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1 6.Fishbowl ness6.Fishbowl(Swimmin in a fishbowl) Chorus Cuz the moons so bright Got ... s Cuz the moons so bright Got my sun shades on And my drinks on ice And they playin my song(Fishbowl Swimmin in a fishbowl) Well laugh well dance all night long(X2) The night is young lets have some fun(X4) Cats be out dogs bark ... fun(X4) Cats be out dogs bark Lovers kiss romantic less Well I do little bit Things you do little shit Red and white turns pink I a
2 3.Poet Laureate Infinity Canibus-For Whom The Beat Tolls3.Poet Laureate Infinity[Vocal1] I got bored with four beats to the measure Professor speech compress ... where to drop mortars I drive forward Sandstorms make my eyes water Skull is a submarine hull Dolphin phones screen calls from places as far away as A.G.C.R. The rhymes are raw deeper th ... eper than yours you crawled before you walked but didn't think about you thoughts be ... 't think about you thoughts before you talke
3 1.Jelly In Ya Pants more than lovers times we could call eachother Even speak in the streets if we saw eachother[Chorus x2: Lon Dini] Get ya ass up on the floor M ... mi you dance like you lookin' for a one night stand Want someone to get in them pants? While I'm the right man Now throw it back at me drop it and pop it Lock it ... y it and rock it and stay out my pockets Fishin' plenty in the sea catch of the day I'm a fly dude Taylor Made excellent pay Step in the way to a car with
4 5.Easy For You To Say br>5.Easy For You To Say The sentimental sun in his teary sky Says he doesn't want to shine today You tell me to imagine ... today You tell me to imagine myself with another lover That's easy for you to say The april that i knew with her cool soft rain Has turned into a flowerless may You tell me to go on with ... may You tell me to go on with my life as if nothing's happened That's easy ... othing's happened That's easy for you to say Maybe i should
5 6.Catnipping Green ing Songs for Cat Lovers6.Catnipping Green As I roved on outside one evening so fair To pounce on small crickets and chase birds in the air I ... ying in catnips that's mine before long.[ch] Wrap me up in a fresh bed of catnip. No more in ... esh bed of catnip. No more in my house I'll be seen.Just tell me old litter mates It smells good and tastes great And I'll see ye someday on Catnipping Green. Now ... when you sing. Where there's plenty to climb and

6 8.Paraghnoid oo pretty for my I-N-K Too special for my quick pen play My lover my hater my template. my teacher my schizophrenic sensei Plenty paid to break through your barricade And they play like they pray but they afraid Deep inside tried to deny ... aid Deep inside tried to deny my weakness for you Nothing like the feeling that you provide Knowing it could be just you and I Then lose you I would rather lose an eye A man ...
7 5.12 Minute Freestyle place is my house I might as well erase my face with white-out Cause y'all can't see ... ite-out Cause y'all can't see my like Mase's eyebrows Walking in swamp water with an M-16 out ... swamp water with an M-16 out for the blood Shove a gun in the mouth of a thug To break braces you say grace and make faces I'll display hate and break you in eig ... a standoff Precise aim ice in my veins blowing your hand off Dancing with the Devil leading- I won't die I'm nev
8 25.Notebook Poems ake& play for7 days The General's son had a sister. They went down to see him. They went to the studio& someone knew him. Someone knew the T.V ... y.'He's rich. Got a big car.' My friend drove an hour each day from the Mts. The bus gives you a hard-on books in your lap. We shot the bird at the black M.P. ... ot the bird at the black M.P. My gang will get you. Scenes of rape in the arroyo. Seductions in cars abandoned buildings. Fights at the food stand. The dust. The ... . P