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1 1.down ur dreams turn into ketchup my medication just ran out my body's about to give out poison so toxic burnin
2 6.Ketchup(O.T. Beep Beep) 011)6.Ketchup(O.T. Beep Beep)作词夏至作曲John Hassim Lundvik Christofer Meyer编曲舒文@ Zoo Music监制舒文@ Zoo Music不舍得分享的酸一触摸惹静电只准许点点嘴边新鲜得格外暖在滴汗滴著大汗 ... 慢大步 wo wo wo目标总得到 where is my ketchup oh my oh my ketchup oh my oh my oh my ketchup catching you up为求爱你别着急 where is my ... ing you up为求爱你别着急 where is my ketchup oh my oh my ketchup
3 1.随便啦(Whatever) 作词张家玮Jiawei Chang作曲 Ketchup monsteR编曲张博彦你太不像话今天是什么日子都没印象齁视力太差何时能发现我浏海卷度变化哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼哼
4 12.嘻嘻哈哈过年啦(四个女生) 过年啦(四个女生)原曲 The Ketchup Song(Aserejé)作词诺贝作曲 Bernard Edwards Nile Rodgers Francisco Ruiz一二三四五六七八爆竹声响劈里
5 12.嘻嘻哈哈过年啦 2.嘻嘻哈哈过年啦原曲 The Ketchup Song(Aserejé)作词诺贝作曲 Bernard Edwards Nile Rodgers Francisco Ruiz一二三四五六七八爆竹声响劈里

6 18.Kind Of Late(Ketchup) 18.Kind Of Late(Ketchup) Remember the first time we met And every word we said That all belonged
7 5.KETCHUP pera5.KETCHUP作词石原理酉作曲石原理酉 My脳欲しがる日々は何だ?现実の ... この热で混ぜてやれ(KETCHUP) My脳欲しがる日々は何だ?现実の世界で feel it now ... にこの热を降り注ぐ(KETCHUP) My脳欲しがる梦は何だ?现実の狭间で feel it now ... ら未来に导いてゆく KETCHUP My脳欲しがる日々は何だ?现実の世界で feel it now see it now I know胸に広がるwonder全部溃した
8 1.LOST ketchup mania-F・L・A・G1.LOST作词 DAI作曲 DAIノスタルジーひとりぼっち甘い蜜必要でしょ? Oh! Maria my wis
10 3.JUST A MESS! ketchup mania-F・L・A・G3.JUST A MESS!作词 HIRO作曲 DAIJust a mess!Just a mess!Just
11 4.119110 ketchup mania-F・L・A・G4.119110作词 HIRO作曲 HIRO& DAIこのハートの中を调べてくれませんか?生きた心地しない程痛い
12 5.EVERLONE ketchup mania-F・L・A・G5.EVERLONE作词 DAI作曲 DAI We play in a band cos' we love pu
16 9.PAST→NOW→FUTURE ketchup mania-F・L・A・G9.PAST→NOW→FUTURE作词 HIRO作曲 YOSEIそんな颜しないで!思春期のあたしに言おう!煮えき
17 10.ETERNAL LOVERS ketchup mania-F・L・A・G10.ETERNAL LOVERS作词 HIRO作曲 YOSEI最近话できないねスケジュール不揃いのタイミングな
18 11.COME ON!!! ketchup mania-F・L・A・G11.COME ON!!!作词 HIRO作曲 HIRO& DAI“そんな気分じゃない”ブルーの手前ダークカラーな
20 2.PARANOIA ketchup mania-PLEASE! MARRY ME!!2.PARANOIA作词 DAI作曲 HIRO& DAI Are you sufferin

21 3.PING-PONG ketchup mania-PLEASE! MARRY ME!!3.PING-PONG作词 HIRO作曲 HIRO& DAI“大人になるとあきらめる事大切
25 3.マロンスカー ketchup mania-L・O・V・E3.マロンスカー作词 HIRO作曲 WANIエメラルド色とスカイブルー合う日风を诱って旅に出るわ忘れたい过去やビ
26 4.LIFE SIZE ketchup mania-L・O・V・E4.LIFE SIZE作词 HIRO作曲 Yoseiこの歳重ねたらステキな大人になって新しい家族と共にすごすと思
27 5.L・O・V・E ketchup mania-L・O・V・E5.L・O・V・E作词 HIRO作曲 HIRO・DAIあなたの名前を呼びたくなるのあなたを24h感じているのあな
28 3.STONE 子嗫く“今夜で终わりなら何食べる?”唇にKETCHUPをつけて SCREENから舞い降りたこの呪いとく呪文が见つかんない何度も手の中で君の棘が刺さって痛いけど COUNT DOWN街中予言してる见たこともない世
29 18.Outro(Feat. DJ Drama& Peewee Longway) our re-up Want some ketchup if you run up get wet up I get you hit up and go kick my feet up VVS bricks w
30 1.Man's Not Hot e sauce(flexin') No ketchup(none)Just sauce(saucy) Raw sauce Ah yo boom ah The ting goes skrrrahh(ah) Pap
31 12.Sacrifices t was red like Hunt(ketchup) I'm kickin' pimpin' like I punt But don't you think shit's sweet? I'm talkin
32 7.Ascent Through Clouds everyone With your ketchup blood and your changeable flame I go out for a walk Back way through the fog
33 3.There Should Be Unicorns butterflies We put ketchup on Some motorcycle stunts That always crash And if the police show up We'll b
34 9.Berlin Got Blurry d wild French fries ketchup hot-dog are the main ingredients Swears in flawless english it's the best in
35 2.Avenge Me! ne blotted out like ketchup on your shirt They'll rub me out like maths mistakes But I'll no longer hurt
36 6.Sweet Baby Ray's Ray's I don't need Ketchup I don't need no Mustard Shut the hell up And pass me a bottle Of Sweet Baby R
37 30.Constipation(feat. Black Hippy) ters(Pa-pass me the ketchup I'll homestyle fry'em)(You niggas better catch up as swift as I am)(I was bor
38 4.Laaa La a shit no ketchup on the table no money there's something missin' feel like crap heart attack turns me mean'n'mad nothing gives me hope have n ... it but I don't give a shit no ketchup on the table..
39 6.Cedes Benz iracle on my wheels Ketchup on the inside Relish in my pocket nigga You know I'm out that west side And I
40 7.Late Show how Ooh… Ham on rye Ketchup and some fries Time is nigh Let that curtain rise So let's just go the extra
41 1.B.Y.O.Bugatti s Manika on the rap Ketchup on the beat(Verse1) You think you know me but you mother f****** don't You ai
42 14.That's All ss I got my mustard ketchup nigga Nigga loaded pimpin' pimp tight game right I might eat it I might beat
43 4.Huey Newton rds Fake knife real ketchup Cardboard cutthroats Cowboys of information Pleasure-dot-loathing-dot-Huey-do
44 2.The Movement ne just flexin More ketchup it ain't no pressure under pressure Make sure to get my respect waitress make
45 8.the Ketchup Song The World8.the Ketchup Song Friday night it's party time Feeling ready looking fine Vine Diego r

46 5.Soup dy bad credit spill ketchup on the console Pair of glowing eyes staring daggers from the foxhole(God Flow
47 7.Herbivores nt nutricious facts Ketchup is the one vegetable I'm ok to swallow Congrats Mr Reagan For that thoughtful
48 10.Children of the Revolution le since a young-in Ketchup stains on my shirt look what I'm becoming Reagan got shot Bush became preside
49 13.Zip Zero oh[Verse1: Slaine] Ketchup and french fries Chocolate milk and grilled cheeses My grandmother's kitchen
50 8.Buss It it yeah I'm hotdog ketchup mustard Let'em get a little hot sauce they'll love it If he doesn't then you
51 8.Capable girl atches She fills up ketchup bottles And it happens everyday And he's thinking[Chorus] Oh my what a capabl
52 3.Its Best e French fires with ketchup wow But now'standing up in the crowd2014 the fuck are you now? Every day I do
53 2.Peache$ h looking like some ketchup They ran away from home to escape all the drama But no matter where you run y
54 8.White Diamonds unnin scare a cover ketchup stones and yellow mustard Red black and green bright call the piece the mothe
55 13.Say That Then k Ferrari bring the ketchup I'm a mustard fan26s on myJeep but still it goes down custer fast Gave my gir
56 11.See You in Hell I might spill your ketchup or suffocate you with mustard gas I'm a G yeah bitch I is A shark when you fe
57 14.Luxor Temple em lord Salt pepper ketchup everything I get in the store They say the Siciliano was wild nice I'm keep e
58 13.Slap the Shit out of You App gth Vomit look like ketchup muster One hip wonder Buster Douglas You hired a hype man for hype man[?] Yea
59 10.What A Buzz says. Got ketchup on my trousers and my cheeks are going red. Tonight I drink wine with the girl I just met. I had to think of things to do to ... c at everything she says. Got ketchup on my trousers and my cheeks ar
60 19.The Coffee Song(They've Got An Awful Lot Of Coffee In Brazil)(78rpm Version) s need savor Coffee ketchup gives'em flavor Coffee pickles way outsell the dill Why they put coffee in th
61 2.Dad's Letter shit Now must stack ketchup like condenments Kinda jss wish you taught me how to be a man. cuhs[Chorus:]
62 11.Compra t to make him spill ketchup on his white T Fuck that let me worry about this cheese homie You know me you
63 7.Damn Right ) Tell'em ketchup(Ketchup lil nigga) I ain't talking Hein
64 6.Foreign Whip ull up on the scene(ketchup) Turn up Pull up on the scene Up on the scene Pull up on the scene Soulja go
65 1.Timbo Speaks! DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)1.Timbo Speaks! Welcome! Ladies and gentlemen To the Mustard
66 2.Intro(Ketchup;) J Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)2.Intro(Ketchup;) feat. Lil Snupe(Intro) It's Lil Snupe nigga I'm the motherfuckin freestyle king Mustard on the beat hoe Finna go and r ... 't fuck with me nigga Wussup? Ketchup! By
67 3.Burn Rubber DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)3.Burn Rubber feat.Joe Moses& YG(Intro) Turn it up some mo A
68 4.4G's DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)4.4G's feat. TC4800 E-40 Ty Dolla$ign& C. Hood(Hook) Bitch n
69 5.Take It To The Neck DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)5.Take It To The Neck feat. Clyde Carson& YG(Hook) You feeli
70 6.Put This Thang On Ya DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)6.Put This Thang On Ya feat. Ty Dolla$ign(Intro) Dolla$ign D
71 7.Bounce That DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)7.Bounce That feat. RJ Royce The Choice Skeme Casey Veggies
72 8.LadyKilla J Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)8.LadyKilla feat. Cocc Pistol Cree(Intro) I'm reloaded Cocc Pistol Click clack… bang Mustard on the beat ho ... reach you out bitches made of Ketchup(Hook x2) I'm the lady the lady-
73 9.Stupid Dumb DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)9.Stupid Dumb feat. Bounce& Dorrough(Verse) My wrist super d
74 10.Been From The Gang DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)10.Been From The Gang feat. Kay Ess YG Nipsey Hussle& RJ(Ver
75 11.LilJon Speaks! DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)11.LilJon Speaks! Ladies and gentlemen what's happenin? It's
76 12.Straight Ryder DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)12.Straight Ryder feat. Candice(Intro) Mustard on the beat h
77 13.Nothin Like Me DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)13.Nothin Like Me feat. Dom Kennedy(Hook Dom Kennedy) He mig
78 14.Fuck That Nigga DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)14.Fuck That Nigga feat. Teeflii Constantine Ty Dolla$ign To
79 15.DJ Drama Speaks! DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)15.DJ Drama Speaks! Ayo mic check is this thing on? Okay lis
80 16.See Me Gettin' Money DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)16.See Me Gettin' Money feat. YG Cash Out& K. Smith(Intro) U
81 17.Paranoid DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)17.Paranoid feat. Ty Dolla$ign&Joe Moses(Intro) Dolla$ign Mu
82 18.CNN DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)18.CNN feat. Kid Ink(Intro) Mustard on the beat hoe(Pre-Hook
83 19.Don't Trust Nobody DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)19.Don't Trust Nobody feat. Killa Kam& RJ(Intro) Chyeah Must
84 20.Funk Master Flex Speaks! J Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)20.Funk Master Flex Speaks! Yea of course what it is Fuck Flex okay? You see it this is what it is DJ Musta ... as we ride out DJ Mustard the Ketchup mixtape Heavy
85 21.Midnight Run lyrics DJ Mustard-Ketchup (Mixtape)21.Midnight Run lyrics feat. Royce The Choice Skeme& Casey V
86 2.Ketchup aw-Clouds (EP)2.Ketchup[Verse1] I'm gonna make you laugh Until it hurts so good Cause you're my b
87 2.Cigar Smoke e dollar fries with ketchup and hot sauce I used to cut my wings up Then I fucked my dreams up No NFL.. S
88 1.Mad Over Me jamaican ketchup?'i like my hamburger' WITH WAT? grace jamaican ... ger' WITH WAT? grace jamaican ketchup? Fish and chips and chicken and chips and almost everything nice with chips macaroni rice and peas you lick your lips PASS T ... s you lick your lips PASS THE KETCHUP PLEASE! grace jamaican ketchup grace jamaican ketchup over me them a mad over me over
89 10.What A Buzz says. Got ketchup on my trousers and my cheeks are going red. Tonight I drink wine with the girl I just met. I had to think of things to do to ... c at everything she says. Got ketchup on my trousers and my cheeks ar
90 2.Mercy e4:2 Chainz] Ok now ketchup to my campaign coupe the color of mayonnaise I'm drunk and high at the same t
91 11.Jewelry sack bussa(pussies) Ketchup diamond Got a mustard Got a jewlery boss Man got a jewlery treasuer Vvs rocks
92 7.Sun Valley il Red Aside twenty ketchup off the wall mane Fast forward08 million dollar crap gang Walking through the
93 16.Careless And Reckless whole scene full of ketchup nigga They are wildin on wildin on ballin they violent I got the little man s
94 6.Pajama Pants ht lay Beside dried ketchup on a white plate With crumbs from a baked apple pie And a cheeseburger bite t
95 9.Nathan in't getting Nathan Ketchup I'm hot dog Frankfurters get Nathan Bur-relish hating Trust me I pop off Ain'
96 5.The Most th my modestness So ketchup like a condiment You don't know my accomplishments Taking over villages Burni
97 7.The Coffee Song s need savor Coffee ketchup gives'em flavor Coffee pickles way outsell the dill Why they put coffee in th
98 2.Everybody Down and onions buns and ketchup mustard relish Wow I think I'm a fart Everybody Down! I don't want the crown
99 4.Radio Down! thighs. I want some ketchup on my hamburger and fries. You. know. me.(indiscernable) and this is how I sl
100 9.Prisoner Of Funk The mustard and the ketchup make a red and yellow rainbow Squirting high into the air Watch those funky f

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