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1 3.Angry Inch from the land where you still hear the cries I had to get out had to sever all ties I changed my name and assumed a disguise I got an angry inch Six inches forward and five inches back I got ... y inch My mother made my tits outta clay(tits of clay) My boyfriend t
2 10.From The Ashes We Rise(Live In Hannover2015) s a storm out on the horizon Blackin' out the day Hell and high water Come to take my world away I can hear the wind blow I can hear the screams and ... ow I can hear the screams and cries Slamming doors running for cover Praying this rage goes by Now everything we've worked for It's gone in a moments glance I nee ... ll struggle we'll rebuild the land We've been knocked down we'll get
3 6.Jean Desprez a lad uncouth and warped with toil yet who when trial came could feel within his soul upleap and soar the sacred flame; could stand upright a ... teuton horde was ravaging the land and there was darkness and despair grim death on every hand; red fields of slaughter sloping down to ruin's black abyss; the wo ... ft the home of jean desprez.'rout out the village one and all!' the uhlan captain said.'behold! some hand has fired a shot. my trumpeter is dead. now shall they
4 5.Hanging Gardens(Version) ted East South North with the wind that rippled his hair. Ice stare constant laughing- but the joy had gone. Snuffed ... but the joy had gone. Snuffed out by the dawn the rope had torn his flesh and broke his neck set him dancing on the air... in the Hanging Gardens. Dancing with th ... they stole his face. Gone without a trace they killed his dignity squeezed him dry. ... his dignity squeezed him dry. Cries for mercy lost on judges with no ears no hearts smart in thei
5 7.Shores in Flames(Bathory cover) eaves our land And opens wide the seas The lukewarm breeze does beckon me As it whispers through the trees It says: Set your sails And let me ... ll of those near you And your land of the North! The wild cold deep black ocean's waves Invites my hungry heart Cry not my love I'll return Only death can keep us ... ur sons us home When the wind cries out my name And time has come for me to

6 8.Great Spirit ar it The cries of the earth Some of your people can't feel it The way that it hurts And it hurts great spirit And it moves great spirit Inter ... kage Of a paradigm on its way out Its way out Speaking of spiritual lyrical testimonies The spirit that did resist Weaving around false prophecies Spirit directed and selecte ... fied With how you treated the land You're gonna be by my side When i
7 11.Silence laim your land For man this is the end Silence reclaim your ... the end Silence reclaim your land When the breeze cries with pain Bludgeoned tears pierce the sands Hear the bells ringing ... sands Hear the bells ringing out And recall the days when you Dug children's graves in regret Oh human disgrace For man this is the end Silence reclaim your ... the end Silence reclaim your land For man this is the end Silence reclaim your ... the end Silence reclaim yo
8 10.Revolution Deathsquad we'll be out of the storm And the world falls under the starlight Shining from heavens below Ride the wings of pain and sorrow searching for ... o the dawn of a new world Cry out for the fallen heroes lost some time ago In our minds they still live on when the sands of time are gone Rise over shadow mounta ... stand Far and wide across the land the victory is ours On towards the gates of reason Fight for the truth and the freedom Gloria Searching through the memories to ...
9 20.La Sagrada Familia ce throughout the land Under clear blue skies our voices rise in songs of glory And for all those years our eyes and ears were filled with tears Who k ... en the angry skies the battle cries the sounds of glory And for all those years ... glory And for all those years out eyes and ears were filled with tears Who knows where the road may lead us only a fool would say Who knows what's been lost along ... the way Look for the promised land in all of the dreams we sha
10 2.The Ghost of TomJoad s in the southwest No home no job no peace no rest The highway is alive tonight But nobody's kiddin' nobody ab ... But nobody's kiddin' nobody about where it goes I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light Searchin' for the ghost of tom joad He pulls a prayer book ... m joad He pulls a prayer book out of his sleeping bag Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag Waitin' for when the last shall be first and the first shall be l ... ne-way ticket to the promised land Yo
11 9.The Hanging Tree into the land Following the waterfall Watching as the world turns green Wonder where the river flows The copper face remains unseen Ignorance ... d sand Moving deeper into the land Crying as the earth cries out Weeping as the land decays Wonder if I could have helped Maybe I'd have found a way Poison lies too close to us Reach across the salt and sand Movi ... d sand Moving deeper into the land Cling to the branch of a tree That was waiting for Something to
12 2.A World of100 hear our cries? Out back there's a couple of men for the purge To set fire to the church is it cold ... fire to the church is it cold outside? What did we lose? Oh bang bang shots from the clip of the gun Oh is anywhere safe do you live on the run? What do you do?(C ... ar A block down in the no man land There's a band of13 playing king Is it too late for us? What do we do? How do you believe in a god That's been watching all the ... e? What do we do do do do do?(Ou
13 2.Conquer& Command her voice cries out I sense a wind of change Far beyond the dark horizon from the ash; ignited flame This storm did not divide us no... it guides th ... d now feel the force upon the land Beyond the dark lies freedom in the heart of every man Conquer& Command with strength and honour I will stand Until we're free ... past a new frontier calling- out for unity Dawning- destined t'ward
14 20.Abandoned By The Light ship made out of fears Its crew plagued with the curse That comes with the daylight And pours its black flood on me When the night arrives On ... hese storms I tore the demons out of me But the night always brought them back They painted my skin with their shadows And cut me with their blades I was drowned ... he fire Until I heard all the cries of pain in the aether But in the flame I saw myself burned alive Burned alive with her Please save me Saint Peter! On this sin ...
15 3.Nowadays o make it out though this is destiny Feel like something's protecting me Still one of the best to be added onto the recipe I'm humble don't sc ... ides Crack the concrete parks cries spark your rides Park your eyes your stories all been lies Foreign rides grip on my side Don't like how they judge it then pou ... aper's were the rulers been Shout out to the hood and all the real niggas tunin' in Nowadays you won't know who's your friend Separate me from what used to be I
16 5.These Walls o work it out It's true it's true it's true shout out to the birthday girls say hey Say hey everyone deserves a night to play And she plays only when you tell her no[Hook: Anna Wise( ... I can feel your reign when it cries gold lives inside of you) If these walls could talk(I love it when I'm in it I love it when I'm in it)[Verse1: Kendrick Lamar] ... tension Me? I'm just a tenant Landlord said these walls vacant more than a minute These walls are vulnerable exclam
17 5.Soulless Impaler ion fades out with the absence of light nailed pierced skin on the walls demon whores will dance when night falls Betrayed as sacrificed by th ... the pit to feed on the bloody lands blades within the flesh of the damned tribal curse of resurrection thru eternity I stand The dawn of time of sanguinary tides ... inary tides I hear the wolfen cries and bloodthirsty carnivores the full moon enshrined call of the non-divine like an ever flowing undead stream immortalized Tid ...
18 1.Landmines kies1.Landmines I know why I'm here now See the signs Let my own fate find me Stars aligned To blink is to miss our chance at the worl ... ed Searching for the promised land But my feet stuck in the sand No surrender can't withdraw Relief appears upon my sword Should I fall upon my sword? And I can't ... he fickle symphony is calling out again I crow This muted melody is falling on deaf ears now ... y is falling on deaf ears now Landmines reside under the path t
19 9.Hummingbird Stance 'na feed mouths Meanwhile a suicidal building jumped off a man What a scam Couldn't stand with the will in its hands Lieutenant Dan man Sand l ... n is giving in Throw a man to land fill and imagine how the land feels Did it fell another building again? To busy focused on that real estate To really rip it hold the slip and hope and fate ... l depends. In grief and anger land punches an inanimate man The rumor spread like a tumor on a string and two cans By mean the news
20 15.Days Between kless are out wrecking The timid plead their pleas No one knows much more of this than anyone can see anyone can see There were days and there ... hopeful candle lingers in the land of lullabies where headless horsemen vanish with wild and lonely ... n vanish with wild and lonely cries lonely cries There were days and there were da

21 10.Minerals sand More land is lost than what is saved We will all soon be minerals In a salt salt sea What wicked worm somehow evolved To be disappointed ... Like the howls of a dog With cries of pain from the birds To insult the ears of God I get the clear impression That you're waiting for the cause But with your la ... ning bright sun That's drying out your skin The more I see the more i
22 4.When You Were Born I called out to the land the sea and sky I held my arms out to you I'd hold you close forever Fell to my knees when you opened your eyes. Verse2 When you were born The lessons from your br ... it's true. But when your baby cries And you look into their eyes You'
23 5.Old North State rm As she cries herself to sleep While I'm out here on the road Blue little cans and one night stands and parked cars with girls that know all the words I always hurt the ones ... coming home And here's to the land of the long leaf pine The summer land where the sun doth shine Where the
24 8.Dilemma feat. Mattic take this land? What's he got to gain from another acre of hay and sand? Feeling unsafe advance in to the village gates at last Enter the mark ... ulder Turns to a vagabond who cries Searching up at him pleading Could he spare a little change for a broken soul? That he might live to fight another day Through ... Stop asking me for a damn handout and see That we all have the power to roam and be free Now move along on your way'cause the brave don't let the wolf bite[Narrat ...
25 3.Heavy Rain spreading out(gotta get away) The rain will come again! In the heavy rain and thunderstorm The devil's flood has just begun Walking through th ... un Walking through this dying land The rain is under his command Heavy rain and thunderstorm There's no god we're all alone You and I will get no chance We all bu ... un Walking through this dying land The rain is under his command Heavy rain and thunderstorm There's no god we're all alone If only god could hear us pray give us ...
26 3.Larger Than Life let in Lapland King Lear died in Vienna Venice and Othello Madrid I am Henry the8th I am I am We all shall one day become what we play The mar ... role I'm cast it's all wrong out I cannot escape before the Curtain call. One last time build myself a wall to cry on To hide in plain view I will fall deeper in ... its Of a fool? The mirror now cries ageless mask fades to true life To taste the immortal grace I lived the role I played Alone in a golden cage Life is what we m ...
27 1.Monsters Calling Home orth in a land under a foreign sun Their children call bitter words of a strange tongue Hearts down they're walking heavy till the dying's don ... ould they know of a deep that cries to the deep In the night in the night they call yes they call Oh! Hear! the monsters calling home now No they don't wanna be a ... lf under sheep skins reaching out their claws Stomping their feet nev
28 2.The SummerJam g distant lands A sign of life is steadily ending Call ... life is steadily ending Call out so desperate for a way The cries are readily sending They beg of night to release the day They're calling ... lease the day They're calling out for a better way(Cut up the planet
29 1.Resurrection Day a wasted land Human rights facing end Wind carries on a nasty smell Evils breed ride straight ... ell Evils breed ride straight out of hell No time to lose silence means the end No other choice silence is my friend Resurrection day From ashes they'll rise hell ... es Far away I hear the battle cries The flag of hate blowing up in th
30 9.Hell Funeral ame Right out of hell with an evil spell There is no romance only fire and screams Darkness is rising and killing your dreams Revelation has a ... dead Wafts of mist cover the land See my coach and coffin be sure it's your end Revelation has arrived in the fire you will die The reaper is back with angels of ... rise he kills all the silent cries Yes the reaper has returned all h
31 9.From the Ashes We Rise s a storm out on the horizon Blackin' out the day Hell and high water Come to take my world away I can hear the wind blow I can hear the screams and ... ow I can hear the screams and cries Slamming doors running for cover Praying this rage goes by Now everything we've worked for It's gone in a moments glance I nee ... ll struggle we'll rebuild the land We've been knocked down... we'll g
32 10.Bloodstained Cement s But without trepidation Hyper aware I will strike back When he brandished the blade Gave his intentions away Back to the wall I have no choi ... his voice Pure terror in his cries Break his balance slam him to the ground Following through to stay alive ... llowing through to stay alive Landing multiple bowls The blood is starting to spray Will not stop till I am sure The threat has been put down Raining with forearm ... op until it cracks And spills out his brain Blo
33 2.Wooden Ships Talkin''bout very free and easy... Horror grips us as we watch you die All we can do is echo your anguished ... can do is echo your anguished cries Stare as all human feelings die We are leaving- you don't need us. Go take your sister then by the hand lead her away from thi ... ad her away from this foreign land Far away where we might laugh again We are leaving- you don't need us. And it's a fair wind blowin' warm ... it's a fair wind blowin' warm Out t'south o
34 1.Time Stands Still In these lands Horror and madness I've seen here For what I became a king of the lost? Barren and lifeless the ... lost? Barren and lifeless the land lies Lord of all Noldor A star in the night And a bearer of hope He rides into his glorious battle alone Farewell to the valian ... by my side I'll dare you Come out You coward Now it's me or you He gleams like a star And the sound of his horn's Like a raging storm Proudly the high lord Challe ... es the doom Lord of slaves he
35 1.Something to Believe In -FROM SCOTLAND WITH LOVE1.Something to Believe In Dreaming with ... o Believe In Dreaming without sleeping this morning are you leaving but our story It is only begun And are you willing it to end(Chorus) you promised me a fee ... see him on the TV preachin''bout the promised land He tells me to believe inJesus And steals the money from my hand Some say he was a good man But Lord I think he sinned yeah Twe ... nty-two years of mental tears Cries a suic
36 18.Is It Right– Feat. Eyedea Crescent Moon& Mike Schank I care about you too much to abuse true love then lose trust In what use to touch But grew immune to using us and getting used We use it as a ... your hands sow. Sleep on your land cold. Take what you must take. And leave what you can't hold. Cornered with a paper trail Bail when nature fails See the razors ... wonder why me. Hear a hundred cries deep I push with a little more push Keep on with a little more keep on For the jukebox only plays our favorite R&B song I hope ...
37 2.Lost For Words my Mother cries acid tears roll down her neck And fall into the stream to connect with the sea Escapism is the theme living in a dream Now tel ... ree to eat the fruit But spit out the seeds Perfection doesn't exist practically Unless we're talking ab ... ically Unless we're talking about Oscar... The big man's in a land right above us[Hook] Oh I'm lost for words Man I can't believe I'm writing this verse Talk to me now It's like I'm lost at sea ... eams...[Verse2: Dels
38 12.The Ghost of TomJoad(from The Ghost of TomJoad1995) s in the Southwest No home no job no peace no rest The highway is alive tonight But nobody's kiddin' nobody ab ... But nobody's kiddin' nobody about where it goes I'm sittin' down here in the campfire light Searchin' for the ghost of TomJoad He pulls a prayer book ... omJoad He pulls a prayer book out of his sleeping bag Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag Waitin' for when the last shall be first and the first shall be l ... ne-way ticket to the promised land You
39 3.The Rude Boy Oscars something Out taking a walk Nahanni national park Fourteen when I caught my first Goshawk hawk Now it's time for improvement58 wade mount shoo ... count cougars We told them about the future None of them cared till they went to confiscate his balls He wasn't there Peripheral neuropathy my nerve endings rare ... y spell smoke jumpers jumping outta planes trynna battle fires from hell They have the right to blindfold your eyes under paragraph five They need you to initial ...
40 3.The Miles Away Girl she still cries herself to sleep and she seldom gets the chance to pick the company she keeps and the ring around her finger is a ring around ... a ring around her past and a youth that couldn't last when people ask if she's OK she doesn't even answer her mind is set on auto-think for heaven knows how long ... me) she send a men to slumber-land with just one little kiss her silence is refreshing and her honesty is bliss she's probably clairvoyant but she never had the c ...
41 10.Shield of the Son Attack by land and sea under darkened skies Within the shadows are liars in wait Commanding with fury pillage with hate Nowhere to hide slaugh ... No remorse merciless to their cries Obliterating extinction by fire Extermination overthrow of the weak Eradicating impending future is bleak Vengeance ascending ... Decimation of the king's lair Out of the darkness fears come to life
42 10.Colony ur mother cries and you ask god why Greed is the knife and the scars run deep How many races with much reason to weep And your children cry An ... he west To the north and the south and I'm not too impressed Time after time After crime after crime They raped robbed pillaged enslaved and murderedJesus Christ ... other They came to purify my land of my Gaelic Irish mothers And fathers and sisters and brothers With our own ancient customs laws music art Way of life and cul ...
43 3.The Lotus Eater e is your land Crops they were sown to die. The skin is a mirror The eyes hollow with ignorance Health runs from your lips Tucked in and safe ... the fire. You are stuck in a route of confusion Changing and waiting and seeking the truth of it all. Fleeing your sorrows Pushing your spirit away Sick of the we ... senting the goods of a savior Cries out The restless will also.. die A sele
44 24.The Ghost of TomJoad heir cars out in the Southwest No job no home no peace no rest NO REST! And The highway is alive tonight Nobody's foolin' nobody is to where it goes I'm s ... Joad He pulls his prayer book out of a sleepin' bag The preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag He's waitin' for the time when the last shall be first and the ... ne way ticket to the promised land With a hole in your belly and a gun in your hand Lookin' for a pillow of solid rock Bathin' in the cities' aqueduc
45 3.Echoes In Eternity ow driven out of garden's grace condemned to walk forsaken ... ce condemned to walk forsaken lands caught a glimpse of all there is aware of all their rightful doing we are the echoes sounding on we are the chosen ones forgin ... ow resonate their words their cries and prayers'we are the ones to be

46 7.Love Dog y you cry out desperate and devout Timid little teether your eyes set on the ether Your moon in Bella Luna and howling hallelujah Nameless you above me come lay me ... ne knows the name of Curse me out in free verse and wrap me up and reverse this Patience is a virtue until it's silence burns you And something slow has started i ... w has sparked up in me As dog cries for a master and sparks are whirling faster Lonely little love dog that no one knows the ways of Where t
47 4.Warrior Of The Rising Sun s all the land Even fools understand he lives just to fight A man rich in pride no one dares to defy Don't stare in his eyes'cos he's the samu ... samurai He bows his head and cries'By The Sword I Will Live To Die' His eyes are ablaze when he screams ... es are ablaze when he screams out his name He lifts his sword to the rising sun The sun hits the steel as he's shielding his eyes He rules with the blade will it ... his only way Blood stains the land as they heed his
48 2.Strength of Valhalla rough the land Hear the sound of the giant wolf as he ... sound of the giant wolf as he cries in the night Away in the sea in the ocean so blue A serpent old as time roams in the deep Giants and beasts kept in a leach Fl ... s trembling bound to his will Out from his fortress a sound fills the
49 15.Human Error(Outro) man Error(Outro)[Solo] Who's world is this? To tell you the truth I'm not sure Feeling more and more like we fighting for a lost cause My ... n the box See the planes shot out of the sky and wonder what for We can do better now more than ever Hear the ... r now more than ever Hear the cries out in Tahrir Square we want more But there's war going on across the seas Blood flowing in the streets over power and greed I guess ... ces To help me as I'm writing out
50 15.Something to Believe In(originally on Freedom of Sound) reachin''bout the promised land He tells me to believe inJesus And steals the money from my hand Some say he was a good man But Lord I think he sinned yeah Twe ... nty-two years of mental tears Cries a suicidal Vietnam vet Who fought a losing war on a foreign shore To find his country didn't want him back Their bullets took ... ld and empty Like a lost soul out of place And the mirror mirror on the wall sees my smile it fades again CHORUS Sometimes I wish to God I didn'
51 1.On The Road ] What up out it's the young Merkules What up(you still homie) Remmember I say b ... still homie) Remmember I say bout that girl and everything I'm just sayin b ... nd everything I'm just sayin bout the same shit Now you talk about man I-I don't know Yo Grotesque what up boy let's get in[Hook: Corbett] She taste and tell'em lies and I know I just don't belie ... his girl not she thinks I'm About to fuck this song have got the number4 this our time I've Been paying
52 5.Space Bears s(Verse) Bout to lock and load and lock and shot across the globe Boom rock rockin on my motherfuckin comino Taco truck cock it up and stick h ... and roll Roll up in the city cries the land though Captain of the star bus pilot commando Big boom rocket man rocket launcher it's Rambo Blast off back drop pay for that b ... ull of fire definitely let it out When in doubt get smarter we bang i
53 6.Cold The Snow Clad Mountains e looking out across the sea And think of my true lover who's gone to far from me So many years have passed since we said our last goodbyes Bu ... lies On the west wind blowing Out across the endless skies Cold the snow clad mountain Where the moon hangs in a velvet sky Look and you will find me Where the wi ... ind me Where the wind forever cries My love he sailed away on the early morning tide His fortune in some far-off ... e His fortune in some far-off land He hoped
54 8.The Annals Of Subterfuge – spewing out in fury seeking out the weak Bold– authoritative stance disguised as the meek Made– to feel less than human abnormal tendencies Forced– to surrender ... stone or felt from the heart? Cries– a voice in search of freedom but bound by the will Defeat– lifeless in the eyes the lower self to kill Pierce– a stab at the ... e no mind Rise– from the dead land you've surmised and pierce the sky
55 5.The Last Knight e ravaged land cries out in pain Hallowed be thy name The order fails again In hours dark in dire need When the ravaged ... in dire need When the ravaged land is drowned in lies The last knight will arise then watch me rise Rise up and light these dark days From the ashes the order wil ... will rise So the knights ride out they have taken the field You blood
56 3.Over Over And s foreign land you belong in the wind but all is well oh I'm home again I was caught in the ... ome again I was caught in the landslide standing on the hillside in the rain when the ground gave ... the rain when the ground gave out in the shattered heart to split or all the pain and suffering in the war why the war it's alright it's alright I won't fight no ... over and we were caught in a landslide staring up the hillside in the rain when the ground gave ... the ra
57 14.Nowhere(byJames Urbaniak) and groom out of here Left alone with their thoughts of the future Thoughts of the heir to the North that's unborn Thoughts of those passed Th ... rains weep o'er his hall without a soul who gears his cries anymore... The queen said at the wedding with a toss of her hair How those that come against the Lions fare thee well Cuz from ... from Casterly Rock to King's Landing With a whisper my what a story to tell... Your house will be forgotten your home will be burned Yo
58 5.Retribution stwar fallout has turned into a bloodbath Occupation not liberation Nation building has been paved over by desperation Trapped in this quagmir ... of blood floods the occupied land While the village idiot plays war in the sand In the presidential sandbox he's ... the presidential sandbox he's out of harm's way Protected by the privilege that allows him to play That's shielded him from danger and still hides his desertion A ... he beginning He invaded their land for all
59 6.Lost Boys Boys Out from the prams straight to Neverland Fairy Dust and the flight begins New day new skill lesson is learnt By means of a cruel fate Blood calls blood is part of the g ... Hear the call the arms are shouting Fire in their eyes again' Somewhere in a ... ir eyes again' Somewhere in a Land where childhood is gone The Lost Boys play the game of their lives Somewhere in a ... of their lives Somewhere in a Land where dreams come true The Lost Boys believe a
60 5.The Chosen Ones In these lands only the tough can survive Here in the heart ... can survive Here in the heartland you hear their cries We'll fly the colours'til the day that we die Hear the sound the backstreet dance has begun Walking proud the thundering heart ... ring hearts on the run Locked out on a cold winter's nightJust children we've got to survive We are the chosen ones of the night So young to be left all alone in ... t on the street Kicked on the outside but inside y
61 6.Wild Women Of Wongo The Tubes-Outside Inside6.Wild Women Of Wongo From the foggy woggy banks Of the limpopo river There come the sounds of Female ecstasy( ... shiver) Wet and wanton their cries Caress by swollen ears with building Fears of this forsaken ... ilding Fears of this forsaken land of years. Visions of furious fire-goddesses wielding Blunt spits; figments of erotic escapades With all branches of armed force ... rk They tower and flail all about. Wailing sounds in tongues
62 13.Banker's Bonanza e the bailout and all through the house not a banker was stirring they were sleeping so well the stocks were thrown around by wall street with ... danced in their heads Now mom cries in a handkerchief what pops built collapsed and there's no home to settle in from a long winter's wrath when it all came crash ... easury in Washington printing out money nobody knows the costs and Condoleeza Rice opportunity in crisis chevron oil tanker namesake piracy Mired in a quagmire gi ...
63 3.Human Predicament Part1: Godless Cosmos basement cries out for purpose for value for an unwarranted jump to the prohibitedsecond story. Cursed to a barren ... ond story. Cursed to a barren land of rigid indifference a kingdom built on the“firm foundations of unyielding despair” his clutching fingers find no substance to ... ing. He opens wide his eager mouth but his lungs reject the acrid air. The invariable product of the cold mechanics of this blind machine. He opens wide his eager ... ine. He opens wi
64 6.Black Horseman at bursts out of hell Hardboiled for war I'm eternal damnation Wielding the sword of the spell Inferno and thunder are burning the sky They we ... ume Screams of the cattle and cries of the slain Greeting the rider of doom Beg like a dog and squeal like a pig Dissecting thy flesh from the bone Reincarnation ... the rats of the cloth from my land I am the messiah of death Vengeance is pumping black blood in my veins Spreading the plague with my breath Storming the church ...
65 7.A Heap of Broken Images The Waste Land7.A Heap of Broken Images So I was dead to the world disconnected I was sleeping soundly Completely ... s sleeping soundly Completely out of touch with reality I'm going round in circles to the beat of my memories Fragments of violent events obvious and visible disc ... oper place I feel like I'm an outsider I'm a stranger How can I still be standing there in this disorder How can I be someone where everyone has fallen Remnants o ... rless to silence all
66 12.Henry and Clara ng silent out of sight From your fathers house we'll steal into this moonless night' Fast they rode to ... less night' Fast they rode to lands unknown through the Dark Peak and the White Seeking for a place renown for pitying young loves plight. So to Peak Forest they ... d with poor Clara's desperate cries A knife is drawn across his throat; her love her husband dies. Then turning on this girl so dear in one swift axe blow she too ... he tale that's buried in this land(!
67 3.Not Only Soldiers and walks out the door. Says good-bye to his loving girl and flies away to save the world. He's got God on his side; He's got God on his side ... es somewhere far away someone cries. In another land a man grows tired; he fights the battle for the other side. Straps a package to his chest to serve his cause to do his best. He ... es somewhere far away someone cries. Not only soldiers get hurt in war Brothers and sisters and mothers for sure. And wives and lovers good fri
68 2.The Night Witch f Thunder-Out Of The Darkness2.The Night Witch The night witch lives alone ... > The night witch lives alone outside of town You can hear her calling children in the night And when their parents wake They find their children gone in the ligh ... t The night witch lives alone outside of town Her castle is a nightmare carved from stone She sings a siren song at night And lures the children far from their ho ... y growing old And when their youth has died away She
69 4.Murderous Horde f Thunder-Out Of The Darkness4.Murderous Horde The sun is setting slowlyThe dark consumes the light Mankind is sleeping sweetly They w ... power in our claws Mankind's cries silenced in between our mighty jaws Murderous horde Tunnels vast and complex They spread through ... nd complex They spread throughout the land Consuming every creature It's all part of the plan Blood as black as entrails Bones all picked white clean We'll eat the flesh ... power in our cl
70 10.Discovery f Thunder-Out Of The Darkness10.Discovery I hear the sound of quiet voices coming nearer They're telling me that I can never stay The ... y Hear the calling of distant lands But there's a price you must pay Discovery Cast away those ancient fears Discover your time I see the rivers of your ancient ... ee the rivers of your ancient lands flowing Clouds create imaginary sights No crooked hands are reaching up to buy the heavens The mountains rise to catch the ear ... L
71 8.Strange World e in this land of great confusion it's easy to give up control Chorus: Strange world people talk and tell only lies Strange world people kill ... kill still no one hears their cries Strange world people talk and tell only lies Strange world people kill an eye for an eye Strange world dream one day we'll see ... Burn these thoughtless tears out of my eyes Still I wonder wonder wh
72 14.Kyrie Eleison When the cries of victims go unheard in the land And the scars of war refuse to heal; Will we stand for justice to empower the weak Till their bonds of oppression are no more? ... Christ where we live To reach out in mercy to the lost; For each cup
73 8.My Mother Was The Moon the moon Out came the sun and dried off her cocoon Underneath the water I would live and die to soon If I were a spider and my mother was the ... oon Fallen from my web I have landed in the stream Been drifting on a while or forever so it seems My mother ... forever so it seems My mother cries above me:'you have left the world
74 3.Little Rachel l Think about it I could've of been your little angel Tuck me in at night's and help me with my times tables And read me fables I swear this s ... many times and cried so many cries She got dreams wanna be seen on the movie screen Live ... seen on the movie screen Live out in Hollywood and act like it's probably good And she probably could she probably would But she stuck in the hood Mama's on crack ... brother half retarded And the land-lord want them out of the
75 8.Harbinger of a New Dawn Desperate cries mourning in vain Nothing but ancient-time pain The only religion Will be the new empire Reapers of time Your weapons will be v ... be vain Hear the rage in our cries In the only kingdom he'll rule In the ... nly kingdom he'll rule In the land of twilight Harbinger of new dawn I will be the emperor This I swear on my soul Grim beats of drums in the distance Shadows I s ... I see on the ground I'll tear out the sparkle From the last opposing
76 15.Strangers e Man Without A Name15.Strangers'I am a poor wayfaring stranger wandering o'er this world of woe.
And there's no sickness toil or dang ... toil or danger in that bright land to which I go.' And when he brings me to that celestial home All the pain and the grief and the tears I used to know Will dissi ... raise the Lord. No danger without praise the Lord. No death and no fear and no doubt praise the Lord!
And someday someday. This will all be over. And my flesh wil
77 5.Back into the Land of Light edom Call-Land of the Crimson Dawn5.Back into the ... imson Dawn5.Back into the Land of Light We are back We are back Into the glorious ... We are back Into the glorious land of light In the distance there's a light Leads us through the misty night Until the end we believed there's something golden Th ... To the place to the promised land of deliverance Back to the light See the tears in my eyes reflecting new life Heard all my ... lecting new life Heard
78 8.Joe Glenton n foreign lands This life of a soldier it thrilled and enticed him As no other job had done He'd read and was told of the beauty of freedom Th ... the front But the villagers' cries and the generals' lies He'd made up his mind to confront And on the day he walked ... ront And on the day he walked out of the barracks To the squaddies shouts of support In the face of treason he laid down his reason And threw off the terrors of war Soon the military tried to throw him ...
79 2.Black Chord ound From out of the darkness Newfound Sun cracked the abstract Seer of the sand At mountains of madness Crash ... At mountains of madness Crash land Told the tall tale Chapter and the verse On the balance Bounty and a curse Into bright white Only to reverse For the Earth Swal ... harp tongue black lung Cursed cries the unclean Lightless dark cess b
80 4.Handful Of Rain the soul cries out For a handful of rain Wash your women In your whiskey When your future's In the past And your staring Up at heaven From the bott ... low moving train And the soul cries out There's a land beyond the living There's a land beyond the dead If it's true that God's forgiving Of the lives that we had led In the distance there's a thunder And the air is ... low moving train And the soul cries out For a handful of rain There's an old m
81 1.Robin Hood from the cries Out of the dark of the damned lands Your day to die Robin Hood is after you and he's not in a joking mood no You ride or die He's ... mood no You ride or die He's out for bling again Courting maids in hundreds They say there's merry men and wine You dream of what he does all day What a folly li ... Women wine and song for every outlaw Throw in some jealousy And a pinch of need for fame The king for everyone who wants to be the same Make no sound a
82 9.Fire On The Downline d to feel Cries... they go unsung Memories of plenty fading away ... emories of plenty fading away Cries of dying dreams Where will they run to when there's nowhere to go? See them kids worn- ... ere to go? See them kids worn-out and pale To the Promised Land they're drawn All the way with a dream that turned into fear To the other side where the wild winds blow And the golden rivers ... s the way of the world Always out to find another dime Fire on the down line
83 8.Cabin Essence on horse?(Out of night-life-it's a gas man) Who ran the iron horse?(I don't believe I gotta grieve) Who ran the iron horse?(In and ... ho ran the iron horse?(In and out of luck) Who ran the iron horse?(With a buck and a booth) Who ran the iron horse?(Catchin' on to the truth) Who ran the iron hor ... ho ran the iron horse?(In the land in the dust trust that you must) Who ran the iron horse?(Catch as catch can) Have you seen the grand coolie workin' on the rail ... lroad? Over
84 3.The Fallen hard down Out in the streets throw the books on the fire Let them eat debt while they starve on desire Who's really runnin' the place we call ... change through violence while cries for freedom It worships control and speaks of hollow victories Of the ... ks of hollow victories Of the land it stole From the top of the mount
85 7.Heavy Is The Crown live This land was run by the damned They'll dig their graves We'll leave them hang or buried alive Tonight we march my soldiers Onward! Onwar ... oldiers Onward! Onward! Help! Cries of the weak It wouldn't take a real man to kill you in your sleep Hear that sound? It's the hundreds that surround They came a ... only came for one thing Bring out the dead Tonight we tread Bring out the dead His majesty has fled He won't get far Hunt him down Like a dog Release the hounds
86 11.Where Angels Do Not Fly Call loud out his name Staring eyes of the death Where angels do not fly Where angels do not fly Behind the gates of hell Fooling the blind Cr ... gels do not fly Yeah Yeah The land where I was strong Where creatures come and go Watching the frozen pain In search of souls inside An ancient force of might Whe ... ngels do not fly Autumn still cries Whispers around Unleash the beast Obscure the light Flee from the void Unveil the death Is heard from above Angels cry before ...
87 5.Spirit Wind rt And he cries out to the Lord Oh Lord send Your wind into this valley And breathe the breath of life into their souls And raise them again a might ... life into this Dry and weary land raise us up agai
88 11.Cosmic Ballet rah Slean-Land & Sea11.Cosmic Ballet One said April is the cruelest month When worn- ... the cruelest month When worn-out promises return There's more wisdom in the iris bud Than all our centuries of words See as the flower opens What is there to say ... falling Turning into newborn cries Oh on the wind a sighing Calling out our names Saying'No no there is no
89 6.Let It Burn ount you slander and denounced you Scheming at secret meeting the Bilderburg council Unidentifical interstate that they found you Nothing but ... ' now lines up with the book Bout to witness things when this country is destine in need That make the Vietnam War look like Sesame Street We in the modern day Sa ... pse and anarchy Faming in the land real soon the man taught me The United States is gonna be likeJapan shortly[Hook][Verse3:] The water in the ... ok][Verse3:] The wa
90 11.Under The Grey Banner Dragonland-Under The Grey Banner11.Under The Grey Banner['A hundred years had passed. Man would face man and with the vast armies ... oudly in the air though the Islander could easily count five times that number in grey banners. And so this day their doom would come.'] Facing the northwinds On ... ancients as dark lines spill out on the plains See the view stretched before me It's familiar somehow Why am I here? Why was I sent to this trial?['The mounted k ... y of
91 11.Lisa Renee alone she cries in a prison of doubt She's begging for a key But only she can let herself ... But only she can let herself out Lisa Renee Lisa Renee Lisa Renee Lisa Renee Lisa Renee Her dance can put fire to shame One of her tears is a million nights of r ... from a foreign tongue From a land where songs are never ever ever su
92 10.In Union We Stand rom the islands to the cities From the ports into the sea. We are strong we will always be... Blazing through the wreckage burning all we see. ... tand as they blaze across the land! In union we make a final stand. A peaceful co-existence is dropping ... eful co-existence is dropping out of sight. So band together together we will fight. Blasting the resistance marching to the top. They started this we say when it ... into flames Did not hear our cries. But now from th
93 4.Lonesome Death Of Ukulele Ike f Fantasy Land Mark Twain came from Hannibal Missouri And various other drunks like me I learned to play the ukulele And reinvented my destiny ... y play the Ukulele And no one cries baby Not if they're wishin' on a star well maybe Yes I kept singin' in the rain Dancin' in the Kleig light sunshine too I was ... ture old folks' home In Never Land I was in High Cotton My voice warblout of the gramophone So hand me down m
94 1.Crimson from her mouth slowly fell down to the ground. The child inside dried her ... d. The child inside dried her out. The king's beloved is no more.) The chosen one felt the time had come to show the world what had grown within. This day of life ... was born to rule these desert lands.[A sacrifice. A life arises when one love has come another dies. I let her go and I do not know where to find her soul so alon ... raging plague all across the land all the women gave birth to
95 1.Racing In The Street rking lot Outside the Seven-Eleven store Me and my partner Sonny built her straight ... tner Sonny built her straight out of scratch And he rides with me from town to town We only run for the money got no strings attached We shut'em up and then we sh ... ust right I wanna blow'em all out of their seats Calling out around the world we're going racing in the street I met her on the strip three years ago In a Camaro with this dude from L.A. I ... around my baby's eyes And
96 7.Magdalena arve this out of wood From Nogales to Magdalena There are60 miles of sacred road And the promise is made to those who venture San Francisco li ... ancisco lift your load In the land of old Sonora A shallow river vallecries The summer left her without forgiveness It's mirrored in her ch
97 11.What Kind Of World e we look out over lands We see the evidence of us the working of our hands A dusty arid waste ... f our hands A dusty arid wasteland or lush and verdant plains Smoke filled yellow heavens or sweet refreshing rain There is no iron clad guarantee What will it ta ... rything changes Inner self or outer space It all rearranges Happenstance and happenings Occurring every day But when it comes to this human race All that really h ... same Warning bells and battle cries
99 2.So Milgram Knew It haos. Our landscape still cries out misery. And so you want a revolution But you should start with building your own And forget everything ab ... r own And forget everything about this marshmallow world.(2x) I'm nothing but I should be everything They go from a job they hate to a screen Where others lead a ... g but cash against chaos. Our landscape still cries out misery. And so you want a revolution But you should start with building your own And for
100 2.Cornwall above the landing place Beneath the rugged cliffs of Cornwall my true love Broken images of memories awaken in my bones When I do recall the ... my bones When I do recall the land I left behind that was my home Sailing ... hind that was my home Sailing out from Falmouth bay way back in nineteen-eighty-three Green behind the ears just fifteen years of age well that was me Like a fool searching fo ... ng further far and wide I set out but I did not return upon the

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