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1 1.Survival Drake-Scorpion1.Survival I been waitin' on this Yeah All of this disorder no addres
2 2.Nonstop Drake-Scorpion2.Nonstop Tay Keith fuck these niggas up Look I just flipped a switch
3 3.Elevate Drake-Scorpion3.Elevate(Ayy) Elevate elevate Only obligation is to tell it straight
4 4.Emotionless Drake-Scorpion4.Emotionless You've got me feeling emotions Higher ooah You've got m
5 5.God's Plan Drake-Scorpion5.God's Plan Yeah they wishin' and wishin' and wishin' and wishin' Th

6 6.I'm Upset Drake-Scorpion6.I'm Upset Yeah I'm workin' on dyin' I'm upset Fifty thousand on my
7 7.8 Out Of10 Drake-Scorpion7.8 Out Of10 Too rich for who? Y'all just got rich again Who grips th
8 8.Mob Ties Drake-Scorpion8.Mob Ties Ayy sick of these niggas(sick) Sick of these niggas(sick s
9 9.Can't Take AJoke Drake-Scorpion9.Can't Take AJoke Ayo blast that shit Maxx! Blast that shit back if
10 10.Sandra's Rose Drake-Scorpion10.Sandra's Rose Yeah no more no more Baby baby baby baby baby baby b
11 11.Talk Up(feat.Jay-Z) Drake-Scorpion11.Talk Up(feat.Jay-Z) Ayy ayy Lot of6's in here tonight Yeah yeah ay
12 12.Is There More Drake-Scorpion12.Is There More Only holdin' up I do is my end of the bargain Only b
13 13.Peak Drake-Scorpion13.Peak Treat you like princess rest in heaven Diana Piquing my inter
14 14.Summer Games Drake-Scorpion14.Summer Games I think you're changing your mind Starting to see it
15 15.Jaded Drake-Scorpion15.Jaded Ayy yeah Dogs on this side dogs over on this side Yeah Leavi
16 16.Nice For What Drake-Scorpion16.Nice For What I wanna know who mothafuckin' representin' in here t
17 17.Finesse Drake-Scorpion17.Finesse Yeah Turn everything up Yeah oh yeah Turn everything up a
18 18.Ratchet Happy Birthday Drake-Scorpion18.Ratchet Happy Birthday It's your fuckin' birthday(oh birthday happ
19 19.That's How You Feel Drake-Scorpion19.That's How You Feel Yeah woo I'm just in the cut sittin' sideways
20 20.Blue Tint Drake-Scorpion20.Blue Tint Mario! Hold up Gang gang gang gang gang Look who I'm fuc

21 21.In My Feelings Drake-Scorpion21.In My Feelings Trap TrapMoneyBenny This shit got me in my feelings
22 22.Don't Matter To Me(feat. MichaelJackson) Drake-Scorpion22.Don't Matter To Me(feat. MichaelJackson) Ayy wild things you're do
23 23.After Dark(feat. Static Major& Ty Dolla$ign) Drake-Scorpion23.After Dark(feat. Static Major& Ty Dolla$ign) Haha haha Yeah ayy(Af
24 24.Final Fantasy Drake-Scorpion24.Final Fantasy Yeah I never really talk about dick that I wanna giv
25 25.March14 Drake-Scorpion25.March14 Here we go Yeah Yesterday morning was crazy I had to come
26 4.Hitch Feat Sadek pèse lourd comme un scorpion on m'craint comme la ScampiaJ'enregistre un délit montagnes de Kabylie comme
27 10.Scorpion Breath peror of Sand10.Scorpion Breath feat. Scott Kelly Producer Brendan O'Brien[Troy Sanders] The elusive mys
28 3.Shine On takes to flight the scorpion to sting Someone panicked someone threw the switch We all covered up took sh
29 1.let's relate Relate Readings of scorpion collage in my Ménilmontant atelier Summer sobbing in the Père Lachaise sendi
30 40.Army Ants ount of liquor on a scorpion it will instantly go mad and sting itself to death. The Bombardier Beetle wh
31 14.When He Died they found so many scorpions inside his lungs When he died the statues of his missing children cried Wha
32 2.Scorpion Swamp r-Dead by Dawn2.Scorpion Swamp When speaking to the dead you must not forget not all spirits are
33 8.Scorpions xico8.Scorpions I had daydreams of flying If only for a moment I was soaring in flight Then you caught up with me What's the use of be ... us fighting hear our screams Scorpions Scorpions Playing with the poison of love I was so complacent Never had a thought That I'd lose my freedom Ever get caught What's th ... us fighting hear our screams Scorpions Scorpions Fighting with the poison of l
34 23.My Window like a sting from a scorpion We ashamed'cause we can't afford the stuff We wanna buy had to find some for
35 8.Smolik lcanic fumes snakes scorpions keep off the grass don't touch the monument no trespasing spring guns chemi
36 3.As the Thoughts Began to Be Tarnish th the roar of this scorpions you shall understand soon it's time to internalize how threatening it is th
37 1.Calling from a Dream glowing gaze of the scorpioness She descends the pillars to confront him face to face Shrieking'This land
38 4.Hang On n a hole snakes and scorpions When they got you in their evil grips with those ancient forces When you're
39 1.Going Out With A Bang Scorpions-Return To Forever1.Going Out With A Bang If you say we're falling I
40 2.We Built This House Scorpions-Return To Forever2.We Built This House Love is the glue that hold u
41 3.Rock My Car Scorpions-Return To Forever3.Rock My Car Rock rock rock my car Let's push the
42 4.House Of Cards Scorpions-Return To Forever4.House Of Cards Sometimes I walk mysterious place
43 5.All For One Scorpions-Return To Forever5.All For One The weekend comes around The gang is
44 6.Rock'N' Roll Band Scorpions-Return To Forever6.Rock'N' Roll Band Pick up my guitar rock this to
45 7.Catch Your Luck And Play Scorpions-Return To Forever7.Catch Your Luck And Play I saw her walking to th

46 8.Rollin' Home Scorpions-Return To Forever8.Rollin' Home Way back in the days It feels so lo
47 9.Hard Rockin' The Place Scorpions-Return To Forever9.Hard Rockin' The Place(Hard) rock this joint!(Ha
48 10.Eye Of The Storm Scorpions-Return To Forever10.Eye Of The Storm Another year is running throug
49 11.The Scratch Scorpions-Return To Forever11.The Scratch It's been so long out on the road W
50 12.Gypsy Life Scorpions-Return To Forever12.Gypsy Life Here I go again Feels like once upon
51 6.Daisy Chains inned Only dust and scorpions within There ain't nothin' underneath my skin I stare at the sky and it swa
52 11.Slab of Butter(Scorpion) of Butter(Scorpion) feat. Sarah Barthel Lyricist Dennis Coyne Miley Cyrus Steven Drozd& Wayne Coyne[Intro] I'm'bout to get fucked up wanna get fu ... t's open full of sweat Like a scorpionon fire stinging myself to deat
53 3.North Star ze across my cheeks Scorpions in the sand I can feel them Reprogram repeat Reprogram repeat I am real I a
54 11.No Smoking in the House tingers on top of a scorpion Or being at an appointment with Dr. Kevorkian I make the best polka player d
55 1.The Sails of Charon Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited1.The Sails of Charon Dark night there is no light In the
56 2.Longing For Fire Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited2.Longing For Fire Flying with the guys And my longing for
57 3.Crying Days Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited3.Crying Days Force yourself to use your brain The only wa
58 4.Virgin Killer Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited4.Virgin Killer Cry like you feel Try like you feel feel i
59 5.In Trance Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited5.In Trance I wake up in the morning and the sun begins to
60 6.Sun In My Hand Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited6.Sun In My Hand Yeah... I'd like to tell you something no
61 7.Yellow Raven Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited7.Yellow Raven The yellow raven sipped the air Of thunder
62 8.Polar Nights Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited8.Polar Nights Down down... That's bringing me down The st
63 9.Dark Lady Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited9.Dark Lady Sitting alone in the doghouse Thinking of you
64 10.Catch Your Train Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited10.Catch Your Train Wake up man it's late but not too late
65 11.Evening Wind Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited11.Evening Wind Summerday is gone Listen to the evening wi
66 12.All Night Long Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited12.All Night Long Can't get enough of the girl that I love
67 13.We'll Burn The Sky Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited13.We'll Burn The Sky I'm in love with the sunshine I'm in
68 14.Pictured Life Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited14.Pictured Life Ooh! Dark meditation Your second sight ca
69 15.Hell-Cat Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited15.Hell-Cat Fire in her eyes... burn... Perfume of the ski
70 16.Life's Like A River Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited16.Life's Like A River As years are passing by Silence bec
71 17.Drifting Sun Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited17.Drifting Sun Well sitting on a stone Sitting all alone
72 19.Fly To The Rainbow Uli Jon Roth-Scorpions Revisited19.Fly To The Rainbow Life is empty can't remember anytime
73 4.That's Life Tho(Almost Hate to Say) ghway But there are scorpions out there There was a man who touched the lives of many And when he died he
74 5.Designer Feelings Cuz I'm a scorpion baby And that's just what I'll do Cuz I'm a ... s just what I'll do Cuz I'm a scorpion baby And that's just what I'll
75 5.Baby I'm In Love i abitua a te E uno scorpione sul divano nonè un granché Sei la mia dipendenza peggiore la mia dannazione
76 18.The Vision ip rattlesnakes and scorpions And noxious toxic times Feel nauseous stay obnoxious to rock these rhymes K
77 7.Mortal Kombat High and cool Scorpion's romantic and he's gentle as a deer Look listen to the new love song he wrote It's called'Come Here!'[Danny]La la la la la ... ny]La la la la la la la la la[Scorpion: Egoraptor]COME HERE!![Ken]Agh![Danny]A la la la la la la la la la[ ... ]A la la la la la la la la la[Scorpion: Egoraptor]GET OVER HERE!![Ken
78 6.Hang On n a hole snakes and scorpions When they got you in their evil grips with those ancient forces When you're
79 16.New York t into you I'm like Scorpion I'm all finished Make it nasty real real nasty When you bitches run it like
80 13.Confidence(Featuring Collie Buddz) against snakes and scorpions Tryin' to be your friends But then they cut you in the end I feel sleep mov
81 3.Spiral piral Scorpion dance Live in solitude Climb the spiral path To darkened realm Bridge between the stars To the land of death Ascension to t ... to the light Break the chains Scorpion dance Leave this poison life D
82 1.White Knuckles nt With a scorpion on my thumb I just want to get some head taking opiates till I'm numb Feeling so alone watch this orphan come undone To a s ... oker wearing war paint With a scorpion on my thumb I just want to get
83 4.Iran e juice that's in a scorpion's tail Five years- smoking opium in jail I'm telling ya I was living in a op
84 11.Dlx name can't change a scorpion's prayers Niggas tryna' sue a younging at an unfornuate bread Told my son I'
85 27.Cries Of A Dead World(Wasteland2 Credits version) in a ranger's veins Scorpion tales and cyborg blues Prophets of doom they spread bad news The cries of a
86 23.She's Triple6 s here She's like a scorpion in my ear Don't make jokes about my state of affairs Cause I followed her mi
87 14.Electric Spider 3]Juniper seeds and scorpion milk Cockaroach feet and silkworm silk Sweet vermouth and salt and brine Add
88 5.Cool Runnings hot at the fall I'm scorpion-born Love scorn I claim retarded and go in Hard never home dearly departed O
89 14.A Song for Douglas(After He's Dead) nd his sculls for a scorpion lies. In the crunch of the snow as his darkness increases. A twilight of ice
90 2.Blackout m2.Blackout(Scorpions cover) I realize I missed a day But I'm too wrecked to care anyway I look a
91 22.El Padre De Los Antrax pie habia ruido de escorpiones serpientes de cascabel alguien vendra a rescatarnos aguantemos yo se que v
92 1.Nemesis inside out With the scorpion's tail that has been dried out Incredible amazing Forget it boy I'm blazing
93 14.Last Dayz(Re-Recorded) one(no one) I'm the scorpion And I'll probably bite the bullet Cause I live by the gun We came to hear th
94 3.Talk Of The Town ost Not doing rises scorpion bent to9ld the record from the contraband all you can be Motherfucker what w
95 1.Always Somewhere Scorpions-Best1.Always Somewhere Lyricist Klaus Meine Rudolf Schenker Arrive at seve
96 2.Another Piece of Meat Scorpions-Best2.Another Piece of Meat Lyricist Herman Rarebell Rudolf Schenker Met h
97 3.He's A Woman- She's A Man Scorpions-Best3.He's A Woman- She's A Man Lyricist Klaus Meine Herman Rarebell Rudol
98 4.I'm Going Mad Scorpions-Best4.I'm Going Mad Lyricist W Dsiony L Heimberg K Meine M Schenker R Sche
99 5.In Trance Scorpions-Best5.In Trance Lyricist K Meine R Schenker I wake up in the morning And t
100 6.Is There Anybody There Scorpions-Best6.Is There Anybody There Lyricist Klaus Meine Herman Rarebell Rudolf S

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