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1 11.Right Above It Lil Wayne-I Am Not A Human Being11.Right ... It Lyricist Dwayne Carter D.a.Johnson Who else is really tryna fuck with Hollywood Cole? I'm with Marley G bro Flying Holly Grove chicks to my Hollywood shows And ... ot first Meet me on the fresh train yes I'm in the building You just on the list of guest names And all of my riders do not give a fuck X-Games Guns turn you boys ... essive and they wanna possess Wayne I been fly so long I fell asleep
2 15.How It Goes ed on the train Now puff in the gs4 dead float like a plane Platinum watch and platinum chain Four pound plastic glock how dogs get ... nd plastic glock how dogs get trainedJackets get stained shirts get stained jewels get stained By a murderer squeazin the flame screamin for fame Tombstones engra ... eign like a bullet comin from john wayne Black male society failed to obtain I got big balls big brains big trucks big chains My wounds paint a picture the cassette's ...
3 17.People's Choice s word to john coletrane This cat dwayne Rollin' down the diamond lane Travel by ... wn the diamond lane Travel by train bus boat car or airplane To diffe
4 3.No Complex in on the train-- like colin ferguson They say i go too far but pop radio playin me Like fcc stands for-- fuckin chino's crazy But i make tlc ... ey tryin to make me soft like johnny mathis Fuck strike a nerve i massacre strike a main vein One line from my brain could turn bar mitzvah's into soul ... turn bar mitzvah's into soul train'but i'm still standin' keepin straight And marijuana helped me to escape like it was al cowlings Still rippin shit no videos a ... abelmates
5 10.Manslaughter to bruce wayne also known as bat- Man and grab the bozack wit this hand As i slay ya manslaughter Manslaughter They call him manslaughter Man ... at strapped in rap holding my johnson Walking the streets a vigilante charles bronson As the beat kick face his plate on the m1 done Style's sharper than the blad ... To a hardcore gangsta penile train of thought You're stomped out you

6 8.Russian Roulette John Cale-Honi Soit8.Russian Roulette The Russian bear is hungry He's dancing in his chains And the ... dancing in his chains And the trainer is melancholy Feeling hard and grey okay And he will have to dig For miles underground of soil If if not for Frenchmen Dizzy ... ench]creatures that belong HeyJohn Wayne he can feel no pain'Cause he's go
7 3.When Something Is Good(Why Does It Change) od and ol'John Wayne They love cowboys they love trains Riding across the silver screen
8 60.Second Skin(Album Version) ion) Lyricist John BellJohnJojo HermannJerryJoseph George Mcconnell Todd Nance Domingo S Ortiz Dave SchoolsJoseph ... go S Ortiz Dave SchoolsJoseph Wayne This is the season These are the waking days Throw off your wet sheets Step into the soft parade Hollowed and glisten Like swe ... listen Like sweat on a moving train Baby listen we're about to be bor
9 3.BirdmanJR grind[Lil Wayne]I GOT IT I GOT IT[Verse1- Lil Wayne] Bust a cap or two only key to survive is kill If the elements don't murder you the riders will fo real And niggas know I goes ... e sawed off fully in the sean john hoody Get fucked ya play pussy We hit em' up when they ain't lookin and them body shots hurt And the head shots took him Damn A ... ete and lets roll[Verse2- Lil Wayne] Ay ay You sleep in a field for tryin the dude I bust ya head until the meat turns ya min
10 2.Fan First Trainspotters-暫存2.Fan First'smoke an ounce on the reg in u-town on the reg from down south I arrive and we lounge on the reg ... es and make videos like tom h john wayne and kanye but no gold or no autotune go hard flow bars sean carter new mix for my peeps new kicks on my feet kap got some new ... the pirate bay(George Kaplan) trainspotters we come in all forms or s