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1 1.Kream(feat. Tyga) pect Hoes come last OMG Ronny Ay get it get it get it get it get it get it get it get it Ay get it get it
2 13.Fallen is whole generation OMG I see its soul it's older We should build a city overseas this country kinda cold
3 1.OMG a Cabello-OMG1.OMG Lyricist Noonie Bao Mikkel Eriksen Tor
4 6.Down Time(停工期) re calling you Like'OMG your such and such is lucky' It's touching my soul But little does anyone know ye
5 6.Turn It ass popped K Theory OMG New song just dropped I just do it for the nation Fuck patience I been waiting Wa

6 7.100K sually do Omg who he think he is who the fuck is he Roped out looking like a don this how I'm supposed to be Damn right ask if I agree I reply ... super bad know she beautiful Omg who he think he is who the fuck is
7 1.My Buddy(Gimme That) while they all say'OMG!' Em and'Pac fist-bumping that MP3 I'm not a criminal I'm just the one behind the
8 10.TRUE All I could say is OMG The love only increased as she pushed out my oldest child(Ivy) Tears and smiles T
9 4.Barely Sober(Feat. Lil Wayne) I'm high I'm happy OMG it's Tunechi Lee I sip I drink Pop two pop three And just be free and just be me
10 4.On My Grind rk and I be blunted Omg know ya gotta love it Know ya gotta love it Im-a make my own lane Kick shit like
11 8.OMG Mix-Get Weird8.OMG Producer Sam Elliott Maegan Cottone& Nick Monson[Intro All] Oh my gosh I did it agai
12 13.Ghetto Boy he gap Keyshia Cole OMG he's so cold I know it's me at least I'm told Los bring rap back to life this shi
13 24.Already he get on her knees OMG that's embrassing I don't need no record deal but you gon hear my record still Me
14 1.It Ain't You not a OG you're an OMG You could say have a-don't touch me Already know who I wanna talk to Got my eye o
15 3.SEXY DRUG drug Like OMG you make me Com-com-complete I'm looking for reasons I'm begging and pleading I'm dreaming calling you mine You keep me st-st-st ... trated and it's sexually Like OMG you make me Com-com-complete I'm just being honest We're creeping and crawling I'm kissing the top of your head We're rocking an ... it it's a hell of a drug Like OMG you make me Com-com-complete No don
16 4.On Fire pect it to grow yo?(OMG) Man we come from the dirt Ain't no shining just in photos I don't wanna live a l
17 14.O.C.B. rap star OMG OMG[Outro skit:] Everything is percepti
18 1.All Hail the King(feat. Deraj& Nobigdyl) h Lord...Good God...OMG Who made them stars? Outer space or Hollywood which way you wanna go? He made the
19 19.Where Ya At My God' Cause i get OMG money Rockaflia PPV money Where Ya ass was at when i was starting[?] Only time yo
20 3.3rd Quarter(Freestyle) r a Louis eye patch omg Not the Gucci one'cause you know a nigga stay flee Fetty Wap from the bando under

21 8.Issues e Focus... King Mez OMG Ron'NEFF-U' Feemstar& Trevor Lawrence[Intro Anderson.Paak] From close range we of
22 10.First World Problems y know how to text? OMG! I got[Chorus:] First world first world problems(First world problems) First worl
23 3.Solid Ground(Stop the World) guy is tweeting me OMG this is freaking me Will you please leave me alone? I'm falling fast I need some
24 8.Popster o-popster Omg you and me Now I see we're meant to Omg you and me Now I see we're meant to Omg you and me Now I see we're meant to Omg you and me Now I see we're meant to
25 4.Inocente sido infielJurado: OMG he is guilty he is guiltyJuez: Hey her silencio orden en la corte Romeo: Sábado s
26 4.Tambalang OMG Tambalang OMG(duet with Alex Gonzaga) Parapap parapapap Parapap parapapap Parapap parapapap Parapap parapapap parapap Parang Gay'en Pip An ... ach other San ka pa tambalang omg talaga Parapap parapapap Parapap parapapap Parapap parapapap Parapap parapapap parapap Para kang model At ako ang photographer K ... ach other San ka pa tambalang omg talaga Parehas tayu ng gusto Magkakkaasundo tayo Ngingiti ako ngingiti ka Kakanta sa ka sa aking plaka Producer ka singer ako Pe ...
27 3.OMG BRO Mane La Flare3.OMG BRO[Verse Gucci Mane] Hold up homes I got my gold on homes I roll with real l
28 11.OMG Mane La Flare11.OMG Supervisor C4& P-Lo[Hook Young Thug] I don't mean to barge you But can you please call
29 15.OMG I Miss You ers15.OMG I Miss You Oh my god I miss you baby Between these sheets these we love make I still taste your lips each breathe I take Oh ... h I can feel this empty space OMG it's real it's you and I Without yo
30 15.Yo P_Ssy(Feat. Yg Raw SmoovJonn Hart) n her she screaming OMG So don't trip I be on my way to the crib I be the sucker you can be the kid I don
31 8.I Look Fuckin Cool(feat. Alaska Thunderfuck)[Explicit] g cool[x2][Spoken:] Omg Alaska can you believe this shit?[Alaska- Spoken:] I know right Adore Delano? Our
32 7.OMG ifier-Mystoria7.OMG In the cold light of day And the blast of the moon What did you see miss jone
33 13.OMG ngs13.OMG It all started with a drink then a bottle Then I' Watching you walk to the bed like a' Got me feeling like I just hit the lo ... y You got me saying oh my god OMG OMG It feel so good to me OMG OMG Got me thinking I'm in heaven Pass the umbrella'cause your love raining down got me soaking wet Feels like we swimming in this b ... s You got me saying oh my god OMG OMG It feel so good to me OMG OMG Got me thinking I'm in heaven
34 1.Celebrate uh come in a me Lol omg Me plue u plus u plus me Girl boss representing fi yuh cocky[Vybz Kartel:] Yea ba
35 1.The Summer Is Magic ing me the eye like OMG! I?m looking at me high like you know we and everybody wanna come party on the be
36 2.22 Parody weapon Miss Swift! OMG! It'sJESUS! HOW DID YOU FIND MEJ.C.! I got a text fromJ.D. We're actually quite c
37 3.Call Me Maybe my head hit a rock OMG it's really bloody I snuck in your room while you were away And stole your boxers
38 4.Kiss You Parody ] Go for it[Taylor] Omg what the hell is that?![ALL] He just made her crash[Harry] With my4 nipples!!!![A
39 15.I Knew You Were Trouble Parody ver cheat![Connor:] OMG! We are done you are scary![Taylor:] Harry was my last that One Direction freak.
40 11.Shredded Metal YI I wanna F your A OMG!Just stuff your mouth with my Bs Don't LOL at my C And FYI I wanna F your A Girl
41 12.Fyi I Wanna F Your A YI I wanna F your A OMG!Just stuff your mouth with my Bs Don't LOL at my C And FYI I wanna F your A Girl
42 2.Pretty Boy favorite phrase Is OMG that's so hot Every time I see you You look pretty Better than the girls in New Y
43 23.Yo Pussy her she's screaming OMG So don't trip I be on my way to the crib I be the sucker you can be the kid And I
44 18.Fuck Your Phone delivered OMG SMH what a bummer bitch Now days two people be next to each other Don't talk just twitter mention each other Texting each other ... l show interest in each other OMG I'm havin so much fun. Woo this par
45 3.Belle lved3.Belle Omg I think I'm ready. Her toes are curled she holds the wheel steady. When we get in

46 21.Green Light Go ajor art is uniform OMG I am ill Tell them niggas stop frontin The inside of my pockets– all hunneds And
47 3.Gadget Ho l?[Speak and Spell] OMG LOL[J-Zone] Gadget hoes everywhere I go. Even the gym Texting'LMFAO's tying up th
48 1.OMG Ceo-WONDERLAND1.OMGJust prayed and prayed and left no space For new waves to lift me out this maz
49 6.#Oneclickaway ound the globe. LOL OMG LMFAO My dog just had to fart And I thought that you might want to know Like tag
50 5.Bitches Off That pe of nigga to text'OMG' You're the type of nigga that be getting his simp on Paying her rent while you l
51 11.Roflcopter Wir sind Fresh HDL OMG Chartbreaker ASAP Bla Bla Schenkel Klopfer Ha Ha MC Fitti ist ein Popstar Mein Ge
52 4.Batter Up want a lot of D LOL OMG Yeah you came here with your man but you're coming home with me yeah And that's j
53 14.The Call Of Duty Circus inning choreography(OMG!) For he plays real life on14 sensitivity It's the Call Of Duty Circus and it's c
54 11.I'm the Boss r Daddy se la beben Omg quien soy I'm the boss(el daddy papi) I'm the boss(mr president) I'm the boss the
55 9.Input Source Select dow and that's that OMG we're so free Got to find a dog that looks like me Share this please put me in a
56 22.Shut Up ne judging me on TV omg. I would be lying if I said that I gave a fuck but I wasn't in the room he fucked
57 1.Where the Boys At? The OMG Girlz-Where the Boys At? (Single)1.Where the Boys At? Where the boys at?[Babydoll(Intro)] HAHAHA ... s at?[Babydoll(Intro)] HAHAHA omg where you at boy?[Beauty] Holla bac
58 1.Gucci This(Gucci That) The OMG Girlz-Gucci This (Gucci That) (Single)1.Gucci This(Gucci That)[Star] I'm so official ya'll You can check my record. My d ... Babydoll and my swagg sassy. OMG We so live This is how we arrive My speaker game is dynamite. Young Diva ain't what we Ride Beauty Star and you got me. My Betsy ... cutest things you ever seen! OMG On Errythang! Gucci This Gucci That
59 14.Based ally Told that K up OMG Nigger know that it's complete Nigger talk shit you capisci On the poster with th
60 10.Say She Luv Me y swag on a million Omg soulja soul she fin to kill em New mixtape got the streets going crazy Speakers g
61 8.Count On That ater we LOL'bout an OMG You even think the same things too I recognize these butterflies.. Déjà vu(Chorus
62 9.Shortcuts ater we LOL'bout an OMG You even think the same things too I recognize these butterflies Déjà vu(Chorus:
63 7.Street Life y hey hey OMG is AMG OMG! Houston's New Year's resolution Ki
64 1.Hello Kitty rk work work squirt OMG you're a pervert yeha and i'm just sick of every diam i tell i think i need some
67 4.Doorite your Benz and said OMG I guess it did better treat her the infinite pursuit I hope when you show true co
68 21.WTF y dang Friday night OMG Oh My God WTF My pockets so large I Don't play golf Let's get this understood I A
69 11.OMG rs And Blues)11.OMG Lyricist Chris Brown、Laura Vane、Mike Skinner、Ted May Composer Chris Brown、Laura Vane、Mike S
70 4.If I Was You(OMG) )4.If I Was You(OMG) Ooh Far East Movement Oh oh oh oh Snoop Dogg I bet you wake up in the mornin
71 3.LigHt Years Ahead(Sky High) a fuckin' blimp! No omg that's him!' A shootin' star hangin' over a newer clip hangin' over A big dick wh
72 1.Hocus Pocus la la la Hola hola OMG hello...the spell I don't know who to tell Don't wanna walk away if only you coul
73 10.Red Alert heal my half-ends? Omg I feel so much pain I'm a straight-forward-young-woman... Aka I play no mind game
74 15.Hi Haters es see me screaming OMG When haters see me saying that's not right When I go to the club ladies show me l
75 2.Get It Right(Album Edit) ting tipsy(Verse3)- Omg this chick moves like water who taught her Must be Zues's daughter and I got her
76 1.Round Of Applause(Single) t[6x] Corner stacks omg smx when I'm them stage pourin roza all on her Ass round of a applause baby pop t
77 8.Holy Shit like me? Hoes like'OMG This white girl can't go far''She can't mess with a beat' Well I guess we gon' se
78 3.High Five on the bed sceamin OMG like I'm Usher when I touch her yessir Ain't nobody fresher I'm the next big thin
79 8.Initial Contact KK I SMH and holler OMG The hood is contradictory like a AAV and that's BYOB Pushing more drugs than CVS
80 1.Omg trip1.Omg Chorus O-OMG Oh why you looking at me O-O-O-O-OMG! Oh why you staring at me O-O-O-O-OMG! Oh why you looking at me O-O-O-O-OMG! Oh why you staring at me Verse1: I walk inside his eyes are stuck on me I slyly wink and flip my hair just to see Do a little t ... n Showdown on the dance floor OMG! I almost gave you my heart(on the
81 17.They Be On It mayne screamin out OMG! O I B PIMP2 P-A-C thats M.O.B him or me? you choose I ain't gotta do too much I
82 8.Bang Out ut.... in the house omg is danger The.. in your mouth from my art stranger Rejecting nigga…injecting in y
83 3.Hunndaz y arm These botches OMG won't you girl I will fall I will kiss you'cause I hit you I won't miss you I won
84 4.@Reply ous poised in place'OMG Look at me All I wanna be is just like him.' Filthy mean Filthy Scene Slowly spir
85 15.The Credits ng with a bad bitch OMG a bad bitch yeah LMFAO STFU IDGAF boy if you didn't know All my niggas ride with
86 4.Hello ya all I could say OMG how do I make her my baby? Plenty girls want me but you ain't the same Run it bac
87 3.Tye Dye Everything ani Sour D Half a P OMG Get high and dress nice fly I be(Q) Mod Sun nigga lets burn it down Then bust a b
88 20.Papers(Remix) said oh indeed well OMG I'm about to break down a whole OZ of some potent weed Blow like a muther-fucking
89 4.Kiss It Goodbye(吻別) and it's OMG) I'm a Different girl Kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey Kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey You procrastinate the world It's gonna pass you by Alrea ... Goodbye I I I did it and it's OMG I'm a Different girl Kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey Kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey Kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey Kiss it goodbye-ey-ey-ey Kiss Ki ... Goodbye I I I did it and it's OMG I'm a different girl(Kiss Kiss Kiss
90 4.Ya Hear Me up bitches yell out OMG just like my daughter and them Fresh out the box I'ma mash out(Ya hear me?) This
91 2.OMG Int'l Version)2.OMG[** German Bonus Track][** feat. Will.I.Am][Will.I.Am] Oh my gosh* Baby let me
92 6.Ya'll Know How I Am I Am Oh My Goodness OMG Make'Em Say Oh My Goodness And In LA With2 Fives Like L Goodrich Black Lambo Keep
93 13.Your Money Or Your Life Money Or Your Life OMG Is Down With Us Doughboy Is Down With Us WC Is Down With Us Crazy Goons Is Down W
94 6.P. O. D with preconceptions omg i do not talk to biased bastards and dickheads yeah you're looming all about shit
95 6.OMG(feat. Will.I.Am)(喔賣尬) Raymond(頂尖對決)6.OMG(feat. Will.I.Am)(喔賣尬) Oh my gosh. Baby let me la..I did it again so Imma let
96 15.Nothin' On You my heart could grow omg if you only knew this pass year what I've been threw got hoes lookin' at me like
97 5.Coast2 Coast am Girls see me say'OMG' He's back on flights going overseas Not rich but aspire to be Got a new Bentley
98 10.Pin Drop an up Top shel baby OMG we blowing up Like coach is comin' Baby dollz comin' Young3rd comin' The Rangers
99 1.Lark On My Go-Kart just sent me a text OMG your the BEST if you tryna have sex im the best at i
100 4.Video Girl br>4.Video Girl OMG did you hear I'm dating aJonas Brother? It's so hot You met in work you should've

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