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1 7.INNER LIGHT ther as one I'm the locksmith of innerlight I'm traveling through the speed of light so if you thought yo
2 2.BOYS BE LOCKSMITH. スケアクロウ2.BOYS BE LOCKSMITH.作词 Sawao Yamanaka作曲 Sawao Yamanaka君が心を闭ざしたのはどこの谁のせい赤い月に见下ろされて今夜も不机嫌かい真っ
3 1.Are U Capable aser cut key by the locksmith Tight security see four just to pop shit Nigga know we stop shit Only see t
4 7.Chief Don't Run ong out here Like a locksmith opened every door out here Ya dealing with a king not a kong out here You a
5 6.Ain't it Funny umps In the cockpit Locksmith of Hip Hop Appraisal the wrist watch The rocks bout the size As the teeth i

6 9.Work for It e major keys than a locksmith I could teach you niggas how to rock this My bed was a pallet on the carpet
7 3.Tec In The Church feat. Locksmith&Joyner Lucas rch feat. Locksmith&Joyner Lucas[Verse1:Jarren Benton] Hopsin put me on in this bitch I wish you the best fam I was thinking'bout murking ... my tec in the church[Verse2: Locksmith] I was told to bring a tec to
8 1.Black Hole Locksmith-The Lock Sessions1.Black Hole[Verse1: ... ns1.Black Hole[Verse1:Locksmith] Let me speak from the heart
9 7.Grime Locksmith-The Lock Sessions7.Grime[IntroJarren Benton] K-K-Kato on the track
10 10.Epic(feat. Mark Battles) Locksmith-The Lock Sessions10.Epic(feat. Mark Battles)[Verse1: ... eat. Mark Battles)[Verse1:Locksmith] Nothing can stop me Nothing can break me There's nothing to lose I know they watching I know they shaking I put in my due ... just leave a message[Verse3: Locksmith] But if they leave a message
11 1.RAW(backwards) I'm low-key like a locksmith working on both knees You nosy wire tap bands got fur on where my toes be I
12 8.I Believe In You drag I could call a locksmith but that's not what I'll do Gonna break this vow of silence and get back in
13 7.Block Island Sound ft floating[Verse2: Locksmith] With a handsome price I'm the hands of Christ I'm the smell of deceit that
14 42.Norman Bates ft Taboo Locksmith Diabolic Nino Bless and Coal ft Taboo Locksmith Diabolic Nino Bless and Coal[Intro] This black mark this manifestation of exaggerated delinquency has exceeded the bou ... k sickle and a shovel[Verse2: Locksmith] Look Masonic symbols temples
15 15.She Don't Know had her open like a locksmith She was nominated for the best to ever ride dick She like girl[?]a side bit
16 3.Welcome to Tally Hall mbeer Send home the locksmith Green's got keys To unlock the rock in the act if you please Now open the c
17 10.I Know There's Gonna Be(Good Times) ussy locked up like locksmith Watch her come to my lights like a reindeer Me and papi on the same pills M
18 16.Not Poppin(feat. Fetty Wap) ock you gon' need a locksmith Bitch I'm seventeen and you niggas not it I keep a Glock clip and I like to
19 1.ShadyXV pick a fight with a locksmith Fan of the LOX bananas manic I'm going in shock Frantic I'm trapped in a cl
20 2.0100(Beast Mix) to win and i'm the locksmith You can say your prayers once the Glock lift Sleeping' on me Freddie Kruger

21 2.Bossin Up(Ft. Kid Ink& YG) ame locked call the locksmith No Stan Smith I do gourmet Giuseppes newJ's My earrings they cold as fuck C
22 1.ShadyXV pick a fight with a locksmith Fan of the LOX bananas manic I'm going in shock Frantic I'm trapped in a cl
23 1.Levels th more keys than a locksmith[Hook: Meek Mill][Verse2: Meek Mill] Damn Tommy you ain't got no job DC we t
24 11.She Lookin in somebody call to locksmith Shit that your girl you better get er mane Before I leave I'm just motherfu
25 3.Levels th more keys than a locksmith[Hook: Meek Mill][Verse2: Meek Mill] Damn Tommy you ain't got no job DC we t
26 4.Red Nose Go on open up I'm a locksmith West side tell them other people stop it I'm fly and that's why she headed
27 3.Misery look at this I'm a locksmith Buckle and chain in my shirt by Rocksmith Moving through the club shit like
28 3.Keep It On a Low ot it locked like a locksmith I'm about top notch watch when I drop this Venom and toxi rhymes with a gob
29 3.For the Dreamers is keys without the locksmith a new year i'm tired of rapping on that nonchalant tip you scholars think y
30 6.City2 City m keys nigga need a locksmith Camouflage camo shirt rocksmith It's the world nigga you know what that mea
31 10.Time Goes upid bitch![Verse2- Locksmith] I'm using music to get inside of your pubic strip Damn bitch than you stup
32 9.Suckaz els got keys like a locksmith I met a bitch so bad I gave her keys to a mach6 Versace my glasses I skip o
33 4.The Pursuit Of Everything In Between ore window shopping locksmith But I'm just another haunted icon with a2Pac complex Hook x2 Boom! and you
34 12.As a Card ike that one-legged locksmith in Colraine But I'll hold my own death as a card in the deck To be played w
35 2.Weight Scale ick it apart like a locksmith digging in his nose Sit in the park with the Dre's on? gone heavy to eight
36 10.PNCINTLOFWGKTA t stop this got the locksmith In the door on the scene cash rules and I'm making cream like[Hook: Casey V
37 6.On My Way need I be your new locksmith I took so long cause my driveway is like a parking lot at metropolis I'm al
38 8.S-K-I-B-E-A-T-Z br> feat. Locksmith制作 Ski Beatz[Verse One][Murs] I refuse to let these clowns win at any cost I'm here to take the crown back and then I'm off ... -E'We Want Eazy'[Verse Three][Locksmith]: Yo highly unlikely to find
39 3.Put Em Up tting up a burglary locksmith will pop your shit Big O will pop your lip beat it and then hop the whip Te
40 4.Need You ll up the locksmith Tell him we need him quick We've got a million keys None of them seem to fit While you're on the phone Call up the c ... 're on the phone Call up the clocksmith Cause I could use some time E
41 2.Kilo de) Cut keys like a locksmith blasphemy but it feels like its gods gift One sniff'll have you kneel down
42 1.Come Back To Me ou hold to my heart locksmith's can't copy Baby I was your Rocky and you were my Adrienne But you wanna c
43 19.Summer Vacation the phone with the locksmith he got me on hold I was on my way home then I lost my keys Drinking Carlo R
44 11.Sadie Hawkins tor a DJ A shrink a locksmith a replay To clean it up seven-second delay Or I'll never get any radio play
45 5.Questions so you called on a locksmith Then Worldwide came out so Queens could pop shit and I really did sell coke

46 6.The Instrumental(featuringJonah Matranga)(Album Version) box with Or how the locksmith see the box as locked in the box Ain't got the combination to unlock it Tha
47 5.Yeah Yeah Yeah moving key's like a locksmith Rocks from wit sick in the sits of neck All I do is warn cause that's the b
48 13.Goodies on lock Call me the locksmith I got the key to that box I wanna see you next to me On that drop Chillin i
49 5.Extra Thump(feat. Tash) cuffin' hoes we the locksmith we ain't satisfied untill the top notch is topless knock this in your trunk
50 3.Cut Loose than a damn redneck locksmith My shorty done cut me loose She fucking other niggas and she fucking me too
51 7.Where R U Going? key Like the midget locksmith chillin' listen long story Short bumped into my ex talked walked her to the
52 10.Master Thesis ed from the lyrical locksmith Deadly as10 droplets of Ricin Toxin From every angle the competition gets b
53 10.Weed Hoes Dough- Featuring Drag-on me through with the locksmith and pop it With the glock4 and show y'all what a mouth's for I got black st
54 11.Cops And Robbers an ex cop and an ex locksmith nigga It's like a deadly game of cops and robbers The niggas who unload fir
55 1.Bring Em Out s We ain't need you locksmiths Rolling out the carpets Baby wanna shop shit Go and let her bop this I jus
56 1.Armstrong And The Guys u If in the drive A locksmith's van There ruining my plan Straight to the arms of..
57 3.How Long's A Tear Take To Dry? r found a locksmith Will you be my locksmith tonight?(will i shite) I'm so
58 7.Ice Age ot more ki's than a locksmith What part of the game is this overtime Gimme the mic the money the pussy an
59 12.Sum Shit I Wrote y goddammit i'm the locksmith Started a missionary way on my life the mic i rust like bostage I switch st
60 6.Favor For A Favor s block We the new blocksmith's The coop is stupid sedan obnoxious Fly shit that we can pull in pine boxe
61 19.Weededed unlock styles like locksmith Chorus: Never am i weededed'i don't have to smoke...' Yeah weededed Every t
62 10.Kiss the Drummer od laughing at this locksmith She may be wrong and she may be right But barking dogs they seldom bite So
63 10.Kiss The Drummer od laughing at this locksmith She may be wrong and she may be right But barking dogs they Seldom bite In
64 7.Strictly Business iroc suzuki I'm the locksmith... with the key to fame Never high on myself always stay the same Play a lo
65 2.Borders w how the locksmith lies? Stoking up the national pride While they're keeping all the wealth inside(repeat) We put up the borders To keep out ... Oh can't you see now how the locksmith lies? Stoking up the national
66 1.A Little Priest tler Potter? Hotter Locksmith? Lovely bit of clerk Maybe for a lark Then again there's sweep If you want
67 4.Obsidian give me hands of a locksmith break all these lies don't listen to him baby took a step and he fell down
68 4.Unexplained place Wish I was a locksmith Had a key to the gate Your whole world change When you don't have faith The
69 6.Cops and Robbers an ex cop and an ex locksmith nigga It's like a deadly game of cops and robbers The niggas who unload fir
70 7.L Verse(Deluxe Edition) imo left laid Lotus locksmith lubricates lovely lactating Lillie's Lori's Lisa's Laura Laurens Lucy's Lus
71 1.10KONDRMS Locksmith-Lofty Goals1.10KONDRMS They say'Lock you need a hook better find a
72 2.Fallen Locksmith-Lofty Goals2.Fallen It's like uh everybody's looking for answers I
73 3.Careful Locksmith-Lofty Goals3.Careful I've been dealing with this my whole life Othe
74 1.Devil's Lasso Locksmith-暂存1.Devil's Lasso You know I'm breakin' it down simple and plain yo
75 2.Love Locksmith-暂存2.Love these… read more Little lamb in the lion's grip Scared to
76 3.Willie Lynch Locksmith-暂存3.Willie Lynch Yeah you know yo Living my life in Richmond Califo
77 4.Why You Leave Locksmith-暂存4.Why You Leave Then one day you suck a dick more than ever Yes y
78 5.Agenda Locksmith-暂存5.Agenda Here we go y'all Here we go Here we go y'all Here we go
79 6.For Now Locksmith-暂存6.For Now Locksmith feat. Rebecca Nobel I know where I belong I know it's hard I know where I went wrong Now gotta find a way to go on I know ... I know where I belong(Bridge: Locksmith) I know where I belong I know
80 7.Boxes Locksmith-暂存7.Boxes Locksmith feat. Rebecca Nobel I'd rathe
81 1.Who I Am Locksmith feat. Rebecca Nobel-A Thousand Cuts1.Who I Am When I was born my mo
82 2.Free Locksmith feat. Rebecca Nobel-A Thousand Cuts2.Free And what if it's all a dr
83 3.I.O.U. Locksmith feat. Rebecca Nobel-A Thousand Cuts3.I.O.U. ... Thousand Cuts3.I.O.U. Locksmith] And I can't explain what it meant to me On the phone with my girl as she vents to me It made sense what I consider past t ... chance Bring it back one time Locksmith] And I agree it's much deeper than the surface But as a man they teach you that's where your worth is So how can I judge a ... chance Bring it back one time Locksmith] And men are so emotionless w
84 1.Not Poppin ock you gon' need a locksmith Bitch I'm seventeen and you niggas not it I keep a Glock clip and I like to
85 5.Her Name phone number under'locksmith24-hour service.' An hour later he arrived with his hand out- cash before se
86 2.Ruthless Is Reality t but I brought the locksmith Alarm wires cut so like nothin could stop this Posse ain't jokin reverse li
87 6.Sooner Or Later bourough. give me a locksmith. broke the chain and i was trying to get in. broke the chain now im in. cre
88 4.$hot ick I'm two up like locksmith think I'm gone off my rocker god damn please somebody stop me ah too late t
89 2.Watcher ? I'm your satire's locksmith You referred to the way Of the sword as hope Despite the blade in your back
90 4.Kangaroo Booty Go on open up I'm a locksmith West side tell them other people stop it I'm fly and that's why she headed
91 2.Clocksmith -Life Goes On2.Clocksmith If there's a god somewhere make him understand that I can't support the
92 3.The Neighbour Next Door e pulled up at dawn locksmith just driving away well it's mighty peculiar'cause i thought they were the j
93 5.Gatekeeper ah like a locksmith I don't know'bout you but me I fiend that darkness Sleep sleep-walking burn my fucking carcass I know they hating on the l ... t behind the gate yeah like a locksmith(!
94 26.Homage To My Dad And The ABC business He saw his locksmith and we moved on Rolling like the wind down past Brighton Pretty soon we str
95 3.Ready Already ir doors I be their locksmith dahh. them nigga's thought I never would've got this far. Still I'm on your
96 1.The Great Pan Is Dead heir love laughs at locksmiths We're smashing trough the windows Of delicate dream homes I feel so crowde
97 18.Sum Shit I Wrote y goddammit I'm the locksmith Studied the missionary waitin on my life the mic I rush like bostage I swit
98 7.Roll Call2(feat. Bad Lucc Coniyac Locksmith& Mykestro) c Coniyac Locksmith& Mykestro) semble my people told me get in there g pro you bitch thinking it's skin care It's been a long time coming ... Coniyac Mykestro Bad Lucc and Locksmith You could tell it's West coas
99 7.The Revolution Was Postponed Because of Rain s too late when the locksmith came Then our demo expert Willie Blew got arrested came out with his head h
100 5.Everywhere I Go from tech n9ne and locksmith back in2010 I was searching for some knowledge and since then I've studied

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