Lately I been gettin' tired of this wack shit That got yall attracted I come thru on my mac Maybe ... ould win medals You can put a smile on[?] It's levels Now get on min
26 25.I Love Michelle But I can bomb anyone I want at anytime I love Michelle Ya know I'm kinda fed up I miss my life of crime I love Michelle But I guess I don't m ... e I love Michelle But I could bomb anyone I want at any time I love Michelle Ya know I'm kinda fed up I miss my life of crime I love Michelle But I guess I don't ... d plant some trees Or I could bomb everyone with a smile& we could close that file I love Michelle I came from the ghetto I guess I'm acting white I love Michell
27 1.I(from California Dreams2015) ide and a bomb in the street And a gun in the hood and a mob of police And a rock on the corner and a line full of fiends And a bottle full of ... now The strong in me I still smile[Hook][Bridge] Walk my bare feet(W
28 15.I ide and a bomb in the street And a gun in the hood and a mob of police And a rock on the corner and a line for the fiend And a bottle full of ... now The strong in me I still smile[Hook][Bridge] Walk my bare feet(W
29 6.Telegram(Going Krazy)[feat. Lance Skiiiwalker] ble faces Smile in your face and leave our business in different places But I'm crazy Cause I'm out late nights politickin' I gotta get it bab ... with my shit In the club with bombshells She throwin' that coochie at
30 7.In The Darkness Feat. Wolfe de MCHLS that you bomb My records turn[?] I know your chakras in line The world can't define our spiritual bond You more than sunshine in the dark[Bri ... .R.I.T.] Hold up I'm trippin' Smile(!
31 3.Back Up s hard to smile and shit When they ain't freeJuan I got real ones on trial and shit Fuck all my peers unless we talking bout Belle Isle and sh ... dick like a Grammy I give her bomb D and do damage[Chorus][Outro- Big
32 12.Loose Ends– Sergio Mendez feat Pharoahe MonchJustin Timberlake and Will.I.Am s are the bomb I'm keepin all my photos in my23rd Psalm My best friend Armani lost her arm at the borderJust tryin to restore a little peace a ... Whats Going On album And her smile lit up the room She asked me'If a
33 1.No Sympathy from the Devil own[James Bomb:] Pitch black It was you who got in the devil's bed Didn't you see this coming? The great satan a global terrorist Didn't you s ... Woman or child Behind another smile Now see young folk Pass the baton
34 6.Mine Again br>[James Bomb] I boarded a plane headstrong Landed with a ... lane headstrong Landed with a smile on my face To give service back to the land that's our home I long for coming back to Africa[Chuck D:] So it's cool to be blac ... hat the hell I step on?[James Bomb:] With my head on straight I was gone too damn long Over450 years to be exact Not paying attention I stepped on a mine[Chuck D: ... ditch effort Stepped on some bomb shit that a past war left it Kids dying in
35 7.Welcome to The Terrordome ) I don't smile in the line of fire I go wildin' But it's on bass and drums even violins Watcha do gitcha head ready Instead of gettin' physic ... ed kickin' it loud Droppin' a bomb Brain game intellectual Vietnam Mo
36 8.God to close Smile on your child so he knows God has a face[Verse2: Scarface]Just imagine if the devil had a day And God had took a break and wal ... ait wait for my eyes to close Smile on your child so he knows God has face[Verse3: Scarface] When all that you believed in was a lie Are you willing to accept it ... se little babies ticking time bombs Walking around the lunchroom pulling guns If momma and daddy took the time to raise their son Then the sister wouldn't be the ...
37 2.Dumb Shit Feat. Snoop Dogg+ Black Ty wing them bombs Suit game Gucci steak at the Palm Cootchie Lootchie black tie bring me[?] What it is what it do Snopp DO dub? Is there any way ... hold me down Got pain in your smile and you refuse to frown Baby I'm
38 10.Pretty Bomb 10.Pretty Bomb My pretty bomb you are beauty in an ugly world The stupid people want to steal your style Pretty ... nt to steal your style Pretty bomb you are magic on the inside The stupid people they will never know why My pretty ... will never know why My pretty bomb exploding in an easy world The stupid people want to kill your ... upid people want to kill your smile Pretty bomb you are magic on the inside The stupid people they will never know why
39 1.Smile l Concept-Smile (EP)1.Smile Young folks listen up This is where we are caught up In southern California with Nowhere to start and you left some Now wh ... to find herJust wanna see her smile again I've got to dress sharp you know I will Give you what it takes cause I'm not Gonna be outdone By those beautiful fakes I ... renade so you Can see I'm the bomb You know my blues can't wake her My heart it can not break and now I carry sorrow Cause Hell I can not shake h
40 15.What Happened To You Dylan You Used To be Someone I Could Trust mpostor a smile to make her daddy proud make him keep his voice down a copper torpedo may seem a little hostile a quick reaction a small inves ... atement of intent or a letter bomb to myself i tried this once before
41 11.Rainbow Signs is the H-Bomb next time? Pale horse vows in a grave reply ... e horse vows in a grave reply Smile for the camera at a church' nearb
42 4.Head And Shoulders ne with a smile oh makeshift motion head and shoulders acid rain cheap lotions Head and shoulders dandruff warriors scalp and chips scalp chic ... lders Very few see red public bomb public death no bother with you yo
43 1.War(feat. Marsha Ambrosius) with the bombs and the helicopters swarming But the war for your soul that's what everyone's ignoring It's a war going on Yeah it's a war goi ... n I can scream cause you just smile like everything is fine Hope is f
44 1.War with the bombs and the helicopters swarming But the war for your soul that's what everyone's ignoring It's a war going on Yeah it's a war goi ... n I can scream cause you just smile like everything is fine Hope is f
45 21.Santa's Team opped the bomb:' There is no Santa Claus' jeered my sister.' Even dummies know that!' My grandma was not the gushy kind never had been. I fled ... t have a coat.' The nice lady smiled at me. I didn't get any change b

46 3.True Dreams Of Wichita ood teeth smile was winding down Engine sputters ghosts out of gasoline fumes They say You had it but you sold it You didn't want it no I'm ha ... r and bellow for mush I got a bomb I got a baby bomb bomb got to stand on the corner and bel
47 12.Hurricane Reid-Time Bomb12.Hurricane Lights out I know where we can go So right and yeah you're out of control You cut me off but I wanna go all ... h this beautiful disaster You smile you shatter the ground I fly when
48 3.TheCafeteria pane pipe bomb flashlight Young dead suicidal superstar icon I make them nervous like the image of me lurking in the halls with the weapon Onl ... nother white trash kid With a smile on him All he ever wanted to do w
49 13.Klebold in with a smile on me Dig another cellar then I'm ready for the weather Bitch I'm coming down you better remember just what I'm telling Get lo ... when you hear that sound Pipe bomb blowin' in the loud background Lif
50 12.Enough graffiti bombers Bag full of pain Still dance in the rain Way short on the credit Damn it's a shame Clown with a ... amn it's a shame Clown with a smile still enhancing the game Laugh li
51 2.Rap Dope straight Bombay on the breaks and it's a day Rap Dope[Verse2] It's like yea She shined all the time Put the Piru on my mind Pardon me for my ... a miles ahead of ya I tell em smile forever but you'll never last I s
52 10.Rest in Peace arning to bomb I still got your artwork hanging up on the walls Still got your number In my phone hope you give me a call And when I see you l ... ad lives You always had a big smile never had bad vibes You used to s
53 6.Mood Bomb br>6.Mood Bomb The floor is just an empty space A wooden place To stretch out and lie down You think about what things you do. You've neve ... . You've never seen something smile and make you feel so bright You'r
54 5.War good The smile was golden Couldn't ask for much than a ball and the chain Forgive them Lord Thou who have sin put your sin put your sin upon ... ang like a Bangladeshi in the Bombay Wanna get to heaven you're flyin
55 3.Killer in the Streets You drop bombs on my head You cut me with cheap knives Make sure I never forget There's a riot tonight How a raging love Can end and no one w ... one wins I hate your delicate smile Like a thief in the night With the coming of spring I jump-start my trip A trip to behold A trip I should skip You'll go first ... he blue Like a B52 You drop a bomb cuckoo And it's over thank yo
56 15.Perfect World opped the bomb Then came the disease Then death This is our world Your world my world I like this world Yo on foreign land keep your toast up ... ing to throw cub with crooked smiles Take your kindness for weakness they pow! New York niggas be lovin' how the gun talk pow! Another underboss pull a doublecros ... Spoken with a project dialect Bomb threat to the air waves hit the de
57 10.If I Told You Who It Was abbed her bomber jack She said I sure do appreciate you're changing my tire If I told you who it was if I told you who it was You'd say I was ... ot all your records ma'am she smiled and said well I be damned She said you're kind of cute fellar wanna mess around? When we got to my room just the people lied ... ve heard you sing tonight She smiled at me and said what do you wanna
58 3.Why and just smile money's coming after while)[Chorus1] Why Oh Why[2x]we keep believing lies did Laci have to die Why Oh Why Lord tell me when ou ... We're spending money building bombs[Bridge] Free I just wanna be free
59 20.Malibu er with a smile on Let's hold hands and sing the bible that's a violent song The high-strung eyes-low ride along Everybody grab a fucking numb ... er this a dieathon Oh I'm the bomb literally back away I'm the bomb Let me get my line on85 grand get
60 2.Destroy Everything shared a bomb with my listeners Cause I was on a mission since my mixtapes When I came to piss on the mainstream White Man Is A Devil Volume ... ts ya And why does the victim smile like he's proud of this Bar Mitzv
61 7.Something To Cry For(feat. BoldyJames) give me a bomb Was sick with a long face cause now I'm looking at time Fighting an old case sitting in cell9 With no clocks on the wall you co ... s40. Cal on my waist wipe the smile of your fac
62 9.Love Again(Akinyele Back) rself She smiled a bit Gripped the outline of my shit Oh my god I love this chick I must put my tongue in this Into every space I go Give me e ... therfuckin' man His tongue is bomb He say love for me to ride his fac
63 4.Blood Of The Heretic skinless smile His claws control man's mind Blood of the heretic Bloodstained altar of freedom Blood of the heretic Spilled by the evil Fires ... s coming down Madness of evil Bomb terror Evil That religion breeds I
64 15.La Bomba 15.La Bomba(Chorus) Come with me I come with you la ... me with me I come with you la bomba Come for me I come for you la bomba Come on me I come on you la bomba La bomba Explocha Kaboom(Bridge) Ooo I've been told that you are the best in the things you do Take control hey you are the best Fuck t ... ack off back off dynamite The bombs untied(Interlude) Run baby run we are dancing in the sun And we make love like loaded guns This ... ke love like lo
65 12.Private Permission from the bombthreats from who ever has my conscie ... me—with a smile pulled over my head—cuz its messy
66 2.Macho Madness mama I'm bombin And even Obama can get it Life is not promised My goals ain't accomplished I lost it Knowin I can die in any minute So I'm bo ... up wit all these niggas Crank smiles at me Make them niggas bow w me
67 4.One False Move Pt.2 me Street bomb been thru it all seen the heat thrown I don't give a fuck about yo crew nigga Night game way betta than the fight game Hawk mak ... fight game Hawk make yo dope smile(?) You don't wanna feel pain? Str
68 17.He Went To Paris baby the bombs killed his lady And left him with only one eye His body was battered his whole world was shattered And all he could do was jus ... motion If he likes you he'll smile and say Some of it's magic some o
69 12.Duquesne Whistle ou always smiled before Listen to that Duquesne whistle blowin' Blowin' like she ain't gonna blow no more Can't you hear that Duquesne whistle ... s me goin' You're like a time bomb in my heart I can hear a sweet voi
70 4.It's Not Ovah k and the bombs is ready Cunts say my name in vain cause these bitches is petty I keep my n***ahs on lock With manicures and pedis And you kno ... yna tarnish up my legacy They smile up in my face tryna mask up all t
71 1.Swordfish A Nervous Smile1.Swordfish Oh this could really waken you It could make you or just break you down It takes a certain kind of sickness ... s almost like you've got this bomb and it's strapped to your chest an
72 7.Children of the Doomed r leaders smile as they lie The mother looks past sunken eyes Raise her young born to die Who's really being terrorized? Inherit all their hat ... se Children of the Doomed The bombers purr to ascending flight Impend
73 1.ACE t genuine smiles ain't neva real See murderers can't be cast cause a partner's caps they done build Got my hand up on the whip grip in tally a ... than we?Jetplanes we droppin' bombs Our tactics is shackin' up I'll t
74 13.Bum Bum ing these bombs to me bum bum bum bum bum I'm rolling and I'm throwing off ecstasy Hoes keep saying no sex tonight I don't believe nothing I s ... ree And I'm then Gucci man my smile is gonna be a G Bum bum bum bum bum got that gun with me Got two hundred round draws in the car with me I'm busting blunts got ... d thank you for sending these bombs to me bum bum bum bum bum Like MJ and Thriller man I dance with monsters Even right now there's a thief amongst us Sometimes I ...
75 6.Shoe Box me with a smile that I'm not faking I wish things were the way they are when the picture was taken When the picture was taken Black and white ... a kid I picture myself with a smile That will be the way slam shut whole Gotta be there hard through That will be the way I get home Gotta be there shaken Milesto ... shaken Milestone ticking time bomb Fate to nothing more Hope not to b
76 12.Confidential Information ight skin smiled with cute dimples Smooth talking slow walking Yeah we kissed once it never happened again But until this day we still are fri ... school cafeteria She was the bomb; hey yo she kept me alive That was
77 11.Lord Forgive Me(Feat. Sleepy D Hongry Dot(The Mekanix)) it down I smile to the Devil nigga that's how's going down Streets is talking walk with a gangsta Addicted to balling busting the haters Lord ... timate See I'm a ticking time bomb that you gonna detonate These bitc
78 3.Spiked Punch with the smiles of a martyr[Verse4][Murs] What you think you a part of? A world full of honors[Bernz] A planet full of ... onors[Bernz] A planet full of bombers Or a little bit of ganja[Wrekon
79 4.These People Sheppard-Bombs Away4.These People Well I won't waste another minute On anyone like you You're heartless in your origins And I'm tired ... wn no matter where I go Every smile and every frown oh you're in ever
80 6.Smile Sheppard-Bombs Away6.Smile Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da-da- ... around Cause you you make me smile You make me smile With your loving style And I hope that you'll be mine For a while With your loving style Da-dah-da-da-da-da-da Da-dah-da-da-da ... chance Cause you you make me smile You make me smile With your loving style And I hope that you'll be mine For a wh
81 9.The Future Won't Be Long prettiest smile I've ever seen And I called her an angel And I was right she was Then there was the war The war' Forging a pathway for freedom ... shelled them But lost ground Bombs and rockets V2's over London city
82 2.Tiger Tank this old bomb Lights can be so the empty love Spin out the sweet stuff of street wise ... he sweet stuff of street wise smile Oh my guy deserves the fiercest b
83 1.Choose Your Fate ed with a bomb from the heart of flawless number one In a home that's broken and silent The truth will not be heard In the forceful roar of a ... ve blind allegiance is warmly smiled upon In a place where thought is
84 15.Lay It Down(Album Version- Explicit) affiti my bombs up It's Young Money in this shit until a nigga dead and gone If you wanna set it off what you wanna bet it on? I'm betting the ... bucket foul niggas'll buck ya smile For a dunkin' pile you better duc
85 16.Money In Da Bank y call me bombshell- skin color caramel Said he wanna get to know me and to know me well EVE got the body of a goddess Yeah I could be modest ... I'm just speaking out game He smiled at me took my hand and I heard h
86 3.Good Day he always smiled even when she felt low. I used to fancy her a long time ago. So today has got to be a good day Today is gonna be a good day T ... They could drop a small atom bomb on the city today But if you walk
87 14.Ghetto Symphony ce that's Bombay Driving fast the wrong way I swear life is like a one way Pussy on a Sunday fitness on a Monday My new crib came with a feng ... ling down a lonely mile phony smile One police on me now still torn A
88 4.Middle Of The Road V.1 l i got a smile for everyone i meet As long as you don't try dragging my bay Or dropping the ... agging my bay Or dropping the bomb on my street Now come on baby Get
89 5.Middle Of The Road V.2 l i got a smile for everyone i meet As long as you don't try dragging my bay Or dropping the ... agging my bay Or dropping the bomb on my street Now come on baby Get
90 8.Stupefied ur pretty smile got me feeling like a little child Unable to formulate phrases Unable to remember even what my own name is Oh sorry it's Wax A ... u I find it hard to relax You bombard me with maximum levels of attra
91 4.The Adventures of Larry and Tina liked him smiled when he dropped in And he was real witty and her laughter was genuine She was real pretty with that passionate feminine touch ... Tina was a little hot blonde bombshell that could never seem to get
92 2.That Life of Yours d dancing smiles and hugs. You're all out tonight. You're all feeling alright. I'm miserable with nothing to do. Well I'm going out tonight to ... ll I'm going out tonight too. Bomb your fucking bars and destroy your
93 2.That Life of Yours d dancing smiles and hugs. You're all out tonight. You're all feeling alright. I'm miserable with nothing to do. Well I'm going out tonight to ... ll I'm going out tonight too. Bomb your fucking bars and destroy your
94 16.Badman where the bomb placed Silly rabbit running in the wrong race Iced out bullets on charm brace Feds everywhere like the dogs wait Wait Badman Ba ... member me then I hardly win I smile with a felony grin Vado My man is
95 2.Broad Factor 'll don't smile? Take my dick to the motel do things that make you raise your eyebrows I'm coming soon ya'll about to get---- So hit that poon ... king he was sitting on a nail bomb Stay on and keep rocking please I
96 6.Stars and Light and put a smile on them i'll do that A young kid from Africa spit on your heart daily Been to the prison you see what the boss gave me Shinnin ... peaking Oh yes i pray for the bomba clad rasta who be standing my way It's a different type of cloud that the boy cut from And you dont wanna go where the boy com ... rop ceiling when the boy drop bomb He be killing rappers on the inter
97 7.Tell Me To My Face y leather bomber My intent is foul with a smile I'll be Obama[Hook: Havoc] For what it's worth I don't do the back and forth Let's get it over nigga tell me to my face Everyb ... clowns I never will Wipe that smile off your motherfuckin' face[Verse
98 2.It's Partly Me just the bomb to me When we used to pick up chicks and it was all for me Ménages got played so we started to three Then your friends got in o ... p the lift from Villanova She smiled at a wild cat couldn't understan
99 6.Last Breath editating bomb threats. Trying to figure out how I'm gonna pay the rent While coming up with concepts.(Hook) Now I make my mom stretch trying ... t you know I'd rather see you smile than to see you drop a tear for m
100 7.Act your Age morning I smile to myself like I'm thankin God. Shit no more folks like'Jonathan when you gonna grow up and get a job?' Cause I made that job ... the stage actin up. Yeah the bombs away while I grab my nuts. You're

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