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1 12.How It's Supposed To Be with fame And these lunatics molded me I got a tattoo it's a joke I keep a secret I need everyone to noti
2 6.Untitled0606.30.2014. every inch of your lunatic ways Praise the lord you teach the kids how to be themself and plenty more Yo
3 10.You Must Be Out Of Your Fuckin' Mind the nitwit lyrical lunatic In the street I stay strong cause I'm armed With a nine what up nig? You must
4 4.Lights Go Out owl of percs) I'm a lunatic Disturb the peace like Ludacris Me and Dre bump heads cause he give me advice
5 6.Miss California fornia She is a lunatic She'll wreck your body And she'll break your soul Despite her[?] She won't be

6 10.Nobody's Trying To Tell Me Something true believers the lunatic fringe They say we'll never surrender never settle for the real thing And all
7 10.Uh-Huh Yeah! we're all lunatics We're all kinda weird But when we come together Everything like that disappears[Chorus] Uh-huh yeah! Uh-huh yeah! Uh-huh ye ... to win? Yeah'cause we're all lunatics Yeah we're all strange But whe
8 6.Ghoulunatics 6.Ghoulunatics This crown is the worst Outcast debased into something peverse It's time to unrest so put down your crowl And Sharpen y ... rpen your vest We are the Ghoulunatics! The cannibals gathered to shout it out loud We are the Ghou ... ut it out loud We are the Ghoulunatics! Violence is promised and vengeance is vowed Biting our style hooded and drunk With an odor so vile'Dubrenkin Mest fall' A ... ed on the wall We are the Ghoulunatics! Taking a stand wi
9 2.Hungry Ham se my block full of lunatics call my shit Hungry Ham Damn![Hook: A$AP Ferg& Crystal Caines] Block Hungry
10 3.Strive se my block full of lunatics call my shit Hungry Ham Damn![Hook: A$AP Ferg& Crystal Caines] Block Hungry
11 15.Stormy Weather nt man but when the lunatics are running the show you have to show them the strongest hand. Chorus: It' a
12 8.Path Of Lies eceived no more The lunatics unabsolve
13 3.The Struggle Is Real real! Actions shout lunatic! Same results still doesn't click Heart is racing brains like mush Still sear
14 10.Holy Flame th the sense of the lunatics Slow bleeding and gently weeping Watching the rain But a wise man say that p
15 8.Lunatic tory8.Lunatic Oh I need you tonight Wanna hold you tight Turn down lights and we're together You are weak you are wild Oh just like a ... ity is a place for you and me Lunatic Girl you are in my heart A girl like you won't tear apart ... irl like you won't tear apart Lunatic Girl cloud number nine A love like you so hard to find ... love like you so hard to find Lunatic Lady can't you see A girl the one the one for me ... A girl the one the one for me Luna
16 4.Angel of Death You're looking at a lunatic I'm bigger and sicker And every time I fucking pick up the liquor I'm ripping
17 2.Nothing Good Ever Happens At The Goddam Thirsty Crow. ry I may act like a lunatic You think I'm fucking crazy you're mistaken Keep moving On the road again For
18 5.Cold Blooded me what you found A lunatic in my head spying I hope you know that psychedelic love Can concentrate excit
19 10.Ginger moons Acting like a lunatic who needs a tide Sinewed something awful Told me'you can't swim if you can't
20 3.Wino bunch of idiots and lunatics I wish I was insane cuz now my brain it thinks too clear I feel the fear ins

21 9.If I Have to Wake Up(Would You Stop the Rain?) oline Too long In a lunatic parade Aces high One of a kind ten of a pair Lifted up and crashing down on y
22 11.Keeper love Not like those lunatics I'm over them They're all history to me now Woah oh oh oh I'm dropping ancho
23 13.No Fly Zone mazed a half crazed lunatic in an asylum. Gotta break fuckin' outta of this place and get away from the l
24 7.Lunatic Life7.Lunatic[Intro] Lunatic yeah Turn me up so loud Get it now yeah[Verse] The next time on the dance floor A crazy ... me on the dance floor A crazy lunatic I'm locking all the doors Shot
25 11.The Future g every help As the lunatic And they pray that the night fall Even the clock got his hand together Shade
26 8.Bad Decision and feeling like a lunatic you may lose your volition When you don't have sense of consequence from your
27 5.Burners ock C: Stop R: Some lunatic minds C: We been up in your face you dialin*69 R: Get ready I'm known to be p
28 10.Jekyll& Hyde Hyde There is a lunatic in everyone I know Some live it out Some just refuse to drink the potion baby
29 18.Body of Light asylums tyrants and Lunatic Island Trials of witches bow for forgiveness Head full of stitches bed full o
30 2.Shit ank and turn into a lunatic Then shoot my bitch behind orange juice and grits Uzi clip I need another uzi
31 6.Sound the Siren e sown Us lunatics run the asylum Sound the siren Yea yea yea yea Sign sign sign Sign sign sign We sound the siren Sound the siren We sound th ... re reaping what we've sown Us lunatics run the asylum Sound the siren
32 6.2011 or a Knight of the Fail took the form of a lunatic Knight Disguised as a policeman he killed77 That was Oklahoma our September11
33 3.Badge& A Bullet Pt. II stice Trigger happy lunatics walking a beat When you won't do you what they say Then they turn up the hea
34 3.Marching Through Graveyards aveyards We're dead lunatics Marching through graveyard
35 7.Killin My Soul my thoughts am I a lunatic?(fuck) Fuck this music shit what is Hopsin? I don't know who it is I do give
36 6.Killin My Soul(feat. Hopsin&Jon Connor) my thoughts am I a lunatic?(fuck) Fuck this music shit what is Hopsin? I don't know who it is I do give
37 6.Enlighten Me 's time we give the lunatic business arrest you're borderline romantic at worst i guess i made a mistake
38 16.Gold Bottles Belly Run with them lunatics Derrty Ent. like they Nelly I spent a mil on my hood I'm like fuck a Bugatti
39 1.Lighten Up ve been living like lunatics Don't let the rhythm slip They tell me it's all in the hips Get back to work
40 3.LumberJack Match Boys take Mind over lunatic nuclear Ryan doo doo is you the dick Click got my mutant plus a student of th
41 3.No More I Love You's 's I used to be lunatic from the gracious days I used to be woebegone and so restless nights My achin
42 15.Wicked Game can call it quite a lunatic rebellion Yeah right I am a hellion I will return with glory I know how to wi
43 15.Golden Feeling on the prize He's a lunatic dancer Who's not aware that he's skating on thin ice There's no turning back
44 20.1 More Body ented killing spree Lunatics who we be you destined to be a body[Hook
45 21.Calling All ented killing spree Lunatics who we be you destined to be a bod

46 6.A Little Fucked up oxide:] Cause I'm a lunatic laughing Right from the beginning all the way to the nuthouse I'll be the opp
47 18.Night Vision es Woah! There is a lunatic who lives in the centre of your mind He's eating you and leaving this insanit
48 6.Nothing Good Ever Happens At the Goddamn Thirsty Crow ry I may act like a lunatic You think I'm fucking crazy you're mistaken Keep moving On the road again For
49 4.Lunatic Thirteens etter Whenever4.Lunatic Thirteens We dressed up for the funeral in our nicest borrowed clothes. I
50 3.Get to Heaven ill grow!(Lunatic in my bedroom!) I'm thinking“What was my password?” As the vultures land... Crushed under feet How about we find some nice p ... Where nothing else will grow!(Lunatic in my bedroom!) I'm thinking“What was my password?” As the vultures land...(We can get to that heaven!) As the tanks roll by ... en!) Under a blood-black sky!(Lunatic in my bedroom!) I'm thinking“Wh
51 7.Time To Relax hing in person to a lunatic Maybe thats what we already are'cause we are used to it But in the midst of a
52 3.Porno Love full of porno love Lunatics and liars and kids like us We took a lot of time but not enough drugs It's h
53 5.Fuel To The Fire as nutsJust another lunatic on the back of the bus No spine no guts no trust it's just us. Get it to anot
54 5.Tulane e crucifix Luminous lunatic Shreddin the bodies Oh no I'm not new to this Satanic bitches that fuck for t
55 5.Nostradamus ane a group of four lunatics Four fiends four madmen They were called Kill Matilda So shocking so derange
56 10.The New National Anthem he country's run by lunatics they're picking up their pens writing themselves into Revelation'this is how
57 12.What You Want hts racing like the lunatics on the interstate For real ya it's ill ya my peoples in the place....[chorus
58 6.Skeptic ld[?] I'm lunatic set in stones But the world will never see another crazy motherfucker like you The world will never know another man as amaz ... ur remake heaven's shroud For lunatics that starve But the world will
59 3.IJust Wanna Party y Hunters East Side lunatic Gang bang slap a bitch I ain't with the extras I ain't got a stunt double You
60 8.Empty they'll behave like lunatics and crave what makes them sad So here's a card that says Happy twenty-second
61 7.Body Snatchers plottin hits like a lunatic Waitin for a bitch to start some shit so I can hit'em With a string of bullet
62 13.Princess Of Egypt Radio Version yss No more of them lunatic thoughts time's up for the Don Quixote All I ever wanted was to give this my
63 22.Princess Of EgyptPinocchio Remix yss No more of them lunatic thoughts time's up for the Don Quixote All I ever wanted was to give this my
64 9.Constituents take my rest On the lunatic express And all my constituents agree: we're as a letter in the sea In this u
65 6.Nuclear Boomerang rang Power tripping lunatics Nine lives and a deathwish Craving the apocalypse Playing with the bog toys
66 4.The God in Ruins inds and tongues Of lunatics I spoke to men of might They built statues and temples To conciliate my ange
67 7.Lunatic#1 Red7.Lunatic#1 Ready for the game I m standing right beside you We aim for the same Pleasure and fame I know we re gonna make itJust ... l for you You ll always be my lunatic number1 Everybody scream We re made to rumble Let the game begin Spit adrenaline Here to run fast Let s bring the thunder We ... l for you You ll always be my Lunatic number1 Heading for the stars Making the dream come true We can go far I m giving it all for you For every step we ll take F ...
68 9.Furor Divinus t choked by rope As lunatic mob Shackled maimed feet Tore asunder both wings Pluck my eyes out Rip my ton
69 4.Pillin' Spree ng ass off. no fear lunatic sick prick. Kill pussy with a glock and a big dick. Gas our bodies i rick? bi
70 12.Movin' On(Ft.Jelly Roll) d away Said I was a lunatic that can't communicate So I wish that I could find her so that we could have
71 8.The Funniest Man Alive A genius lunatic charmingly mad and bizarre For certain he is number one When he's not around They say he's just a tragic drunken clown he dr ... e funniest man alive A genius lunatic charmingly mad and bizarre For
72 1.This Time I Won't Forget KONGOS-Lunatic1.This Time I Won't Forget Oh I will try But I tell you it ain't easy
73 2.Sex on the Radio KONGOS-Lunatic2.Sex on the Radio We all live on an idle TV show Get turned on by sex
74 3.Hey I Don't Know KONGOS-Lunatic3.Hey I Don't Know Tears are shed a shame I should have known I should
75 4.Traveling On KONGOS-Lunatic4.Traveling On So long my friend my foe my love my pain The road's cal
76 5.Take Me Back KONGOS-Lunatic5.Take Me Back I talk of six while forgetting five Can't even taste if
77 6.It's a Good Life KONGOS-Lunatic6.It's a Good Life Too much information People drowning in receipts So
78 7.I Want to Know KONGOS-Lunatic7.I Want to Know What's it gonna take Are we gonna forever Make the sa
79 8.Escape KONGOS-Lunatic8.Escape Every few thousand years Come true man's greatest fears All t
80 9.Kids These Days KONGOS-Lunatic9.Kids These Days Oh kids these days They don't have respect They just
81 10.As We Are KONGOS-Lunatic10.As We Are We say we love But don't know how And as we are We cannot
82 11.I'm OnlyJoking KONGOS-Lunatic11.I'm OnlyJoking Wadu-aidu-wadaidu... There is a song You're trembling to its tune At the request of the moon Lickin ... ng her chops She looks at the lunatics She needs another fix I'm only joking I don't believe a thing I've said What are you smoking? I'm just a-fucking with your ... ng her chops She looks at the lunatics She needs another fix I'm only
83 12.Come With Me Now KONGOS-Lunatic12.Come With Me Now Come with me now Come with me now Whoa come with m
84 1.The Tallest Tree Lunatic Wolf-To the Adventure1.The Tallest Tree I climbed the tallest tree in
85 2.Sure as Hell Lunatic Wolf-To the Adventure2.Sure as Hell Look at the horizon It's coming s
86 3.Roses Lunatic Wolf-To the Adventure3.Roses Roses line pavements That's all I see Wh
87 4.Throwing out the Mail Lunatic Wolf-To the Adventure4.Throwing out the Mail Throwing out the mail ca
88 6.Maelstrom of Endless Suffering in a sacred ecstasy Lunatics consumed by hopeless faith Standing to please a scorned divinity Constructed
89 5.Bastards of Death ving life in dread. Lunatics perverts and freaks Are on the loose Murdering Butchering. Ogre dark robes h
90 7.Genital Mutilator Rampage hological lunatic. Cleaver at hand Inbred hate Lust for death Genital Mutilator Rampage. Diagnosed schizophrenic his desire and urge are truly ... brow Sexual rage Pathological lunatic. Cleaver at hand Inbred hate Lu
91 9.Trendsetter Sin Shake Sin-Lunatics and Slaves9.Trendsetter Sit back baby let the show begin The train w
92 10.Desert Island Questionnaire to loosen up Every lunatic must be well intentioned Sets himself apart he's an instrument of god Took he
93 10.The Times I Need You y-haired mis-paired lunatics) Pooling all our cash to buy a star(Look there we are on the TV) If I had my
94 17.Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick e to be a lunatic Hit me hit me hit me Oh hit me In the docks of Tiger Bay On the road to Mandalay From Bombay to Santa Fe Over hills and far ... hythm stick It's nice to be a lunatic Hit me hit me hit me Oh hit me.
95 6.Blood Bath not save from this lunatic fringe Anyone can go on a killing bing Here's some fuel for our deepest fears
96 1.Shutting Out the Sun Lunatic Soul-Walking on a Flashlight Beam1.Shutting Out the Sun Confided insi
97 2.Cold Lunatic Soul-Walking on a Flashlight Beam2.Cold cold illucid world outside di
98 3.Gutter Lunatic Soul-Walking on a Flashlight Beam3.Gutter They crowl out from the dar
99 4.Treehouse Lunatic Soul-Walking on a Flashlight Beam4.Treehouse I deface All the dreams
100 5.Pygmalion's Ladder Lunatic Soul-Walking on a Flashlight Beam5.Pygmalion's Ladder So maybe I shin

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