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1 1.Apple of My Eye br> feat. Raphael Saadiq Producer Major Nine[Intro Rick Ross](Hahahah!)Just being somebody that the neighborhood respected And my mama could be proud ... muthafuckin' casualty[Chorus: Raphael Saadiq] Always speak and say right You just never ever walk on by(never ever walk on by) You even stopped and put one in the ... just bout them purses[Chorus: Raphael Saadiq] Always speak and say right I just never ever walk on by(never ever walk on by) You even stopped and put one in the s
2 1.What a Year ear Producer D'Angelo& Raphael Saadiq[Verse Dave East](East side wo!) I like my women to be pure noJuicy Cou
3 7.Don't You Wait dge Dave Longstreth Raphael Saadiq Sampha& Olubenga[Verse One] I gave it all away that night It was takin
4 11.Where Do We Go an Patrick Wimberly Raphael Saadiq Solange kwes.& Sean Nicholas Savage[Verse1] Speakers off tonight Turn
5 16.Junie John Kirby Solange& Raphael Saadiq[Intro Nia Andrews and Kelly Rowland]... have it yeah[Verse1: Solange]

6 5.Kevin Gates– Destroyed le I'm a ninja like RaphaelJimJones tell a baby I'm cappo Baby pop that pussy like a snapple Pop pop that
7 12.Hero(feat. Raphael Saadiq) O12.Hero(feat. Raphael Saadiq)[Hook] I just want you to know(Everybody needs a hero) There is so
8 8.Yet hat(grr) I call you Raphael cause you hang with a sewer rat I can't hang with no informer I'm too hood fo
9 3.What They Do q Trotter、Raphael Saadiq、Leonard Hubbard Chorus(saadiq) Never do....what they do what they do what they do... Never do....what they do what th ... bitin ass crew but uh Chorus: raphael saadiq Never do what they do wh
10 10.DaJoint(Album Version) Master basslines of Raphael Saadiq Lyrical mastermind a genius so don't snooze No mission's impossible as
11 2.Se Fue Raphael-De Amor & Desamor2.Se Fue Tengo el corazón tan triste que me daría ig
12 1.Day Dreams Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'1.Day Dr ... ams Lyricist Raphael Saadiq Have you ever wanted to
13 2.Go To Hell Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'2.Go To ... ell Lyricist Raphael Saadiq Here's the situation yes
14 3.Good Man Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'3.Good M ... Man Lyricist Raphael Saadiq I'm good man food on the
15 4.Heart Attack Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'4.Heart ... ack Lyricist Raphael Saadiq You given me a heart att
16 5.Just Don't Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'5.Just D ... n't Lyricist Raphael Saadiq Walking down the street
17 6.Moving Down The Line Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'6.Moving ... ine Lyricist Raphael Saadiq What's in your eyes'caus
18 7.Over You Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'7.Over Y ... You Lyricist Raphael Saadiq Next time I see you I ju
19 8.Radio Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'8.Radio< ... dio Lyricist Raphael Saadiq I met this girl named Ra
20 9.Stone Rollin' Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'9.Stone ... in' Lyricist Raphael Saadiq Listen fat lady shakin'

21 10.The Answer Raphael Saadiq-Stone Rollin'10.The A ... wer Lyricist Raphael Saadiq Dream on Dream on Stop s
22 2.Who I Am my soul like an old Raphael Saadiq speech Lack masculinity I miss you Sad they call it hate when we speak
23 5.Soul Food br> feat. Raphael Saadiq[Intro Big KRIT] What happened to the soul food? What happened to the soul food? I'm talkin' good eatin' good seasonin ... d eatin' good seasonin'[Hook: Raphael Saadiq] Out here in this world just tryna make it Everything I see sometimes I can't take it But damn I really miss those ti ... e[Hook][Bridge: Big K.R.I.T.&(Raphael Saadiq)](Never thought it'd be
24 2.King of the Elves it up*[Guitar solo: Raphael] The light of a new day is born Caressing with its morning breeze Crimson win
25 3.Twilight of Magic Guitar solos: Aydan Raphael] For a single beat of heart For one tear of joy I would seduce the Night For
26 4.Black Roses for the Wicked One rom me[Guitar solo: Raphael] Scary cold as the freezing snow this is how you might consider me So open up
27 10.Pagan Revolution Guitar solos: Aydan Raphael] We endorse your spirituality We support your self-dedication Unleash unleash
28 11.Grandier's Funeral Pyre l pyre[Guitar solo: Raphael] His eyes were fiery and yet so hollow Sixteen pints of water he was forced t
29 1.Yo soy aquel Raphael-Yo Soy Aquel: Los Exitos1.Yo soy aquel Lyricist Alvarez Beigbeder Perez Manu
30 1.Don't Call My Name Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake1.Don't Call My Name Don't you ever call my nam
31 2.L'amie d'un italien(Rainbows) Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake2.L'amie d'un italien(Rainbows) Everytime I see
32 3.Sai(Ci Basta Un Sogno) Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake3.Sai(Ci Basta Un Sogno) Apri gli occhi e te ne
33 4.Senza Ritegno Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake4.Senza Ritegno Ti guardo e non puoi tentarmi d
34 5.Baby What's Wrong Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake5.Baby What's Wrong A year has gone and really
35 6.Seventy Days of Love Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake6.Seventy Days of Love It's nearly1 am And I'm
36 7.Un Mare In Luce Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake7.Un Mare In Luce Se ti incontro un giorno che
37 9.Beautiful Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake9.Beautiful Livin' safe in life It's not for me
38 10.Mambo Soul Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake10.Mambo Soul Chi sono? Chi sei? Chi mai saremm
39 11.I'm Tired Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake11.I'm Tired I'm tired I'm tired I'm tired mmm
40 13.Welcome to My Hell Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake13.Welcome to My Hell Good morning mama you kno
41 15.Rainbows Raphael Gualazzi-Happy Mistake15.Rainbows Everytime I see your eyes I ain't g
42 8.Pardon Me Feat. Curren& Smoke DZA a jeweler Aviani or Raphael100 for y'all pull out the weed around Ciroc toast in style we La Marina bound
43 1.Gideon Raphael-Mind vs. Heart1.Gideon It's a Gideon! Inna me heart right now. Gideon
44 2.Step Up Raphael-Mind vs. Heart2.Step Up(feat. Tiwony) Man fe rise and shine push your
45 3.She Cry Raphael-Mind vs. Heart3.She Cry Come back and love me(she said). Don't try to

46 5.Knocking Raphael-Mind vs. Heart5.Knocking Me deh yah knock knock knockin' on your door
47 6.IfJah Is With You Raphael-Mind vs. Heart6.IfJah Is With You Ain't no river you cyaan cross ther
48 7.Time Raphael-Mind vs. Heart7.Time Day after day month after month. Year after year
49 8.In Every Style Raphael-Mind vs. Heart8.In Every Style In every style I sing and I don't repe
50 9.Duppies Inna Dance Raphael-Mind vs. Heart9.Duppies Inna Dance We nuh fear dem. Seh we nuh fear dem. Me kill demons you know? Too much duppies i ... with me musical fyah. Me name Raphael and it means'God heals' so me f
51 10.Intro Raphael-Mind vs. Heart10.Intro There's a place where u can hide when out ther
52 11.Laid Back Raphael-Mind vs. Heart11.Laid Back Rit. Laid back my eyes a tired and me see
53 12.Wine With Me Raphael-Mind vs. Heart12.Wine With Me Baby would you wine would you wine with
54 13.Soundblaster Raphael-Mind vs. Heart13.Soundblaster Music must be creativity and not just v
55 14.Mind Vs Heart Raphael-Mind vs. Heart14.Mind Vs Heart Life is a jungle whole heap a rumble h
56 15.Inna Dis Ya Time Raphael-Mind vs. Heart15.Inna Dis Ya Time Inna dis ya time people sufferin' s
57 1.Animal Pharm eply as silent as a Raphael-given instrument for stickin' Or maybe riot as a lion Would he tie in tiger f
58 2.Crack eply as silent as a Raphael-given instrument for stickin' Or maybe riot as a lion Would he tie in tiger f
59 1.Took Off jewelry you can ask Raphaelo Today I'm feelin too bitch bought my money jewish Can't stop til the Forbes
60 3.Took Off jewelry you can ask Raphaelo Today I'm feelin too bitch bought my money jewish Can't stop til the Forbes
61 4.Fuck Shit jewelry you can ask Raphaelo Today I'm feelin too bitch bought my money jewish Can't stop til the Forbes
62 6.Sweet Spot ine Melki、RaphaelJudrin、Tramar Dillard Composer Breyan Is ... ine Melki、RaphaelJudrin、Tramar Dillard Let's hit
63 3.Here And Beyond ob ovJerusalem Then Raphael beyond me and night appear'd Bent and The Word was announc'd An archangelic g
64 2.The Lost soul full of rage! Raphael: Beware the Archfiend now fallen from the light His intentions are dark indee
65 20.Fine ine Lyricist Raphael Saadiq、Kamaal Fareed Composer Kamaal Fa ... al Fareed、Raphael Saadiq It's Fine Fine fine fine
66 8.DivineJudgment Arab is Dead Arab” Raphael Etan“…then he will drive out all these nations from before you and you will d
67 6.Part VI l the friend of god Raphael god heals We are the power that comes from the sky Sariel the command of god
68 7.I Versteh Di Nit . rita hl. erzengel raphael hl. virgilius– bitte für un
69 2.The Perfection Of Evil nd Michael aside me Raphael behold Legions of the new world From sea to blackened sea Show the mark upon
70 3.Adept In Divinity divinity Sought by Raphael In conquest of the western sea Angdae dürelen Agarwaen Er I am the left hande
71 1.Don't Stop Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy1.Don't Stop If you wake up and don't wan
72 2.Follia D'amore Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy2.Follia D'amore Dire si dire mai* nonè f
73 3.Icarus Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy3.Icarus Lies covered by a mystic sand* T
74 4.Tuesday Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy4.Tuesday On Saturday morning* I wished y
75 5.Reality And Fantasy Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy5.Reality And Fantasy Someone upon that w
76 6.Scandalize Me Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy6.Scandalize Me First of all Take my hand
77 7.Behind The Sunrise Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy7.Behind The Sunrise Behind the sunrise t
78 8.A Three Second Breath Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy8.A Three Second Breath Sometimes I see t
79 9.Calda Estate(dove Sei) Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy9.Calda Estate(dove Sei) Calda estate non
80 11.Saro Sarai Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy11.Saro Sarai Circondata dai ricordi Muor
81 13.Lady'O' Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy13.Lady'O' Camminavo sulla pioggia sorseg
82 14.Empty Home Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy14.Empty Home I left your home so empyi a
83 15.Caravan Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy15.Caravan parce que j'en ai les larmes a
84 16.Reality And Fantasy(Gilles Peterson Remix)[Radio Edit] Raphael Gualazzi-Reality And Fantasy16.Reality And Fantasy(Gilles Peterson Remix)
85 11.Raphael At Both Ends11.Raphael Pray for me now My thoughts are getting too loud Voices shuttering Everyb
86 10.All The Money In The World at bitch up(Chorus)(Raphael) Oh man When i close my eyes I can see you about a million times(It's true) O
87 5.Go Off Go On But they actin' all Raphael Saadiddy What you mean girl? You don't even know me You probably used to nigg
88 8.K.I.S.S. Janice MarieJohnson Raphael Saadiq Uh huh uhh uhh uhh listen The way your apple bottom pokin' out got me
89 8.Number One Hamilton、Raphael Hamilton、Keri Hilson Composer Keri Hils ... ri Hilson、Raphael Hamilton、Roy Hamilton、R. Kelly編
90 1.Sure Hope You Mean It Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It1.Sur ... It Lyricist Raphael Saadiq(Ooh hoo sure hope you me
91 2.100 Yard Dash Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It2.100 Yard Dash Lyricist Robert C. OzunaJr. ... Dash Lyricist Robert C. OzunaJr. Raphael Saadiq Yeah I tried to run but
92 3.Keep Marchin Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It3.Keep Marchin Oh-Oh-Oh Well there's nothing y
93 4.Big Easy Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It4.Big Easy Mmmm mm mm Yeah Whoa Ay-ay ay ay So
94 5.Just One Kiss Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It5.Jus ... iss Lyricist Raphael Saadiq It was that one kiss fro
95 6.Love That Girl Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It6.Love That Girl Lyricist Robert CJr Ozuna ... t Girl Lyricist Robert CJr Ozuna Raphael Saadiq You can tell by her smil
96 7.Calling Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It7.Calling Lyricist Rocio Mendoza ... 7.Calling Lyricist Rocio Mendoza Raphael Saadiq Tengo tanto que decirte
97 8.Staying In Love Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It8.Sta ... ove Lyricist Raphael Saadiq When I met you I said he
98 9.Oh Girl Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It9.Oh ... irl Lyricist Raphael Saadiq You know you saved me fr
99 10.Never Give You Up Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It10.Never Give You Up Lyricist Charles Hilton ... e You Up Lyricist Charles Hilton Raphael Saadiq See she is so sexy the w
100 11.Sometimes Raphael Saadiq-The Way I See It11.Sometimes Lyricist Robert C. OzunaJr. ... imes Lyricist Robert C. OzunaJr. Raphael Saadiq Let me tell you about my

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