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1 1.712PM 've never fucked the bitch I got hoes these niggas married I don't let'em go they come through I got my fentanyl in my diamonds I spend a nine ... think a nigga like me give a fuck'bout a nigga shooting up the church I gotta take this shit up with God'cause I'm a God on the earth I got this ... a God on the earth I got this motherfuckin' new Benz I ain't even drove it since it came out Couple of bad bitches they twins walkin' naked through my house Cook good d ... hes
2 3.KEEP IT BURNIN ry time I fuck you gotta tell me it's mine Sinnin' again I've been winnin' again Tray done got shot he back spinnin' again Ridin' with the fir ... cup Rose gold like a band-aid over my cut Tailored in plush and covered up all this kush Cross me so much I got nails in my hand City on fire like Bethlehem Testin' my faith when I fell in the tren ... tutes and pimps Visit my grandmother in prison on Sunday Talk in thir
3 1.Sum2 Prove llionaire fuck it we all rich I ain't tryna have b ... now so we fuck with the rubber but I got a raw bitch Know this money bring envy you probably wan' be me but bro we can't beef'bout no small sh ... can't beef'bout no small shit Overseas got the crowd doin' moshpits Can't believe that I'm still in the'partments Businessman went and got me an office Million do ... ey want'em I done ran up them motherfuckin' commas look at lil' Dominique L
4 15.Gold Roses now it's over now so... Yeah She got a thing for Chanel vintage that dropped before she could speak English Do you love me or love seekin' at ... des I really seen things give mothers the shakes I really bought cars for women on face I know it seem odd but money amazin' College loans really did ... zin' College loans really did fuck up her credit Discover cards look back I know she regret it But we keep pushin' keep our foot on the pedal In the mirror she a blessin' re
5 1.Prince Akeem what the fuck I want Smokin' weed on TV wasn't even cool Now that shit legal So back then From causing trouble To right now I'm a ... ng trouble To right now I'm a motherfuckin' businessman Uh too rich to ever fit in You wait the front I get in You talk too much I listen You blind I got the vision The ... And I got a'64 that's hard as fuck But don't get in over your head Supposed to be stackin' instead of spendin' most of your bread Don't get in ... st of your b

6 7.Broke As Fuck .Broke As Fuck Uh yeah I was broke as fuck‚ down up on my ass‚ had the lowest luck Used to ride the bike up to the store‚ I need a R ... ke up to the store‚ I need a Rover truck A Bentley coupe yeah I'm wearin' Prada‚ I like Fendi too Grandma passed had a heart attack only62 My cousin shot‚ got me ... ing up you niggas so dramatic Fuck these other niggas I'm the illest I'm the coldest at it(Yeah uh) Let me take you niggas back to a much simpler time Pict
7 12.Nightmares Are Real(Feat. Pusha T) t my grandmother and I haven't been the same since Start to get anxious I'm tired of this lame shit Tired of the struggle living family in the ... drawing doodles wasn't in my fucking vision But who's fault is that? Tryna stay all intact Fightin' all my demons they be schemin' but I'm crawling back And even ... h But I still ugh I do it all over again And my life is so sinful but through times the good guys always win I could tell you how I first started in this rap shit ...
8 12.Lame(Feat. Wiz Khalifa& Rick Ross) share of motherfucking rain A lot of pain a lot of chains Felt like a slave all this ... ns Felt like a slave all this motherfucking rage(A lot of rage) I want a change I made a change So much'caine I'm in Sun Valley hall of fame I met the twelve I made her ... name(On my name) Stay in your motherfuckin' lane'cause you's a lame'Cause you's a lame you's a lame Stay in your ... ame you's a lame Stay in your motherfuckin' lane'cause you's a lame()
9 1.Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind ight Take over the world yeah I'm thinkin' I might Got'em all in my sight I know that I'm strong I know that I am I know I'm the man and wheth ... swear I hope that shit don't fuck up my flow Where do I go? What would you do If suddenly all of your dreams came true? What would you do if you did it all?(If y ... finger Would you linger like'Fuck'em all'? Guess it's your call but I can't(It's your call but I can't) This a marathon not a sprint Switch up the plan like homi ...
10 2.Homicide ahahahaha Fuck rap Bustin' like an addict with a semi-automatic Who done had it and he ready for anybody to buck back Hold up catch a vibe ain ... dy alive Leave a suicide note fuck that Bobby feelin' villainous he killin' this I'm comin' for your man and his lady and even the baby I'm feelin' like I'm chika ... Cause not a single one of you motherfuckers impress me And maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration But I'm full of innovation And I'm tired of all of this h
11 16.Lost In Translation n' Life a motherfucker but we still survivin' Colored people time but nigga we still arrivin' Chillin' with my homies and we vibin' All this potion ... ippin' I ain't drivin' Life a motherfucker but we still survivin' Colored people time but nigga we still arrivin'(Ayy yeah ayy) I'm feeling like Andre pre-3K'cause all ... Beverley Even when Bobby Boy over-the-hill and he's70 I'ma be packin' that weaponry I am the greatest alive You already know it I don't gotta
12 1.Homicide ahahahaha Fuck rap Bustin' like an addict with a semi-automatic Who done had it and he ready for anybody to buck back Hold up catch a vibe ain ... dy alive Leave a suicide note fuck that Bobby feelin' villainous he killin' this I'm comin' for your man and his lady and even the baby I'm feelin' like I'm chika ... Cause not a single one of you motherfuckers impress me And maybe that's a little bit of an exaggeration But I'm full of innovation And I'm tired of all of this h
13 6.Tomahawk what the fuck you put in this shit man I swear to God this some whole other outer space I'm high nigga man I'm tryna land this ... nigga man I'm tryna land this motherfucker Boy I'm high as fuck I know they call you rocket ship and all that shit but whoo Back with that resurrect you niggas ... ith that resurrect you niggas overslept Way that I regulate feel like
14 4.Who R U? o ever be over(Over) I'm out in Philly I thought it'd be colder(Colder) Drunk off the liqui I might need a chauffeur(Chauffeur) Check out my jiggy ... Now who are you?(Man who the fuck is this?) I don't know no What you do?(Hmm what?) I don't know no You short a few?(Oh don't make me have to lose it) Oh no no h ... ok at you niggas wonder why I fucking hate rap Ooh what make you wanna go say that?(You) And I'm on another wave and I'm puttin' on suede Niggas feeling ..
15 8.Mansa Musa(Feat. Dr. Dre& Cocoa Sarai) time zone fuck whoever Shit you gotta love me Now if you owe me mine better run it A hunnid miles and runnin' yeah I'm comin' still gunnin' Sh ... I said it then I meant it muh fucker who want it? Now I've been on some different shit lately Like I need to dumb it down for this hip hop scene Like I only come ... e gwan do with all these hits over here? Go up in smoke when I disappear reappear Hah I'm just bein' sincere Boss shit how we do it? Crack music top tier nigga Sh ...
16 12.Cheers(Feat. Q- Tip) asshole? Fuck what you say Don't do me no favors let's get back to basics We live for today bitch ... asics We live for today bitch fuck up out my way bitch I'm losin' all my aces I'm runnin' outta patience Got some pretty faces knowin' what my name is Up in high ... These pictures I'm seein' are fuckin' me up And I don't know what to do but reminisce and face the pain Back in the day before you were a dog and you were just pu ... t disconnected My story ain't over I'
17 8.NEW WAVE oo! Scare motherfuckers like it's October I'ma take you higher than a pot smoker Boil in the spot like it's hot yoga I still take shots so I'm not s ... ve a- have a- have a hand out Over and over and over Warped like a motor Nice on the mic when I strike like a cobra So don't be afraid of the new flavor It's the new it's the new b ... bring it back replay What the fuck they be rhymin''bout these days They be mumblin' like'What the ... hey be mumblin' like'W
18 11.RING THE ALARM Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 t's on my motherfuckin' conscious The whole world right now is ... The whole world right now is fucking bonkers The internet is the brand new conqueror So watch out for the ... onqueror So watch out for the motherfuckin' monsters yikes The trolls are the taunters Whoever controls the data got the answers They the ones that got the code to the ... owin' how we act I'll be like'fuck your fuckin' laboratory I am not a rat' I am light I am God body wise
19 1.Dummies y Wit'cho mother fuckin' dumbass They can continue to undermine while we continue to be ... rmine while we continue to be over paid Whether you like it or not we
20 1.Closure ght I was over the girl until I saw her out And family I was all shocked'cause I've been thinking about this girl like every day in every way ... exchange and now im happy as fuck Because now I'm back with the love of my life doing all kind of shit like kissing on North while it was two o'clock at night A ... this is when I turned into a fuckboy man I can't lie man I just weren't with it Even though I still loved her mad something couldn't sit with my spirit Never cal ...

21 9.YSIV y life is fuckin' crazy Poppin' likeJay-Z Dirty Dancin' on the game like Swayze I'm one of the illest and bitch I've been ready to kill it sin ... like Bob Marley These racist motherfuckers hate that last line Probably haters on the internet ain't got nothing to bargain Said I'd never make it bitch I just sold ou ... scotch Like Sinatra screamin''Motherfuck the cops' They say they want the old Logic the one that flow like a faucet I'm still the same me they just d
22 10.Street Dreams II 'Put this fucker in a ditch' Soon as I get there boy I'm lightin' up that ass I'ma fill him with lead and they never finna count the cash'Til ... w how but they came around us Fuck the police no they never do astound us In the back of my mind I know I gotta get the cash it's in my secret stash Wish I had an ... through the city ain't nobody fucking with me Yeah you know I had to duck'em all Screaming' ... had to duck'em all Screaming'Motherfuck the law' Next thin
23 14.Last Call this some fucking'Last Call' shit' And it got me hella excited'cause I always wanted to do like A'Last Call' I remember the first time I heard ... hes that I passed up Couldn't fuck witcha'cause your hair was too gassed up'Member creeping with the gat masked up God damn it's kinda crazy to reminisce on all t ... like growing up Damn man just motherfuckers running in and out of the crib Doing drugs selling drugs all types of stuff Meanwhile I was just tryna keep it togeth
24 1.The Ringer no MO. So fuck the fame MC punk bitch faggots raps are lame In his closet of shame he has a dress worn in vane He struts on the tracks the one ... wanna punch the world in the fuckin' face right now Yeah let me explain just how to make greatness Straight out the gate I'm'bout to break you down Ain't no mist ... f the chain like Taylor Brown Motherfucker shut the fuck up when I'm talkin' lil' bitch I'm sorry wait what's your talent? Oh critiquin' My talent? Oh bitc
25 5.Normal ra Like a fuckin' terrestrial Guess it comes with the territory My ex girl she just declared war Therefore I better prepare for it I guess bei ... ther grow stronger She won me over the second she tried to run me over Told her I'd keep it a hun' we over Kicked her out called her back now she's coming ... led her back now she's coming over But why is she so wicked? And how tfuck did I get so twisted? I'm with someone so unlikeable and shifty We're like nitrog
26 8.Not Alike Tay Keith fuck these niggas up! Yeah Brain dead eye drops Pain meds cyclops Daybed iPod Maybach my bach Trainwrecks sidewalks Pay less high-to ... e shit down We can not give a fuck shit a fuckin' colonic Sellin' your cock and your butt for a follower Possible couple of dollars you powder sniff Now you're slippin' call ... d a arsenal'Cause this bar is over your head So you better have arms if you're gonna pull up(skrrt) Oh you run the streets huh? Now you wanna come an
27 3.SICKO MODE eone said motherfucker—someone said Don't play us for weak Yah! Astro yeah yeah Tay Keith ... ah! Astro yeah yeah Tay Keith fuck these niggas up Ay ay She's in love with who I am Back in high school I used to bus it to the dance(yeah) Now I hit the FBO wit ... man)Jesus Christ(yeah) checks over stripes(yeah) That's what I like(yeah) that's what we like(yeah) Lost my respect you not a threat When I shoot my shot that shi ... what it took(yeah) Baby mama cover For
28 1.Got s mess me over'bout my bro he kinda owes me his life Oh we laugh about them times'Cause that was back then we owned them businesses and now we ... nesses and now we just do our mothers proud They just wanna see us down but that will never be the case They just wanna see a tear drop from my black Loving when ... it litterally though Oh well fuck'em if it was ever somethin' I could mention but we way past that'Cause we a five star pack five star gang Calculated like some ...
29 5.Takin' Shots rty ain't over if they say somethin'(say somethin') No sleep'til I've seen three signs Party goin' in with the threesome Raw dog prolly have t ... vroom-vroom(skrrt skrrt) Sexy motherfucker in a cartoon Saint Laurent40 on a new suit Sippin' Bud Light that's a new cruise Baby bust it open like woah-oh The diamonds ... when I walked in the door so fuckin' high like'Hello' I told her pour me some more then she went right for the blow(the blow)30 more girls wanna roll let'
30 7.Over Now leys7.Over Now Ahahah yeah When you leave me made me jump out of my room Didn't faze you would've given you the moon Even after everyt ... Won't apologize don't give a fuck if you're offended No discussion yeah we gotta go our separate ways Won't take me down in flames I don't even wanna know your n ... a pull up in a Bentley with a fuckin' hundred thousand in my pocket yeah yeah I'ma pull in slam the door open stunt in and know everybody watchin' yeah yeah And h ...
31 10.You Got The Blues out Look over here I'm gonna show you how ugh(Yeah!) Yeah! I give you everything you wanted yeah Plus a little more I promise you ain't never ... good times roll! You got the mother-fucking blues yeah I've got the cure if you wanna use it The only thing I wanna do yeah Is satisfy your soul!(You got the b-b-b-b-bl ... good times roll!(You got the mother-fucking blues yeah) You got the mother-fucking blues yeah(The only thing I wan
32 56.Only4 Me a man but fuck that nigga tonight(uh-huh) All these niggas tryna holla I ain't tryna waste your time tryna bother I just wanna come through do ... lesson That love is good as a motherfucker girl Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Girl I got you sprung and I'm up aw yeah Yeah yeah ooh And that night I'm going through th ... I had a couple of her friends over We started drinking I wish I would have stayed sober We started dancing they started fooling Straight to the bed then we
33 1.Savage 'm a real fucking trapper Once I set the trap I befuckin something after Pick'em hardly sweetJust to run up out'em faster She was kinda neat and Now she almost a disaster I'm a real ... almost a disaster I'm a real fucking master I took her to school And now she taking up like massa Used to wait and now A nigga ain't'n gotta ask her I gave her t ... t doing nothing basic We gon' overdue it'til These motherfuckers hate it I'ma put it in you And
34 9.LUST. hin' came over me Way too hot to simmer down Might as well ... to simmer down Might as well overheat Too close to comfort As blood rush my favorite vein Heartbeat racin' like a junkie's I just need you to want me Am I askin' ... kay.' Yeah I need everybody's motherfuckin' hands up right now I need everybody's ... right now I need everybody's motherfuckin'— Door and his Nike Air Rattles Rush the fire exit no time for battles Well I I never expected This
35 8.Powers That Be than Rick motherfuckin' Ross Lord as my witness And when a nigga says'Lord as my witness' a nigga tellin' the truth You don't lie after you say Lord ... ones that we put the guns to Fuck'em all kill or be killed it's still a thug rule Back of class high on grass'til I said' ... lass high on grass'til I said'fuck school!' What's meant to be is meant to be I rather you than me Die with pride forty shells on the murder scene Rolls Royce lea ... t they mail it in an envelop
36 2.No Long Talk to let a motherfuckin' TEC slam We don't need to hear about a next man Youts talk down then they get ran Left them get dipped from the whole ends I ... man like me I'm a Sixer And I oversee the whole thing Yeah I pree the whole thing Yeah I pree the whole thing Preme got the hurt tucked can't see the whole thing ... I rate that and her sex style Fuckin' somethin' yeah nigga fuckin' somethin' Back bent pussy I'll fuck her somethin' Cognac better grab a
37 16.Lose You ches? Too overly ambitious too late to fix it Too late for condolences when it's ... ate for condolences when it's over with I need to start sayin' shit when I notice it Be open with people I need some closure with Be honest with myself and take o ... blished Unforgivin' times but fuck it I manage Why is my struggle different than others'? Only child that's takin' care of his ... ild that's takin' care of his mother As health worsens and bills double That's not respect
38 1.No Frauds(& Drake& Lil Wayne) What the fuck is this bitch inhalin'? I woulda helped you out that pit you fell in I am the generous queen! Ask Ms. Ellen Tried to drop'Anoth ... e of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rack? What type of mother leave her one son over a stack? Lil Boogie down basic bitch thinkin' she back Back to back oh you mean back to wack?'Back to Back'? Me and Drizzy laug ... y And she keeps getting finer over time I just know I don't need no frauds I don't need no drama when yo
39 7.Razzle Dazzle Feel like motherfuckin' avatar nigga Mercury Pluto yeah yeah On Pluto Ear Drummers I know I'm worth I know I'm cursed I hit the turf like a play on ... h hell for this shit I'm long overdue Have my youngin's pull up on you sprayin' shit I was coppin' it buyin' it weighin' it All these foreigns I drive I'ma stay i ... otta head in the door while I fucked on her throat I smoke on an ounce and I pour up a4 Hear what they like from the gutter they got it Love me or hate me
40 8.Bars Of Soap cane I'm overseas my Cali bae like'How was Spain?' We gettin' to the money and you niggas havin' issues I bought a ... ggas havin' issues I bought a fuckin' piece and it came with a wet suit The Buddha left me without breath I really am a mess I'm moochin' off my ... am a mess I'm moochin' off my mother-lovin' self She be hopin' that I take a knee like Kaepernick yes I be open to that'SremmLife' shit(SremmLife!) This is how we ... Man them men my boy that's my mother(
41 1.THE ANSWER all blow over what the hell can I say?1000K well Iraq was Iraq you know the USA will take and never give back You're from England well'Hello ... cking my dick while my friend fucks your mother Does that give you the answer? T
42 4.No Favors hat might fuck up your life Tell'em point and shoot like camera crews In front of cameras too(brrr) Damn Sean what happened to the humble atti ... and then I went platinum too Mother fuck all your comparisons I've been talking to God like that's my therapist I'm African-American in America I ain't inherit shit but ... savor No taste buds hoe later Fuck you looking at hater? I saw them eyes like an ass raper Try to copy my swag like a cheating classmate I'll be the last
43 1.God Bless Ohio rm I said fuck that Dad Whatever that is I'm never ever ever going to get one My Dad is one of two left of his nine siblings And when he's gon ... beautiful things from Ohio My mother my mother my mother my mother And my walks along the path of the Tuscarawas Strip(Of the Tuscarawas Strip) The beautiful children of my sister And the blue ... from the dark clouds hanging over Ohio? What's chasing the dream bab
44 2.Chili Lemon Peanuts they discovered gold to the right rolling vineyards and apple orchards I just passed the bridge and the sign for the town Cool No but that si ... gave them power and authority over all devils and to cure diseases. And he sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. And he said to them: Take ... hing him almost but not quite over the balcony I told him to go fuck himself and to stay the fuck out of our lives He finally shut his stupid mouth And as
45 3.Philadelphia Cop 't give a fuck about things like who's the best or the worst on Twitter And the other social media money-making scheme turning you into a zomb ... ng in town and turn it into a fucking fruit shake maker You got the brains to be the next Norman Mailer You got the longevity to be the next Elizabeth Taylor You ... the class to be the nextJames fucking Spader You got the swagger to be the next Stiv ... e swagger to be the next Stiv fucking Bator But are you sitting on the

46 5.Lone Star elves Boo fuckin' hoo Well guess what you fucking asshole? It ain't all about you There are people in this world who have dead children They're deeply grieving So quit your b ... hey used to be a boy What the fuck is it to you They're worthy of dignity and respect and use of any goddamn toilet Why are you ... ny goddamn toilet Why are you fucking wearing that shit?(fuck!) Why are you fucking wearing that shit?(fuck!) Why are you fucking wearing t
47 7.Butch Lullaby your grandmother's kitchen cabinet We thought he'd always be there like the stars and the moon But we're all gonna end up ashes in an urn or b ... bones under a tomb He'd watch over us down there in the TL He'd watch us rock out to our music and was always supportive(?) He worked for Fishbone and George Clin ... hroom. Butch wasn't the agile mother fucker he used to be and he needed a damn good reason to get up off of that cozy chair. Butch's favorite part of the turkey
48 10.Bergen to Trondheim ht?) That fuck who killed fifty people in Florida That's some ... people in Florida That's some fucked up shit I don't care what ethnicity or religion that crazy ... nicity or religion that crazy fuck is It's my opinion that he deserves a blunt object lodged into his temple Smash his ... ged into his temple Smash his fucking brain in of him make an example That ... n of him make an example That motherfucker's one of thousands like him walking this earth O
49 1.ShETHER ree Remy! Fuck you Free Remy!(Fuck Nicki Minaj!) Are you dumb? You wore a pink diamond chicken wing chain(Are you dumb?) You had a leopard beehive on your head(Ar ... e on your head(Are you dumb?)(Fuck Nicki Minaj!) Are you forgettin' that I pressed you before bitch?( ... t I pressed you before bitch?(Fuck Nicki Minaj!)[Hook](I) Fuck with your soul like shETHER(Will) You ain't the queen I'll show you(Not) Lipo your ass and belly(Lose) I prove you lost already ...
50 11.The Process(Guillotine) America cover the grey areas With black and white hysteria ... With black and white hysteria over the way we're pairing up They wanna dig a grave for us to lay us in and bury us The mumble rap-athon is on and on to the break ... et this shit straight for you motherfuckers We never made a record and tried to shop it to Trav and Tech We made it off the strength of our talent and havin' that respe ... ase up Emancipate your people fuck your whole campaign up I'm in
51 3.Empty k] I'm so motherfuckin' true like I'm2 Chainz Ridin' in that Mayweather with your boo thing Every summer I pop up with some new chains In these Balm ... unch of new shit[Hook] I'm so motherfuckin' true like I'm2 Chainz Ridin' in that Mayweather with your boo thing Every summer I pop up with some new chains In these Balm ... ig stash pot in the car for a fuck nigga Soon as I see you creepin' up imma bust nigga One thing about my pistol we got lots of trust nigga He
52 12.420(Blaze Up) I roll a motherfucking fat back to myself Leave it to beaver America gon' legalize but I ain't believe her Til she finally did it ... ve her Til she finally did it Overworked but I'm still committed All things under the letter G Snoop Dogg done did it Gracefully gazing unto the sky A lot of peop ... one piece man your ass'll be fucked up for six or seven hours or so
53 1.No Frauds What the fuck is this bitch inhalin'? I woulda helped you out that pit you fell in I am the generous queen! Ask Ms. Ellen Tried to drop'Anoth ... e of bum bitch shoot a friend over a rack? What type of mother leave her one son over a stack? Lil Boogie down basic bitch thinkin' she back Back to back oh you mean back to wack?'Back to Back'? Me and Drizzy laug ... y And she keeps getting finer over time I just know[Hook: Nicki Minaj] I don't need no frauds I don't ne
54 3.Can't Sit Here for these mother fuckers fakin' Filling up my mind space Taking up my head room I'm just tryin' to chill and get stoned in my bedroom Imma keep it re ... oom Imma keep it real far out fuckin' Neptune We be getting loose footloose no Sunday shoe If you need me I be getting new near the blue again We be getting crazy ... ke I'm a kid again And taking over that's the state of mine I'm living in Cause I ain't giving up no I ain't ever giving in So think to show my gratitude
55 3.Vigilantes brainless motherfucker You couldn't tame this motherfucker Yeah I blame this motherfucker Drain this motherfucker He crossed the line All this talk and we had to find him all this time[Verse5: Your Old Droog] Tunnel sounding like ghost scr ... f you don't tell us where the fuck he is we ain't leaving' I'm losing patience been chasing this creep all evening Wait- heard someone breathing Turn my head and ... ts of steps tryna get to this f
56 5.Facts3 ke-like a motherfucker know Hold back[?]I'm grown Flown different continents Boned different kinds of chicks Grown to this kind of shit Don't need n ... nna come for me? Come for me- motherfucker let's go Even if I'm left on the floor you'll still be broke And I'll still be getting me dough[?] And I'm saying' ... ng me dough[?] And I'm saying'fuck you' to get to your dome Facts man facts man Y'all a bunch of little petty rap fans It's the New York pack man It's lik
57 1.Damn(feat. Tory Lanez) 'What the fuck you got up in them jeans girl?' Goddamn how the ... jeans girl?' Goddamn how the fuck it's bustin' out the seams girl?Jumpin' up and down just to fit it in your jeans girl I see what you lookin' at when you be in ... mirror shawty Ass on'What the fuck I got up in them jeans boy?' Goddamn how the ... m jeans boy?' Goddamn how the fuck it's bustin' out the seams boy?Jumpin' up and down just to fit it in my jeans boy You see what I'm lookin' at when I be
58 2.This Is What It Comes Too ] Get the fuck up out the spot nigga Burn that nigga feet up man This nigga in here man ... up man This nigga in here man Fuck this nigga doin' b Black nigga in Boston by fiends you wild ass Get this ... fiends you wild ass Get this motherfuckin' giraffe ass nigga outta here man Sheet skin socks ass nigga right here b What the hell is goin' on man? Light that nigga fee ... did you think you could step over me? I'm too enormous Plus I heard you was an informant
59 14.Lucifer s control over population And so they create this fiery place which has quite literally scared the hell outta a lot of people throughout this ... at's when I saw the triv Some motherfucker with a mask on had my son tied up Laughing with a millimeter pointed at him'I'ma put the gun down. Let him live. Don't trip I ... p ride away and I won't say a motherfucking word to another soul about this.' The harder man'll roll. Take a nigga hollow. what you want? I got a rig
60 3.SheJust Wanna Dance l to take over the motherfucking world And she had long nights she had early mornings It goes on and on yeah she got her own story She got her own things big ... it What a sight what a night Fuck all them just be mine I'm in love
61 2.7 Min Freestyle She bent over nigga yeah yeah Young Savage trappin' yeah yeah And I'm ... ge trappin' yeah yeah And I'm fuckin' rappin' yeah yeah I make lots of money yeah yeah And I throw it throw it yeah yeah Ayy lil bitch you tryna blow it yeah Woah ... lawnmower yeah Woah got that motherfuckin' dagger on me Woah stab a nigga and his lil homie woah And I'm ballin' like Nowitzki woah I get head like Lewinsky Police try ... me woah I'm runnin' out that motherfucker nigg
62 9.Thug Life er Buy a Rover Crack inside my grandmas sofa Sunday family coming ... mas sofa Sunday family coming over Move the crack behind the toaster Carry pistols with no holsters Trying not to be a poster You was listening to your coaches I ... o myself you ain't gang nigga fuck you Feel like2Pac Thug Life nigga fuck you If he had the password to your phone he wouldn't have cuffed you Dog ass bitch I knew I never should've trusted you Hoe sta ... e-through Gang gang screaming'(
63 2.Hellboy ys a uh a fucking goal to uh give all these niggas hell know what I'm sayin' A love letter to you two Ooh for your boo Baby wish me well Baby ... ovin' the work your bitch all over my cock I put dick in her mouth like the whole ... k in her mouth like the whole mother of bombs And I ain't talkin' Don
64 14.A Report to the Shareholders Kill Your Masters h I'm the fucking man!' yeah Maybe give a little back like'Here I do what I can' It's all jokes and smoke'till the truth start schemin' Can't ... confused for docile I'm free motherfuckers I'm hostile[Verse2: Killer Mike] Choose the lesser of the evil people and the devil still gon' win It could all be ... till gon' win It could all be over tomorrow kill our masters and start again But we know we all afraid so we just simply cry and march again At the Dem Conven my .
65 3.Black Man drop top fuck you nigga There go the cops fuck niggers There go the cops There go the cops Is it because of my people? Is it because of my sneakers? Is it because of my jerse ... n the morning Why you pull me over sayin' you smell marijuana?(Smellin' the gas) I said I got a ID I got glaucoma(I got ID) He said'We ain't in Cali nigga get out ... end up dead Pig in a blanket fuck was you thinkin'? Free that nigga Boosie runnin' at the police Left him with a slow leak righ
66 2.We The People.... the same fucking food The ramen noodle Your simple voodoo is so maniacal we're liable to pull a juju The irony is that this bad bitch in my l ... c with the stars You bastards overlooking street art Better yet street smarts but you keep us off the charts So ... you keep us off the charts So motherfuck your numbers and your statisticiansFuck y'all know about true competition? That's like a AL pitcher on deck talking about he hittin' The only one who's hitting are
67 2.Tear It Down get your mother fucking hands up Metaphor is the shit that they begging for Make them look like the seven dwarves Set it off and reset the score If ... heads in the clouds You ain't overdue for a landing Put the pen to the paper and give them reason to panic Shooting right up the chalks like they shot you out of ... e you stand it I don't give a fuck cuz they know I'm gonna wear the crownJon Connor and I came to tear it down It breaks down for my very next break Ain't
68 52.Got That Work mine Take over the game I put that on my mom You ain't wasting my time ain't wasting my time is wasting my money Got back on my grind do this ... e work I got this rap from my mother I put that on my brothers Catch me out with your lady I'm in that foreign no other Ain't gotta talk about cash let it rain it ... about cash let it rain it's covered She just wanna drink and fuck I told her we are not lovers For the love of this money I prob
69 3.Holy Key like it's fuckin' taxes No wonder I'm on fire I done been to hell and back bitch Lately I been living life in detachment I practice seven spir ... n the streets crying standing over a still body Niggas over stressing we under investigation Every day off to the races can't ... ry day off to the races can't fuck with you if you racist Beat your ass until you purple they can't even tell what your race is Doctor King meet Dr. Dre except th ... work in my DNA Kendrick said'
70 6.Know Better(Kevin Gates) tooed all over my stomach Out in London talkin' to Big London Stand up in they chest okay I love you Niggas hatin' wait I'm doin' numbers In t ... n they feelin's tell'em I say fuck'em Hold up wait tell'em that I love'em We could go we had a discussion Fame tend to blind the people on the side of you like yo ... her All we got is us and your mother Fall down get back up again Lose
71 2.Real Chill m In this motherfucker with a big grip bitch Nigga get a grip I can't get a grip made them benji's flip Walked in throwin' the cash like nerfs Girl ... niggas hurt uh I'm that nigga fuck you heard A young nigga so superb A cool Herc on the Earth Swag yeah Frank Lucas with a grill All these hoes wanna chill Musta ... they get back here Don't come over here cause you will get clapped he
72 8.On A Bang You only fuck computers Blame the science just don't blame ... the science just don't blame mother nature She rides the lightning we're only ones and zeroes Now you know better why can't you ... you know better why can't you fucking do better? Now you know better why can't you ... you know better why can't you fucking do better? I gave my heart over to rock'n'roll what is your contribution? Where is it in your soul? Time doesn't heal you just learn to deal wit
73 11.Big Body is in the motherfuckin' house So uh get your skates get your… Get your issue funky bitch you slow on your feet Get your issue funky bitch you slow o ... hucks Groovy Q they all wanna fuck Park the Cutlass at the pump Hit the switches ... at the pump Hit the switches over speed bumps Knocking six twelves in the trunk Where the girls with the rump? All the pretty bitches to the front All you groupi ... ut the50s on the map Got my Hoover star on the hat Cause we g
74 17.Police Get Away Wit Murder 't give a fuck We don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck Nigga we don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck The police get away with murder We don't give a ... y with murder We don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck That's why we don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck Nigga we don't give a fuck We don't give a fuck So you better leave your house with a burner My whoadie got hit up Then my whoadie got hit
75 7.Da Fat Gangsta roughest motherfucker could get Playin' Russian Roulette never lost a bet yet Bluffin ain't my style niggas ain't sayin nothin Cause I'm buckwild w ... e Hopin I don't hit em like a fucked up disease Fall up in the club Mr. Hype for a night Choke a rapper with a cord hang him from the lights.. huh! Now you do wan ... na get your ass WHIPPED Party over here another in the hospital Lincoln Memorial notice that's how I sent you hah I was the one who played the shoot'em up
76 1.Famous et to fly over personal debt Put one up in the sky The sun is in my eyes whoo! Woke up and felt the vibe whoo! No matter how hard they try who ... Let me see you act up in this motherfucker'ey what a bam bam Bam bam dilla bam bam How you feelin' how you feelin how you feelin' in this ... eelin how you feelin' in this mother fucker god damn Bam bam One thing you can't do is stop us now Bam bam bam bam Bam bam dilla bam bam You can't stop the thing now'ey ... e it'
77 1.Block Wars what the fuck be pissing me off? The other motherfuckers think they running my blockJump off that ... running my blockJump off that fucking stoop hit the fucking gate nigga Grab your burners it's time to go to war I give the niggas the whole ... r I give the niggas the whole fucking clip Every motherfucking round in this motherfucker you can get Them them it's a block thing Murder murder murder murder[Verse1] Niggas run up on this r
78 6.Mr. Black Man let these motherfuckers bury us Embarrass us Hey Mr. Black Man living in America(hey) Hey Mr. Black Man living in America(hey)[Verse1: Ace Hood] Wok ... at's on my mind I just got to fucking grind Like ain't got shit to lose I got so more shit to prove Hit my plug and make some moves or finess them with that tool ... that power we refuse Prisons over populated cause we dropping outta school Let'em tell it we uneducated life a devastation All our actions are not validat
79 13.Go Mode Ft. Rick Ross trippin' over shit I got it My young niggas they on go mode shit I know the shooters they on go mode shit I told you niggas I'm in beast mode ... All gas on your dog ass shit Fuck who you know you need a G pass My little homies pull up quick fast Extendos with the ski mask Nah y'all don't really want that ... ation in this bitch you can't fuck with us gang Club jumpin' once again hydraulics I'm doin' numbers in the Benz big body You can catch me up in Liv poppin' bottl ...
80 16.True2 Self lin' like'Fuck rap' Cause ain't nobody interested in all this real shit Real But that be going through my mind on some real shit Like why this ... cold nigga that's your proof Overdose on autotune nigga that ain't you Sell your soul it's kinda like I said'I do' I won't budge I can't lie This shit gets tough ... So who am I? Be that shredded motherfucker You should get to know him you'l
81 12.X don't you overdose This that living legend hands around your ... ving legend hands around your fuckin' throat get it? I am a menace I am the end ain't no ... menace I am the end ain't no fucking beginnin' It ain't no question bout who is the realest Niggas are gimmicks they gotta be kiddin' Follow my lead and I show y ... outh I hear the mumbles they cover their mouth I came to see what the hype is about Niggas in foreign cars with big rollies and a gold chain shit re
82 3.Smile s Whoopty-fucking-do as you may like it but I'll come to your party If you happen to invite me We can all get out of our minds Oh turn me on(Y ... all you know I just buried my mother I've been burying my mother For eternity It has been over and over You don't know me[Chorus] Don't te
83 8.Beef day Money over bitches every way You can't trust none of these hoes You can't ... none of these hoes You can't fuck none of these hoes You can't reply to their twitter these bitches out of control I put my gun on my money and what I made Nigga ... beef? Beef is when you tryna fuck your connect Now they want your head for a check nigga Tell me what's beef? Beef is when them niggas on the corner watching me ... of'em Shot at the best of'em Fucked rich bitches up north
84 2.How It Go h she get over excited Give me head with no hands hoe you know how I like it I keep a tool with some rubbers bitch I'm strapped like I'm ISIS ... it out here man. You know the fucked up part about it? They be madder than a ... out it? They be madder than a mother fucker man. Don't you post nothin' on Instagram or nothing oh they really gon' get mad. Niggas have a fit niggas be wantin' to kill ... tin' to kill they selves. Man fuck em'. Keep smokinJuicy said'aye
85 1.Trap(Feat. Gucci Mane& PeeWee Longway) ber bands fuck what I'm gon do with a wallet? I'm in the booth countin' money I'm so goddamn cocky My lil' bitch pop her pussy I just might po ... t me geeked up spill lean all over Versace I got killers with me they don't do no talkin' or boxin' I got that long bread I'm talkin' footlong pizza no toppings T ... ing in his honeycomb Turn his motherfucking house to a haunted home Money l
86 10.Destroyed ft. Euro My nigga Fuck the world and may I mention fuck the world again But I wanna go around the world Tune You down to go around the world again? I am and you can trust in a nigga l ... t call your girl a friend But fuck her like she my girlfriend Talk to her like she my girl like Oops you look like my girl's twin[?] I'm lost in future present pa ... derdogs understand what I lay over tracks New school but all I listen to is older raps bitch I still I still been drinking on th
87 19.Plastic Bag ft.Jae Millz Throw it over his head make him gag Throw it over his head make him gag You flashed all night nigga you deserve it Get a plastic bag Throw it ... it Get a plastic bag Throw it over his head make him gag[Verse1] Go ahead take a nigga cash You flashed all night nigga you deserve it Get a bitch with ass Drop h ... f hits nigga Alright we don't fuck with switch hittas Throw'em in a river let the fish get'em I'm comin' with the street sweeper Like a ... ith the street swee
88 12.Chinx& Max Paid For the money fuck the problems But once you hit the Henny you the wildest Remember when you finger popped the jon found a condom in her? And you ... eeds International superstars overseas Despite all our obstacles against all odds Keep your eyes on the prize and your faith on God Every week talk to your ... n God Every week talk to your mother I see your baby boy gettin' older Until you get the appeal we gon' fight homie Spit that Coke Wave Boys for life homie Montan ... homie
89 11.One Eyed Shooter ife I'mma fuck her friend too on another night Flew that bitch out Her friend on another flight I been killing bitches dick all in they ... ling bitches dick all in they overbite Used to love a ratchet bitch I got another type Money make a nigga shine I can play the light First time I seen fuzzy fell ... wear I'm balling like a bitch mother fuck a price Bitches still sucking dick for that Benni rice Been killing shit now they know the kid nice Money ... they know the
90 1.Limitless Stand up motherfuckers stand up Because coming to the stage he needs no introduction[Verse1: Smoke DZA] Big meals at Frankie&Johnny's I tip generou ... ey ISIS The nicest underrated overrated fuck the ratings Who debate? Then screw your opinions see what the people saying God gotta watch for Satan I operate in silence Keep ... y all that shit that I built? Fuck it everything is signed sealed I'm
91 6.1 of1 tch could fuck up a wet dream Took a hiatus I'm back boy Papa love the man they ask for it Blues Brothers shit I'm Aykroyd ... ues Brothers shit I'm Aykroyd Fucking up Peter Louis with Fat Boy The whole flight conspiracy theorists talking about asteroids I'm high as ... g about asteroids I'm high as fuck watching Bertyle trying to catch Floyd King Pin for em I'm a pack boy Took a long blink fast forward Now I'm curving the avenue ... o: Peter Rosenberg] Make some mother(!
92 4.Control Yes(haha) motherfuckers actually wanna rap now huh It's motherfuckin' shame I specialize in pain agony destruction terror torture.] I'm makin these niggas feel like the skies fallin guys crawlin ... verbally3rd degree burns all over eye ballin So don't even try callin I'm off the hook Like an author Who lost the heart to be writing pages I'm off the books I' ... to look Disgustingly vivid so fuck if you lived it I'm customly fitted to crush all these critics
93 14.Pound Cake MZ me now motherfucker Love me now nigger I'm the best While these niggers run around in they silly colorful shirt I'll be here shedding tears for m ... of October There'll be rebels over the streets running cops over Supreme Court judges being shot by niggers who lost brothers Corrupt politicians without a part to piss I'm like Robert griffon ... ling these niggers they can't fuck right I got a co follower but no luck with me Been doing this shit for10 years Took
94 10.Fire e streets motherfuck it all Don't invest your money in a business that don't ... oney in a business that don't fuck with y'all Look the babies in the eye and tell'em'We'll do better' Yesterday is ... We'll do better' Yesterday is over but tomorrow still waiting for us all Yea sing that sing that loud how it go? What it feel like? Walk through the fire All my p ... hear our cries So we set that motherfucker on fire Crispus Attucks They drug us through the sy
95 7.Im No Good just get fucking pissed off I just get sick of all this bullshit Shit's sad growing up in the gutter But I met a lot of kids want to be like ... y family looking at me like a fuck up And they're right and I don't want to disappoint my twin I pray one day I'll rec ... y twin I pray one day I'll recover But it's like I'm tryin' to schedule an appointment with the- devil Lords knows that I don't wanna- die So I'm begging praying ... selfish piece of shit Make a mother(|
96 16.Pull Up y on that motherfuckin west side that east side that south side and that ... side that south side and that motherfuckin north side You might see me cruising with my crew inside my Buick Regal hard top Might see your reflection cause I'm fresh up ... me riding they gonna pull me over just because watch There ain't shit to do but catch a buzz and bar hop Chillin in my car parked smokin hit the on lock button G ... n I pull up pull up Tell that mother fuck(
97 16.4 Tha Record ] You can fuck my bitch not the BasedGod's bitch Might go to East Oakland and that dope fiend rental Still got TVs with them four flats in it ... Boss with that XO bars Saying fuck the Weeknd I can't sing that soft(Figaro!) I still know the struggle I get so jealous(Figaro!) Still up in that good with that ... rs fake so I can't respect it Fuck the Weeknd put that on record Still flash on bitches and I flash on niggas One man army it's the bitch mob nigga A lot of sucke ...
98 17.Keep It So Gutta lunt you covered with ashes Self made thug we in a different bracket Never bent ... different bracket Never bent over or flexed on rappers Suck a crackers dick to get money you faggot I got so much passion I got it the fastest Selling weed was a ... nd a render She say she wanna fuck but it's cheaper to send her I don't give a ... er to send her I don't give a fuck we blasting at po po Tryna lock me up we all gotta die slow If they lock me up raise hell in court Blow
99 11.Victim fall out over no bitches You saving these hoes we villians We used to hit licks on mansions Split the whole shit down the middle Four guns an ... renches getting money with me Fucking bitches get them in they feelingFuck'em raw just so she can feel it Dope boy got the kitchen whippin Drum nuts looking like mickey Tweakin' nigga think you smoking ... ud for you yeah Them niggas a motherfucker yeah I was there when Fo'nem got
100 3.Glock Up he cannot fuck off a xanny she need a oven Arroganmotherfucker Runnin' off from the bubble Felonies I got double See me they know it's trouble Shootin' shit ain't no scuffle Vernie that bo ... they set up It's Louis V all over me I swear I'm in a chess club Str

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