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1 4.16 g a dream Nineteen ninety nine when I first came on the sc
2 17.I'm A Ghost(Restrung) orch It's nineteen ninety-four five mic's in the source It
3 10.Gun Love le Now in nineteenninetytwo things start to crumble Could
4 5.1 for1 DiMaggio Stratton] Nineteen ninety. It's the World Sillies In Cleve
5 8.Past The Point Point Nineteen ninety-two Was the year I first met you

6 6.Gold Digger has a car nineteen ninety brand newJaguar Fly kit with chr
7 5.The New Ground(2013 Version) Eighteen Ninety-Two They Opened Ellis Island And They Let The People Through. And The First To Cross The Treshold Of That Isle Of Hope And Te ... y Closed Down Ellis Island In Nineteen Fourty-Three Seventeen Million
8 3.New Ground eighteen ninety two they opened Ellis Island and they let the people through. And the first to cross the threshold of that isle of hope and t ... y closed down Ellis Island in Nineteen Forty-Three seventeen million
9 4.Milk(feat. Busta Rhymes& KRS-One) Fresh for nineteen-ninety-six.. You ssssssssssssssssssssss
10 8.Fightin Words ide jeans Nineteen ninety shit New York's a warzone Knock'
11 3.BobbyKennedy ed a whip Nineteen years I ain't got a license yet I'd rather that a bitch drive I'mma just smoke Lean my seat back feet up blowin' O's Bitch ... e neck Dollar store white tee ninety-nine cents Bitch I am a legend y
12 11.Set the Scene the scene nineteen ninety the tenth of November. Eyes open
13 8.Every Weekday ad you're nineteen going on ninety nine You are Saturday and Sunday
14 2.Oh Yeah le ofJuly Nineteen-eighty-two Standing on a corner With nothing much to do Talking with Cecilia In ... to do Talking with Cecilia In nineteen-eighty-five Glad to still be breathing Glad to be alive Where's all the time ... be alive Where's all the time Nineteen-ninety-one? Change on the dresser Bed is still undone What's a weary man to do In ... e What's a weary man to do In nineteen-ninety-four? Hear the front bell ringing But no one's at the door Oh yeah
15 84.North to Alaska e year of ninety-two With George Pratt his partner and brother Billy too They crossed the Yukon river and they found the bonanza gold Below th ... s a mighty man In the year of nineteen-one Where the river is windin'
16 2.Virginia Slims aby since nineteen ninety-seven. From this sanche in this laugh-ty hell. We've been burning too long we've been burning too long. Don't want to sleep m ... e've been crawling baby since nineteen ninety-seven. From this sanche in this
17 8.1998 d my fate Nineteen-ninety-eight Down an East coast highway On the road that never ends I always did it my way And I'd do it all again We've been drinki ... the dream I've sealed my fate Nineteen-ninety-eight And every thing will be alright When I just put those things aside I'm breathing fire breathing smoke I turn to blow I ... the dream I've sealed my fate Nineteen-ninety-eight Nineteen-ninety-eight Nineteen-ninety-eight-Sax solo
18 3.Being Me could be Nineteen- Ninety- Three I'll never fly like a G6
19 2.The Night The Moon Fell Down ed her in nineteen ninety three Only thing I regret We did
20 3.Isle of Hope Isle of Tears Eighteen ninety-two They opened Ellis Island and they let The people through. And first to cross the threshold Of that isle of hope and tears ... y closed down Ellis Island In nineteen forty-three Seventeen million

21 3.Rider I was in nineteen ninety three. Over the ruins like we're
22 7.I Can't Get Started it do In nineteen ninety-nine I sold short In England I'm
23 14.Chief Sealth with the nineteenth century ninety-niners Shootin' out a post at a
24 6.The New Ground Isle Of Hope Isle Of Tears Eighteen Ninety-Two They Opened Ellis Island And They Let The People Through. And The First To Cross The Treshold Of That Isle Of Hope And Te ... y Closed Down Ellis Island In Nineteen Fourty-Three Seventeen Million
25 6.Holding Down The Laughter melts me Nineteen ninety six and you're waiting there to
26 3.Seven Steps book for nineteen ninety five I found them a medical form
27 1.Eraserheads ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now1.Eraserheads Lyricist Antho
28 2.Styles Ain't Raw ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now2.Styles Ain't Raw Lyricist
29 3.Swashbuckling ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now3.Swashbuckling Lyricist Ant
30 4.I Could Write A Rhyme ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now4.I Could Write A Rhyme Lyricist Anthony Best Todd Neubert Yes yes y'all yes y'all as I proceed Yes yes y'all yes y'all a ... he spot Yes yes y'all Now I'm nineteen and a Floridian in New York A
31 5.Hardcore Data ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now5.Hardcore Data Lyricist Ant
32 6.Tingin' ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now6.Tingin' Lyricist Anthony B
33 7.There Will Be Blood ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now7.There Will Be Blood
34 8.Step Correctly ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now8.Step Correctly Lyricist An
35 9.Where I Are ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now9.Where I Are Lyricist Antho
36 10.Time Travels On ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now10.Time Travels On Lyricist
37 11.The Deal Maker ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now11.The Deal Maker[Tal
38 12.Out To Lunch ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now12.Out To Lunch[feat.
39 13.Fuckmaster Sex ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now13.Fuckmaster Sex[fea
40 14.Mad Ammo ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now14.Mad Ammo[feat. F.T
41 15.Miss Those Days ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now15.Miss Those Days Ah
42 16.WackJuice ph Titled-Nineteen Ninety Now16.WackJuice[Talking
43 11.Let There Be Rock(AC DC Cover) g Back in nineteen fifty-five Man didn't know about a rock'n' roll show And all that jive The white man had the smoltz The black man had the b ... The Shaking Hand' There was a ninety-two decibel rocking band And the
44 3.Billy's Line y born in nineteen-seventy-seven will die in ninety-five a modern day statistic in c
45 8.Say Goodbye e a livin Nineteen-ninety-two and you and i were fightin Lapd beatings got the whole world frontin My man rodney king and the reginald?deeney? You coul ... at) Runnin out of time Chorus Nineteen-ninety-seven reduction of a nation The

46 2.Mercenary future In nineteen-ninety-five I watched the flashbulbs bu
47 2.Cruff lish From nineteen ninety four when a man's been in this B
48 4.She Could've Been Mine summer Of nineteen ninety three She was tall and blond and
49 13.Put On A Record Richie A nineteen sixty transfixing melody Rise the sick from the cemetery the only remedy is..[Bridge] Hear the DJ spin the track Come back ... m a dinosaur still feels like ninety four Vinyl forces out all the me
50 12.Ghetto Cheese hood It's nineteen ninety scrilla bitch i'm up to no good
51 12.Respect e1~~~~~~~ Nineteen-seventy somethin' nigga i don't sweat the date My moms is late so i had to plan my escape Out the skins in this world of fl ... money for bail Verse3~~~~~~~ Ninety-four now i explore new horizons
52 15.Things Done Changed pagers to nineteen ninety three Niggaz is gettin smoked g
53 12.I'll Take Care Of You ernoon in nineteen sixty one A baby girl's first cry rang out a new life had begun Her mother rocked her in her arms and she kissed the tiny b ... u On a September afternoon in nineteen eighty five that little girl had grown into a beautiful young bride She turned to the man who held her hand in front of the ... u On a September afternoon In nineteen eighty nine The girl waited by a hospital bed Never leaving her mother's side And she said'Mama why don't you close your ey ...
54 16.Ghetto Memories ys'peace' Nineteen ninety-two Fleetwood Grove Daytons gold
55 6.Cursed rteen But Nineteen eighty-five's The number I met this bitch Who told me if I got tight with her Together we would grow rich Type of chick Tha ... Boom boom[repeat][2nd Verse] Ninety-three She invited me To a party
56 3.Dirty Work sta R-A-P nineteen ninety Started with Street Military and
57 7.Gatz Up ckas It's Nineteen-ninety-grind and we gon' break you muth
58 12.What Can I Do?(Remix) mix It's nineteen-eighty-six and I got the fix with the chicken and a quota got the bakin soda Let the water boil workers all loyal Dropped o ... gga look(OOOH) Can't wait for ninety-two so I can get with my crew and see what can I do Ta-dow what can I do? Ta-dow what can I do? Ta-dow how ya like me now? Ta ... Fucked up in the pen now it's ninety-fo' Back in L.A. and I'm bailin
59 13.My Summer Vacation t stand a Nineteen-ninety-one Tony Montana Now the shit's
60 15.Shoebox You're so nineteen-ninety And it's nineteen-ninety-four Leave this world behind me'
61 6.107 Steps eighteen nineteen Twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three Twenty four twenty five twenty six twenty seven Twenty eight twenty nine thirty.. ... three eighty six eighty nine ninety three One hundred step
62 5.Just A Day gh all of nineteen ninety-nine All except that moment in s
63 2.Rush hing over nineteen The rush is good but not the right thing Too long or too fast gotta spend lots of cash Break fast brakes then mash gotta ma ... h rush Smoking blunts driving ninety racing on the Pasadena110 First
64 14.1492 e mine In nineteen hundred and ninety nine Or1492 If you should build a rocketship To fly up through the blue Well someone else can be the pilot No not you No matt ... be yours and you'd be mine In nineteen hundred and ninety nine Or149
65 1.A Country Boy Can Survive(Y2K Verison) ember31st nineteen ninety-nine People buyin' up army surpl
66 15.Suffer The Consequences r>[esham] Nineteen ninety nigga sick fbi all on my dick Li
67 11.My Soul would see Nineteen-ninety-seven is still crackin' And I'ma
68 2.All I Know l pass ya Nineteen-ninety-nine octane because I gassed ya
69 17.I Don't Play x housing Ninety-nine2000 As we get biz yeah I'ma let you have it Let's do this Yo my life is clientele while pro people talk about me Cut emp ... loops i ain't tryin to be you Nineteen-ninety-nine2000 black new design My hea
70 6.Reminisce rd Verse: Nineteen Ninety-Nine Here I be ballin' G At the
71 5.Got ible It's nineteen ninety-now and there's certain individu
72 10.Out On My Own ome Since nineteen-ninety-four I'm out on my own Thirty-so
73 13.The Vision ay On the nineteenth day of october at one a.m. Nineteen ninety seven I had a vision No well not
74 6.Channel Zero eption Of nineteen forty-seven When our souls were sold to the heavens For technologically advanced weapons Crystal enhanced brain implants an ... he secret society's deathwish Ninety-seven percent of our presidents
75 1.Can You Dig It? timate In nineteen hundred and ninety eight We gonna set a whole lotta
76 11.High Off That Weed til i die Nineteen ninety fuckin' nine Oops the party is o
77 16.Let Da Monkey Out ah ah Yo nineteen ninety motherfuckin' nine niggaz Brick
78 5.Party People back when Nineteen ninety-seven we in the top ten Chorus:
79 7.Mobstability y stokes] Nineteen-ninety-muthafuckin'-eight Mobsta elite'
80 22.War(Battlecry Remix) ost here--nineteen ninety-nine. could it be the endin' new
81 1.Dangerous ode y'all Nineteen ninety eight y'all Ha get down ya'll Le
82 1.Reputation ne son In nineteen-ninety-sess krs is in his peak'n You wi
83 11.North To Alaska e year of ninety two With george pratt his partner and brother billy too They crossed the yukon river and found the bonanza gold Beneath that ... s a mighty man In the year of nineteen-one Where the river is windin'
84 6.Outro(The18Th Letter) k In like nineteen-ninety. kid named rakim bananas.' Youkn
85 11.Aww Shit! ew year's nineteen ninety nine it's'aww shit!' When you go
86 27.Wu-revolution d This is ninety ninety ninety-seven Every square inch of it That he chose for himself Is the best part Yeah the revolution should be televised) By every st ... man indians Making a total of nineteen men for all Being for all men
87 1.Audubon d mill in nineteen-thirty. Had a neon sign said'squealer feeds' And the bus came through when they felt the need And they stopped at a place t ... of her ducks in a row Weighed ninety-eight pounds; put on quite a sho
88 14.Wheelz of Steel er31st on nineteen-ninety-nine Touched by the wheelz of st
89 12.Playaz& Gangstas old187Um] Nineteen ninety fry back in your mothafuckin' fa
90 6.Gods Earths and85ers three now nineteen five Hold the mic I'll rise right in front of your eyes In here six years see what I felt every year Oh yeah it's ... felt every year Oh yeah it's ninety-six I'm born and understanding u
91 12.Me or the Papes ck out in nineteen-ninety-six that's what it's all about B
92 10.Those Days Are Over remember Nineteen-Ninety I wouldn't blame you if you don'
93 14.Shoe Box You're so nineteen-ninety And it's nineteen-ninety-four Leave this world behind me'
94 1.Shoe Box(Radio Remix) You're so nineteen-ninety And it's nineteen-ninety-four Leave this world behind me'
95 4.Shoe Box You're so nineteen-ninety And it's nineteen-ninety-four Leave this world behind me'
96 1.Don't Cry Dry Your Eyes at buoy!) Ninety seven to two thousand check it!(ha! ha! la!)[wyclef]Jericho sound... No woman no cry(we'bout to set it!) Yes! yes!(we'bout to ... 'm saying? We'bout to set it! Nineteen ninety seven to the year two thousand a
97 1.Case Closed hhah hah) Nineteen ninety-six(hah come on!) coming with the sickedest motherfuckers In the perimeter(huh whooo! ... s In the perimeter(huh whooo! nineteen) you hit em with a newwwww(ninety-six nine six) tree dick be fly i
98 13.Rollin' llin' Nineteen ninety mother fuckin six That's that sh
99 17.Welcome(Interlude) o another nineteen ninety-six funk doctor spock tape As we take y'all minds on another journey through the darkside We uplift you! def squad force comi ... our crew up now-- babality In nineteen ninety-six bitch ass niggaz all in my m
100 2.T.h.u.g.s. n to east nineteen ninety-nine All through the year two-th

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