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1 10.CHICKENS ruck just off the row Without this Richard my swag up to par Over three M&Ms just on the car Ballin' like everyday night'til tomorrow Give me ... cale gotta weigh'em in I take off see the fire out the tail end Tell the troops up and load up a caravan I maneuver but I got a ratchet Had the bulletproof whip w ... now I'm rich but sittin' here pissed like she ain't leaving'til I pay
2 1.18 f it ever pissed you off Well she doesn't mind Driving home from campus For a younger guy I'm lying to my parents Said I'm out with my friends Sleeping o ... ming with you naked So I blow off my friendsJust to see you again I w
3 5.Catching Bodies(feat.!llmind) ch a body off if I hit it when you looking like that I'mma catch a body in here I'mma catch a body if I hit him when you looking like that Sme ... ese ni**as hated I know y'all pissed Stop pocket watching my bag and care for y'all kids I got a dangerous mind I'm cold hearted I don't know if it's the history ... dy in here I'mma catch a body off if I hit it when you looking like t
4 13.Like Mike s showing off Niggas not even like that(Niggas not even like that) Gotta go run to the money I pick up a bag and I'm coming right back(Bitch) ... nnin' to the bands gotta cool off(Yeah yeah) I blow them racks when I'pissed off(What?) Pull out the Wraith drop the top ... l out the Wraith drop the top off(Skrrt) You niggas is softer than cotton(Huh?) Back up'cause my diamonds be boxing(Woah) Rich Forever getting to the cheddar now( ... ggas acting up niggas showing
5 1.Bestie(Feat. Kodak Black) p bitches pissed off(Pissed off) Make the whole club jump like Kris

6 1.This Land anoid and pissed off Now that I got the money Fifty acre
7 11.The Adventures Of Stoney Bob I'm going off here we go What up what's good? I'm running through your hood I'm feeling like I should I wish a motherfucker would Bobby be my ... The only lady that never gets pissed off And if there's one thing I know It'
8 14.Last Call e staying off Coldwater Canyon Alta Mesa in studio city man And I'm going to the studio with No I.D. every day And uhh like shit is crazy That ... Or you driving home from work pissed off at your bossJust man just please do
9 6.Stressing Me ou got me pissed off mentally So me bein' on this beat b
10 9.Once An Addict(Interlude) l be gone Off to college and dorms Foolin' myself thinkin' problems are gone But now it's1 AM and my mama dialin' my phone I know she intoxica ... he lit talkin' drunk shit I'm pissed But I'm still all ears like Bass
11 1.Baby Don't Leave Me(All Alone On Christmas) witch got pissed off at nothing We got caught up in the
12 15.What Happens w a nigga pissed Hit the dab just to show the wrist It's the young Bada$$ in this bitch What happens when you took a nigga bitch She goin' ... took a nigga bitch She goin' off givin' a nigga kiss Know she sucked on a nigga dick And right now sending naked pics What happens when you fucked a nigga bitch ... king I was in the wrong I was off the Henny I was off the Moet What happen when you a fly
13 1.There For You I woke up pissed off today And lately everyone feels fak
14 3.Serenading in the Trenches d remorse Pissed off and juiced up with my back to the w
15 4.Draco t a nigga pissed off Nice little thot got stiff arm Did the Heisman on the hoe got the stiff arm Fuck up that body like Tyson or Holyfield wo wo wo w ... uck the pigs Diamonds fallin' off my let me jig Never falling off and never quit I retired cookin' up
16 14.Massage In My Room sy I just pissed on a100 Gs Ace of Spades when the lights ... Ace of Spades when the lights off Wrist movin' like CB Bought the Lam
17 3.Ignorecam Pissed Jeans-Why Love Now3.Ignorecam Ignore me Please ignore me Why not ignore me You should ignore me So you're sick of int ... nd load the ignorecam Getting off on letting her be Oh ignore me Please ignore yeah me Why not ignore me You should ignore me Phone's ... You should ignore me Phone's off the hook but nobody's talking the u
18 3.Let It Rain y twisted off the henara And I'm always on the center stage Reminisce on better days in a hammock reading Hemingway Trying to get a better bra ... 's gone A lot of graves to be pissed on Land of the free I think wrong(I think wrong) You know I got the drug so potentJohnny took a hit He died came back said'Th ... shit sound like I'm shootin' off bazookas(Uh) Flushing Queens no sca
19 3.Oldtown96 ed trades Off the porch with the flocks in his flip flops Veering left everyday a nigga ... Veering left everyday a nigga pissed off Back on the block or what I'm still a chip ... lock or what I'm still a chip off Between a hard place and rock but n
20 11.I Love Portugal aying I'm off desert but what I'd give to not get on that plane Woke to the sound of birds calling and I wanna water the flowers in the garden ... s'Liala's Dance' As I drifted off into rare afternoon nap Yesterday one shot in Minnesota one in Baton Rouge and then retaliation in Dallas Someone shot and kille ... shop in Was closed and man it pissed me off As we drove by twice on the way to soundcheck and on the way to the hotel from the show that night I'm gonna return s

21 10.Hard Times m shakin' off the beer Workin' got me jerkin' Pissed away another year And they're ta
22 8.It Hits When It Hits anager is pissed Reminds you you're closing I can see you're suspicious You say you barely know me Things were messed up Now everything's perf ... hanged quite a bit when I was off in the army I finally learned how t
23 1.Dem Days t get him pissed off I remember the day they were them good days I can never get them latewood days homie Chorus: Birthday was the worst days Still r ... ng Bitch nigga turn that oven off we got it hot up in this bitch Free
24 7.Whats Luv(Feat. Nyce) to get em off me'Cause I pull up in that light foreign Shawty you see me you can't ignore it I ain't fucking with you dumb broads got my dawgs ... mb broads got my dawgs get em off There's a lot of bad bitches I done pissed off did wrong dipped off Still a nigga mean with the wrist She gon' take it ... th the wrist She gon' take it off course she ain't with the shits Tha
25 2.If I Could I Would Feel Nothing m gon' be pissed I've been prayin' I'm just sayin' Keep my hands clean ... st sayin' Keep my hands clean off that sin I've been prayin' layin' i
26 3.Special he wheels off(21) Baby you'gone calm me down when I'm ... ou'gone calm me down when I'm pissed off(21) I'm a savage so your panties might get ripped ... your panties might get ripped off(21) Your ex didn't know how to appr
27 9.Thug Life ey got'em pissed off Nigga I'ma pull up at yo bitch hous
28 11.Close My Eyes our lawns off for real bitch Nah for real bitch I don't wanna go to sleep I'm way too high dog I can't get no sleep I swear I'm way too high d ... al dog This bitch done got me pissed off Need a pill dog Tryna make a brick law we'd be rich dog Tryna make a brick law we'd be rich dog I bought a9 and he front a9 that ... up Yeah all my niggas throwed off Drive by shoot your doors off Turn your four door to a coupe nigg
29 1.Bringing Down Titans Disliked pissed off to the boiling point Yelled at feared of not given much choice Laughed at pushed down disliked ... ughed at pushed down disliked pissed off Yelled at feared of let the spark i
30 17.The Guide that shit off bug repellent Hear they've been telling her nah since forever Hear some Melvin and Bluenotes is all she know Murder murder murde ... homie probably busted you and pissed her off Got this woman on the prowl on the
31 12.When It Rain the devil off angel dust For that money in God we trust All fall victim for greed and lust Who you'pose to trust when guns gone bust? Living e ... hen you hear them gunshots go off Pop off when them shots go off Knock off you try to play me soft Glocks all in yo face dog No baseball better run home Hit ya lung blood on yo tongue Exorcist yo head ge ... awfish up in Fishbones Heater off safety watching the Pistons Niggas gpissed on no-fly zone Call Uncle
32 3.Hold On(Won't Let Go) ding) I'm pissed off(I'm pissed off) No denying(No denying) I'm gonna r
33 1.Thank God for Girls ts” Going off into the tundra so pissed at God And he started lighting m
34 9.Night Flight(Led Zeppelin cover) Fuck that pissed me off(!
35 1.Thank God For Girls ts” Going off into the tundra so pissed at God And he started lighting m
36 1.Groundhog Day get mine off I be pissed off Should get more props but still I P
37 26.0-100 iggas I'm pissed off How many chains on niggas necks I could lift ... on niggas necks I could lift off How many watches on niggas wrists I could slip ... on niggas wrists I could slip off I got them in the scope so you know I'm letting that fifth ... u know I'm letting that fifth off The big boss excited bout all this grimy shit You on the wrong tip confused over this tiny shit Boy missed at Mayweather Sorry M ... you kidding this is what yal offer Money
38 5.Just Say No like you pissed people off? That was me the whole tour When I got home I was so embarrassed Had me feelin' like I need to call- Wolf And say'Sorry' for bei ... e cocaine I left On the bus I officially flushed I told my girl I'm o
39 7.Im No Good t fucking pissed off I just get sick of all this bullshit Shit's sad growing up in the gutter But I met a lot of kids want to be like I am It's weird ... ome money but I'm meaning I'm pissed My girlfriend knows that I love
40 1.Come To The Waterfront INTRO ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape1.Come To The Waterfront INTRO[Intro] It's your boy Lil B Thugged Out ... 's your boy Lil B Thugged Out Pissed Off You know what I'm sayin'? I know y'all've been waitin' man We ain't gon' stop just keep this shit rollin' Only thing I only Nah ... .. Or maybe faker like niggas off pills Come down to the West Coast I'll show you what's real[Interlude] Yeah this Lil B Come to the waterfront Welcome to Thugged ... rfront Welcome to
41 2.Off Top ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape2.Off Top[Intro] Welcome to Thugged OuPissed Off. Get money bitch. Do your thing bitch. Go crazy in this hoe. Front me know what I'm saying. Real niggas in this bitch stand up L ... l B[Hook] All I want is money off top for the money All my niggas[?]for the money If you gettin' money throw your squad up money If you gettin' money throw your t ... up money All I want is money off top for the money All my niggas[?]f
42 3.I Love Bitche$ ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape3.I Love Bitche$[Intro] Yeah man you know we bout this power you feel me. We on everything. We need everything in ... everything in it. Thugged Out Pissed Off. It's your boy Lil B[Hook] I love bitches love bitches I love bitches love bitches I love bitches love bitches I love bitches lo ... me I know Lil B hoes fuck me off TV Young BasedGod swagged up when y
43 4.Stephen Hawking ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape4.Stephen Hawking[In
44 5.Kill Every Snitch ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape5.Kill Every Snitch[
45 6.Play The Hood ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape6.Play The Hood[Intro] Yeah Roll them dice you feel me? Stay rolling dice you feel me? Stay taking chances Thugge ... ay taking chances Thugged out pissed off If you with this shit you feel me?

46 9.Vest Off ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape9.Vest Off[Intro] Yeah it's your boy Lil B Thugged Out ... 's your boy Lil B Thugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape We ain't stoppin' We on that shirt necks all the way We going all the way in We gon' go all the way in Yeah[Verse1] Body ... rs any day never take my vest off I'll leave you like prison work crippled and paid ... prison work crippled and paid off Before you get paid off get laid off I fuck with Lil
47 10.BasedGod ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape10.BasedGod[Intro] M
48 11.Flexin Rick Ross ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape11.Flexin Rick Ross[Hook] Word around town I fucked your bitch Flexin Rick Ross I'm that pretty bitch Its the Bas ... I sell fat bitches and I sell off skinny I fuck fat bitches and I still fuck skinny I fuck fat bitches when I remix the work I don't got bitches I got a lot of pe ... elling fat bitches and I sell offJerry Word around town bitch you never met Fetty Still serving swag and I sellJerry10 cellphones bitch you never met Fett
49 12.In Love With The BasedGod ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape12.In Love With The BasedGod[Intro] Yeah man like I said(BasedGod) it's your boy Lil B. Based freestyle. Like I s ... he BasedGod(BasedGod)[Verse1] Off that shit I'm like white on white Flex36 damn near white on rice ... lex36 damn near white on rice Off that bitch I'm on all night You kno
50 13.I Was Born Poor ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape13.I Was Born Poor[Lil B] Yeah man This for all my niggas who done made it man you know what Im sayin Yeah this a ... ogether man Lil B Thugged Out Pissed Off
51 14.Giving Up Remix ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape14.Giving Up Remix[Intro] Yeah It's Lil B Keep it positive you know what I'm sayin' We gonna make it We got it[Ch ... Selling bags and I'm selling off30's Selling handbags I might as wel
52 15.SellingJerry BASED FREESTYLE ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape15.SellingJerry BASED FREESTYLE[Intro] Man I think I'm from East Oakland Nah man I think I'm from Richamond I thi ... you know who gotJerry Running off the field and I look like fucking Mary Pouring that chain bitch I'm selling soJerry Selling all cake bitch I got that Fetty Dirt ... ucking fat bitches and I sell off thirty Might buy the thirty Might b
53 16.4 Tha Record ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape16.4 Tha Record[Intro] Yeah man it's your boy Lil B you feel me[Verse1] You can fuck my bitch not the BasedGod's ... as raised up in it Might sell off your daughter if the price is right
54 17.Keep It So Gutta ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape17.Keep It So Gutta[Intro] Everybody wonder where I been at you know I'm saying I'm just tell you like this man I ... it progressed to coke Selling off bitches Charging them whole things I guess then the ratchet bullet proof in the jacket Out in Piedmont playing with the crack ro ... kmail Been a pretty bitch all off crack sale Fuck that money I choke my bitches Hate fake hoes so I mind my business Tryna beef you get laid out They find
55 18.Maxwell ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape18.Maxwell[Chorus] I met a lot of bitches I fucked ... met a lot of bitches I fucked off Maxwell See me no talking I don't do that Nextel[Verse1] I got four or five bitches my name be choosing I play the game of to wi ... st a young nigga with his gun off safety[Chorus](x2)[Verse2] Welcome
56 20.Yun Wan Beef ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape20.Yun Wan Beef[Intro] Nah what I'm saying We thugged out what I'm saying It's your boy Lil B you feel me I ain't ... Thugged out what Thugged out pissed off let's g
57 22.Corna Sto ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape22.Corna Sto[Intro] What these niggas doing at the corner store man Bout to hit that corner sto real quick feel m ... niggas at man Feel me getting off these things at this store We ride off the international at the east man at the store Feel me we gonna get our rocks ... eel me we gonna get our rocks off we gonna get off everything we gotta get man[Verse1] Everyday I step on bitches fuck em Everyday I rock out zip the zip
58 23.Finess Em ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape23.Finess Em[Intro] All I could do is think about Famous struggle ya know what I'm saying Never came easy know wh ... rn in to the struggle Made it off the hustle know what I'm saying It's your boy Lil B Shout out to the world you feel me Yeah man it's a good look out here today ... y got no respect Some started off here some started from there I ain't ever been scared my whole life was rare Came up from hitting licks like my job was
59 25.Laugh Now Cry Later ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape25.Laugh Now Cry Later I can't play with none of these hoes You know what I'm sayin Ain't no time to play games I ... ks in the couch Still frontin off dope when I'm in a drought(yesss) B
60 26.Ny Cab Wont Stop ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape26.Ny Cab Wont Stop[Intro] Fuck it nigga. We back with it you know what I'm saying. Thugged Out ... what I'm saying. Thugged Out Pissed Off all I can do is feel this pain. All the women that's been riding with me. You know what I'm saying. Everybody can be a nigga you ... body you feel me. Thugged Out Pissed Off[Verse1] The meaning of the window i
61 33.Black Bih Stole ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape33.Black Bih Stole[Hook] Black bitch stole10000 out my room(ugh!) Might backdoor her fuckin family when Im throug ... her in the ass then dump her off the roof(ugh!) Black bitch stole10000 out my room(ugh!) Black bitch stole10000 out my room Might backdoor her fuckin family when ... her in the ass then dump her off the roof(ugh!) Black bitch stole100
62 39.Water On The Paper ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape39.Water On The Paper
63 41.Heaven For A G ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape41.Heaven For A G[In
64 48.Rules ToJoin ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape48.Rules ToJoin[Intro] I'am traveling through this world Can't see too much but I see alot Thugged out ... ch but I see alot Thugged out Pissed off mixtape it's your boy Lil B I trave
65 50.Flexin Maury Povich ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape50.Flexin Maury Povich
66 54.Cash Out ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape54.Cash Out[Lil B] B
67 55.East Oakland International ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape55.East Oakland International Still in the cuts with the money on the frontline My life's so real it's somethin l ... ock I meet bosses.. That ship off orders. I meet bosses that front off money You need a mil? Yeah! Bitch f
68 56.Smoking With Obama ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape56.Smoking With Obama[Intro] Every person can relate to this Real people around the world we unitin' you know wha ... ' it in man Lil B Thugged Out Pissed Off you know what I'm sayin'? Mixtape m
69 59.2 Rich To Pimp REMIX ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape59.2 Rich To Pimp REMIX[Intro] Yeah man like I said man I'ma tell you who in the building man It's that pretty bo ... urses and I got them bags I'm off100% yep bitch you know I'm off it(Dr. Phil!) No homo I strip nigga
70 63.I Cant Breathe ugged Out Pissed Off Mixtape63.I Cant Breathe[Part I][Verse] I'ma keep it real my whole life is a heart attack You gotta pay attention cause ... m hip-hop babies They selling off their organs pre-mature murder Stop this killing and stop this hatred People should be able to walk around the fucking streets n ... at I'm saying I'm thugged out pissed off It is what it is you know what I'm
71 4.Asylum(feat.Joyride) remained pissed off and twisted Think they mad at me'cause they didn't invite me for Christmas Six of seven years will pass before this And they wri ... connoisseur of chemicals high off the gas a cosmognostic holocaust Lo
72 9.Is It Possible Sleep Song u Or am I pissed at you What's up with my fate Is it too late Or is it going to change If I let myself I could go crazy Or maybe if you let me ... can go to sleep and sleep it off Peacefully I'll be here all night f
73 3.God Fearin' Man dawn Got coffee in a thermos Pretty little thing that wears my ring Shes the fire in my furnace Tiptoe in and I kiss the kids Then it's ... and I kiss the kids Then it's off to make a living And on my way give a little thanks For the blessings I've been given Day in day out sun up to sun down I am wha ... y? They played like they were pissed.
74 10.Throw in the Towel y no lift off We in the air y'all pissed off You don't wanna paths to ever criss cross Cause like a dinner plate the guns is nicked ... nner plate the guns is nicked off My nigga it's over you can throw in the towel I know you hear the growls I know you hear the growl The more money made the guns ... hit Y'all halfway I'm letting off the whole damn clip Anybody in my w
75 6.Hit Da Block Knot(uh) Pissed off I can't make a number or a shot(fuck) Fuck it I ain't shoot no more I'm bout to hit the block Hit the block late hit the block[V ... t the loft with my Uncle Knot Pissed off I can't make a number or a shot Fuck it I ain't shoot no more I'm bout to hit the block Hit the block late hit the block[Verse2] ... loft with my Uncle Knot(yeah) Pissed off I can't make a number or a shot(yea
76 8.Broken Lines Blown out Pissed out Blacked out[?]out till I fell out Burned out Turned out Death is on my shoulder Yet there's Peace here Chasing of a meani ... hey must surely pay Blown out Pissed out Blacked out[?]out till I fell out Burned out Turned out Death is on my shoulder Yet there's Peace here Chasing of a meani ... g I control my Breathing Take off Flying Into the horizon Kicked in H
77 1.Oh My God s Take it off take it off And crawl back in bed where it's warm I coped confusing religion with hope(hope) I choked excuse me I clearly misspoke(oke) Keep ... aid'I prefer a headache to an off night' Baby I haven't been a human in a long time She said'Calm down and just be an improvement from my last guy' Oh my god oh m ... e conform? Our comfort's been pissed in Oh my god oh my god You're fi
78 7.Grime of being pissed off'cause I'm past his pac
79 7.The One(feat. Chris Miles) d me They offering bounties for anyone who stops the crew I'm coming with'Hey Chris better freestyle' Nah bro you can suck my dick' I been doi ... een soft My arm strong i lift off Told Moosh& Twist that i can do this shit The lames doubted us now we ... t The lames doubted us now we pissed off Like I'ma slow it down Pull up to y
80 10.Two Summers re always pissed off all your friends dance just for fun
81 13.Grammys tter back off me Hall of fame hall of fame like I'm shirt ... e hall of fame like I'm shirt off like I'm shirt off Like I'm shirt off shorty whole city goin' crazy Whole city goin' crazy top5 no debating Top5 top5 top5 and the whole city rate me And I'm back ins ... y can't stand me I'm swervin' off they can't stand me I'm err off can't stand me They gon' think I won a Grammy They gon' think I won a Grammy They gon' think I won a Grammy They gon' think I wo
82 17.Talk Dirty Like I'm pissed off busting on a urinery track Infectio
83 5.Honeysuckle to be so pissed off Then I forgot Then I erased Then I
84 11.Lost In Translation ped right off the plane got picked up by a chauffeur Fell in love overseas now I'm trying to elope her Found the girl of my dreams you still m ... mous now I'm naked and famous Off an assortment of drugs last week was wasted in Vegas Got a sound of my own and I'm taking it places Man this joint is a banger t ... just to hate it You pussy you pissed I made it PONPONPON call Christo
85 5.Blood and Guts eservedly pissed The doctor screamed as their manacles snapped Dragged ... heir manacles snapped Dragged off to his doom as his skivvies were cr
86 4.Housewives ippin' us off You niggas just talking the most like Housewives Pockets is full of the hope homie Tell'em we came for the dope only For the dop ... t's lit Went to college a bit Pissed off my scholarship quick Now I'm back in the town I'm back in the town[Verse1] A nigga been searching for purpose there's nothin' ar ... ut cool it y'all they pullin' off him My nigga who are y'all? Don't get my crew involved[Hook] Look at'em sippin' the sauce You niggas been rippin' us ..
87 10.Cajun with a K ds got so pissed at her apparent dildo addiction he grabbed the thing right out of her hands opened the apartment door threw it ... d the apartment door threw it off the3rd floor balcony. Still humming
88 8.IDK What2 Tell U breaks no off days[?]around the neck rock it like it's jewellery Chirp chirp where you at? said he got two for me Fuck school truancy all them ... he bitches And now I'm divin' off the stages no acknowledgin' the bitches It was times I used a condom and it was times a nigga didn't But thank the science and t ... ' licks on the sidewalk sawed off The homie down the block with the pistol Remember when them niggas tried to kill me Save my life was a nigga doin' landscapin' A ...
89 1.The Road to Damascus Street tag came off my wrist under flags on inconvenience clenched my teeth and clenched my fist hurt everyone who dared to care found bitter in the ... are found bitter in the sweet pissed all my faith against the wall down on Damascus Street never turned a deep down too handy on my feet harder than a dead run do ... et before they close the city off before the lights turn blue before
90 1.Peace Of Mind st get so pissed forget what becomes of this Reconciliation out the door(how about some) Is violence our fate A nasty habit which we cannot sh ... age to befriend Set ourselves off just for the thrill Ready for quarr
91 1.Zilch pie from off the sill[Verse2: Aesop Rock] Is it fighting words or myna birds? Piracy or rattling? A lionheart or Life Alert? I don't support ... greater collective memory I'm pissed at every terrifying truck stop i
92 5.The Aha Show(Alternate Theme) doctor's office serious as a heart attack Something doesn't smell right pee-yew who's fart is that Someone got to take the charge maybe you w ... t long But I'd rather have'em pissed off than to get pissed on Picture me rolling black boy
93 7.Bouncing Off the Wall .Bouncing Off the Wall Producer Green Day[Verse1] Concrete dream- hey I'm gonna make a scene radio Caught burning gasoline sleeping in reverse An ... erse And everybody's bouncing off the walls[Verse2] Bombs away- hey It's just another day And I don't tread The secret of the day I wouldn't sweat it And everybod ... t it And everybody's bouncing off the walls Im bouncing off the walls! Alright![Verse3] Concrete kiss- hey Come on and do the twist: radio My little exorcist
94 5.Pure Adrenaline for lift off so you better be ready to dance Fate's done ... be ready to dance Fate's done pissed off gonna kill you if you give him a ch
95 12.You Can't Make This Up You were pissed off leaving came back cause you forgot
96 3.40 oz. Dream squatters pissed off at their fathers I can't believe it
97 7.World Gone Mad! w why I'm pissed off... and screaming at the sky Found g
98 10.The New Degeneration ng it Get pissed go off... Release your aggravation Scream out rise up... Represent your generation Get loud go wild... Let's see some passion and emoti ... e's the new degeneration! Get pissed go off... Release your aggravation Scream
99 1.Dancing Industry used to a pissed-off criss-cross I used to be eroded to
100 6.More Like You feat. Fjer or rinse off the sins of the father A major difference from mothers sisters& daughters We're raised to live up to similar bars and yet one's ... s the kid you would beat when pissed at my sisters for things Admittedly you exhibited clear cut chivalry here in this scene Couldn't hit them women- who isn't yo ... a night oh that's right still pissed at my decision to flee The difference between is and isn't just in our genes With limited means neither quit and the ship did ...

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