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1 1.I Can Stand A Little Rain Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate
2 2.Can't Find My Way Home Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate
3 3.My Father's Son Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate
4 4.Fire It Up Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate
5 5.The Letter(Live) Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate

6 6.You Are So Beautiful(Live) Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate
7 7.Don't You Love Me Anymore Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate
8 8.N'oubliezJamais Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate
9 9.I Come In Peace Joe Cocker-The Life Of A Man – The Ultimate
10 1.Runaway Train Joe Cocker-Hard Knocks1.Runaway Train
11 2.Stay The Same Joe Cocker-Hard Knocks2.Stay The Same
12 5.Little Wing ][** feat.Joe Cocker] Well she's walking through the
13 1.You Haven't Done Nothin' Joe Cocker-Hymn For My Soul(詠嘆我心)1.You
14 4.Don't Give Up On Me Joe Cocker-Hymn For My Soul(詠嘆我心)4.Don'
15 5.Long As I Can See The Light Joe Cocker-Hymn For My Soul(詠嘆我心)5.Long
16 6.Beware Of Darkness Joe Cocker-Hymn For My Soul(詠嘆我心)6.Bewa
17 10.Hymn For My Soul Joe Cocker-Hymn For My Soul(詠嘆我心)10.Hym
18 1.Angeline Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith1.Angelin
19 2.Have A Little Faith In Me Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith2.Have A
20 3.Hell And Highwater Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith3.Hell An

21 4.Highway Highway Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith4.Highway
22 5.Let The Healing Begin Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith5.Let The
23 6.Out Of The Blue Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith6.Out Of
24 7.Soul Time Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith7.Soul Ti
25 8.Standing Knee Deep In A River Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith8.Standin
26 9.Summer In The City Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith9.Summer
27 10.Take Me Home Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith10.Take M
28 11.The Great Divide Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith11.The Gr
29 12.The Simple Things Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith12.The Si
30 13.Too Cool Joe Cocker-Have A Little Faith13.Too Co
31 1.Reputation I oughta joe cocker your opera Crowd rock ya i make
32 6.Part Deux Fat Joe-Jealous One's Envy6.Part Deux Lyricist Joseph Cartagena Domingo Padilla Barry White How many emcees must get dissed? How many mo ... top talkin' your shit yeah FatJoeJealous One's Envy Steppin' to the jam niggaz actin' all friendly Smilin' in my face and all the whiles they wanna Take my fuckin ... too many emcees can fuck withJoey Crack In fact yo I be the realest you know With the illest of flows bustin' caps at po-po's You gotta flow ... caps at po-po's You got
33 1.Many Rivers To Cross Joe Cocker-Sheffield Steel1.Many Rivers
34 1.Watching the River Flow ton feat. Joe Cocker-1983-12-02: Ronnie Lane's Appeal
35 2.You Are So Beautiful ton feat. Joe Cocker-1983-12-02: Ronnie Lane's Appeal
36 3.Seven Days ton feat. Joe Cocker-1983-12-02: Ronnie Lane's Appeal
37 4.Feelin' Alright ton feat. Joe Cocker-1983-12-02: Ronnie Lane's Appeal
38 1.Marjorine Joe Cocker and The Grease Band-On Air1.
39 2.Change in Louise Joe Cocker and The Grease Band-On Air2.
40 3.Hitchcock Railway Joe Cocker and The Grease Band-On Air3.
41 4.Lawdy Miss Clawdy Joe Cocker and The Grease Band-On Air4.
42 5.Delta Lady Joe Cocker and The Grease Band-On Air5.
43 2.Face In A Cloud loud Lyricist Joe Cocker Tom Dinsdale Simon Franks Frank
44 3.Background To History lity of a joe cocker.) Oh it's written in the village
45 19.Background To History lity of a joe cocker.) Oh it's written in the village

46 3.Joe Cocker With A Little Help From My Friends n-暫存3.Joe Cocker With A Little Help From My Frien
47 3.My Bones Gonna Rise Again(Live) (Live)Joe Cocker I Ain't Gonna Cry Again You're a
48 15.Ocean's11 ucken wie joe cocker Seid ihr spieler oder rocker Ble
49 1.You Are So Beautiful Joe Cocker-暫存11.You Are So Beautiful
50 2.With A Little Help From My Friends Joe Cocker-暫存12.With A Little Help From
51 3.Up Where We Belong Joe Cocker-暫存13.Up Where We Belong電影”An Officer And A Gentleman”主題曲 Lyrics Buffy Sainte-Marie WillJenningsJack Nitzsche Music Wi ... ainte-MarieJack Nitzsche VocalJoe CockerJennifer Warnes Who knows what to
52 4.Cry Me A River Joe Cocker-暫存14.Cry Me A River Now
53 5.Feeling Alright Joe Cocker-暫存15.Feeling Alright See
54 6.She Came In Through The Bathroom Window Joe Cocker-暫存16.She Came In Through The
55 7.Bird On The Wire Joe Cocker-暫存17.Bird On The Wire Lyricist
56 8.You Took It So Hard Joe Cocker-暫存18.You Took It So Hard
57 9.First We Take Manhattan Joe Cocker-暫存19.First We Take Manhattan
58 10.Different Roads Joe Cocker-暫存110.Different Roads Lyricist
59 11.Love Made A Promise Joe Cocker-暫存111.Love Made A Promise
60 12.While You See A Chance Joe Cocker-暫存112.While You See A Chance
61 13.Just Like a Woman Joe Cocker-暫存113.Just Like a Woman作
62 14.No Ordinary World Joe Cocker-暫存114.No Ordinary World作
63 15.Where Would I Be Now Joe Cocker-暫存115.Where Would I Be Now Lyricist Mike Mcdonald Tony ... e Now Lyricist Mike Mcdonald TonyJoe White Something deep inside keeps m
64 16.I Ain't Gonna Cry Again Joe Cocker-暫存116.I Ain't Gonna Cry Agai
65 17.Soul Rising Joe Cocker-暫存117.Soul Rising Lyricist Pete
66 18.Naked Without You Joe Cocker-暫存118.Naked Without You作
67 19.Love To Lean On Joe Cocker-暫存119.Love To Lean On Lyricist
68 20.On My Way Home Joe Cocker-暫存120.On My Way Home Lyricist Je
69 21.When a Woman Cries Joe Cocker-暫存121.When a Woman Cries
70 22.N'oubliezJamais Joe Cocker-暫存122.N'oubliezJamais Lyricist J
71 23.That's All I Need To Know Joe Cocker-暫存123.That's All I Need To K
72 24.Performance Joe Cocker-暫存124.Performance Lyricist Alle
73 25.Leave Your Hat On Joe Cocker-暫存125.Leave Your Hat On
74 26.Bye Bye Blackbird Joe Cocker-暫存126.Bye Bye Blackbird作
75 27.Never Tear Us Apart Joe Cocker-暫存127.Never Tear Us Apart
76 28.Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Joe Cocker-暫存128.Don't Let Me Be Misund
77 29.Could You Be Loved Joe Cocker-暫存129.Could You Be Loved
78 30.Bird on a Wire Joe Cocker-暫存130.Bird on a Wire Lyricist L
79 31.I Shall Be Released Joe Cocker-暫存131.I Shall Be Released
80 32.Fun Time Joe Cocker-暫存132.Fun Time Lyricist Allen T
81 33.Let the Healing Begin Joe Cocker-暫存133.Let the Healing Begin Lyricist TonyJoe White I've kept it inside much to l
82 34.Something Joe Cocker-暫存134.Something Lyricist George
83 35.When The Night Comes Joe Cocker-暫存135.When The Night Comes
84 36.Woman To Woman Joe Cocker-暫存136.Woman To Woman Lyricist M
85 37.Change In Louise Joe Cocker-暫存137.Change In Louise S
86 38.Marjorine Joe Cocker-暫存138.Marjorine Marjorin
87 39.Love Is On A Fade Joe Cocker-暫存139.Love Is On A Fade作
88 40.High Time We Went Joe Cocker-暫存140.High Time We Went
89 41.Night Calls Joe Cocker-暫存141.Night Calls Lyricist Jeff
90 42.What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted Joe Cocker-暫存142.What Becomes Of The Br
91 43.Heart Full Of Rain Joe Cocker-暫存143.Heart Full Of Rain Lyricist Michael Dan Ehmig Tony ... n Lyricist Michael Dan Ehmig TonyJoe White A heart full of rain and memo
92 44.Living In The Promiseland Joe Cocker-暫存144.Living In The Promisel
93 45.A Little Help From My Friends Joe Cocker-暫存145.A Little Help From My
94 46.Feels Like Forever Joe Cocker-暫存146.Feels Like Forever
95 47.Soul Time Joe Cocker-暫存147.Soul Time Lyricist Wilbur
96 48.I Put a Spell On You Joe Cocker-暫存148.I Put a Spell On You
97 49.Trust In Me Joe Cocker-暫存149.Trust In Me featuring SassJordan Verse1 ... r> featuring SassJordan Verse1Joe I see you turnin' the world in your handsJust let it go I've loved you better than ever you wanted Doesn't it show Bridge1 ... wanted Doesn't it show Bridge1Joe You've been standin' at the window day night Lookin' at the rain A simple conversation A helpless situation Please let me explai ... Please let me explain Chorus1Joe Trust In Me when you're all alone
98 50.I Keep Forgetting Joe Cocker-暫存150.I Keep Forgetting作
99 51.Maybe I'm Amazed Joe Cocker-暫存151.Maybe I'm Amazed Lyricist
100 52.'So Good So Right' Joe Cocker-暫存152.'So Good So Right'

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