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1 3.June one Four leaf luck Skilled hands built you up[Chorus] Hold out forJune it brings new season Vision is cl
2 8.Holding Back Tears from the start Not skilled in discipline or mastering the art Designer fabrics are more flattering with
3 17.Shipbuilding gain It's all we're skilled in We will be shipbuilding With all the will in the world Diving for dear lif
4 18.No Reason ft. King Los l I'm aware and I'm skilled I had to bury some mills somewhere in a field Please don't ask me where my li
5 1.Over Do It y with4 nuns Take a skillet and fry an egg on these artists They scrambling to hide from us I might just

6 1.With Them ot like an eye on a skillet nigga(ya dig)[Hook] She suck on that dick on the plane and I just called her
7 1.Professional Killer rill for the hunt A skilled criminal mind So calm Tracking your every move Unrelenting my conscious clear
8 1.Stars Skillet-Unleashed1.Stars You spoke a word life began Told oceans where to sta
9 2.Back From the Dead Skillet-Unleashed2.Back From the Dead B-b-b-b-b-back-back-back B-b-b-b-b-back
10 3.I Want to Live Skillet-Unleashed3.I Want to Live In a grave of roses while the night is clos
11 4.Feel Invincible Skillet-Unleashed4.Feel Invincible Target on my back Lone survivor lasts They
12 5.Undefeated Skillet-Unleashed5.Undefeated[Intro] I'm undefeated[Verse1] Hands on my neck
13 6.Famous Skillet-Unleashed6.Famous[Verse1] I testify this is not a secret meant to kee
14 7.Lions Skillet-Unleashed7.Lions[Verse1] Today we live today we breathe Today we know
15 8.Out of Hell Skillet-Unleashed8.Out of Hell[Intro] Oh oh oh Oh oh Oh oh oh Oh oh[Verse1] I
16 9.Burn It Down Skillet-Unleashed9.Burn It Down[Verse1] Do you ever wish that you weren't a p
17 10.Watching for Comets Skillet-Unleashed10.Watching for Comets[Verse1] You burn so bright I see star
18 11.Saviors of the World Skillet-Unleashed11.Saviors of the World[Verse1] Streets filled with blood bl
19 12.The Resistance Skillet-Unleashed12.The Resistance[Verse1:John Cooper andJen Ledger] I am a n
20 13.Monster(Live) Skillet-Unleashed13.Monster(Live) The secret side of me I never let you see I

21 14.Hero(Live) Skillet-Unleashed14.Hero(Live) I'm just a step away I'm just a breath away Lo
22 4.Ether t to feel Skilled amnesiac The real world fades to black Wonder who can see or even what that means Through the turnstiles and turned loose in ... red With nothing left to feel Skilled amnesiac The real world fades t
23 1.RAW(backwards) ot let me skillet The temperature is scalding the novices make me nauseous I was like a swami ofJay Electronica until he figured Dizzle wouldn ... ou Wilt) I'm not talented I'm skilled I'm the darkest knight with the
24 9.Embracing The Plague e upraised Soon the skilled hands will provide Warning sign Cassandra's call remains unheard Prophecy of
25 30.Jay-Z-4 Alarm Blaze(Feat. Mop) if retaliation Home-skillet- it's on That rap nigga bust a cap nigga flat nigga Open up your back nigga--
26 1.I'm Not Going Tricky-Skilled Mechanics1.I'm Not Going(feat. Oh Land) Over Until my head hurts Over
27 2.Hero Tricky-Skilled Mechanics2.Hero Where she goes Nobody knows She likes to shop And buy
28 3.Don't Go Tricky-Skilled Mechanics3.Don't Go[Verse1] Don't go don't move Don't lie can't lose
29 4.Beijing to Berlin Tricky-Skilled Mechanics4.Beijing to Berlin(feat. Ivy) I hate ya!..[Tricky] I justJu
30 5.Diving Away Tricky-Skilled Mechanics5.Diving Away Here I lay waiting For the bubbles to settle I
31 6.Boy Tricky-Skilled Mechanics6.Boy at twelve I met my dad his name was roy he forget my n
32 7.Bother Tricky-Skilled Mechanics7.Bother Wish I was too dead to cry My self-affliction fades
33 8.How's Your Life Tricky-Skilled Mechanics8.How's Your Life Are we alone? How'd we know? I hardly slee
34 9.Here My Dear Tricky-Skilled Mechanics9.Here My Dear Here my dear Bring you near Won't complain Co
35 10.We Begin Tricky-Skilled Mechanics10.We Begin There's no way I can help you're lostJust anothe
36 11.Well Tricky-Skilled Mechanics11.Well Are we alone... well probably sell. mess though... T
37 2.Hot cuit in a cast-iron skillet It's just plain old Hotter than Cindy Crawford in a cedar wood sauna It's jus
38 10.Tango Till They're Sore cadillac day Hang a skillet on the wall Cut me a switch or hold you breath Till the sun goes down Write m
39 4.Wer Hat Die Hitze(Feat. Trettmann) sofort Guck wie ich skille mit'm Wort Rasiere wie'n Wilkinson Sword Mach' mit Finesse weck' das Interesse
40 1.The Prophecy(feat. Rev. Rohan Treleven) Your hands will be skillefull hands son skillfull hands and so we call for that skill. The skill of your
41 16.Sky's the Limit drop the egg in the skillet let it cook Who y'all bein' took No I'm not a crook son but this one ain't sh
42 4.Tango Til They're Sore cadillac day And a skillet on the wall Cut me a switch or hold your breath Till the sun goes down Write
43 11.What It Is ing a shit that I'm skilled with Niggas will kill you on some fuckboy thrill shit What it is my Nigga you
44 11.Bpswr ot my gills now I'm skilled You drowning I'm back to the strokin' A dead rapper ocean your bitch I'm chok
45 8.What You Know(Feat. K Camp& Migos) Pussy heating up no skillet[Bridge– K Camp] Watch her go go go go go I love the way you make that clap oh

46 8.T.O.F.W. You saying I ain't skilled?(Turn off for what?!) You saying I ain't this; you saying I ain't that; you s
47 5.En gang for mye r enda vansker Medå skille mellom punktum og komma Tro'kkje eg orker enda en gang[Refreng][Bridge](Og eg
48 12.Kyrie Eleison os w głowach A moje skille są jak mojeźrenice- rosną w oczach Wewnętrzny barometr czy ciśnienie jest mi z
49 4.Push Start(feat. Big Scoob) d the level that is skilled B You wanna kill me then we will be getting filthy Bigger than norm with Big
50 11.Benjamin Trillington(Pug Life Remix) d I been trill Been skilled with that pencil still Been freestylin' for15 years When I write it down know
51 7.World Is Ending n say my name Light skilled bills never paid Promises made all forgoten As it piles up we'll climb on top
52 6.Evangelina I've got you in the skillet from the pan to the fire The buyers and the judges want you inside their cars
53 13.The45 Killer and I'll wreck it''Skilled in the trade of that old boom bap''Check it Loop a funky45 and I'll wreck it'
54 6.Rain(feat. Vince Staples) as that was veteran skilled Voted heartless cause my momma made me part of the guild Deals made sellin' t
55 7.Rain as that was veteran skilled Voted heartless cause my momma made me part of the guild Deals made sellin' t
56 9.Stono River Blues g in that cast iron skillet of mine I moor my boat in the old Stono that river take you anywhere that you
57 12.If I Could Make a Livin' Drinkin' pane But I'm highly skilled and qualified For doing just one thing Yeah if I could make a living drinking
58 5.Came TruEasily(Feat. Mac Miller& Ab-Soul) ill with the highly-skilled copped a deal[Hook x2
59 4.It's Not Ovah I tossed him in the skillet But How you gonna get it with you really tryna hit it Wanna kiss this Touch t
60 6.We've Been Standing Still ndfold through your skillets Don't you even lift a finger Stop blinking eye and just look at the ground C
61 8.Song of Discord will need to like a skilled helmsman on a ship haul in my sails and run before that storm blowing from yo
62 11.Donald Trump(feat. Dk) She's hotter than a skillet She came to the spinner She starting hitting splinits She hit my spizar Shees
63 8.Fishing Blues n' too. Put on your skillet don't never mind your lead. Mama gonna cook'em with the short'nin' bread. Say
64 5.Let Up ey got starburstin' skillers I got a big meat on I'm a walking gorilla Every tech on all these bitches ma
65 9.You'll Rock y Experienced rhyme skilled plus my voice isn't waxed Funky fresh party rocker so let's face facts I'll d
66 7.Texas d for me Papa put a skillet in the flame to fry Papa filled this little silver spoon of mine(?) Papa said
67 7.Susceptible to Retinal Reprogrammability obotomy. I'm like a skilled surgeons defective hand oh fuck it let's all go consume. Bombarded with unimp
68 7.Lethe Calonyction Girl 's there. A friend. Skilled to these degrees
69 5.Prove Them Wrong wide are united and skilled Kids of all religions and the color of skin Your intentions are clean so you
70 1.Hail Razor lications from this skilled content playing Leave you contemplating from the combinations of your compila
71 7.Judas F. Planet Asia Chace Infinite t've been fine Tomb skilled fountain in the gloom tooth The womb tail ran from the temple at22 Memorize t
72 12.Fuck Up The Kitchen n with a fork and a skillet Ain't no competition my nigga we winning Maison Margiela limited edition Acta
73 1.Ak to the Future motherfuckin' K homeskillet He's growing stronger– rap's void he's gon' fill it With these lyrics that be
74 2.Paganini producers directors skilled architectsJust do what they do to whom they're connected True was the God tha
75 12.Drive By p for it I'm highly skilled in a battle that's why I might push my luck with it Don't give a fuck with it
76 9.The Future Won't Be Long their place I was a skilled craftsman Mark You The work was hard and the hours they were long Ah but ther
77 1.Not Gonna Die Skillet-Not Gonna Die1.Not Gonna Die Death surrounds My heartbeat's slowing d
78 1.Rise Skillet-Rise Deluxe1.Rise All I see is Shattered pieces I can't keep it hidde
79 2.Sick Of It Skillet-Rise Deluxe2.Sick Of It If your sick If your sick If your sick If you
80 3.Good To Be Alive Skillet-Rise Deluxe3.Good To Be Alive When all you got are broken dreamsJust
81 4.Not Gonna Die Skillet-Rise Deluxe4.Not Gonna Die Death surrounds My heartbeat's slowing dow
82 5.Circus For A Psycho Skillet-Rise Deluxe5.Circus For A Psycho Psycho go go go Psycho here we go Yo
83 6.American Noise Skillet-Rise Deluxe6.American Noise Angry words and honking car Satellites an
84 7.Madness In Me Skillet-Rise Deluxe7.Madness In Me The madness in me The madness in me The ma
85 8.Salvation Skillet-Rise Deluxe8.Salvation All alone lost in this abyss Crawling in the d
86 9.Fire And Fury Skillet-Rise Deluxe9.Fire And Fury Every brick and every stone of the world w
87 10.My Religion Skillet-Rise Deluxe10.My Religion Who's gonna save us all Nothing and nobody
88 11.Hard To Find Skillet-Rise Deluxe11.Hard To Find Turned on the TV yesterday So much pain bl
89 12.What I Believe Skillet-Rise Deluxe12.What I Believe The world around me is lost in misery Th
90 13.Battle Cry Bonus Track Skillet-Rise Deluxe13.Battle Cry Bonus Track You're on the edge of giving up
91 14.Everything Goes Black Bonus Track Skillet-Rise Deluxe14.Everything Goes Black Bonus Track Chasing these shadows
92 15.Freakshow Bonus Track Skillet-Rise Deluxe15.Freakshow Bonus Track Welcome to the freak show Step up
93 10.Camouflage Dons get beacon put on a skillet You bigots are non-existent so fuck all my competition hold up Hoes haze no c
94 1.Rise Skillet-Rise1.Rise All I see is shattered pieces I can't keep it hidden like
95 6.The Difference Watts60 Interlude n Madchild Okay mad skilled crazy as fuck I'm not very calm Kids going crazy like its Knotts Berry Farm A
96 9.1 Train pass the pot let me skilletJust got back to the block from a6 o'clock withJigga And I'm thinkin''bout sig
97 4.Dance On The Moon(feat. Theophilus London& Paul Wall) ax on a bone with a skillet me and Paskel been doing that shit Def' rocking link what you know about this
98 12.Domestic Disturbance abor low paid and unskilled He met a woman that didn't care what his position was Stayed by his side her
99 5.The Swordmaker ng again! Skilled in the art of forging steel Shaping the blade of the ultimate sword The Swordmaker Giving the Clan the weapons to fight The ... Sharpened and ready to kill! Skilled in the art of forging steel Sha
100 3.Krazy Arthur and hide it it's a skilled science It's ill minded-- he nice on the track it just feel violent They on;

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