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1 6.Catfish Billy While I'm sipping Coronas under umbrellas Got a propeller
2 7.Guns loud sip Coronas Waiting for the next man to sleep Used to keep it grip on his grip30 A snop droll you know how small it go fit Everybody wan ... g kids getting it all moments sipping this all Thinking it all safety
3 1.Traphouse3 ay better Sipping Coronas with my vato Me casa you know e
4 1.Traphouse3(feat. Rick Ross) ay better Sipping Coronas with my vato Me casa you know e
5 15.Charlie Chaplin cold You sipping Petron try not to throw up in my place cause Girl you got that bomb hope it don't blow up in my face[GLC] Welcome to this ti ... t benefit the skim[Thurz] Low Coronas searching for that meaning of l

6 1.Suzie Noma he owners Sipping on coronas looking at the phone Warrup pre
7 9.Barcelona setas and coronas this bar I'm the motherfucking owner. Made it out the coma played like I said now I'm gone bro a lot of pretty ladies on my ... o so I'm sitting in somewhere sipping my corona thinking I'm a goner and goddammit I'm so fucked and all I can remember is the name of the bar you opened up Babyl ... I heard he moved to Barcelona sipping Coronas still living by the sea splendi
8 8.Mean Muggin as sic on coronas Bitches play on my phone gotta switch up my number I drive fuck with a man I told her bitch call the tinder I just leave her ... m gripping On that bottle I'm sipping but I'm paying the teaching Got