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1 7.Take The Music which is why when there is music life becomes a dance. I take the music everywhere I go. I take the music everywhere I go. Motion is the natu ... or's message But doesn't ever have to touch the tongue to be expressive. I'm an instrument the spirit gets to play. I sing and I dance all day. I take the music e ... one of us is a brother and a sister. One world; we're a family of on
2 1.BLACK PARADE he reason why They always mad yeah they always mad yeah Been past'em I know that's the reason ... t'em I know that's the reason why They all big mad and they always have been Honey come around my way around my hive Whenever mama say so mama say Here I come on my throne sittin' high Follow my para ... siles I'ma send my goons Baby sister reppin' Yemaya(Yemaya) Trust me
3 14.Last Call 'Damn yo''Why little Bobby didn't come to school today?' On the real I was doin' anything to run away And that's the same reason kids join gan ... in' great Oh God please Can I have a conversation with a member of my family without it ending asking me for five G's? To pay they bills or they lawyer fees(huh) ... n Maryland I was living in my sister's basement And then some shit happened you know she kicked me out It was Christmas whatever I love you Genie Anyway so shit h ...
4 1.Closure again I'd have to write about that See word I was still in love when I wrote slutJust words them scars weren't closed up But since it gave me ... Like if you're my woman then why I gotta catch you out? And it's dumb shit like shit you ain't even gotta lie about And this is when I turned into a fuckboy man ... ositive'And right now I can't have an abortion looks like we just gotta get on with it' And me I can't lie how I acted it was all loose man I started backtracking ...
5 10.Change(feat.James Taylor) hree four Why are we looking down On our sisters and brothers? Isn't love all that we got? Don't we know everyone's Got a father and mother? The day we know we're all the sa ... ay we know we're all the same Why can't we just get along? If loving one another's wrong Then how are we supposed to Get close to each other? We gotta make that c ... e gotta make that change yeah Why can't we just get along? What a waste it would be to deny somebody Of a chance to be theirselves

6 11.Window Pain(Outro) m I sane? Have I sacrificed for fame? My occupation's on my brain Thought that I could change it all if I had change But the niggas that I cam ... e's the tissue? If you was my sister then I would kiss you and tell you that I'm sorry for the pain you had to live through I know I'm blessed because yo' stress ... d him'cause he still alive So why do y'all think that bad stuff happen? Like ... k that bad stuff happen? Like why can't the world just be all nice things? Beca
7 5.Freaky45 I show I have none Deep down my love is potent inhale my love get bad lungs Is this is my satisfaction? Not showin' no compassion to women Da ... tly I really don't But that's why I'm really dope to these women But the same reason ... ese women But the same reason why I can't keep it close with these women The same reason ... h these women The same reason why you ain't been in the city in a while You ain't hit me in a while I think you miss me and that's wild I could
8 1.Focus miss you Why do I have to have another angel on my side? I can't work it out no matter how many times I try I can't work it out no matter how many times I try ... her my father and brothers My sister and friends And every year it gets tougher Stuck on the stairs but I'm not good with prayers So I wear a hat to cover up my g ... 't blame it on no one else So why you focused on them? And why you talking'bout me? You should be
9 14.Bigger Than Me er little sister i see myself in the young ones when i look in their eyes it feel like a mirror corleone all on my own(don) cartier all on my ... n you do stupid things that i have warned you about. you must get that from your daddy. i'm just kidding you know i love you. you listening?[big sean:]yeah yeah i ... you know i just i don't know why i always imagine myself as like som
10 18.Dr Buzz e Tell me why it hurts so much Maybe the flowers laying in the street And of the ... ying in the street And of the sisters weeping at your feet Shutdown it's a sure sign of the times You ... a sure sign of the times You have to wonder where the money's going It all depends what side of town you're on Cut down baby we're cut down in out prime Ooh help ... ght up in catastrophe Tell me why it hurts so much It's like a scene from For A Few Dollars More There's more to th
11 6.In My Brain my brain Sister of the highest strain(tell me bout your ... hest strain(tell me bout your sister) Keeps on burning burning in my brain(i say we skankin') It's not a man made thing It's a chord with natural laws still Babyl ... fer Instead of catch thief me have sniffer dog round my feet Like me a bad man When most me do reason and sleep or eatJah say munchies mash up me teeth But it giv ... ty conundrum Even the babylon have come to overstand Me leave me body there'pon
12 2.My Shot(feat. Busta RhymesJoell Ortiz& Nate Ruess) us That's why I hustle hella hard never celebrate a holiday That'll be the day I coulda finally hit the lottery I refuse to ever lose or throw ... c I'm on my calesthenics If I have given it all I got I cannot regret it My point of destination's different from where I was headed'Cause I'ma shoot for the star ... he's gotta rise up Tell your sister that she's gotta rise up When ar
13 1.I Don't Know My Name ou are my sister's friend You get along quite nicely You ask me ... along quite nicely You ask me why I cut my hair And changed myself completely I don't know my name I don't play by the rules of the game So you say I'm just tryin ... the closest friends I'll ever have in my lifetime I am lost trying to
14 1.home(feat. johnny yukon) to and we have to move But I said'Dad get those moving boxes out the room' And cut the cake I'll get it I got it I'll give my all for you Too ... n you taught me that If all I have is me then all I need is family If all I ... all I need is family If all I have is home then all I am is happy I may not know it all but I know this Home isn't where you are it's who you're with and it... Do ... r where we go we're not alone Why fix something if it isn't broke? You call it h
15 6.Anything But Words bt That's why I swarm on your college dorm Make knowledge born from the hood to the cottage farm London to Russia Eurasia to Prussia The Holy ... patience is waning the scales have capsized I read[?]full of glory And there's pyres of files of light Fleeting mazes to the night sky[RZA] Sitting on the porch t ... and wife child mother brother sister or father All these things the h
16 1.Figure It Out on't know why I ain't get the picture? Why Cosby slipped her? Why I fucked'em both when they said theysisters? Why Eazy ain't have the Magic? Why AI never won a'ship? And why God took Max and Chinx And he ain't
17 3.Figure It Out ft. Kanye West& Nas on't know why I ain't get the picture? Why Cosby slipped her? Why I fucked'em both when they said theysisters? Why Eazy ain't have the Magic? Why AI never won a'ship? And why God took Max and Chinx And he ain't
18 10.Figure It Out on't know why I ain't get the picture? Why Cosby slipped her? Why I fucked'em both when they said theysisters? Why Eazy ain't have the Magic? Why AI never won a'ship? And why God took Max and Chinx And he ain't
19 17.Question Is f I never have a kid again I be pissed but I deserve it I been cursed with all these man made ways And this earth that I been livin' in Sorry ... I got a brand new brother and sister I never do see He might call to send me a blessing to tell me do me But shit I been doin' me since144 court cases court scene ... a yacht Lookin' filthy that's why they do not feel me ya dig? Questio
20 3.Deja Vu n I would have to pray for God to hold me down Cause Lord I feel like giving up today I feel like giving up the faith I swear these people fak ... the same under the sun that's why we burnin' up Don't believe astrology but man I hated cancer Breast lung throat blood prayin' for an answer Seem like it was yes ... want to say Now they say your sister got it too Yeah they say it's tr

21 9.Misconceptions3 d to that sister actress Nevada gets it crackin' It's hot andJ got a jacket We'll peddle back if you askin' if love's a long practice Full met ... y showin' sinkin' ships10% of why he's frozen Let it go it's hotter than sprinters in ArizonaJuxtapose'em to a snowman in Nova Scotia It's rap's Christopher Nolan ... for my siblings Brothers and sisters who drinkin' Out of them cisterns with cracks in'em Listen but lack hearin' Who lookin' but lack vision Initially made in th ...
22 3.Blues Power shoot Out On The Plantation nderstand Why do some people have to hurt somebody? The firewater's not the villain. Oh the last one to kiss is the first to shoot And stabbing your friends is s ... tta help me help me help me.. Why don't you help me help me? Why don't you tell me about it? Why don't you scream and shout it? Won't you help your mister? Won't you kiss your ... r mister? Won't you kiss your sister
23 2.Introverted wouldn't have chose the cheap frozen meals and over draft accounts over closing deals My life a cinema I'm just now exposing reels But ... m just now exposing reels But why would they want me to blow? They know an explosion kills What's behind enemy lines they get plenty rewinds Infinity times infini ... e whispering All in my little sister ear Finding pics inside a unfixe
24 1.Temporary Hate That Why You Want The Truth If You Can't Face That I Be Keeping That Shit A Thousand I Give Em Straight Facts Time Is Money Money Is Time ... Making That Shit Count When I Have These Niggas Chances They Kept Turning That Shit Down Yeah They Say They Fucking With Me TheyJust Say That Shit Right Now But W ... hey At Ya Crib Trynna Fuck Ya Sister The Ones Close To You Will Do Th
25 13.What If ou didn't have Suga Free motherfucker you had to make it[Verse1: Suga Free] Social media only ask the he-say she-say shit And where would I be ... imp on I entertain man That's why I stay inside my[?]lane I gotta be careful when I show you stuff Cause these haters don't like you if you know too much Yo ow gi ... nd won't get mad if you don't have no one to fight with We pull the cards around a phony My ... l the cards around a phony My sister told me'Niggas act hard aro
26 14.Famous ght still have sex Why? I made that bitch famous(God damn) I made that bitch famous For all the girls that got dick from Kanye West If you see'em in th ... streets give'em Kanye's best Why? They mad they ain't famous(God damn) They mad they're still nameless(Talk that talk man) Her man in the store tryna try his bes ... st wanted you to know[Bridge: Sister Nancy+ Swizz Beatz] Bam bam bam
27 5.Up In Arms teaching sisters of their pride'Up in arms up in arms up in arms!' I said I told them gentrifying bastards we won't lay200 years ain't but tw ... 00 years ain't but two things have changed It's safe to say I've had a price upon my head Bobby Ceiling[?]I ... pon my head Bobby Ceiling[?]I have made important progress It's safe to say that my glory has fled'Up in arms up in arms up in arms!' I say Here comes the baddest ... mes the baddest man your eyes have ever graced P
28 6.Let It Bang d he got2 sisters prego He fucked the other1 to get1 jealo' And he took both kids to the ghetto. ass. park(on the Hill shit'll get really real ... rson2- Yeah Psych you used to have the Tec with the good(?) Person1- Y'know we was just hungry like that too times I shoot in the air without cuz I couldn't get m ... ili look cheap I'm the reason why your momma OD'ed I'm the reason why your homies ain't deep Now you wanna talk about peace Get the bitches all up off these stre
29 9.Portishead in the Morning HER World enlighten sisters too Oh yes it's Bohemian Grove baby not groove One time for the women two times.... I'm from another galaxy I'm actually an ... there's more than one reason why there is only one Remember that first or end before you've begun I rhyme like I'm God's only begotten son She so loved the world ... he gave Soul the world That's why I just have fun and use my third eye like I ju
30 11.Now You Know ed That's why I'm a misfit up to mischief On a mission in a missionary Hittin missionaries(missionaries) That was all mises terms with'mis' pr ... t tricky What all these words have in common is that they're all iffy Hence misogyny obviously I'd switch the'y' in'mystery' with'i' if I could(I would) If you wa ... ore his boat did And you know why I love my mama so much And I can't watch my lil ... much And I can't watch my lil sister grow up so I[Hook: Ab-Soul] Went from
31 14.Lonely Soul The Law(Prelude) ur little sisters Vaneesha just hadJameel that's my third nephew Cory's adorable and Cody still missed you All my thoughts are lavender and pa ... ried to stall him but I ain't have no alternative I told him to think smart he told me get it how I live Point taken lord ... t how I live Point taken lord Why have we forsaken us? Blasting that Sata
32 7.La Petite Mort h a100000 sisters and brothers Were sentenced to death for sins of thy father and being birthed here by our mothers And I wouldn't trade it in ... orlds weight in gold And they haven't built one like me since me I am told Shot my first gun when only a few feet tall I stood And it wasn't with my father out hu ... rn to die here in Flint And I haven't done that yet so in turn I ain't done shit But lie here naked in the tub filling it up with blood Thinkin' how I'm gonna get ...
33 6.Cheek gotta go Have you heard from your sister? Have you heard from your dad? Give up on your mother She says I already ... our mother She says I already have So long ago So long ago[Pre-Chorus] So pour me another It's time to go I'm sick of talking of her It's getting old[Chorus] If w ... hat I'm everything you wanted Why you gotta go? Why you gotta go and say that? You know I never wanted you to say it I got everything I wanted ... it I got everything I wante
34 10.Four Seasons ar get my sister some money'Cause they always there for me can not forget it I would not ... can not forget it I would not have known it more than dollars when I show it Don't you ever try my lady i pull up faster than police You'll get a[?]and know this ... t was it for? Only now I know why[Hook] Don't you be fake with me You can be honest with me Who could relate to me? Don't go near me like it's Vegas Man this life ... t no shawty called don't know why I had this ph
35 1.Tabernacle s and one sister see My daddy taught me consistency with his fucking patterns Hallelujah I'm the son of a addict My addiction was music All I ... ever recorded at Now I would have to assume that It was either meant for me to be rapping Or meant for me to be laughing at God's Geographical humor As soon as I ... into my mic Started learning why the lord put certain people in my life And the way he started blessing me uh I guess before my inner-demons got the best of me L ...
36 4.Pride me that's why I follow that motherfucker like that[?]forreal When you're alone at night and need somebody by your side No matter wrong or righ ... ain't expire Tryna figure out why dyin' on the inside One day I'll get over my pride I knew I loved you when I met you some say this don't exist Emotions captured ... xist Emotions captured had to have you ain't care who you was with At your apartment off of Siegen had a brief disagreement You move back to Houston we went like ...
37 15.I Love It pray they have them bad luck Balenciaga Margielas Bread winners set a world record I took my team to the'chip Bought us all some new whips to ... e sky Boarded a plane we know why I'm not endorsing getting high She like when I'm stressin' it give me body New coupe matte black peanut butter guts Porsche truc ... throw it back get it Told my sister we okay what you worried bout? Kevin Gates I'm the one you prolly heard about Get a couple years bounce back from the pen I'd ...
38 2.Khaza h I would have made it to college Wishin' you was free I could picture you right on'side me If I love you go to war over nothin' if it's a pro ... stagramJigga watch it Younger sister tell her'Not interested' she a bopper Healthy kid Kodak Black smokin' that broccoli Bread Winners administration I'm Luca Bra ... e to comply most likely might have to force you Blow your brains out the body bag or the coffin Me and the carnal in theJag sippin' coffee We don't get harassed b ...
39 13.Until I'm Gone(feat. BJ the Chicago Kid) ng we all have in common is We all have crazy pains and crazy hurts And every time I want to give up I can see it in their faces And I start thinking'I can't give up! ... nd I owe it all to You That's why I'mma give it all I got until I'm gone now Until I'm gone now I came up from the bottom I came up from the bottom And I ain't ev ... nd I owe it all to You That's why I'mma give it all I got until I'm gone now Until I'm gone now Cuz' I don't know how to fix this I'm ju
40 5.Slammin' To The Big Beat ether and have yourself a ball She's going uptown you're going down down What you say Uptown downtown Looking for the right town We got no gas ... Anyway you want it to be Your sister says that they're all just singing the blues You asked ... t singing the blues You asked why but that was yesterday's news She's
41 17.Chemical Romance ly. Where have you been? We got another party going on tonight over at Stacy's. Let's get wild and make bad decisions together like we always ... and callin' you baby And your sister? That's my ex Stacy And both of you bitches are crazy But I'm grown now so listen Molly what I'm tellin' you is for the best ... ] Hey Christian it's Lindsey. Why have I not seen you in so long? Come se
42 7.Run Sister Run 7.Run Sister Run Set me free why don't you honey Why do you have to lie When you know that it's all over You stick to your alibi What I feel in my heart is that it's done And my mind just says ... one And my mind just says'Run Sister Run' Tell my why I should feel sorrow All you did was make me cry Always said there's no tomorrow N ever saying our goodbyes What I feel in my he ... one And my mind just says'Run Sister Run' All the years that h
43 7.Castigadas En El Granero ky and we have to stay in the barn because we screw it up And I can't go You should know We write about you all the songs And I would kill you ... ow you're hearing that voice! Why can't you pass that smoking roll? A smoking roll I wanna take you to the mall Daddy let me go Stealing candy would be wrong... O ... ut now we are out With all my sisters around playing mums it blows my mind And all I see is a big cow I know you heard that And now I'm eating all your corn I kno ...
44 7.Dreams(feat. Pantha!) leader My sister Kida and my uncle geniuses My auntie dissed me I don't fucking need her Guess all I'm missing is a cousin skeeter I say my li ... s I guess it's in my genes to have a crease in my trousers They do what ain't allowed how can our people allow this? Saying'don't ... ople allow this? Saying'don't have a cow bitch' I feel to halal it Sizzle and douse it let it simmer Sim Simma I'm a nigga in a Bimmer I'm a nigga in a Benz I'm a ... even score a touchdown Wonder (|
45 2.Marry Me You guys have said different things But you know I can understand one Thing from what you guys are Telling me let me know if I'm Correct ha1( ... t to fianc�e So I pray for ma sisters cousins Ex-lovers this girl that girl even divorced mothers Smile I ... even divorced mothers Smile I have to see you when We spraying on a(Yemi Alade) See me see trouble Brother you go marry me oh(marry me oh) See me see trouble When ... not like I'm desperate I just have a life time p

46 5.Simply Complex mething I have learned from you It's money equals happiness and deceit balances truth. But I couldn't tell you a lie about how many hours I've ... er fear.) I don't fear what I have.(Your reality.) I don't fear what yhave.(Isn't real enough for me.)'This village must be fortified.''Protect all that we keep inside.' Proud to keep the faith of mysel ... to learn and love.) Don't you have your own yard…?(To defecate in?)'Must keep this village fortified.''Protect all that
47 3.Floating a reason why we're getting that close That'why' I got to know hum hum sister let me talk Considering the fact that I'm attractive You attacked me with your acting I ain't liking all your different type ... if you're fake than I rather have nada Boss you know how it goes when king of the Prose came to ... hen king of the Prose came to have a little toast It's getting kind o
48 4.Between Two Hearts he reason why she lives She tries to be the perfect kind of stranger But we always seem to love the most the ones who never give yeah It's bet ... ve with a reputation We never have to ask her why she's crying The smile she had's been kicked into a frown But still it makes her day to be his pleasure Should we open up her ey ... a Do you look as good as your sister? Smile at the animals They shoul
49 8.Asylum an beings why treat their lives as shit? No chance of contribution to well-oiled society Viewed as manure walking wastes of very air we breath ... ow while the rich and perfect have a laugh Sons and daughters brethren and kin ... nd daughters brethren and kin Sisters and brothers from pictures are trimmed Out of our sight out of our minds Where is the kindness on which this world prides? T ... 're to call them human beings why treat their lives as shit? No chance of con
50 4.Holy Ghost tro] Ay I have a message from the Most High that says'This negra kept his soul from the Devil' It's true I guess I mean wait a minute now Is y ... ound? Stop it now They ask me why I don't go to church no more Cause church is the new club and wine is the new bub And lies is the new drugs My ... And lies is the new drugs My sister the next stripper my brother the
51 13.Wavybone e it's my sisters daughter Vision broad I thought of all the different kids and all Poor without a sip of water time to get my shit in order A ... om hella nothin' damn right I have to brag Try me and I'll pop your ass stupid nigga get a body bag All I talk is money ho rich niggas don't lollygag[Hook][Verse4 ... st people wake up The root of why most relationships is startin' brea
52 1.One Great Song and I Could Change the World World Have I said why I love the sunrise? It's'cause it's only gonna get lighter Feels different than Paradise Is this love? ... t than Paradise Is this love? Have I said why I love the sunrise? It's'cause it's only gonna get lighter Feels different than Paradise Is this love? If my touch is real then ... dawning when my brothers and sisters seem to go! I know I don't talk about disaster All my days I need to laugh! I'm being told to make it faster That was
53 3.Hanalei where and why Come on mumma give me what you got hanalei hanalei Come on mumma give me what you got hanalei hanalei Butterfly the catcher and ... ed to reveal our own knots we have tied We've all been designed to believe and I believe I will go The trick about recognition the trick about reconciliation Can ... n woman birth creation with a sister holding her down Come on mumma g
54 8.Miss My Mama you ain't have to say I told you I do it for the days momma we ain't ... t for the days momma we ain't have nothing Got my weight up with my hatin And I'll be damn if we don't ... And I'll be damn if we don't have some Ramen noodles and peanut butter that ain't life Seen you work all day and stress all night So I can ... and stress all night So I can have the betta things Look ma the cheddar came No more eviction notice all we see is better days October102010 got to
55 12.Allusions gonna see why we chasing the cream Roll up the leaves nigga spark up the tree You ain't got no weed? Nigga fuck you mean Nigga fuck you mean[V ... ou ain't no soldier Fuck your sister guess what she told us You a bitch ass nigga since stroller now hol' up Smoking good'fronto wrapped around the OG in my hood ... know her name30 minutes later have my pinky in her brain She like'I t
56 4.Sisters and Brothers e Vespers-Sisters and Brothers4.Sisters and Brothers Scavenging with urgency gotta get the best for me ... ncy gotta get the best for me Why am I in such a rush I've already got too much I could die in just a blink sippin' on my selfish drink It didn't matter anyway no ... ending of the story We don't have to worry about the little things Look out for your ... ttle things Look out for your sisters don't forget your brothers Gotta take care of each other
57 2.The King(Sunday School II) s I ain't have a sister Drunk as hell man I prolly shouldn't ... s hell man I prolly shouldn't have a pistol Or a mind neither I'm a mind reader She wanna fuck she wanna fuck and I ain't mind neither Even blind people see me ni ... e we ate People calling me a? why I acting like we ain't When I got m
58 12.A Poet you don't have Man that's as good a toe tag let me explain This treacherous game I pray every day That you don't ... pray every day That you don't have The inherent desire to go rap All the pressure you feel from your homies Pain of watching them fade slowly And your heroes tran ... do get a chance don't sway a sister or brothers dream Show em the whole palate but let the child choose a color scheme CHORUS I gotta tell you this now Cause whe ... are thinking of being a poet?
59 8.Man of the House a little sister near A few brothers that I never met The world on my shoulders only thing the nigga ever left Dad you never made it home How' ... 'd you make it to my pad? And why am I paying for your cab? I couldn't figure it out Even as a young boy I was the man of the house So fuck[Hook][Verse3] I guess ... fuck[Hook][Verse3] I guess I haven't blew up yet According to your d
60 11.Mother wondered why Black queen crack fiend all the while you was high Hardly ever wiped my tears never let you see me cry Not one man in the house ... lly didn't let her Life could have been worse and life could have been better Loved her unconditionally since the day that we met her At the parent and teacher meetings you might ... nd teacher meetings you might have never seen her Still she gave me life guess that's ... she gave me life guess that's why they call her
61 9.Vendetta se when I have my own that we will never be the same Vendetta[Hook] I told you so I told you We are the ones Cause'Pac did a lot more for me t ... om where you're sittn' That's why the artist got more influence than the polititian This my generation We know the news never tell the truth so we go to Twitter f ... e there with Him Brothers and sisters[Hook] I told you so I told you
62 28.Stable Boy ow I know why I was born to die I've been informed of forever Now I know ... nformed of forever Now I know why I was born to die I've been informed of forever The cats ... informed of forever The cats haven't heard of forever So they've got no problem with sleeping all day So don't tell a sleepy cat she can't sleep forever Deny her ... the pressure Meow! Now I know why I was born to die I've been informed of forever Now I know ... nformed of forever Now I know why
63 5.Sirens The Quebe Sisters) Have you ever made a promise You wanted to keep But keeping up with promises Was never too easy So you thought maybe if you tried ha ... osing the fightJust wondering why Why can't I Silence the Sirens I hear'e
64 3.Baby Don't You Lie To Me! ll little sister I can handle the thought of you despising me Dancing on my grave and baptizing me As long as baby you don't lie to me I'll be ... lie to me I'll bend until you have broken my will I'll be no enemy You'll never hear so much as a complaint from me As long as baby you don't lie to me[Pre-Chorus ... you're quite aware of how or why Life for you could be so easy If yo
65 14.Cold Hearted Probably why I'm rebellious To the fraud niggas I lost niggas when I got paper It's like more money I made they got faker And it's crazy when ... comes from your brother your sister your mother your father That shit hurts you to the core man When they start acting like something that you ain't never mother ... ure you want this power? Shit have your own mama talking to you like you ain't shit Yeah everybody want it everybody need it money motherfuckers Get money don't s ...
66 10.Starter Kit aying boy why y'all playing in that water Got granny what y'all doing with my[?] Bigger ... y'all doing with my[?] Bigger sister saying y'all lil boy look suspicious Got mama saying what y'all doing with my dishes Twelve came through and we had for the f ... ting pool[?]rushed the card I have to call the fucking[?] If swag was
67 5.Make A Little Time u said it sister Can't you see Everywhere you lay your head's the place to be You said it ... s the place to be You said it sister I believe Watching señoritas while we're slamming down tequilas and I... I guess you know what I need It's not at all by chan ... y chance we meet This is just why you cum I need a little bit of loving And a whole lot of fun And I'm living day by day Take it easy That's what I sayJust ... it easy That's what I sayJust have a good life And
68 6.Simple Story or All My Sisters6.Simple Story I know this is a simply story But where you're gonna hear another oneJust like this? Another minute pa ... ou are looking for me While I have to leave will make your thoughts all burn Maybe I need to be I'm so good To figure out just what all this means to you I should ... ll this means to you I should have prayed of something Should have said something then but it's too late I know this is a simply story Gonna ... this is a simp
69 5.Orion you never have I just need to get to you love anyway I can[Pre-Chorus] Calling out your name but are you listening Calling out your name[Choru ... real as I am[Verse2] Oh baby why I'm being let down again I love you too human I'll close my eyes and wait for the night to send These arrows to you[Pre-Chorus] ... 10 to3 We'll make eyes at the sisters and no one will see[Pre-Chorus]
70 15.Innermission thers and sisters from different mothers and misters All different colors and creed all come together for me Boy I'm blessed to be free[Chorus ... ly went to school they wonder why and that's because My situation at home was alcoholics and drugs I never graduated but I made it to the summit Don't get me wron ... ld plummet Felt like I didn't have the heart and couldn't seem to stomach All of the beef around my way I mean I never wanted to live a life where all you're trul ...
71 3.A Thousand Matches d's crazy sister took my bed away Sleeping she looked like an actress a theory I didn't practice I said'There's got to be a better way' She sa ... set fire when you run away So why'd you go and do it when you knew that you would go and I would stay' I hit the wall in frustration the conversation had been cir ... d it was funny that she would have to stay and I would go She said'I
72 5.Reminder(My Nigga Song) rain man Why you ain't just say that? Remember when I couldn't even get100 for it? Now2 point something something Something something is the ... 's brother's uncle's nephew's sister's son man Am I missing something? Don't make me ... sing something? Don't make me have to hit you with the button Don't m
73 4.No Hope not okay Why don't you get it? I shouldn't have to explain it Our foundation should be on some real shit not you asking for payments So create a dream then get off your ass an ... g around dog But I should not have to pay for your downfall Choose your faith but still even if your day don't seem greatJust know I got your fucking back either ... t's a given Let me tell y'all why I get a different feeling Y'all was living good watching me and my momma struggle once we get
74 8.Quiver A little slowly We have a lot of time Sometimes I would wish that you were I To see clearly not just visualize Many people said Oh I'm lost I'm a basta ... est for their own brothers So why would I quiver but quiver a little Then burst in laughter(He laughs) Read all the books and you will find Nothing new has been h ... ay For the best for their own sisters And so I will only just quiver a little Then burst in laughter(He laughs) Life is as cold not literally as in Greenland Wher ...
75 1.Spicy103 FM d working sister Call us up at877-B L A C K L-U-V tell us somethin good That you did for your lady And brothers we appreciate you too yo we do ... u feel me Caller number1 What have you done for your lady did you uber helicpter Or you copped the Mercedes[Verse2: Caller#1] It's meJP honestly i'mma come clean ... irty drawers in the worst way Why you callin from a phone I paid for
76 3.Pain(feat. Sonta&J Tsunami) ow up and have a house that life for everybody But wait1 rich person can't take care of everybody(What?)[Hook- Sonta] The world is filled with ... ur mans But can't forget your sister mother brother pops and your grans Don't owe nobody shit the lifestyle come after the fam And Never Leave My Brothers thats f ... ays i miss my niggas So thats why I'm getting twisted I don't sip the liquor I'm just high pouring sixes and I'm ridin with my45 Cuze I ain't trying to end up vic ...
77 4.Struggle he reason why i wake up stuntin' This shit for my grandma this shit for my mother This here for my ... or my mother This here for my sister this for all my brothers My no limit brothers All we know is hustle we come from the struggle[Verse1: G Herbo] Young nigga al ... re tires Member when we ain't have no car used to take the red line Gherbo countin' all these bands now1800 hunnit for my pants now I was in the stu up all night ... from nothing This the reason why i w
78 6.Olga I Cannot ldn't see Why she said...[Chorus:] Oh! Olga I cannot... Oh! Olga I cannot... My boyfriend's sitting on the Sunday He does not want you to see ... greed to meet me but I should have known- Yes I wound the window down in the Rolls Royce I said'Jump in the back!' and then I heard her voice Start to say...Start ... my mum and me dad But even my sister and the dog think I'm mad! So Ol
79 11.Bring The Noise thers an' sisters Now across the country has us up for the war We got to demonstrate come on now They're gonna ... ate come on now They're gonna have to wait'til we get it right Radio stations I question their blackness They call themselves black but we'll see if they'll play ... ith some pizzazz it will last why you ask? Roll with the rock stars s
80 13.Can't Truss It terrorize sisters and every brother One love who said it I know Whodini sang it But the hater taught hate That's ... the hater taught hate That's why we gang bang it Beware of the hand When it's comin' from the left I ain't trippin' just watch ya step Can't truss it Can't truss ... ain't the word I been givin' Haven't got Classify us in the have-nots Fightin' haves'Cause it's all about money When it comes to armageddon Mean I'm gettin' mine Here I am turn it ove
81 3.This Corrosion The Sisters Of Mercy-Floodland Era3.This Corrosion Gimme the ring kissed and told Gimme something that I missed(Gimme the ring) ... ng Well what do you say D'you have a word for Giving Away? Got a song for me?(Sing)(Sing) Hey now hey now now sing This Corrosion to me Hey now hey now now sing T ... n't need no one to understand Why the blood run hold The hired hand O
82 4.Never Land(A Fragment) The Sisters Of Mercy-Floodland Era4.Never Land(A Fragment) Gimme the ring kissed and told Gimme something that I missed(Gimme th ... ng Well what do you say D'you have a word for Giving Away? Got a song for me?(Sing)(Sing) Hey now hey now now sing This Corrosion to me Hey now hey now now sing T ... n't need no one to understand Why the blood run hold The hired hand O
83 11.Skyscraper raper Why don't you come on down from your skyscraper? ... on down from your skyscraper? Why don't you come on down and join the party? Everybody from the hood is all here We singin' oldies and drinkin' cold beer So won't ... before you reach the elevator Why don't you come on down from your skyscraper? ... on down from your skyscraper? Why don't you come on down and join the party? Brothers and ... join the party? Brothers and sisters strangers and cousins
84 10.Martyrs ust wanna why you couldn't find somebody better Guess I'm the man for the job And I wanna tell my family I love'em but I don't really see them ... ust wanna go back home And my sister got engaged on Instagram and I didn't even know I'm sick and tired of watchin' my entire family grow up in a phone Her friend ... it's worth it When they don't have to grow up like us yeah that's a b
85 13.Why Am I So Happy(feat. Renee Coolbrith) Spose-Why Am I So Happy13.Why Am I So Happy(feat. Renee Coolbrith)[Verse1:Spose] You should see these Nike SB's that I copped online I turned the AC on th ... I can reminisce Was that I'd have a Super Nintendo but not a Genesis Six year old in Rwanda blood what he's wearin' They cut his arm off when he wouldn't kill hi ... If I know how it's goin' down Why am I so happy now? I don't know[Verse2: Spose] I just filmed a video with Bosch He just bought a drone flew
86 13.The Movie Medley eat movie Have you seen this movie? Our guess would be no But this famous theme song You probably know We'll show you how this song is used In ... l that you saved everyone But why did you kiss your sister?(That's just nasty) We know she
87 15.Vent3(Don't Wanna Want) I'm like why man cause I'm not that guy Don't need all them materials man I just need to get by Sometimes I wish I didn't want ... ometimes I wish I didn't want Why is people so greedy? Why we don't all come together so we ain't got no more needy? I remember back in high school I use to ask you for change Now you ask ... change That's half the reason why I got so much damn anger in heart And I'm like fuck these hoes can't tell these niggas apart I'm tired of living wit
88 12.DewWutItDoez nd that's why these girlies just can't get enough And that's ... t can't get enough And that's why you rappers just can't get a break A house with no outlets you can't get the plug Damn someone should tell them to stopJust caus ... pt on the floor And so did my sister and so did my bro And we had to go to[?]for the clothes The way I was swagging was so damn on point I couldn't even tell that ... don't actually hurt You don't have half of fictional racks from your raps y
89 13.@FoundBae(feat.Jesse Rutherford) e Tell me why tell me why you don't like me as much as my pictures girl Now that isn't the same now that don't feel the same Too much body for the phone t ... to fit it all in frame Let's have a hundred thousand kids And try to give them all a name And we can take them all to school In a hundred limousines And make a h ... girls treat them all like my sisters[Hook: Kyle
90 16.Secrets(feat.J.R.) myself I have no options Forgot me grip the even mood Supposed to protect but abusing me Now I'm so confused So many emotions with His sweat ... us really giving myself away? Why would I protect you? Truth I would hide and cover Would anyone believe me? How could I tell my mother? Confusion turned to sadne ... lical counseling Brothers and sisters in my list Help me endure it Though it happened I'll never forget But I do ... ed I'll never forget But I do have a hope T
91 5.Got Me Thinking Handsome? Why Thank you. Shall I pull your hair and spank you? What ever happens happens. Details are not ... pens happens. Details are not why I'm rapping. But some wake up on the love boat and go“look at me! I am the captain!” Woh… Brand Nubian Slow Down lil too quick t ... f patience Cause that's all a sister could have for a brother caught up in his kids music and math. You really wanna“Step In the Arena” just show me your true colors and get t ... p! Two
92 17.Dismiss fuck his sister She think cause I'ma Leo that I'ma kiss her Told the bitch kiss my dick then I had to dismiss her Boy you unofficial I be smo ... moking whisper Went to get yo sister rolled up she thought it was a fisker Sosa ... thought it was a fisker Sosa why you always shitting I'm official it's the tissue Call the plug man up for the dope to dismiss her[Verse1] Bitch say she gotta is ... gga come up in the kitchen My sister gonna be a lawyer so her ass gone go to
93 3.Got My Beer in the Sideboard Here hair'Your sister's courtin' a scruffy looking Ted Father don't give a monkeys& this is what he said'() I dont care I dont care I dont care if ... re I said to me mother let me have a talk to dad so he comes to the telephone he wasnt half mad says'shes got no sense the silly little cow and if he comes round ... op of that he says I tell you why I got the hump she had a skinny lit
94 4.Forever ver If we have to go to Heaven tonight we'll have a VIP pass And they'll be standin' outside them gates forever If you get a Benz then it comes with the leather One day I'ma rei ... etter known as a slingshot My sister asked me:'Why you always rap about your gun? Do you know how many niggas I done seen shot?' Yeah I know it kinda give you somethin' to think'b ... omethin' to think'bout That's why I smoke'til I get the pinkeye It keep my self esteem high I remember
95 2.Wind Blow fe that's why i'm riding with the heat That's why i have the blood ofJesus I know he watching over me Should i fear no man but God even though he ain't a man I ain't backing down from ... iced starting to look like my sister My heart getting colder i'm star
96 2.Buddy in the Parade amn thing Why did I look into the dim eye of the mole? There was no silence there many voices spoke Thinking I died I tried to listen I saw on ... hat you used to play at shows Sister Sister Sister watches the furniture go. She didn't ... the furniture go. She didn't have the scratch to keep you in that so
97 3.Ask Your Bitch ay that's why we celebrate This bitch all up in a rich niggas face Ay nigga come get this bitch and put her in her place You see this shit aro ... nigga[Verse2 I just ask your sister what that pussy hit for I just scratched your main bitch off my list bruh Got a spot out of Vegas just to ... t a spot out of Vegas just to have the paper Got a house out in[?]just to ... Got a house out in[?]just to have the chopper[?]6 pounds stashed it
98 1.All Things Go lence His sister said he wanted to stay with me but I didn't invite him ... th me but I didn't invite him Why didn't he ask or am I just buggin'? Cause since I got fame they don't act the same Even though they know that I love him Family ... le that She never understands why I'm so overprotective The more I work the more I feel like somehow they're neglected I want'Caiah to go to college just to say'W ... My child with Aaron would've have been sixteen any minute So in
99 11.Flawless :'You can have ambition but not too much You should aim to be successful but not too successful Otherwise you will threaten the man' Because I ... d love and mutual support But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage And we don't teach boys the same? We raise girls to see each other as competitors Not fo ... t me how to love my haters My sister told me I should speak my mind M
100 7.Growing Pains III ather not have this discussion My mind racing for the elevation of the toxic in my blood Where my mind don't know now But I know where it was ... re for my son talking with my sister it begun End of the month that's the worst of the month But the first of the month put the weed in the blunt That welfare che ... a sky I feel like David Aames Why must I open my eyes I wish that I could stay asleep forever Attain every goal I wanted and watch it repeat forever Will it happe ...

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