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1 1.Theatrical Hood Ni**a(feat. Barney Bones) he people around me Maintain this camaraderie that I've never seen amongst men before Are they criminals
2 4.Perfect Time ht Cullinan just to maintain I talk to him my brother'nem he on the same thang We just tryna motivate bou
3 1.Run Game keep the jewels up Maintain a'do and bring the shoes up I'm just tryna keep yo new love You know how Lu'
4 1.Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind t worry'bout how to maintain all your millionsJust spread that positivity for the children And all the ha
5 7.Ladders door Well I'ma I'ma maintain I'm stayin' so high Put the lighter all the way up'til we touchin' the sky A

6 1.420 Freestyle it Wanna know how I maintain well the secrets they solid Niggas wanna know the formula cause we done foun
7 1.Home in And it's hard to maintain any smile on my face'Cause there's madness on my brain So I gotta make it ba
8 spirits arch the plains and maintained hope floats it won't turn to rain(so turn up) nah motherer get down don't
9 4.T.V. Song once invented long maintained Now someone's dying on a dance floor you can say that we're the same but i
10 1.I'm Still Here resh game Or how to maintain sustain and gangbang You never change you stay the same It sound easy don't
11 17.Still Here resh game Or how to maintain sustain and gangbang You never change you stay the same It sound easy don't
12 1.Vampire E​.​R. en at forty-one And maintaining that same waistline To look at it for a billion And the vampire's sense o
13 3.Off Da Top(3am)[Explicit] y but I'm maintaining Blowing money but I'm maintaining Got a gambling problem but[
14 8.M&N ] making more moves maintainin'[Raekwon] Multimillion dollar mansions manufactured[?]mud through this met
15 2.Sad Song its but I maintain Off of this girl scout cookie that im puffin Like take a hit and then i look up at the sky Because i rather die than live a ... m at the end of my wits but i maintain Off of this girl scout cookie
16 4.Dean's Room rgiveness All while maintaining your innocence[Chorus2] You just want to talk to me You just want to talk
17 1.Jocelyn Flores uicidal same time I maintain fuck this thing Get a phone call Girl that you fuck with killed herself How
18 5.Cold andle mine and just maintain composure People they say learn from mistakes yeah We keep your space yeah b
19 4.Critical Acclaim r rights so you can maintain the lifestyle That insults his family's existence? Well where I'm from we ha
20 8.Love and War(feat. Ghostface Killah) ore for? She's high maintainence she lacks patience But for her love there's no replacement Face to face

21 5.Watch The Sound as better chill and maintain I'm blowin motherfuckers out the frame And if a nigga try to flex Fuck aroun
22 12.Another Wild Nigger From The Bronx mn shame you better maintain I'm causin hysteria blowin niggas out the frame Yes I can-can I'm the Fat Ma
23 5.Alameda our friends How you maintain all them in a constant set of suspense For your own protection over their af
24 11.She Loves Ft. fabolous me bread If now we maintain We stay on our A-game Working out and eating healthy When I struggle shawty
25 13.Go Mode Ft. Rick Ross gang gang We gotta maintainJust know I'm king in my city like LebronJames They call me Ace Hood You know
26 3.Smell Like Money d out But still I'm maintaining Real gangsta shit it get dangerous You talking money and guns2 languages
27 4.You In Luv Wit Her(Feat. YFN Lucci) chains on8 rings on maintain home Got pulled over on the way home Used to make juugs off the payphone Lef
28 6.Pteropticon either of you could maintain the natural order; you've become unbound Like a weed that has to be plucked
29 7.Psychotropia mes Balance must be maintained[Chorus2] Forward we go Psychotropia In a world that's shaped by our minds
30 12.Lysergia ting even harder to maintain To keep grasp an even keel Before my adrenaline gods I kneel Social skills a
31 3.Like He Need To hat pussy and shoot Maintain like a fruit Sippin' that slurpin' that soup All this sauce better do All th
33 19.Mute Spectators e light Needs to be maintained Struck by the beauty A mute spectator Killed by the wrath Of its creator I
34 13.Brought to Light st trying Trying to maintain a costume Made for the purpose Of hiding from everyone Hiding from everythin
35 4.Housewives een whiling but I'm maintaining Young burrow Bassy Dawg whole borough watch me Fiends boys from the block
36 12.Fuck That(feat. Deuce) ese lies I'm try'na maintain But I can't help it I am insane I am psychotic schizophrenic Let's be honest
37 8.Ninety Three A.K.A.93' n shame He couldn't maintain the drug game and do the right thang Ended up gettin ambushed by his homie k
38 3.Pushing Me Away A clean house will maintain All love to gain Now we're pushing it away Pushing it away Pushing it away W
39 2.The Instep Borer tchdogs of credence maintain pervesion culture thugger
40 9.Maintain Closure Sylar-Help!9.Maintain Closure[Verse1] After tonight after tonight it's a party The celebration
41 3.Cruor Whelm ill upset the flow. Maintained submission to the human form. Worthless appendage. Rejection of the specie
42 6.Wish though I maintain that I'm different Years passed and I wish I could show you And I wish that I told you Eleven months and not one word from ... d runs through us Me though I maintain that I'm different Years pass
43 10.Off da Top(3am) y but I'm maintainin' Blowin' money but I'm maintainin' I got a gamblin' problem bu
44 1.Daughters of Cain eurons of the brain Maintaining voltage gradients Across a membrane We walked out of the sea And climbed
45 7.Verbal Combat to keep a flow and maintain With this rhythm I envision with precision That Kool G Rap yeah The Rhymes I

46 6.Father's Day I've been trying to maintain some kind of diet My sister said my father's Skin is getting dry that his ha
47 5.La Familia game I know how to maintain Rap and hustle sell coke bitch says the same thang Counting money like Shawn
48 1.All I Ever Wanted All I wanted was to maintain Bought an AP it's a plain jane I'ma ride the track no A train Ruger in my Ro
49 13.Reignite . With knowledge to maintain. To determine what must change With positive mentality. An attitude that sus
50 10.4 Your Eyez Only like they was above Maintaining a time sheet that slow money Picked up the family business by the age of
51 15.Mortality r pain That's how I maintain in the game I stay fresh cause I'm making them sacrifices I don't pray to Go
52 7.Rambo(Freestyle) needed just try to maintain Make a couple plays and show my brothers the same thing Ride clean even if i
53 14.Oxidizer ll those that can't maintain we became the virus. NEW PATHOGENS mingle in the blood and destroy us. and I
54 9.Deceive And Defy e the new soundwave Maintain balance in the music game These wise words I'ma take to my grave I wouldn't
55 2.Maintain(Fuck How You Feel) tner2.Maintain(Fuck How You Feel)[Intro] Uh check me out now! Yeah![Verse1] Uh I'm refreshing like that new car smell Get ready for th ... er right back hold it down it maintain[Outro] Yeah yeah yeah man just maintain you know! Don't worry bout that! We bring that right back you know! We don't cuff over here!Just ... We don't cuff over here!Just maintain sit back nigga! Fall the fuck
56 52.Jay-Z-Hell Yeah(Remix)(Feat. Dead Prez) aine shit But I'm a maintain Nigga got two or three dollars to my name And my homies in the same boat goi
57 10.Ice Runs Through My Veins racting Entitled to maintain my claim Imagine disrespecting acting like I'm cursed? Believing securing wh
58 10.Going Out Swingin' e anymore How can I maintain going out without a bang? And screaming[Chorus](Hey ho) This feels all right
59 3.Long Time Ago(feat. T.I.) iggas on lock tryna maintain I'ma hit'em with a[?] money on the books All I ever knew was killers and a b
60 4.Out My Way n the game And if I maintain A golden estate I'm get when I reign But that's way later Can't just wait li
61 9.Into Decay d nurtured and well maintained Apathy opprobrium Virulence and animosity This sums you up Betrayal disuni
62 11.Bury My Burdens storm. And I try to maintain The illusion of glee that makes me seem okay day by day. But it's starting t
63 22.The Firstborn Stands Sedated d sought pleasantly maintained Hands inside you Lambs decide who fits Life centrally contained Smiling da
64 10.New Phone Who Dis nd try to maintain My cell ain't Rang rang Who that calling? The money or the fame Shit ain't the same since we stepped in the game So I get h ... game So I get high and try to maintain Gloves on murder one homi' Bill P looking for the prince like KingJoffrey2 Smoking Moroccan hashies With my slanted eye zom ... game So I get high and try to maintain My cell ain't Rang rang Shine
65 12.Back Around the Old School s never for this we maintained when adversity came we changed lanes our words had the power to sway and c
66 8.Cloud n on me So I try to maintain and keep the same brain Wishing I could leave it all behind On a train plane
67 14.Keep Dreaming n on me So I try to maintain or keep the same brain Wishing I can leave it all behind On a plane train au
68 5.Beyond the Good the Bad and the Ugly life Stay in charge maintain your duty Dive into the sea of pure tranquilit
69 11.Beyond the Matrix life Stay in charge maintain your duty Dive into the sea of pure tranquility We will be finally fre
70 4.Dead Letter ' trip though Gotta maintain when I wanna let a clip go That's so sick though Cause I want you to forgive
71 6.Gunz X Rosez hold I'm blessed to maintain you know?[Hook] I know somebody you can pray for Pray for the ones who get p
72 2.Make the Call Leave It All ller's dream A well maintained machine That's me A future set in stone The super average drone That's me
73 19.Concentrate touch your soulJust maintain don't lose control Participate congratulate'Cause everything else would be s
74 5.Pyramid r vision constantly maintained Finally the fruition takes hold The final slabs set in place This gargantu
75 4.Seduction of Decay oughts to maintain I am the seduction of decay I hear their tales reverberate From shrouds of myth that only time would weave Bred in a den of ... ou There'll be no thoughts to maintain I'm the seduction of decay Time contaminating space to reinfect and agonize anything around We are metabolite of dreams the ... ou There'll be no thoughts to maintain I'm the seduction of deca
76 3.A Feeling We Get noughJust enough to maintain. Tried to make sense outside But I couldn't open my eyes. Everyday I get thi
77 11.Notions is pain Only way to maintain is with chemicals in your brain When every day that you wake Is just another
78 16.Maintain ers16.Maintain[Hook] I had to fight for my life just to ... to fight for my life just to maintain I know some niggas just like me be on the same thing I'm on the road to riches I ain't changing lanes Nigga life's good I r ... to fight for my life just to maintain I know some niggas just like me be on the same thing I'm on the road to riches I ain't changing lanes Nigga life's good I r ... to fight for my life just to maintain I know some niggas just like me b
79 3.Webbie to do this shit to maintain Til I started usin'14% of my brain And that left me with5 stars worth of sta
80 5.Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results that I've maintained in the8 years prior All change adapting All of the faces that I've faced when coming clean Smolder in my dreams guilty me ... The different faces that I've maintained in the8 years prior All chan
81 3.Contagious Psychosis er poised Asserting maintaining control Usher in the dependent cattle Seeking treatment for all their woe
82 7.Fading Star one But you need to maintain Before you go out n' wreck your own name You needed a change But it all stay
83 3.Orbit g all my dojo Tryna maintain my composure all the hounds do the same I break it up and roll it everybody
84 11.The Glass Egg e a glass egg Tryna maintain what come with the fame and keeping your last friends Yeah you know that bal
85 5.Goals oung nigga tryin to maintain And I had no pot to piss in My daddy missin Guess god was listenin I remembe
86 15.No Regrets ime[Oh oh] Couldn't maintain I was losing me I was too far strung out I guess I gave it all for love[love
87 25.The War Dance war dance maintain gotta stay hard It's that bang bang boogie bang bang the boogie oogie It's the war dance got'em all caught in the game It's ... ayin' a part In the war dance maintain gotta stay hard It's that bang
88 10.My Life(feat. Wrekonize Bernz) the cynical lane to maintain For the people who get therapy from everything we say Tech is dressing just
89 11.Black Ink(feat. Mackenzie O'Guin) with anger I can't maintain or contain the range ingrained inside My brain's in shock Cause this life is
90 5.A Reason To Give n to live Maintaining your private sky Hurting tent pegs in your mind[2x] Out in the sea Deep in the ground On top of the highest mountains Wh ... rinciples up A reason to live Maintaining your private sky Hurting te
91 4.Deposits tack my money tryna maintain[Bridge] She gone pop her pussy for a real nigga Kill for a real nigga Nothin
92 5.Order Shall Prevail iberty now deceased Maintain the structure equalize Threaten the postwar ordinance World super powers con
93 11.Inexorable Malignancy e now it's too late Maintain equal balance Between nature and men Chastise upon us Feast on the holy fles
94 4.Own Backyard ion bubbling menace Maintain the presence make the population feel threatened Now fate beckons hear the e
95 7.Inner Alchemy h Our mission is to maintain creation on the peaks Out of reach of idle hands Mages! We are sailors! They
96 2.Long as the Lord Say mazing grace I done maintained Foolishly wake up tomorrow do the same thing Money and drugs on the brain
97 12.Techniques& Shockwaves so exciting I must maintain Exemplifying and with out trying I'm guaranteed to make you bounce bounce bo
98 9.Heaven Knows the laws maintain the rules impose our will To manifest our destiny oh what a thrill Raise the banners and the flags Dumb it down for higher ... ewhat abusive To set the laws maintain the rules impose our will To m
99 10.Bankrupt e can you maintain? Can you hold your own when the going gets tough? The tough get going[Verse1] Starving artist rib-cage showing Give me the ... a dollar to your name can you maintain? Can you hold you own when the going gets tough? The tough get going[Verse2] Shit and I'm a mad muthafucka with a loaded cl ... a dollar to your name can you maintain? Can you hold you own when the
100 15.Can Anybody Hear Me(feat. Punch) in shame Trying to maintain Wide awake chasing my dreams Is anybody out there? Can anybody hear me?[Vers

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