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1 2.Greatest Must have missed my cat-scan that day I just threw a Tampax at Dre Trashcan tasks cam and ashtray I'm turning back to a madman can't take anym ... t the scene Hold the mic like similar to pistol squeeze And I shoot f
2 6.More Like You feat. Fjer ive up to similar bars and yet one's the signature product So the pressure's on you.'The stress is hard!' Cool The lessons start and they're c ... r plate A way to fix what you missed in the case of family A slave to
3 9.Misconceptions3 e for the mission Or meditate it then I levitated Elevated celebrated You should celebrate it this is that and better greatness Good good God ... r violence? Is it sympathy or similar The sinner's lord's inside'em The problem ain't wordplay I get schizophrenic with sittin' straight jackin' the beat Blood al ... ence sent us to earth on this mission Tryna make a way for my sibling
4 7.I Don't Believe You might go missin' Girl I know you smoke that fire But this right here that diesel And I know you think you faded but Bitch I don't believe you ... k that you party like us in a similar fashion But I spent a rack on these jeans that I'm holding my stash in Snatching your hoes then I'm smashin' I'm higher than ... iftin' I'm so high I might go missin' Girl I know you smoke that fire But this right here that diesel And I know you think you faded but Bitch I don't believe you ...
5 9.Religion rficially similar but they are fundamentally different[Verse2 Da TRUTH] I understand what the feel when they say that religion kills Africa sl ... for oppression the West on a mission field Hindu rebels the churches

6 3.The Night Believer k free So similar to your familiar You whisper Hollywood this is my only thing Are you still on their good side? We ... still on their good side? We missed you I'm sure there'll be re-runs
7 8.You're Not Good Enough g I won't miss you But I'm headed to the sea to check out how these other fish do Maybe they won't talk to me like I was10 Or have sex with my ... ing in your eye that makes me miss you even still That makes me want to call you and find out when we can chill I always thought that maybe we were soulmates Prob ... obably cause we have a lot of similar traits See I'm fucked up and yo
8 8.Jesus Gun feat. Apathy Celph Titled& Antihelden German is similar to a sit-in- to protest against something but a writer's block of course is not an action or protest in any way) or batik ba ... permanent lying and always submissive snitches behaving like topless bitches at a drug lords drug lab- the rap hip hop scene(today)? Its only wannabe hard stuff i ... tripping So listen Ap is the missing chapter the master edition envision Crack in the kitchen that's mixed with battery acid that's drippin' I'm droppin' a dropl ...
9 6.Letter2 Pac re really missed There will probably be nobody better real shit All through my life you inspire me dawg When you died I really cried I wanted ... el like we one of a kind with similar stories They call this hustle s
10 6.Defiant been just missing Lay with me they know I start to split all in the kicthen Never ever sleep into the sistem brow you Define all the line defi ... mouth play Keep into my maze similar with[?] We was just press to play and terry down[?] They wanted for'em self but I love competition Feeling better for my hea ... mooving in competition Double missing for eight hours and get at leastmissin g Been skippin' still splitin' f
11 6.Nobody Wins(feat. B.o.B.) she got a similar face You gotta know when to hold what you got and know when to give it away[Hook][Verse4:Jodeci] Let's talk about this(Let's ... about this) I'm glad that you missed(Nobody wins) You almost tore up
12 8.Vice City(feat. Black Hippy) rical I'm similar to Eli... Why? Cause I'm wearin' black shades And I'm headed west with the word of God I think I'm finally ready to talk abo ... bitch Got two Rollies but one missing Think my daughter flossing she
13 11.Young OG II t real no Similar sky similar ties But I know all about you I do Look the saddest story comes from those who once had the glory Had the foreigns diamond w ... ed the top isn't We talk guap missions cops prison I help him see it
14 3.Either Way It Goes stent the mission just keep your distance Keep it all up like a tent is raincoat to everglades I can sit up in d barber chair an still never f ... swing across ma chest(chest) Similar to Travis Best on point wit d l
15 1.Lights bors of a similar skin. Look for the lights. Places to fall asleep and people to ... to fall asleep and people to miss As vibrating islands cast adrift t
16 8.King Boss tion the..misses havender My only artist are money heavy the manager And calling pretty when pretty girls is the passenger she says she dreams ... t like a.. see my life doubts similar of the life doubts..for a chest full of ice dog she in love a nigga even if I get a rent..should I seen a smile when she got ... masters stacks and in a hurry miss rubies..there's getting movie prem
17 1.The Linear y's McGee-Similar Skin1.The Linear Caught in the moment its never easy to decide when you know the simple fact is that the answers the ... things I've lost that I still miss Back in the moment we're digging d
18 7.Educated Guess y's McGee-Similar Skin7.Educated Guess Picked me up Send me up Or I won't make it I set it down(I saw you) Turn around I can't explain ... he even made a connection He missed his sister when he saw her refle
19 8.Loose Ends y's McGee-Similar Skin8.Loose Ends I hope it's true but I'll make do with the things that I have heard So if I do this right then I mi ... omehow I knew to listen to my missing voice of reason What would it t
20 3.TGC2 love Hova Similar to Beyonce Run circles around squares y'all in bad shape I gave up the gold diggers for a sure dime Lord transformed me in m ... we in the building Cuz ya'll missing a ceiling Hang it up I want to

21 1.Balance(feat. Scarub) You could miss it if you blink Some shootin' stars will fall with this pad of ink If we were in the same crew yo I'd have a fatter linkJust si ... elation of sunshine and rain Similar gain frame the aim on point we
22 4.The Weed Song touchable similar to scarface??? of pacino be in yo kilos like star space enterprise on a ... ke star space enterprise on a mission to go where no man has gone b'f
23 2.Listen ctrum got similar stories He's trying to be the Supergiant like Alpha Ori Loud versed endowed with the power to make cloud burst Vowed thirst ... thing that happened and we've missed it somehow because we've been as
24 7.Honey Bun nd Nobody Similar Man Where She At Cause I'm Missing Her I Hit It But I Ain't Quitti
25 12.Say No More his is me similar and see some dough for And can be a couple motor tryin to cheat on your show money Backstage doing road with a snow bunny Ra ... a banana supplier Without my mission to fill'em we digging a hole Ma
26 1.The Return grief Yo'Miss please calm down they all gone now' Literally minced into little bits between Pieces of leftover Chef Boyardee Mixed with a cou ... o rights muggers in broad day Similar to the ancient fables of the Wi
27 2.Brooding Over anes with similar crossroads the relenting sunset on both sides sighed this photo wrought with ... ighed this photo wrought with missed memories bodes dark days must pass for space to come undone tiny rain tatters as Time passes cold no efforts bequeath the pro ... d I promise we will be whole amiss I miss the shape that fits in mine open u
28 1.Tuscan Leather pin' On a mission tryna shift the culture Tell me who dissin' I got some things that'll hit the culprit Them strep throat flows them shits to ... aving the same fears shedding similar tears and of course dying in so
29 17.Stuck In the Middle of Nowhere Again gs said I miss you and it's like that twice. I've seen this room a million times and I don't know why. can only guess from ... know why. can only guess from similar experience. can only take a stab at a song. all I did was die and I can't ask why. stuck in the middle of nowhere again. stu ... ain. one million songs said I miss you and I still do
30 14.Out Da Gym ious roof missin'40K on wrist and I'm ballin' fierce I done shot more jumpers than that Paul Pierce Or Kevin Garnett'cept I don't even break a ... da gym Yao Ming You're short similar to a[?] A nigga keep a steel li
31 8.Let Go I'm on a mission for Hoe and now sure hard for me to die and to me listen too I'll write the words to describe everything I see So I'm thanki ... end my heart through the wire Similar to Diane because girl you truly
32 1.This Time Next Year fate do I miss If I have to go And will I be better Yeah I'd like to know If I go home crying This time next year And will I fuck up again In ... And will I fuck up again In a similar way And will I lose all my mone
33 11.Rhyme Tyme(Original12? Version) say it's similar to fat incredible I got a taste but it's not edible I'm goin down as a MC champ Kinda wet on the set but it's just damp Some ... d it up and not a word you'll miss I can slow- down- at- times- just-
34 7.The Pre-Fix for Death g yous my mission to leave you a morbid stiff bludgeon you beyond recognition with distorted riff technical drums and rugged bass rip through ... x for death. crushing yous my mission to leave you a morbid stiff bludgeon you beyond recognition with distorted riff technical drums and rugged bass rip through ... ric more blood yours conflict similar to the ones from drama funds metal hip hop the fusion of real rap with real guitar shit no illusions no fake shit I live bot ...
35 5.Nerds(Studio) t they're missing. For instance I like poetry I like instruments. Maybe we have ... ke instruments. Maybe we have similar interests? But it's no fall bal
36 19.Nerds t they're missing for instance I like poetry I like instruments. Maybe we have ... ke instruments. Maybe we have similar interests. But it's no fall bal
37 13.Goodbye identical Similar outfits similar names My deceased kid's ultrasound in a frame So I'm deprived of my chance to be a better dad Staring at my twins that I nev ... and got seen by the family I miss the early morning convos believe m
38 1.The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary fficient. miss snodgrass! And with that. Gregcery turned And strode nonchalantly Into his dinky little office With the desk and the catalog An ... on Known only to piglets Of a similarly diminutive Proportion To sing
39 11.Slow Down g Are you missing me? Well you'd better be Let's slow slow it down Remember that time we was out in Puerto Rico? Told me that you love me it c ... love fucking me they got the similar dream Money stay the calling so
40 10.PNCINTLOFWGKTA ng like I missed the night before I know I love my life for sure You know I fucked your wife my whore I'm a fucking animal that's one hell of ... reason why the swagger's this Similar to abstinent ass and you ain't
41 2.Strange March nd Such a similar civilization[Verse2: Berns] Fuck a leader they buying followers Awakin' deities everyday that I write a verse Livin' with po ... wish death to none accept the mission Outta religion still I pray to somethin' for forgiveness Impaired vision[Verse3: Wrekonize] I'm marchin' to the minutes I'm ... essage die Step in time God I miss you You would hardly recognize me
42 16.5000 d you can miss me when I'm out of here... Chorus I'm out of here I'm out of here I'm out of here I'm way out I ain't ever gonna get through to ... pen's my pal my then and now similar my friends can vouch I get it o
43 11.Enter: Missionary -The Last Missionary11.Enter: Missionary Yo! This Enter mission is written for those who miss the invention like an ignition sparkin' the fuel in the engine it's ... ' the fuel in the engine it's similar in the sense it started the movement we live in I'm quittin' just for a minute to let you give it a listen GO! O! fficial wa ... s trippin' he hit us on Enter Mission with this but only for tenths of a moment no lyricism the little bit had me itchin'
44 15.Beauty& the Beast -The Last Missionary15.Beauty& the Beast They label her as a hater'cause she's no addict enabler who plays the rug in the name of love ... of crap that Satan does He is similar in a way because before they wo
45 5.Flower Child self in a similar way I'm paste like my mamma in the kitchen whippin' Always mixing up and fixing Begged her for a taste and she said it wasn' ... ustlin for the numbers in You miss the journey if you climb too fast

46 9.All& More shape is similar but it's missing what it meant. So say it all ag
47 8.Country Rap Tunes heard of Mississippi lyricists Not even visionaries envision this[Hook][Verse2] Leave it behind the the the crime Fighting for every yard acr ... w Under certain circumstances similar to yours I just wanna be heaven
48 5.Country Rap Tunes heard of Mississippi lyricists Not even visionaries envision this[Hook][Verse2] Leave it behind the the the crime Fighting for every yard acr ... w Under certain circumstances similar to yours I just wanna be heaven
49 4.One Man e and The Mission Fuck that Show me where the money at All I care about is the hundred stacks Fuck that Yeah a lot of y'all fake So stay out m ... a pile of steaks Why I relate similar backgrounds You don't back down
50 6.Love is What I'm Waiting For s that he missed'Cause he always sings the wrong ones And I'm sleeping in a ... ng ones And I'm sleeping in a similar state But for this I swore I'd
51 1.L.A. Times here Then Miss You until They Kiss You need You Going in The Ground When Magazine eating You teach You ... Magazine eating You teach You Similar to the way the Shit Do This los
52 12.Mama Told Me on dollar mission Mama told me I was special thank god I listened My environment never let me be a pretender ... t never let me be a pretender Similar interest with them dope boys bu
53 3.Morven Park you'll be missing me I'm taking the long way home through street lights and lamp posts I know this drive seems longer to me But with time I'll ... you It's funny to me all the similarities The sound of his name and what they call me But I can promise you'll be ... e But I can promise you'll be missing me. I'm taking the long way hom
54 5.Come Along* the comp missing Forced to find inspiration when I never had to So I go against myself it's a better battle Now come along come-a come along ... I don't call them verses they similar to poems Similar to scriptures similar to pictures You can stick to ra
55 10.Buried Alive Interlude y vice is similar women love when you're my type And you're winning from everything that your palm write Put her in the Palms Hotel sin city d ... p No doors all that nigga was missing was Aaliyah Felt like the initi
56 14.The Ashes Of Eagles the body Similar toJamie Bain I'm insane with the shottie But my target is not a boxer it's capitalists and cops This rap is like a derailed ... ogue state armed with nuclear missile launcher
57 3.One Lonely Owl st Dust I miss you Do you like your raps sung by a prettier gent Who fornicates copiously with a prosthetic wench? I'll fade into oblivion whe ... e breath* I was farmed for my similarity to a Duracell battery And qu
58 8.For the Unheard Proboard Warriors!(feat. NicholasJ) man On a mission to find like-minds like mine I used to get into the gaming zone at night time Runescape teleport from Varrock to Falador Use ... s The duality of this life is similar to Batman and Bruce Wayne But I
59 3.Curtains nd I have similar jobs But we ain't all working forward the same I'm doing mad shows& I got some states ... mad shows& I got some states missing me Keep making records law homi
60 4.Do What You Wanna Do n a quick mission to find some kill Ain't no big deal just hop in tha Seville Mah homey put me down quarter pound for a bill Wake up in tha mo ... respect um They been through similar shit but then again you can't l
61 8.Yessir out on a mission see what the semi bring Back home to your selected and newly-elected king Now that's gangsta{x5} See that's gangsta Now that ... p that's why I don't stop I'm similar to Biggie similar to Pac Similar to Snoop similar to Doc Similar because they all taught me some
62 13.Street Lights e world's missing a lil somethin cuz i know I am I remember back in the day out posting with jay dillon and they man in detroit working on the ... i gots to come With something similar to what i already hit em with b
63 1.Proper Aim efore you miss the late bus You lame fucks wanna get your frame touched I hear'em talkin but they ain't sayin much A jump to that ... n't sayin much A jump to that mission to make bucks Niggaz done came up but listen it ain't luck I'm A1 mayne you? You cain't cut the same stuff you some lower gr ... e Op gotta get the fettu-cine similar to Medellin Cartel you never me
64 8.As I Em(Feat. Chester French) exion and similar voice inflection it's easy to see the pieces and reach for that connection every minute each hour of everyday I'm constantly ... ou want never halt me from my mission using his ammunition would you
65 6.As I Em exion and similar voice inflection It's easy to see the pieces and the reach for that connection Each second of every minute each hour of ever ... ou want never halt me from my mission Use it as ammunition would you
66 12.The Necessary Evils ct of the mission you either outdoors like“I got it come& get it” or stirring upstairs with a stop watch in the kitchen following the minute h ... g fan good block ain't nobody similar at all for a minute so shit'll
67 16.Maintain n and you missin your steps Huh it's ironic ain't it? You could try to wait it But there ain't enough colors for you to try to paint it So try ... em right and his problems Was similar too similar way too familiar Lookin into hi
68 18.Chop Chop Slide something similar to this Fuck that cause we the shitJuggalos what's our signal?(Juggalos) whoop whoop! That's right! Now what we're gunna do ... et get get get loose Oop! You miss sumbody! Wut up! Sup! Wut up! Hey!
69 7.Always I Will Miss You. Always You ys I Will Miss You. Always You Left to our own devices preciseness We've made something indestructible and priceless. Lightning is the fur ... shot in the back. Two rivers. Similarity and other-ness. Another day
70 6.Tight Rope t culture Missin' home and he can't go their civil warin' Listen solider forget gettin' over Prison state around the corner homeless is even c ... less is even closer Kids with similar skin color still don't wantcha
71 20.The Hatred ilitant's mission To get the cheese and stretch it like mozzarella sticks Test me I'm ready my girl got my machete And she's ready to cut your ... talk but they don't walk any similar We'll separate your soul from y
72 5.Cold War rder rate Similar to hit men who pull out tecs and then Drop those who act like thai flows from mexican Rabbit like recipients cashin checks a ... ht he was dead but instead he missed a kid And hit a twelve year old
73 1.The Perch ess y'all mission[Verse Two][Phonte] Grab a hold of your horses A grown man talkin' nigga lower your voices No negotiation this is not a democ ... e people say that my poise is Similar to arrogance I Thinkin' they ba
74 3.Sapphire ing in so similar ways Small rooms or huge surroundings There's no use when you are the ... ere's no use when you are the missing I think I'm getting used to– th
75 8.Good Friday and swell missing mel at a motel6 i'm unwell if i'm sinking in laughing at something sunken in i am it feels exciting touching your handwritin ... x was overwhelming and not dissimilar to this if i'm sinking in laugh
76 5.Good Friday and swell missing mel at a motel6 i'm unwell if i'm sinking in laughing at something sunken in i am it feels exciting touching your handwritin ... x was overwhelming and not dissimilar to this if i'm sinking in laugh
77 6.Andelmans' Yard I take my mission back to my old boulevard I've got things to rearrange beneath the surface of the Andelmans' yard And everyone around sees th ... e talk And all the folks seem similar everywhere you walk To step ben
78 5.Transit day is a similar routine Forever embracing the monotony In transit we ride and for meaning we find The cycle of life is leading the way From ... r staying put is the ultimate mission Always in motion to create an i
79 12.Take That Ride ou though Similar to'Beatdown' beatin' chuck meat to the ground Graduated the day I stand in produce section with a gap and gown Fortified gra ... all watch the woods for bears missin' And seeJohn Dr. Dooom play Who'
80 21.Eyes Wide Shut my block similar to Pakistan Clap your man you be up in half a gram Scram you ain't getting no money don't even talk to me I'm getting paper ... ith me police bitches call'em Miss Piggy Fuck'em and leave'em ma it's
81 6.City Lights s I'm not similar.40 cal my rap style blaow I'll cripple ya Hot now Burnin' like the sun temperature You either blessed or hexed if I mention ... into this fire[Verse3:] Intermission Intuition Into position let's begin ... ion Into position let's begin mission Slave to ambition Fame the addi
82 5.Hold It Down lets wont miss See me wit a dimpiece miss On the low freak kips with them angelina jolie lips but theres more to life than my hoes and clothes and what I drove in and I ... I spit that cinema and no one similar to my cinematography I ought be
83 11.You Got Me bout It I Miss You Right Now I Be Actin Like A Fool When You Call My Number It Must Be A Spell That You Put Me Under Butterflies In My Stomach ... All Week No I Ain't Going To Miss Him Want To Take You To A Spot Were Is ReallyJumpin Enough With The Talking Baby Show Me Something Wit The Frontin Yeah You Got ... Were In Our Twenty's So With Similarities She Still GetJealouse Off
84 8.On Bail ber glock Similarities to my uncut they ready to rock'Cause everybody wanna ball nobody wanna get caught Only the pros and the cons get to sta ... ** tell yeah Y'all know y'all miss tha
85 10.The Cool(Explicit Album Version) buried in Similar to the one his grand father was married in Yes... he was still fresh to death bling two ear-rings a chain laying on his ches ... de hand-writing simply read'I miss ya' Suit jacket pocket held his ba
86 12.Raindrops g my eyes Similar to cigarette smoke I wish I could float Far away from here Raindrops I hope one day that this pain stops no no Raindrops I h ... of my best friend Eddie I'ma miss you dog But you know I'ma ride to the end I love you I ain't cry when you died But I'ma let my tears fall on the track My broth ... reign content] I love y'all I miss y'all I'ma see y'all Don't worry a
87 7.The Story ped off a similar bridge. The police come to question Benny; he hides the cordless'phone under the cushion of Billy's wheelchair. Billy is dif ... f of him has been cut off. He misses Benny's nightly conversations wi
88 13.The Argument y life is similar to a roller coaster Filled with ups and downs I won't enjoy it till the ride is over Probably not but it's okay forget it sk ... will never forget So you can miss me with that shit That you be sayi
89 11.Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten lume long missing from a library shelf in Prague) to an unrelated work by a German author of the same period(Hamburg1837) with a very ... riod(Hamburg1837) with a very similar name Frederick vonJuntz. In my
90 12.Good Times me's Been Missing!12.Good Times Lyricist Qaadir Atkinson LaronJames You know me yeah you niggaz know me Been searchin' for good times man Can ... od old dream you used to have Similar to the one Dr. King used to hav
91 4.Get It Poppin it's hot miss Kick in the do' with the fo-fo messin' withJoe Now this chick got an ass so fat in fact I Put a drink on it and I came right ba ... u got a name like Crack Crack similar to MikeJones Say my name enough
92 2.Ridin' nd all my Mississippi niggas We connected all throughout The north the east the west the south And if a white boy say the shit He'll still get ... my nigga In the streets it's similar to hell my nigga But we gonna boss up and live well my nigga You see all they got for you is a cell my nigga They want you d ... my nigga In the streets it's similar to hell my nigga But we gonna b
93 23.So Appalled e So I dismiss her past until she disappoints your highness I speak the gospel hostile Tony doing time for what he did to nostrils Paranoid mi ... you that makes the call Flow similar to the legends of the falls Spill it I own you all yeah One hand in the air if you don't really care Two hands in the air if ... cking ridiculous Cars for the misses and furs for the mistress You kn
94 10.Welcome to D-Block wn that's similar to this too'Cuz every cities got a ghetto and every ghetto got a hood Take a good look around you'cuz there's a D Block near ... d catchin' the jewels you was missin' And they still doin' coward shit You know the hate is gonna always be heavy but the love over powers it Somethin' in the air ... But we all got a town that's similar to this too'Cuz every cities got a ghetto and every ghetto got a hood Take a good look around you'cuz there's a D Block near ...
95 3.Dowhatyouwant n a quick mission to find some kil' Ain't no big deal just hop in tha Seville Mah homey put me down quarter pound for a bill Wake up in tha mo ... respect um They been through similar shit but then again you can't l
96 15.Wreck Dem y like Commissioner Gordon(Gordon)(what? uh) and out jumps the warden To ax up the competition like Lizzie Borden(Borden) I never sweat the sh ... at?) There they are Homemade missiles start the procedures(uh no doubt) I blast femurs of blasphemia Step off to the side to take a breather And hit you with the ... wolfs The beat blaster(what?) similar the beast master Spell caster L
97 29.Fired Up! ldren are missing there's something wrong Can't just focus on kids with wealth Can't pick and choose who gets the health care Take an honest l ... reat divide Looks dangerously similar to genocide Fired up ain't gonn
98 13.My Summer Vacation riveby in Missouri Them fools got popped Took their corner next day set up shop And it's better than slangin in the Valley Triple the profit m ... is is a nationwide trend with similar incidents occuring in Texas Mic
99 9.All Out a one man mission My ambition to hold up the rap game While i pluck holes in niggaz like donuts And still down to die for all my souljas Like ... o move shit heavily armed I'm similar to saddan sometimes i question
100 14.Thin Red Line fuck the mission to the record store To put CD's on consignment just for fickle fans to not buy it I thought they liked violence but anyway s ... e you move something[Qwazaar] Similar to Hi-Tek and Talib only at hi-

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