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1 19.Thong song r>演唱希克斯 Sisqo作曲 Tim Kelley Bob Robinsons Marquis Collins Desmond Child Mark Andrews Robi RosaJoseph Longo
2 8.Dangerous(Elijah Kelley) >8.Dangerous(Elijah Kelley)
3 14.Shining Star(Elijah Kelley) Shining Star(Elijah Kelley)
4 4.What's Up is・Elijah Kelley・George PajonJr.作曲 HIRO・Keith Harr ... is・Elijah Kelley・George PajonJr.誰もがきっと自由を求めて生きてる
5 6.What's Up is・Elijah Kelley・George PajonJr.作曲 HIRO・Keith Harr ... is・Elijah Kelley・George PajonJr.誰もがきっと自由を求めて生きてる

6 1.What's Up is・Elijah Kelley・George PajonJr.作曲 HIRO・Keith Harr ... is・Elijah Kelley・George PajonJr.誰もがきっと自由を求めて生きてる
7 13.Home On The Range er Higley Music Dan Kelley Arranger Axel Stordahl O give me a home where the buffaloes roam Where the dee
8 9.Stay Awake Josh Kelley-Special Company9.Stay AwakeKelleyJosh Kelley I could fall in love with you Bu
9 7.Lift Me Up Josh Kelley-Special Company7.Lift Me UpKelleyJosh Kelley David Yaden Somebody stares in m
10 44.Just Say The Word Josh Kelley-暫存44.Just Say The Word作詞 David Haywood Charles ... d作詞 David Haywood Charles KelleyJosh Kelley I'm holdin' on To your pictures
11 26.Pop Game Josh Kelley-暫存26.Pop Game作詞 David Haywood Charles ... e作詞 David Haywood Charles KelleyJosh Kelley Flipping through the magazines a
12 1.Miles Away eat. Josh Kelley-暫存1.Miles Away作詞 David Wesley Haywood Charles ... David Wesley Haywood Charles KelleyJoshua Bishop Kelley Hillary Scott Alexis Willkonson
13 13.Justice Josh Kelley-Special Company13.Justice ... br>作詞Josh KelleyJustice will be served and deserv
14 2.Love Don't Live Here d Charles KelleyJosh Kelley Hillary Scott Well this heart of
15 4.Southern Accents Charles Kelley-The Driver4.Southern Accents[Verse1:Charles ... rn Accents[Verse1:Charles Kelley] There's a southern accent where I come from The young'uns call it country The Yankees call it dumb I got my own way of talki ... e I come from[Verse2: Charles Kelley& Stevie Nicks] Now that drunk tank in Atlanta'sJust a motel room to me Think I might go work Orlando If them orange groves do ... e I come from[Bridge: Charles Kelley& Stevie Nicks] For just a minute
16 2.The Driver Charles Kelley-The Driver2.The Driver(feat. Eric Paslay& Dierks Bentley)[Verse1:Charles ... ierks Bentley)[Verse1:Charles Kelley] I'm the driver Bringing this circus to town First one in and the last rolling out Shutting down The up-all-nighter All the s ... erse3: Dierks Bentley(Charles Kelley)] I'm the singer Pouring out all
17 7.Singing Me Home(一路唱著回家) d、Charles Kelley、Rivers Rutherford作曲 Dave Haywood、 ... d、Charles Kelley、Rivers Rutherford編曲 Dave Haywood、 ... d、Charles Kelley、Rivers Rutherford My baby's ridi
18 1.We Owned The Night(午夜情深) d、Charles Kelley、Dallas Davidson作曲 Dave Haywood、Ch ... d、Charles Kelley、Dallas Davidson編曲 Dave Haywood、Ch ... d、Charles Kelley、Dallas Davidson Tell me have you
19 3.Come So Far ne ELIJAH KELLEY The past is the past NIKKI BLONSKY Turn the radio up QUEEN LATIFAH And then hit the gas?Cause... EVERYONE I know we?ve Come S ... re those memories fade ELIJAH KELLEY Let?s forgive but not forget And learn from all the mistakes we made EVERYONE?Cause it?s so clear Every year We get stronger ... go?Cause it?s so clear ELIJAH KELLEY Every year We get stronger EVERY
20 1.Somebody Else's Heart t Charles Kelley& Dave Haywood作曲 Shane McAnally Busbee Hillary Scott Charles ... Busbee Hillary Scott Charles Kelley& Dave Haywood You think I'd be m

21 1.I've Got This Feeling 詞 Rob Hatch Charles KelleyJason Sellers I'm catching green lights now More than I catch red And maybe it'
22 1.Thank You olm David Kelley Anthony Oller Emanuel Kiriakou作曲 Evan Bogart Andrew Goldstein Malcolm David ... ndrew Goldstein Malcolm David Kelley Anthony Oller Emanuel Kiriakou Y
23 36.10-8= Not A Dime 作詞 Antoine Agcaoili KelleyJeffries Derek Roberts Keith Thornton Yeah you know you go to a club And you se
24 1.Bad Girls : Malcolm Kelley] She bad She got my number So hot she hotter than Vegas in August Donna Summer High class under the covers Wakin' up we so st ... o one another[Verse3: Malcolm Kelley] She gets what she wants she tak
25 7.Don't Fence Me In r Wildcat Kelley looking mighty pale Was standing by the Sheriff's side And when the Sheriff said'I'm sending you to jail Wildcat raised his h ... ces Don't fence me in Wildcat Kelley back again in town Was sitting b
26 7.Vegetable Car table Car作詞Josh KelleyJoshua Ryan Radin Baby you don't even know me But one day I'll get up the coura
27 11.Lay Line Josh Kelley-Special Company11.Lay Line
作詞Josh Kelley Keaton Simons Drive across the h
28 10.Hey Katie Josh Kelley-Special Company10.Hey Katie作詞Josh Kelley David Yaden Hey Katie You really
29 8.Grey Skies Josh Kelley-Special Company8.Grey Skies作詞Joshua Bishop ... Grey Skies作詞Joshua Bishop Kelley(Caught in the gray skies) Tired
30 6.Tidal Wave Josh Kelley-Special Company6.Tidal Wave作詞Josh Kelley Trey Lockerbie It just stormed i
31 5.My Kind Josh Kelley-Special Company5.My Kind作 ... br>作詞Josh Kelley David Yaden What am I a liar? Wa
32 4.Masterpiece Josh Kelley-Special Company4.Masterpiece作詞 Ben CarterJosh ... terpiece作詞 Ben CarterJosh Kelley Keaton Simons It's all about the
33 2.Special Company Josh Kelley-Special Company2.Special Comp ... br>作詞Josh Kelley My love life is in the city my g
34 1.Two Cups Of Coffee Josh Kelley-Special Company1.Two Cups Of ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Yeah hey yeah hey Yeah hey yeah
35 10.Will You Be There ockman、T. Kelley、B. Robinson作曲 N. Morris、W. Morris ... ockman、T. Kelley、B. Robinson can you be my umbrel
36 4.Slowly tockman、T Kelley、B. Robinson作曲 N. Morris、W. Morris ... tockman、T Kelley、B. Robinson Nightfall here we ar
37 2.So Amazing tockman、T Kelley、B Robinson作曲 N. Morris、W Morris、S ... tockman、T Kelley、B Robinson Oh ooh oh yes When yo
38 6.Don't Fence Me In > Wildcat Kelley lookin' mighty pale Was standin' by the sherrif's side And when the sherrif said'I'm sendin you to jail Wildcat raised his he ... es Don't fence me in. Wildcat Kelley back again in town was standin b
39 1.Don't Fence Me In(Remastered) > Wildcat Kelley lookin' mighty pale Was standin' by the sherrif's side And when the sherrif said'I'm sendin you to jail Wildcat raised his he ... es Don't fence me in. Wildcat Kelley back again in town was standin b
40 11.Don't You Go Josh Kelley-Georgia Clay11.Don't You GoJosh ... ay11.Don't You GoJosh Kelley- Don't You Go Can't you see it i
41 10.Ain't Lettin' Go Josh Kelley-Georgia Clay10.Ain't Lettin' GoJosh ... r>10.Ain't Lettin' GoJosh Kelley- Ain't Lettin' Go Well I know yo
42 7.Rainin' Whiskey Josh Kelley-Georgia Clay7.Rainin' WhiskeyJosh ... 7.Rainin' WhiskeyJosh Kelley- Rainin' Whiskey A quiet night s
43 6.Two Cups Of Coffee Josh Kelley-Georgia Clay6.Two Cups Of CoffeeJosh ... >6.Two Cups Of CoffeeJosh Kelley- Two Cups of Coffee Two cups of
44 27.All My Life 作詞James TerryJr KelleyJoshua David Moore Nobody has as many lives as I do But I lose them all My relu
45 48.Don't Fence Me In r Wildcat Kelley looking mighty pale Was standing by the Sheriff's side And when the Sheriff said‽I'm sending you to jail' Wildcat raised hi ... ces Don't fence me in Wildcat Kelley back again in town Was sitting b

46 1.Get The Writing Off My Back The Kelley Deal 6000-Boom Boom Boom1.Get The Writing Off My Back作詞 Brent Sigmeth ... f My Back作詞 Brent Sigmeth Kelley Deal How do you think I did it W
47 10.Only Human 作詞 Shawn Colvin Tim KelleyJohn Leventhal Bob Robinson Bob Wilson Baby girl I wish you knew How you helped
48 2.Don't Forget To Remember Me ane Hayes;kelley Lovelace;ashley Gorley作曲 Ashley G ... ey Gorley、Kelley Lovelace、Morgane Hayes18 years h
49 7.Carios Kelleyi II h-Lines7.Carios Kelleyi II
50 2.Carlos Kelleyi I h-Lines2.Carlos Kelleyi I
51 14.When He Calls Me Kitten The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存14.When He Calls ... ten作詞 Kelley Deal When he calls me kitten kit
52 13.Dammit The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存13.Dammit作詞Jesse Roff ... 13.Dammit作詞Jesse Roff Kelley Deal She's so self conscious tha
53 11.Future Boy The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存11.Future Boy ... Boy作詞 Kelley Deal Marty Nedich Push on throug
54 10.Brillo Hunt The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存10.Brillo Hunt
Kelley Deal Now dig this you tickle me
55 9.Shag The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存9.Shag作詞 ... hag作詞 Kelley Deal Oh God sunshine I can read
56 8.Where Did The Home Team Go The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存8.Where Did The H ... Go作詞 Kelley Deal Voices will be quiet still
57 7.Stripper The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存7.Stripper作詞 ... per作詞 Kelley Deal I want to be a stripper som
58 5.A Hundred Tires The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存5.A Hundred Tires ... res作詞 Kelley Deal A hundred tires piled high
59 3.Scary The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存3.Scary作詞 ... ary作詞 Kelley Deal Nick Hook Not long for this
60 2.Total War The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存2.Total War作詞 ... War作詞 Kelley Deal Marty Nedich Todd Mund Do y
61 1.My Boyfriend Died The Kelley Deal 6000-暫存1.My Boyfriend Di ... ied作詞 Kelley Deal He looks sick He is sick Wo
62 69.We Gotta Talk Steve EstiverneJoe KelleyJennifer Lynn Lopez Tina Morrison Troy Oliver Cory Rooney Huu Baby come and tal
63 25.Online(Reprise) is DuBois;Kelley Lovelace作曲 Kelley Lovelace、Chris DuBois、Brad Paisl
64 16.American Saturday Night(Live) ey Gorley;Kelley Lovelace作曲 Kelley Lovelace、Brad Paisley、Ashley Gor
65 15.Water(Live) is DuBois;Kelley Lovelace;John T. Williams作曲 Kelley Lovelace、John T. Williams、Chris
66 14.Online is DuBois;Kelley Lovelace作曲 Kelley Lovelace、Chris DuBois、Brad Paisl
67 10.He Didn't Have to Be d Paisley;Kelley Lovelace作曲 Kelley Lovelace、Brad Paisley When a sin
68 9.I'm Still A Guy Guy作詞 Kelley Lovelace;Brad Paisley;Lee Thomas ... as Miller、Kelley Lovelace、Brad Paisley When you s
69 4.The World d Paisley;Kelley Lovelace;Lee Thomas Miller作曲 Lee ... as Miller、Kelley Lovelace、Brad Paisley To the tel
70 2.Ticks d Paisley;Kelley Lovelace;Tim Owens作曲 Tim Owens、 ... Tim Owens、Kelley Lovelace、Brad Paisley Every time
71 2.A Feeling Of The All-Thing Kelley Polar-暫存2.A Feeling Of The Al ... 詞 Michael Kelley At the top of the mountain At th
72 1.Satellites Kelley Polar-暫存1.Satellites作詞 Mi ... 詞 Michael Kelley I was made for a single thing An
73 1.Small Town Boy Josh Kelley-For the Ride Home1.Small Town ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Everyone wants to be a small tow
74 46.12 Forget About3 Josh Kelley-暫存46.12 Forget About3作詞Jo ... br>作詞Josh Kelley You like summer and I like sprin
75 45.Deep Deep Breath Josh Kelley-暫存45.Deep Deep Breath作詞Jo ... br>作詞Josh Kelley With the situation that you're i
76 43.Walk Fast Josh Kelley-暫存43.Walk Fast作詞Josh ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Sherwin Mccellon Dave Yaden Walk
77 42.Heartache Josh Kelley-暫存42.Heartache作詞Joe FirstmanJoshua Bishop ... r>作詞Joe FirstmanJoshua Bishop Kelley'I was lost in the words you said
78 41.Only You Josh Kelley-暫存41.Only You作詞 Lauren Christy Graham EdwardsJosh ... en Christy Graham EdwardsJosh Kelley Scott Alspach Spock I'm feeling
79 40.Lydia Josh Kelley-暫存40.Lydia作詞 DarwinJohnsonJosh ... Lydia作詞 DarwinJohnsonJosh Kelley Dave Yaden I caught your perfect
80 39.Sunset Lover Josh Kelley-暫存39.Sunset Lover作詞Josh ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Honey you're always looking so l
81 38.Beautiful Goodbye Josh Kelley-暫存38.Beautiful Goodbye作詞J ... br>作詞Josh Kelley It's hard to say goodbye When I'
82 37.2 Cups Of Coffee Josh Kelley-暫存37.2 Cups Of Coffee作詞Jo ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Two cups of coffee in the mornin
83 36.Almost Honest Josh Kelley-暫存36.Almost Honest作詞Joe FirstmanJosh ... Honest作詞Joe FirstmanJosh Kelley So in the meantime You'll be res
84 35.I Don't Mind Singing Josh Kelley-暫存35.I Don't Mind Singing作詞Joe FirstmanJosh ... Singing作詞Joe FirstmanJosh Kelley Some words aren't meant to be sp
85 34.Hard Times Happen Josh Kelley-暫存34.Hard Times Happen作詞J ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Dave Yaden The day you walked in
86 33.Amazing(Acoustic Version) Josh Kelley-暫存33.Amazing(Acoustic Version)作詞Joshua Bishop ... c Version)作詞Joshua Bishop Kelley You paint a picture on the wall'
87 32.Love Is Breaking My Heart Josh Kelley-暫存32.Love Is Breaking My Heart作詞 Michael A DalyJosh ... eart作詞 Michael A DalyJosh Kelley Yeah I found you there on my fro
88 31.Angeles Josh Kelley-暫存31.Angeles作詞Josh Kelley Sometimes I never know just what
89 30.Solid Ground Josh Kelley-暫存30.Solid Ground作詞Josh ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Thinking back to better days Wit
90 29.Pokerface Josh Kelley-暫存29.Pokerface作詞Josh ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Play it takes me where I wanna g
91 28.Amen Josh Kelley-暫存28.Amen作詞Josh Kelley The open road for travelers' sou
92 27.Small Town Boy(Acoustic Version) Josh Kelley-暫存27.Small Town Boy(Acoustic ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Everyone wants to be a small tow
93 25.Opposite Of Me Josh Kelley-暫存25.Opposite Of Me作詞 Lauren Christy Graham Edwards Adrian GurvitzJoshua ... Edwards Adrian GurvitzJoshua Kelley Scott Spock Talk to me like I do
94 24.Fools Like Me Josh Kelley-暫存24.Fools Like Me作詞 Dave BassettJosh ... ike Me作詞 Dave BassettJosh Kelley I'm a kid with a reputation Of p
95 23.Mississippi River Girl Josh Kelley-暫存23.Mississippi River Girl作詞Joe FirstmanJosh ... er Girl作詞Joe FirstmanJosh Kelley She would sit alone by the bank
96 22.Lady Of Mine Josh Kelley-暫存22.Lady Of Mine作詞Josh ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Red lights lead to green lights
97 21.Bound To Keep Movin Josh Kelley-暫存21.Bound To Keep Movin作 ... br>作詞Josh Kelley Today I'm wrapped up in your arm
98 20.20 Miles To Georgia Josh Kelley-暫存20.20 Miles To Georgia作詞Joe FirstmanJosh ... Georgia作詞Joe FirstmanJosh Kelley Highway ride on a cold dark nigh
99 18.Cain And Able Josh Kelley-暫存18.Cain And Able作詞Josh ... br>作詞Josh Kelley I'm sick of chasing after things
100 17.You Are A Part Of Everything Josh Kelley-暫存17.You Are A Part Of Everyt ... br>作詞Josh Kelley The worst mistake is giving up P

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