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1 2.Honey Bee Louden Swain-Sky Alive2.Honey Bee You woke up Even with the nightlight on You're seeing shadows in the break of dawn You called out ... can figure it out Hang on my love Times running out Cherish the day
2 10.Lucky Louden Swain-Sky Alive10.Lucky I locked the keys inside again Oh well I might be back on top again Cant tell I thought I'd sent bad ... l out Late at night I swallow love hold tight I wonder if there's a b
3 1.Better Louden Swain-A Brand New Hurt1.Better He's a special little kid Born on accident raised by a fist But in a little twist Of fate he ... was capable of But I've known love You know you can do better You kno
4 9.Mrs. Vance Louden Swain-A Brand New Hurt9.Mrs. Vance I was just making my way Trying to buy a ticket home You just get out of my way After the ... mitten girl she fits like a glove Singing an old song You say I'm smitten girl I think I'm in ... m smitten girl I think I'm in love If you won't let me in Let me use
5 13.All I Need Louden Swain-A Brand New Hurt13.All I Need So I'm talking alone with a frosty-haired girl at the bar She says she's from Mexico and ... I crawl into bed I whisper'I love you' and you won't quite hear what

6 3.Long Way Louden Swain-Suit And Tie3.Long Way Youlove is kinda two-fold she said You tear it down the middle And you wrap it around the end As you stand out on the ledge It's a long ... ybody takes the Long way Your love is flying blind yeah she read She
7 4.Real Life Louden Swain-Suit And Tie4.Real Life Everybody cares Everybody listens when they're scared Makin' their lists Makin' a fist without ... So here I go I'm packin' only love down this one-way road I'm so incl
8 1.Make Believe Louden Swain-Able-Legged Heroes1.Make Believe I'm that guy Who lives above your parents house It smells You think I'm fly In a retr ... you My heart is strong and my love is true But you don't know me like
9 2.Undergrad Louden Swain-Able-Legged Heroes2.Undergrad You know she majored in photography With a minor in geology I always thought it was geog ... ked up with her sister Bridge Love is not a simple fad When you're an undergrad ... fad When you're an undergrad Love is not a simple fad When you're an
10 4.Three Car Garage Louden Swain-Able-Legged Heroes4.Three Car Garage Breathing seething you don't believe Thousands and millions Can't see what I see ... riving away the ones that you love And breaking them in two Living yo
11 2.Neurosis Louden Swain-Overachiever2.Neurosis I can really go I can open up the show Like a grand maestro I can get it on I'm heading up the ... stud If you're givin' out the love I might need another hug That's ok
12 4.Only Lyin Louden Swain-Overachiever4.Only Lyin Today is no different Than any other day The shadows above us Are distant and gray The algae i ... re safe Nothing can equal The love that she adds You're in first plac
13 2.Telephone Tree Louden Swain-暫存2.Telephone Tree There's gonna be a reunion Down by the telephone tree And all your lips will be movin' And talkin' ... I try to make a wrong a right Love is only a tether Why should I try
14 7.Fare Thee Well(Live) Louden Swain-Saturday Night Special (Live)7.Fare Thee Well(Live) Oscar Isaac& Marcus Mumford If I had wings like Noah's dove I'd fl ... fly up the river to the one I love Fare thee well my honey fare thee