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1 1.KERO'T MARCH~ソラミミングリッシュであります!~ phone go out but facsimileはりきって電話に出たらファクシミリ“(HEISEI) is(KERORO the first year) from today!!!”「(平成)は本日より(ケ
2 1.神の園~Del regno~ L'universo a Dio fa simile〜世界は神に似せて作られた〜永遠の生命与える Che madre fa sovra figlio〜母のように手を差し伸べる〜久遠の虹架かる聖地瞬く星も煌々と痛
3 3.All Who Wander e me happy? Some facsimile thereof Will they give directions that will Lead me back to love?[Chorus] All
4 5.Facts3 ear is facsimilers Spitting mediocre-ass metaphors and whack ... iocre-ass metaphors and whack similes Getting sick of these copycats
5 22.The Look of Love you like her like a simile you met her for a reason That's reason's to see if your heart's open and can I

6 2.Learning to Express(Or to Not Sing Praise) hest up No romantic similes Excuse the french but————— Enterprise fully engaged Step out passé Data colle
7 9.Misconceptions3 red inside it Is it similes or violence? Is it sympathy or similar The sinner's lord's inside'em The prob
8 14.Keep Dreaming venture off into to similes Your excuses is useless as photographic memory with dementia Who cares about
9 19.Love Letters e how many heavenly similes can we blend? Like women and men would fall with no friends Like a rose would
10 10.Kill the Dream lies. Facsimile dream but I've got a scheme to wake up; oh I've got a scheme to kill the dream.Jumbo Ron is pacing back and forth he's worrie ... they're mired in are lies. Facsimile dream but I've got a scheme to w
11 10.Etranger qu'je pige que j'assimile qu'ici c'est la ville ville c'est pas uneîle Faudra qu'je bosse comme dix mill
12 6.Reality Check(Feat. Eryn Allen Kane& Akenya) ll your uncompleted similes and pages ripped You know they whipped us niggas How you afraid to rap it You
13 1.Vega(Stripes On) xt verse is full of similes and metaphors[Verse2] Vega Old hats on gold caps Like slacks on ass go togeth
14 2.Simili a Io così simile a te A trasformare il suono della ... a Io così simile a te Un bacio in fronte e dopo su ... o Io così simile a te A trasformare il suono della ... a Io così simile a te Un bacio in fronte e dopo su ... e Io così simile a te Liberi e prigionieri della s ... a Io così simile a te Un bacio in fronte e dopo s
15 4.Wherewithal ng like a leaf as a simile Doesn't begin to describe Every little failing is annuity To the one in four w
16 2.96 FKries too much Easy peasy similes used frequently really gets on my nerves ReasonJme's lyrically sick? Recently
17 13.Man Don't Care(feat. Giggs) ir multis and their similes And all that shit then I come through with my ABC Girls and man are like'Jme'
18 7.Save Me(feat.J. Paul) got no metaphors no similes To explain to y'all what I've been throughJust real talk just real me You can
19 3.Warm Enough y suddenly mumbling simile meant to be for you Now the futile go fishing for moon over roof top A new sty
20 1.Ignorantro e a rap Write every simile metaphor imagery Pattern and the description of the persona we're witnessing A

21 1.Boomerang it's“titanic” as a simile. We're double-fisting caffeine while our bones are cracking dismally. Did you
22 8.2 Times5 Your Mind just rely on tired similes to blow me up like dynamite[Hook] One time for your mind one time I sound cle
23 7.Un'altra Te n'altra te Un guaio simile Chissà se c'è Un'altra te Con gli stessi tuoi discorsi Quelle tue espressioni
24 5.Activity re all facts not facsimile Sinking or swim it's all action to me It's just activit
25 6.Flight oked like a poor facsimile Flight flight Never should have caught that flight flight Never should have ca
26 7.Best of Me la Bee's A bunch of similes over Dilla beats Or maybe I instead start mimicking the industry Get trapped
27 9.Coming For You s a metaphor I mean simile but understand we ain't similar I keep the letter for it's never offensive It'
28 8.Hold Your Applause bars Bout similes and metaphors Hope the voices be mending For the artists story tellin' Please hold your applause(Verse) I been the Dion for ... hink you know about bars Bout similes and metaphors Hope the voices b
29 19.Pain Wont Stop irror or is it a facsimile? Question hurts more than the fact that it resembles me Thought em all in the
30 4.Discomfort Revisited You hid behind the similes like fractal light in all shades of blue pebbles and mirrors. I'm just jealou
31 1.Young Girls e of speech Analogy Simile An allegory Rhymes get me tongue tied Speech of my third eye Angels on my side
32 1.Keep on Believing m Remember that the simile be after storm Don't let your conspirator sparring celebrationJust watch this
33 10.Deeper Still re's no metaphor or simile no analogy can take me there There's no way I can say it at least not with wor
34 9.Earthshine reflection Pale facsimile Like what others see When they look In my direction Earthshine A beacon in the
35 7.Cheat Code hashtag to metaphor simile Brag-rap to poetry backtrack to symphony Sweet talk the sour puss press and pu
36 2.Chewing Ghosts ch of metaphors and similes(in someways) tucked away in passive aggressive failed poetry but you don't de
37 6.Terrorstorm featuring Vinnie Paz Celph Titled Block McCloud Reef the Lost Cauze Esoteric Crypt the Warchild& Apathy Warchild] Fuck you similes and metaphors I'm just tryna settle war I can only self destruct I am like th
38 3.Disney P.T. g lots of similes but I want your disease. I want your disease. I want your disease. My girl is off-track betting. My girl is a traffic light. ... . You've been getting lots of similes but I want your disease. I want
39 10.We Winnin' 'm feeling when I'm simile switching Got me coming for niggas heads like the Kennedy killer Winning Said
40 11.The Garden of Bad Metaphors n the island of bad similes We will walk like dogs in dungarees We will sing like Persian chimpanzees As
41 13.Andy the Frog rst long convoluted simile.) Then there was a rustling in the bushes and like a man who had been shot in
42 5.Blow My Candle Out me put it in a rap simile You'll understand I gave you a fair shake Kind of like a ferris wheel during a
43 6.Yada Yada reservoir metaphors similes double entendres the bars stay consistent as the Baltimore crime rate slaught
44 4.Deny You This broken life a simile For you and me So get a grip and just believe I will not sing I will not align
45 5.Chris Nolan in' All these silly simile single-syllable singin' simpletons(wait) Zivile zaval and zivile ziggity zors

46 1.95 til' Infinity rbed That's my word Similes and verbs now I'm eating Retreating for seconds and thirds y'all niggas seaso
47 5.Hilary$wank ill your needs with similes not simiLIES Spit that unfamiliar put that on familia For love Hip Hop ladies
48 8.We Be Runnin' This shadow box and the similes for the dope shit Severed out for metaphorical storytelling technotion of the
49 8.We Be Runnin' This shadow box and the similes for the dope shit Severed out for metaphorical storytelling technotion of the
50 5.almond milk paradise(feat. Safari Al) y sent postdated facsimiles of their hot demands I am the type of nigga to blind you with pocket sand The
51 11.Sell Out al miracle metaphor simile onomatopoeia on a period You's a peon period I dominate rap I failed algebra a
52 1.S'i Fosse Foco ta fuggirei da lui: similemente faria da mi' madre S'i' fosse Cecco com'i' sono e fui torrei le donne gio
53 4.We Stand As One forever. With this simile I won't turn back
54 3.A Prophet For A Pound Of Flesh y. Sorry sun god facsimile not so convincing in the cold light of day.-Jerusalem consumed- Salvation in f
55 13.Afraid Of Nothing 'm writing Where my similes are similar and liken to a Lycan Werewolf in the night that'll have you and y
56 2.Revelle ni me hiding in the simile dream state rem and scheming rhyme no reason colors gleaming pretty in pink no
57 10.The Wiener Schnitzel Waltz f you'll pardon the simile) The music was lovely and quite rudolf frimly. I drank wine you drank chocolat
58 3.Carry It Dickerson with the similes Metaphor whore I puzzle like the jigsaw You strip like the weak more I'll be
59 8.If You Want To nging together with similes in between Been mean since a teen since little green marines I've been mean j
60 5.2012(It Ain't The End) he end of the world Similes metaphors and we pop pills Sick flow inundated with the doc bills Work hard n
61 7.Va Pensiero del tempo che fu! O simile di Solima ai fati Traggi un suono di crudo lamento O t'ispiri il Signore un co
62 1.Idecide eve. Only speaks in similes. But in the end we'll come to see it's obsolete. Puts the practice into trial
63 10.Friends& Family rong for a metaphor Simile your legacy will always be remembered for forever or Til the end of time which
64 14.Self Savior ften a facsimile I give a little more than your metaphors and wack ... than your metaphors and wack similes Thousand yard stare say a praye
65 1.Natural Selection2.0 s social-scientific simile Is heredity whether we inherit our techniques From our predecessors or invent
66 10.Va Pensiero del tempo che fu! O simile di Solima ai fati traggi un suono di crudo lamento; o t'ispiri il Signore un c
67 6.War At Your Door out the jurgens The similes and metaphors that I be serving gone right over their head hot turbans I got
68 9.Picture of Anger til I get in'Til my similes are literally sittin' in a Benz Cut from a cloth they don't make no more Me a
69 4.Second Star To The Right l the metaphors and similes. If you can hear me singing then you'll know I'm alive and breathing you have
70 8.How To Be An Indie Rapper lenomics2.0 slangin similes and metaphors Alliterative assonance is what these kids all came here for We
71 6.Giants Lovers containing all the similes that i could write soft as a feather i spoke them to your ear throughout the
72 8.Perfetta Metà mi che nonè più verosimile La storia tra noi sembra finire qui E non sei più l'unica al mondo la mia perf
73 12.Too Cool To Care It's an orgy... Of simile and metaphor In the rapids of a stream of consciousness I'm paddlin' in the ka
74 2.Where in the Simile Am I? re in the Simile Am I? A cogent simile an architect's building- a source of pride and accomplishment through time; moments pass structures fail or fall; or get the ... hes idly by. But where in the simile am I
75 4.Get From Round ese critics with my similes Metaphors I'm the Megazord y'all feeling me I'll rap from now until you count
76 8.Supersize Me All Star Songs with simileys making you smell like Karma Cops Cards me fake ID Prolly in the glove compar
77 8.Sickology101 st higher Then your similes got to be hot as a live wire You need some better metaphors For example this
78 4.Effigy ghable Of a pale facsimile So will you come to burn an effigy It should keep the flies away And when you
79 1.Natural Selection s social-scientific simile Is heredity whether we inherit our techniques From our predecessors or invent
80 12.Effigy ghable Of a pale facsimile? So will you come to burn an effigy? It should keep the flies away And when yo
81 15.Surface Paradise Parts25-31 ey seemed fond of a simile He'd never heard the word'like' used so frequently Its not soul its solipsism
82 14.Shake It Off tting metaphors and similes with clarity till the tongue is sore now he reigns his blessing pour that wil
83 13.Speed Knots spit metaphors and similes Against wars Rims And Bentley's And although they do tempt me Still I practic
84 8.How To Emcee in'em Metaphors and similes with synonyms in'em Spit heat around the town the more you get it heard Till
85 8.Settling For You be gone Oh Cindy Facsimile she's a carbon copied honeybee And her eyes are wild as PCP and she's got a gu
86 6.Father Brian Finn u But love's such a simile For pearl gates of gold I will do my best to meet You there half way Or the wh
87 4.Love Me for a Reason ve me love not a facsimile of love Don't love me for fun girl let me be the one girl Love me for a reason
88 4.Feel Like Spittin' Nothin' as this No simile No metaphor Wait! Silly me yes meteor fly through the sky Light up your life M
89 3.Life On The Line mix Sit home doodle similes thats sinister shit Con Im my own orphan in any event If them hot shells ever
90 8.Watching The Blood Flow o any reasonable facsimile of love That's all out of the question'Cause you always wanted to be A part of
91 10.Hospital Problems (or a reasonable facsimile) sending lethal loopfax pages came out all black we are painted blackface now
92 9.Don't Stop ition Metaphors and similes is prosecuted Put on the track and prostituted To turn tricks get intimate Wi
93 4.Speak Easy ard For a simile true Now I'm suddenly aware In the quest you're beyond compare So speak easy If there's a shadow in your life Then there's su ... o Thought long and hard For a simile true Now I'm suddenly aware In t
94 1.Turn The Page as my metaphor and simile Get all applications into before the deadline Cos it's a fine line between str
95 13.Who Dares Wins As i spit simile after simile Got the latest Nikes on my feet
96 4.Second Prayer fatio Dei similes sive materialis substantia spiritus Domini in orbe terrarum. How long will ye halt between two opinions? Realise! That your ... rayse. Ita est putrefatio Dei similes sive materialis substantia spir
97 19.Je Viens De Marseille ille mec essaye D'assimiler la balistique linguistique Des phraséologistes kamikazes mythologiques Rimolo
98 3.Simile Smiley In the Fields3.Simile Smiley A song could be a shelter A wall in which to hide a song A song cou
99 2.Il Gattone o dentro a volte e' simile E vedo un gatto enorme che si sdraia su di me Dico caccialo col braccio piccol
100 11.Speed ith puns And all my similes intended speed out until I finish Keep it on now we keep it and keep it And k

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