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1 6.Kiss And Music Perfume-Triangle6.Kiss And Music Yoru no sukima ga eikaku ninaru Wakar ... sukima ga eikaku ninaru Wakaranainone shigeki janaiwa Coin wo nage te un de ki ... naiwa Coin wo nage te un de kime runo? Yuuki nainone fumi dase naino? nee DANCE. The kiss and music Moguru oto base ... kiss and music Moguru oto basement DANCE. kimi no ABC tsutawa runoyo feel Your eyes your hands your lips ... our eyes your hands your lips Love me see me catch me
2 4.Everything ing I love you always stay by me everything is my life I love you always stay by me everything is my life You are my everything?????? You are my everything eonjena naegyeote you know that you the one you are the m ... ?????????????? eotteon eoryeoumedo nan eonjena neomaneul saranghae???????????????? sigani jinado nan eonjena neomaneul saranghae ... n eonjena neomaneul saranghae love you. I love you love you. I love you??????????????????
3 20.Clear Blue Skies ink its time we had a little man-to-man talking I heard that you was hand-in-hand Walking down the boulevard middle of the day With this Black ... ay With this Black chick Tell me the truth boy or you can catch this slap quick[Breeze Brewin'] Let ... lap quick[Breeze Brewin'] Let me get this straight You're ranting and raving Behaving like a mad dog with rabies Because my baby's not white; that ain't right Pop ... that ain't right Pops you got me puzzled Because in the
4 2.Breisleach gus an deanainn duan Dh'larrain-sa bhith saor od thoeadh ach gu bheil sinn roinnt o che il' do churhadh bhith an ait' do shamhla agam bhios a ... r a thig thu chi lad nach eil mearachd ann am fhiu Chi lad sgurr a' danns le saobh-shruth famh is iolair' anns an ruidhi' stamh gu caomh ag altram suh-lair mirea ... erday to gather cockles for a meal every single shell was filled with your beauty my ... as filled with your beauty my love I went to the alehouse to expel you
5 4.Another Love Song 4.Another Love Song[Music SaikkonenJavanainen Words Saikkonen] Nothing ever compared to Your ... Nothing ever compared to Your love that I could not resist How little I knew about anything I wanted to hold you tight in my arms I would not let you go But I kne ... pain hit my Body and soul tremendeously Would I ever rise my head again You saw the candles burning ... n You saw the candles burning me I had a feeling of dishonesty It really didn't feel that bad

6 12.If You A Thug Vachik Aganaintz Sarkis Balasanyan Eloyd BrittJermaine Hargrove Anthony Henderson Kimberly Laurice Ward Clap your hands thug niggas jam hard ... then what the fuck that make me? A Krayzie nigga y'all ain't trying to see If you a thug only thing squilling will be your wills And you was a pilling at still a ... it's hard to find a pritty dyme piece you trust Nigga if you a thug than you got to get yours You still doing your thang but ain't no ... doing your thang but ain't
7 9.抱きしめる AN IS DREAMER本音って言えないもんだね(CAN'T ... んだね(CAN'T LOVE ANYMOREお互い様ね)最高に愛してるのに抱きしめる弱いあなたさえ ... なたさえ TRUE LOVE私には天使どうなったってただあなたが好き帰る場所ならその胸忙しい朝選び取 ... だけなら(SHOW ME WHERE TO GO?手の鳴るほうへ)迷うことないのにひとりずつそれが望 ... んだね(CAN'T LOVE ANYMOREお互い様ね)最
8 1.抱きしめる(緊緊擁抱) an is dreamer本音(ほんね)って言(い)えないもんだね Can't ... んだね Can't love anymoreお互(たか)い様(さま)ね最高(さいこう)に愛(あい)し ... なたさえ true love私(わたし)には天使(てんし)どうなったってただあなたが好(す)き帰(か ... だけなら Show me where to go手(て)の鳴(な)る方(ほ)へ迷(まよ)うことないのに一人(ひとり)ずつそれが望(のぞ)みなら地(ち)の果(は)てま