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1 2.Plastic Plants our love would be a series Always have you near me Yeah that was the plan You were meant to call me on th
2 1.Bitch Lasagna ike you T-Series Nothing personal kid But I must go all outJust this once[Verse1] Bobs or vegana whichever will it be? Sit the fuck down T- ... ll it be? Sit the fuck down T-Series I'm here to spill the real tea(uh) You tryna dethrone me from spot on number one But you India you lose so best think you hav ... o bye bitch gone So come on T-Series looking hungry for some drama Here let me serve you bitch lasagna[Chorus] Bitch lasagna bitch lasagna T- ... Bitch lasagna bitch lasa
3 1.Thank You tactics Thought the series was over but we just gettin' started I won't ever leave this rap shit no I can
4 1.Only You A Netflix Original Series Score1.Only You Lyricist Vince Clarke Composer Vince Clarke Looking from a window ab
5 8.The Incessant s due The incessant Series of tubes The incessant The cop just shoots The incessant It's coming for yo

6 5.Void to save A series of needles dive within the skin To seal shut the incision the coroner has made within I can't quite comprehend my eyes Floati ... llelujah thine body is done A series of needles dive within the skin
7 27.Series Of Dreams cks27.Series Of Dreams I was thinking of aseries of dreams Where nothing comes up to the top Everything stays down where it's wounded And comes to a permanent stop Wasn't thi ... scientificJust thinking of a series of dreams Thinking of a series of dreams Where the time and the tempo drag And there's no exit in any direction'Cept the one that you can't see with your ey ... tion I was just thinking of a series of dreams Dreams where the umbrella is folded A
8 40.Army Ants tself by emitting a series of explosions sometimes setting off4 or5 reports in succession. The noises sou
9 3.Stupid Questions Man he on the tenth series of Power That shit was a little bit after the Fresh Fest What's wrong with you
10 1.Midnight Rocks wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 21.Midnight Rocks You say with best intention Let's throw away c
11 2.Constantinople wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 22.Constantinople Across the western world the fights are going
12 3.Mondo Sinistro wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 23.Mondo Sinistro I take my troubles on a Friday night To the he
13 5.Rocks in the Ocean wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 25.Rocks in the Ocean On a night just like this in a place far a
14 6.Paint by Numbers wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 26.Paint by Numbers When all the help in the world won't get you
15 7.Optical Illusion wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 27.Optical Illusion In my darkest hour just before the dawn Ther
16 8.Here in Angola wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 28.Here in Angola I can't deal with all this undergrowth talk It
17 9.The One That Got Away wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 29.The One That Got Away I came upon two strangers on a black an
18 10.Rumours of War wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 210.Rumours of War We met on the beach amid rumours of war your
19 11.Night Meeting wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 211.Night Meeting It was a night meeting somewhere in a troubled
20 12.Accident on3rd Street wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 212.Accident on3rd Street Linda was killed last Saturday'bout fi

21 13.Strange Girl wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 213.Strange Girl You're a strange girl you come from a strange f
22 14.Russians& Americans wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 214.Russians& Americans So here we stand at the edge of1984 brac
23 15.Cafe Society wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 215.Cafe Society Late at night when reality's failed and nothing
24 16.One Two Three(123) wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 216.One Two Three(123) One two three That's how elementary it's
25 18.Gypsy& the Rose wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 218.Gypsy& the Rose Al Stewart- The Gypsy and the Rose Torn betw
26 19.Lori Don't Go Right Now wart-Original Album Series, Vol. 219.Lori Don't Go Right Now Lori don't go right now Now that you
27 12.Your Prime game Her brain is a series of pamphlets wow She told me a story as long as the last She[?]with hopeless r
28 1.A Beautiful Day(Ni Siku Nzuri) (Music from the TV Series)1.A Beautiful Day(Ni Siku Nzuri) It's a good day to have some fun to r
29 2.Here Comes the Lion Guard (Music from the TV Series)2.Here Comes the Lion Guard Whoa oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh oh Whoa oh oh
30 3.It Is Time (Music from the TV Series)3.It Is Time Life life is a circle I'm told And as the story unfolds I
31 4.It Is Time- From'The Lion Guard' (Music from the TV Series)4.It Is Time- From'The Lion Guard' Life Life is a circle I'm told As t
32 1.Moonlight Medicine Ride-Original Album Series1.Moonlight Medicine It's just a state of mind freedom and time has got
33 2.1000 Miles Ride-Original Album Series2.1000 Miles This night these memories lost and found Are taking over m
34 3.From Time to Time Ride-Original Album Series3.From Time to Time When the morning comes you won't be mine I know tha
35 4.Natural Grace Ride-Original Album Series4.Natural Grace I've been higher than all of you'til the sun's in my ey
36 5.Only Now Ride-Original Album Series5.Only Now Only now the jewel shining only now I've lost the fear In an
37 6.Crown of Creation Ride-Original Album Series6.Crown of Creation Don't wake me up if it's another day'cos I don't wa
38 7.How Does It Feel to Feel Ride-Original Album Series7.How Does It Feel to Feel How does it feel when the day is over? How d
39 8.Endless Road Ride-Original Album Series8.Endless Road The fiery sun burns from morning to evening Across this
40 9.Magical Spring Ride-Original Album Series9.Magical Spring Baby's got a magic power she can change the seasons Sh
41 11.I Don't Know Where It Comes From Ride-Original Album Series11.I Don't Know Where It Comes From I don't know where it comes from I
42 12.Black Nite Crash Ride-Original Album Series12.Black Nite Crash See the girls coughing looking underfed When they g
43 13.Sunshine Nowhere to Run Ride-Original Album Series13.Sunshine Nowhere to Run Hear the engine running as the tour bus pull
44 14.Walk On Water Ride-Original Album Series14.Walk On Water Beautiful Lady I love you so You know I need you pleas
45 15.Gonna Be Alright Ride-Original Album Series15.Gonna Be Alright Can't believe the things I said and did Can't hold

46 16.Ride the Wind Ride-Original Album Series16.Ride the Wind I've been waiting round some timeJust to live a life t
47 22.Brain Bypass ) The9000 series is the most reliable comp-u-u-u-uter ever made No9000 computer has ever ma-d-d-de a mistake or d-d-d-distorted information We ... e of... The9000 the9000 s-s-s-series is the most...(change to a human female's voice) After a time(2x) You may want to keep using more After a time(2x) You may wa ... g more(robotic voice) The9000 series is the most reliable computer(ga
48 3.Shine And Shade fortunes and the miseries(We live a lonely life together)(Close and yet so fare forever)(Along the way w
49 3.Misunderstood y-They Watchin Lofi Series 13.Misunderstood[Intro] Baby do you understand me now But sometimes yo
50 4.Makaveli y-They Watchin Lofi Series 14.Makaveli[Prelude Unknown]Jerome!Jerome! Put on that Bobby Womack! N
51 5.wherefromnj y-They Watchin Lofi Series 15.wherefromnj[Intro] There's a shooting outside nigga[Verse1] Make su
52 6.The Set y-They Watchin Lofi Series 16.The Set[Verse1] Momma said never be thirsty in a rain storm When sh
53 7.Fathers y-They Watchin Lofi Series 17.Fathers[Intro] Feel it. And this goes out to uh all those hard work
54 8.Resourcefool y-They Watchin Lofi Series 18.Resourcefool[Intro] Hey been around been around Never left nigga Le
55 9.Loyal y-They Watchin Lofi Series 19.Loyal[Intro] You know I rather a motherfucker shoot me in my face t
56 10.Winter Coats y-They Watchin Lofi Series 110.Winter Coats[Intro Hodgy Beats] I'd never thought I'd rap on this
57 11.D00rs y-They Watchin Lofi Series 111.D00rs[Intro] The thing about doors yeah(What about'em) They open t
58 12.Who Gives A y-They Watchin Lofi Series 112.Who Gives A Who's that Aw man you gotta be kidding me[?][?]got a b
59 1.Telepathy(feat. Nile Rodgers) he Netflix Original Series] Producer StarGate[Verse Christina Aguilera] You know how to read my mind I'm lost an
60 5.Last Curfew(Live) o one else around A series of bomb blasts rip through the stay Leaving mark wave of sound It was bound to
61 11.Last Curfew one else around. A series of bomb blasts rip through the stay leaving mark wave of sound. It was bound t
62 1.Foregrow br>1.Foregrow A series of eventsJust one forever Senses returning The pain grows inside me exponentia
63 4.Hey History( Don't Go Changin') er channel It's the series finale And I said hey now hey history Well don't just sit there staring back a
64 42.Homely Girl eorge Nooks-Diamond Series Blue42.Homely Girl It must have broke your poor little heart When the
65 10.1000 X's& O's ll your miseries(All your miseries) U can put them in the little bo
66 2.Pagans Or another shit TV series Raised by MTV generation Not a lot of patience Update Facebook status no hesit
67 5.He Said She Said [Verse2] The life a series of moments And VIP he be posting Dudes be drinking that potion Girls all in th
68 9.My Oh My 's1995 the division series Edgars up to bat Bottom of the11th inning got the whole town listening Swung o
69 6.World Series r>6.World Series Kells Who the fuck wanna wit um We ball like Indians at the World ... all like Indians at the World Series8th inning I'm gone I'm rolling w
70 6.World Series r>6.World Series Kells Who the fuck wanna wit um We ball like Indians at the World ... all like Indians at the World Series8th inning I'm gone I'm rolling w
71 2.James Bond hey should create a series of movies on how I live Need cameras following around my life like KIDS So the
72 16.Did I Ever Wake Up(Pt.1) lling you towards a series of never ending good ones. That is if you deal with them correctly. Prove to t
73 5.Six Degrees ors seven series TiVo the World Series About to miss the game hitting s
74 11.Midnight Serenade forget all of our miseries I just wanna drink the night away away away away If you wanna drink the night
75 4.Surrender ngs of when's and miseries How you feel and how you breathe As you lay next to me So come with me babe Is
76 1.Deep End ed on The Originals Series'Out of the Easy' episode] Where can I go? When the shadows are calling? Shadow
77 1.Minor Piano Keys Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 11.Minor Piano Keys Say say something nice to her Fragrant
78 2.Wade Across The Water Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 12.Wade Across The Water I saw you wade across the river Wi
79 3.Slow Black River Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 13.Slow Black River Lost my watch watch and chain But time'
80 4.The Wind Is Low Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 14.The Wind Is Low You strong as a virgin birth Me keeping
81 5.Eden Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 15.Eden Whisper in my ear everything my dear Every wicked v
82 6.Two Hungry Blackbirds Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 16.Two Hungry Blackbirds Lovers accustomed to tragedy See e
83 7.Freckled Girl Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 17.Freckled Girl Someday soon I'll just live over yonder Br
84 8.Judgement Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 18.Judgement Day walks out and there's no sound There's a c
85 9.Sing Song Bird Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 19.Sing Song Bird Give me your shoulder I'm a sing-song bir
86 10.Beyond The Fence Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 110.Beyond The Fence Two flat tires on the Model T Two bird
87 11.Quarters In A Pocket Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 111.Quarters In A Pocket Like the setting sun And more than
88 12.Loretta Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 112.Loretta'Look at the shadow on our tree Seems we'll meet
89 13.Everyone's Summer of'95 Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 113.Everyone's Summer of'95 They heard a car sputter away t
90 14.Your Sly Smile Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 114.Your Sly Smile Blue light setting lotus style in your A
91 15.Halfway to Richmond Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 115.Halfway to Richmond Doo doo doo I'll make supper for my
92 16.Postcard Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 116.Postcard This postcard tells you where we've been And d
93 2.It's The Same Old Song Iron & Wine-Archive Series Volume No. 22.It's The Same Old Song You're sweet like a honeybee But
94 10.The Brown Stains of Darkeese Latifah Part6–12(Remix) ggy No ship in this series since I pissed off Iggy man We been that man since Batman had a sidekick Catch
95 4.Lies Song(feat. Wax& Shane Reis) lways win the World Series I won't eat it if that's bacon I'm into castration I hate big titties and ass
96 4.Hood Boogers n a sixth series in Cali Show off like a series finale Used to take the train ho
97 7.This Is My First Day And I'm Indian And I Work At A Gas Station rt three of the HBO series TheJinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst It's February24th and I still fee
98 13.… The Refuge hisper me All the miseries they bring within Something must be done We are being infected too much And no
99 1.Copper Canteen our teens Through a series of Chevys and Fords The occasional spin round the floor at the Copper Canteen
100 3.Abandoned By God ou are Subject To a series of psychoactive tests To see where you stand on suicide Satan wants to save yo

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