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1 1.Takeover Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts1.Takeover You wait by the river Days are long an
2 2.Passer Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts2.Passer You came in To my circle of trust Arrivi
3 3.Pale Flag Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts3.Pale Flag Our burden fell down Once shared but
4 4.The Night Subscriber Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts4.The Night Subscriber I am ready to find The los
5 5.Shifts Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts5.Shifts Spiraling nights in the void Weathered c

6 6.Last Song Before The Fade Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts6.Last Song Before The Fade My memories like Dele
7 7.Serac Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts7.Serac Well These are the words that you won't f
8 8.Residual Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts8.Residual Rid my mind of residual thoughts Until
9 9.Sanction Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts9.Sanction Bring on salvation I have a way to fin
10 10.Decima Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts10.Decima Leaving the choirs behind to sing Of an
11 11.Old Heart Falls Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts11.Old Heart Falls The weighted clouds coming by
12 12.Serein Katatonia-The Fall of Hearts12.Serein In the Morning The battle for endurance
13 12.Bout It Bout It entilana'haist vit' katatoniaa aistit Nuori Lokki nähty kadulla karkuteillä tai sit Ne kuvittelee vaa ku
14 1.Soil's Song Katatonia-Introducing Katatonia1.Soil's Song作词 Anders
15 1.Wait Outside Katatonia-Last Fair Day Gone Night1.Wait Outside I burn the bridges behind me
16 2.Tonight's Music Katatonia-Last Fair Day Gone Night2.Tonight's Music Who could call my name wi
17 3.Don't Tell A Soul Katatonia-Last Fair Day Gone Night3.Don't Tell A Soul I have been destroyed B
18 1.The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here(feat. Silje Wergeland) Katatonia-Dethroned & Uncrowned1.The One You Are Looking For Is Not Here(feat. Si
19 1.The Parting Katatonia-Dead End Kings1.The Parting In the weak light I saw you becoming th
20 2.The One You Are Looking for is Not Here Katatonia-Dead End Kings2.The One You Are Looking for is Not Here This breaki

21 3.Hypnone Katatonia-Dead End Kings3.Hypnone You will never rest Until the stars burn ou
22 4.The Racing Heart Katatonia-Dead End Kings4.The Racing Heart White sun Spring of wealth Come fo
23 5.Buildings Katatonia-Dead End Kings5.Buildings Think Of the days when I had too much Of
24 6.Leech Katatonia-Dead End Kings6.Leech So solitary You have been Your time starts to
25 7.Ambitions Katatonia-Dead End Kings7.Ambitions Hear my thin voice Hear my words fall dow
26 8.Undo You Katatonia-Dead End Kings8.Undo You With life's four-way stop The change in yo
27 9.Lethean Katatonia-Dead End Kings9.Lethean How long Is the pattern going to speak for
28 10.First Prayer Katatonia-Dead End Kings10.First Prayer In the prayer Can't seem to find the
29 11.Dead Letters Katatonia-Dead End Kings11.Dead Letters Vexation Internal void My dreams Are
30 12.Second Katatonia-Dead End Kings12.Second Sun has lost Mountains fell What took away
31 13.The Act of Darkening Katatonia-Dead End Kings13.The Act of Darkening So dark Once an amusement par
32 13.Revenge Of The Dead ailstorm awakes the katatonia The soldiers are back to work To fight to kill Total darkness You hear the
33 1.Forsaker Katatonia-Night Is The New Day1.Forsaker作词 Anders NystromJonas Petter Renske
34 2.The Longest Year Katatonia-Night Is The New Day2.The Longest Year作词Jonas Petter Renske In the
35 3.Idle Blood Katatonia-Night Is The New Day3.Idle Blood作词 Anders Nystrom You there the bri
36 4.Onward Into Battle Katatonia-Night Is The New Day4.Onward Into Battle作词 Anders NystromJonas Pett
37 5.Liberation Katatonia-Night Is The New Day5.Liberation作词Jonas Petter Renske Sold are the
38 6.The Promise Of Deceit Katatonia-Night Is The New Day6.The Promise Of Deceit作词Jonas Petter Renske Ev
39 7.Nephilim Katatonia-Night Is The New Day7.Nephilim作词Jonas Petter Renske Loving mother H
40 8.New Night Katatonia-Night Is The New Day8.New Night作词Jonas Petter Renkse Pledge I've fo
41 9.Inheritance Katatonia-Night Is The New Day9.Inheritance作词Jonas Petter Renske Our inconven
42 10.Day& Then The Shade Katatonia-Night Is The New Day10.Day& Then The Shade作词Jonas Petter Renske I w
43 11.Ashen Katatonia-Night Is The New Day11.Ashen[** Swedish Edition CD& Vinyl Edition B
44 12.Departer Katatonia-Night Is The New Day12.Departer作词 Krister LinderJonas Petter Renske
45 1.Leaders Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance1.Leaders作词 Anders NystromJonas Renkse Leade

46 2.Soil's Song Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance2.Soil's Song作词 Anders NystromJonas Renkse F
47 3.Deliberation Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance3.Deliberation作词 Fredrik Norrman Anders Nyst
48 4.July Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance4.July You come clean waves collide now. Def
49 5.Displaced Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance5.Displaced作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Pette
50 6.Follower Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance6.Follower Hurts to see My incapacity Shame
51 7.The Itch Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance7.The Itch Movement Subdued back then So qui
52 8.Dissolving Bonds Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance8.Dissolving Bonds作词 Anders Dick NystromJona
53 9.Journey Through Pressure Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance9.Journey Through Pressure Pushing the will
54 10.Rusted Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance10.Rusted A rush through the rusted veins Il
55 11.My Twin Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance11.My Twin The neck and then the chain The h
56 12.Consternation Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance12.Consternation Wave back at me Back is tur
57 13.Increase Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance13.Increase Vapor as thin as it gets I stare
58 14.In The White Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance14.In The White Are you in or are you out? T
59 15.In The White(Urban Dub Mix) Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance15.In The White(Urban Dub Mix) Are you in or
60 16.Code Against The Code Katatonia-The Great Cold Distance16.Code Against The Code Money growing on a
61 1.Katatonia vion1.Katatonia Impoverished and bleedin' Hope here somethin' fast receding Dead light holocaust I check this body in tonight Cross my ... I never knew you Your name is Katatonia Ride salvation goin' under They say they say I won't survive you now I wish I never knew you Your name is sanctuary I call ... name is sanctuary I call you Katatonia(!
62 1.Wealth Katatonia-Viva Emptiness1.Wealth作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Peter Renkse We d
63 2.Ghost Of The Sun Katatonia-Viva Emptiness2.Ghost Of The Sun The thin darkness here Not strong
64 3.Criminals Katatonia-Viva Emptiness3.Criminals作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Petter Renske
65 4.Evidence Katatonia-Viva Emptiness4.Evidence I hold my breath and check the time One mi
66 5.Omerta Katatonia-Viva Emptiness5.Omerta作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Peter Renkse Come
67 6.Sleeper Katatonia-Viva Emptiness6.Sleeper作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Peter Renkse Oh
68 7.A Premonition Katatonia-Viva Emptiness7.A Premonition作词 Fredrik Sven Norrman Anders Dick Ny
69 8.One Year From Now Katatonia-Viva Emptiness8.One Year From Now作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Peter
70 9.Walking By A Wire Katatonia-Viva Emptiness9.Walking By A Wire作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Peter
71 10.Complicity Katatonia-Viva Emptiness10.Complicity作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Peter Renkse
72 11.Will I Arrive Katatonia-Viva Emptiness11.Will I Arrive作词 Anders Dick NystromJonas Peter Ren
73 13.Burn the Remembrance Katatonia-Viva Emptiness13.Burn the Remembrance Old light and new colours you
74 1.March4 Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down1.March4 Left with spring alone I withdraw
75 2.Sulfur Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down2.Sulfur I'm drawing back time to feel thin
76 3.Help Me Disappear Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down3.Help Me Disappear作词 Nystrom Anders Dick R
77 4.Dispossession Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down4.Dispossession It is to leave the lights t
78 5.Chrome Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down5.Chrome The walls are painted Different ev
79 6.We Must Bury You Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down6.We Must Bury You We had you down on your
80 7.Teargas Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down7.Teargas Why have you put so many things i
81 8.I Transpire Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down8.I Transpire As long as they return If I h
82 9.Tonight's Music Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down9.Tonight's Music Who could call my name wi
83 10.Clean Today Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down10.Clean Today All the white lights falling
84 11.The Future of Speech Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down11.The Future of Speech I find it hard to b
85 12.Passing Bird Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down12.Passing Bird She's got black hair And sh
86 13.Sweet Nurse Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down13.Sweet Nurse Oh my sweet nurse Pull the c
87 14.Don't Tell a Soul Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down14.Don't Tell a Soul I have been destroyed
88 15.O How I Enjoy The Light Katatonia-Last Fair Deal Gone Down15.O How I Enjoy The Light It's us i liken
89 1.Teargas(EP) Katatonia-Teargas (EP)1.Teargas(EP) Why have you put so many things into my e
90 2.Sulfur(EP) Katatonia-Teargas (EP)2.Sulfur(EP) I'm drawing back time to feel things once
91 3.March4(EP) Katatonia-Teargas (EP)3.March4(EP) Left with spring alone I withdraw from thi
92 1.A Darkness Coming Katatonia-Tonight's Decision1.A Darkness Coming So near So close Something ba
93 2.Had To(Leave) Katatonia-Tonight's Decision2.Had To(Leave)作词 Nystrom Anders Dick RenskeJonas
94 3.Right Into The Bliss Katatonia-Tonight's Decision3.Right Into The Bliss作词 Nystrom Anders Dick Rens
95 4.Nightmares By The Sea Katatonia-Tonight's Decision4.Nightmares By The Sea作词Jeff Buckley Beware the
96 5.Strained Katatonia-Tonight's Decision5.Strained作词 Nystrom Anders Dick RenskeJonas Pett
97 6.No Good Can Come Of This Katatonia-Tonight's Decision6.No Good Can Come Of This作词 Nystrom Anders Dick
98 7.For My Demons Katatonia-Tonight's Decision7.For My Demons作词 Nystrom Anders Dick RenskeJonas
99 8.Black Session Katatonia-Tonight's Decision8.Black Session作词 Nystrom Anders Dick RenskeJonas
100 9.In Death A Song Katatonia-Tonight's Decision9.In Death A Song作词 Nystrom Anders Dick RenskeJon

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