【 sex+xxxx 】 【 歌词 】共有 11笔相关歌词

sex + xxxx 】 【 歌词 】 共有 11笔相关歌词

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1 11.You u Throwin xxxxx at your homegirls husband every evenin then try to convince her that he be cheatin That's you Hate a woman doin better than yo ... r but homie only want you for sex That's you Think you the xxxx because your body is tight what you gon do if god decide to change that over night That's you That can't stay at womans place h ... like that That's you Tryin to xxxx over people who work for you even
2 2.Glory Say Die!-XXXX2.Glory Listen to the right folks Go take a walk on the water. Smoke the drugs Eat her dope Drink and ... drugs Eat her dope Drink and sex We are sick Pray to a god Write a letter Let her lay his hands on your daughters. Break the fast change the past Set her free mo ... r free mother. Walk the part. Sex drugs boy Listen to the right folks
3 15.VIP(特别贵宾) good This xxxx is crazy V.i.p. V.i.p. Everybody's someone No one's got a clue Flash a couple dollars And who are you?Judge a little closer All ... that you're all too good This xxxx is crazy V.i.p. V.i.p. Can't you smell the ... p. V.i.p. Can't you smell the sex? V.i.p. V.i.p. How ya gonna get? V.i.p. V.i.p. Ain't no scene for me V.i.p. V.i.p. This ... ene for me V.i.p. V.i.p. This xxxx is crazy I wanna get down Down to get dirty Sick of this scene It doesn't deserve m
4 2.Falling e lifes a xxxxx but you still here gotta thank god for it[Chorus:] But I'm falling what else can I say I'm fadin' away I'm fading away I'm fad ... ess Done some real dumb drunk xxxx need your forgiveness A sickness its self inflicted my world revolved around girls An Egyptian curse an addiction swimming in ... urse an addiction swimming in sex Ma said show women the respect they
5 6.Porn Star onna have sex with girls for money yeah yeah I'm gonna get laid every day I'm gonna stroke my ding on fling I am shouting out cha-ching! I hav ... . Yeah Yeah. I'd like to have sex with girls for money a porn star I'd like to get paid everyday. you can check me on the door I staring in Butt Pirates4! Yeah! I ... music into the world. love me xxxxx

6 5.Get Your Boof On even2020 xxxxxxxxxxxxx haven't seen shit. I want the fans and my show to put the mosh in pit. Barbequing with my crew chillin off my ... g with my crew chillin off my xxxx with a maid that'll slave cook and wash my dick and a house that I own didn't cost me shit. So just bounce we up in the club bu ... wanna put you on a plate and xxxx you up with a biscuit. The twisted man on the job when you ain't lovin her right. Perverted poetical plumber that's plugging he
7 14.Cold Blooded bile I'm sex smiles this ex-child was born in a red nile ... -child was born in a red nile Sex wild girls on my left and right arm make Devs hard But after the foul play I'm showin' them a red card like Prem stars Engrave t ... t runs the news So is it true XXXX fathered a baby? I don't really th
8 3.Sang No More u kno im sex'n yo friend But if its gonna make me change make me do stupid thangs...to cos my life to change! Ch call the radio!...call the r ... to change!!.....( back to the xxxxxx chorus!!!!
9 37.B N U cuz safe sex I ainâ??t practicin Blazey Bla to squeezey squee bein fake and Bein me is just your misconception of perception are you're seein ... this might be true smack your xxxxx slightly boo Runnin from the white and blue for blowin up a bible school Lemme show what this rifle do to ill I got a license ... hootin guns Goin to jail(I'll xxxx on you) yes I'm lotto touched the wire ... es I'm lotto touched the wire xxxxxx bust a nut in Myers Kelly didnâ??t touch th
10 5.Bit By Bit st in mad sex but it's more thn just lustin no rushin we're gushin and wen we push each others buttons love u so it's love time even wen were ... er one buttin we talk alot of xxxx but it dont mean nothin wud say th
11 8.No Label e a label xxxxXxxxx They say I'm psychotic crazy unstable but I don't giva about no label Ya'll wanna judge me go ahead open ya mouth I know an ar ... coz I'm talking to an angel. xxxxXxxxx I'm talking to an angel got tha devil on tha side Sat one on either shoulder that's just a part of life Sometimes I do it good ... y human doing tha best I can. xxxxXxxxx But they say I'm too bad too this too that well I don't giva Too bad too this too that well I don't g