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1 1.All The People In The World Safri Duo-3.01.All The People In The Worl
2 2.The Moonwalker Safri Duo-3.02.The Moonwalker Lyricist M. Fr
3 1.Baya Baya Safri Duo-暫存1.Baya Baya Lyricist Morten Frii
4 2.Played A Live(Bongo Song) Safri Duo-暫存2.Played A Live(Bongo Song)
5 3.Rise(Electro mix) Safri Duo-暫存3.Rise(Electro mix) Did y

6 4.All the People in the World(album version) Safri Duo-暫存4.All the People in the World
7 5.Played-A-Live(The Bongo Song)(Live) Safri Duo-暫存5.Played-A-Live(The Bongo Son
8 6.Played-A-Live(The Bongo Song)(Airscape mix) Safri Duo-暫存6.Played-A-Live(The Bongo Son
9 7.Agogo Mosse Safri Duo-暫存7.Agogo Mosse Guess what?
10 8.Laarbasses Safri Duo-暫存8.Laarbasses I wanna danc
11 9.Rise(Leave Me Alone) Safri Duo-暫存9.Rise(Leave Me Alone) Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson Safri Duo- Rise(Hey Heyyy yeah.) Did you real
12 10.Knock on Wood Safri Duo-暫存10.Knock on Wood Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson I don't want t
13 11.Rise(Leave me alone)- Radio Edit Safri Duo-暫存11.Rise(Leave me alone)- Radio Edit ... ave me alone)- Radio Edit Safri Duo feat. Clark Anderson Did you really
14 12.Samb-Adagio- Cosmic Gate Remix Safri Duo-暫存12.Samb-Adagio- Cosmic Gate Remix(Intro) Holy vanilla blunts it's Vast-Man TheJokers kidnapped Hip-Hop What's you gon' ... Aire(Outro) Will the Dynamic Duo triumph over theJokers evil Will Ca
15 6.Eurovision Song Contest Medley tlemen... Safri Duo We are what we're supposed to be Il