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1 1.F.G.F.P Don·Jessie-F.G.F.P1.F.G.F.P作詞 Don·Jessie作曲 Don·Jessie I don't fick wit you fappers(不選擇與你們同流合污) I don't fick wit you fappers(不選擇與你們同流合污) I don't fick wit you fappers(不選擇與你們同流合污) FA ... KI) Who's Kiki? All you got isJessie(但誰是KIKI你有的只有Jessie) I don't care about you love me o ... AYERS Don·Jessie TBT GAN
2 1.Meant To Be Don·Jessie-Meant To Be1.Meant To Be作 ... br>作詞 Don·Jessie作曲 Don·Jessie You can't block what's meant to be(你不能阻止命中註定的事) I'm out here with my squad rocking GIVENCHY(我和我的團隊始終保持帥氣) But baby you can't ... D) O N dotJ E double S I E(On.jessie) Still writing rhymes in my quarter mill Bentley(仍然在晝夜不停的創作) Bad hoe you a catfish(知道你喜歡'釣魚')可以選擇與你演戲 I'm a savage(我
3 1.Straight Up Don·Jessie-Straight Up1.Straight Up作 ... br>作詞 Don·Jessie作曲 Don·Jessie Pull up Hop out Dope whip got da ... king don·jessie書寫封美好的信 Shout out to上蒼也感到慶倖 sup l
4 1.Trappin Don·Jessie-Trappin1.Trappin作詞 Don·Jessie作曲 Don·Jessie Tigga i'm trapping X3 TRAP TRAP T ... shtag#Don•Jessie(I'm gone) Tigga i'm trapping X3 TRAP TRAP Tigga i'm trapping X3 TRAP TRAP Tigga i'm trapping X3 TRAP TRAP blessings on blessi ... n& No gain We still going hardJessie got that flame tho決定開始上路那就絕對不回頭為
5 3.如果我說 -籃孩子3.如果我說作詞Jessie游思行作曲何永誌編曲陳澤忠如果你要隨便你借來用不要傻胡亂附和我真的想過若你說你會喜愛我如果我要明日會留座不要傻你怎麼清楚他不找一個或是寂寞遺禍令你都相信錯如果

6 15.主耶和華是我牧者 northern psalter作曲 jessied seymour irvine主耶和華是我牧者我必不致缺乏使我躺臥在青草地上領到可安歇水邊使我靈魂甦醒引我走義的路我雖行過死蔭山谷也不怕凶惡雖有危險不怕災害
7 6.夢裡的新郎 br>6.夢裡的新郎作詞梅翁作曲Jessie Mae Robinson我漫步在樹林月光層層隱隱寒風帶來淒清那寂寞的心靈永遠不能安定我要等待你來臨你穿著西裝挽著新娘走近到我身旁我痴痴地望默默地想但願不是在
8 5.I Love YouJohn 的女孩都喜歡John很有型John就好了JessieJohn就對了 Debby現在的女孩都喜歡John但真愛真的是John
9 7.放晴 love againJessie you gotta keep on smiling Because sunny days It comes after the rain So tell them我想我很幸運因為有你在我的生命裡 Yeah但是我要遺忘最甜蜜的時光 I just wan ... 你在身邊 yeah擦乾眼淚放晴過去 say goodbye(Jessie why don't you bring it on so come on)一點點哭泣無法澆熄過去證明我還想著你打開手就是好天氣大步走出去我早就該放晴一點哭泣無法沖走過去慢慢忘記我想你天空的烏雲有一天
10 12.夢裡的新娘 合唱姚莉.張露.逸敏.鄧白英作詞梅翁作曲Jessie Mae Robinson我漫步在樹林月光層層隱隱寒風帶來淒清。那寂寞的心靈永遠不能安定我要等待你來臨。你披着長紗戴着鲜花走近到我身旁。我痴痴地望默默地想但願
11 2.Sally(Chapter2) ally(Chapter2)作詞Jessie@Chapter2作曲 Chapter2 Oh Sally I saw you yesterday evening With Harry at the gal
12 3.宿醉 盯著Lucy右眼看著Jessie其實都是我女友的閨蜜 Hey yo What u looking f ... 盯著Lucy右眼看著Jessie其實都是我女友的閨蜜 Hey yo The black seat w ... 盯著Lucy右眼看著Jessie其實都是我女友的閨蜜 Hey yo Hey bro this my ... 盯著Lucy右眼看著Jessie其實都是我女友的閨蜜 Hey y
13 11.宿醉part.2 我盯著Lucy旁邊是Jessie他們都是我女朋友的閨蜜 Woo u woo u oh Hangove ... 我盯著Lucy旁邊是Jessie他們都是我女朋友的閨蜜 Do it all day all nig
14 4.Till The End(Jessie Ware) l The End(Jessie Ware)作詞Jessie Ware作曲Jessie Ware Don't tell me I've been dre
15 17.Flashlight(JessieJ) ck17.Flashlight(JessieJ) When tomorrow comes I'll be on my own Feeling frightened up the things t
16 27.Price Tag(JessieJ) 百科)27.Price Tag(JessieJ)作詞Jessica Cornish、Lukasz Gottwald、Claude Kelly、Bobby Ray Simmons、Jr.、Jame
17 8.Domino(14強)(侯祖辛 vs.黃鶴) .黃鶴)作詞JessieJ作曲JessieJ I'm feeling sexy and free Like
18 3.Domino(JessieJ) ance 2)3.Domino(JessieJ) I'm feeling sexy and free Like glitter's raining on me You like a shot o
19 8.Who's Laughing Now-JessieJ(潔西J) ghing Now-JessieJ(潔西J) Mammi they call me names They wouldn't let me play I'd run home sit and cry almost everyday'HeyJessica you look lik ... ou only really know my name'OhJessie we knew you could make it I've got a track and I'd love you to take it' So now because I'm signed You think my pockets lined4 ... m still waiting in the line'OhJessie I saw you on youtube I tagged old photos from when we was at school' Oh so you think you know me now Have you forgotten how Y
20 6.Do It Like A Dude-JessieJ(潔西J) 6.Do It Like A Dude-JessieJ(潔西J) Stomp stomp I've arrived Drop the beat nasty face Why ya lookin' at

21 10.She's No You 's No You ArtistJessie Mccartney You got a lot of girls who know they got it goin' on But nothing's e
22 4.SHINE UN作曲 Scott Stoddart・Jessie Weeks・Todd Wright I'm drinking the blue skyJust laying under sunbathed trees I
23 1.キャノンボール rnel・James Abrahart・Jessie Polandつまらないって嘆くルーザーないない尽くしの不満いつになったら楽しめるんだ?ねえ、踊ろうよ!365日の1Year24時間しかない1Day誰にとって
24 14.Sometimes Dreams Come True Toby Gad・JessieJ・Kumi Koda作曲 Toby Gad・JessieJ・Kumi Koda幼い頃は無邪気に singing all d
25 77.漕げよマイケル マイケル作詞Jessie Cavanaugh・Albert Stanton作曲Jessie Cavanaugh・Albert Stanton Michael
26 5.横須賀Baby たおどけた奴ら陽気なJimmyにあばずれJessieそんなダチ公ふりきってまで Oh good-bye yeh横須賀Baby Oh横須賀Baby
27 3.タネウマライダー et cool me Kathy andJessie.隣の席 Would main.恋は密かにそして不実に社内メールが僕ら繋ぐ甘い言葉がお好きならとびきりを送信 WOW WOW YEAH YEAH間違った今の全
28 5.横須賀Baby たおどけた奴ら陽気なJimmyにあばずれJessieそんなダチ公ふり切ってまで Oh good-bye yeh横須賀 Baby Oh横須賀Baby…Fade
29 19.横須賀Baby たおどけた奴ら陽気なJimmyにあばずれJessieそんなダチ公ふり切ってまで Oh good-bye yeh横須賀 Baby Oh横須賀Baby…Fade
30 1.横須賀Baby たおどけた奴ら陽気なJimmyにあばずれJessieそんなダチ公ふり切ってまで Oh good-bye yeh横須賀 Baby Oh横須賀Baby…Fade
31 11.IT'S COOL r>11.IT'S COOL作詞Jessie作曲楠木達志この世の中に完ペキな愛などありはしないと思ってたなぜだか...明日のことなど誰にも読めない bad times!せめて自分の信じた道歩きたい he
33 6.NOMBRE NOIR O・TAKASHI TSUSHIMI訳詞JESSIE REIN作曲 YUKO・TAKASHI TSUSHIMI I hear a melody of love The music in the rhythm o
34 7.EVENING IN BYZANTIUM そして臆病の渦あの時Jessie Broadwayの壁に背中凭(もた)れていた時計の針は狂いもなく ... 三つの地平線」あの時Jessie言葉に呑まれたイスタンブールはジョークやフェスティバル手のひらに O ... 分かるだろうけれどもJessieもうたった今ここに居ることを握りしめながらひと息ついたら Glor
35 5.Eyes On You crying at her hotelJessie's doing back flips Molly's doing so wellJoey's got a new girl Emily moved away
36 1.Dear Yessie Jessie Reyez-Dear Yessie1.Dear Yessie This is the realest I've ever been real
37 1.Real Deal Jessie J-R.O.S.E.(Obsessions)1.Real Deal Hey woo! Flyin'(fly up) You and your heart woke up So you choked on the silence(wok ... ) HahaJ-JJ-J ayyJ-JJ-JJ-J-J-J-JessieJ woo
38 2.Petty Jessie J-R.O.S.E.(Obsessions)2.Petty So inviting but you were biting Whole ti
39 3.Not My Ex Jessie J-R.O.S.E.(Obsessions)3.Not My Ex作詞Jessica Cornish My ex used to tell
40 4.Four Letter Word Jessie J-R.O.S.E.(Obsessions)4.Four Letter Word Broke me that day I remember
41 1.One Kiss(feat. Dua Lipa) Adam WilesJessie Reyez作曲 Adam WilesJessie Reyez One kiss is all it takes F
42 8.Hold On(Not Leaving You Behind) ind)作詞Jessie Layne Parker作曲Jessie Layne Parker When you feel your
43 4.Demons N Distractions s talkin' about you.Jessie thinks you're oh-so god damn sexy and what you fuckin' do... Or is it because
44 1.Selfish Love Jessie Ware-Selfish Love1.Selfish Lo ... Love作詞Jessie Ware作曲Jessie Ware Baby let's be honest about
45 8.New Man nny BlancoJessie Ware Ammar Malik& Ed Sheeran作曲 Benny Blanco ... lik& Ed Sheeran作曲 Benny BlancoJessie Ware Ammar Malik& Ed Sheeran No

46 1.Shoot Out the Lights Jessie James Decker-Gold1.Shoot Out the Lights作詞 Maren Morris作曲 Maren Morris
47 2.Girl On the Coast Jessie James Decker-Gold2.Girl On th ... oast作詞JessieJames Decker作曲JessieJames Decker Summer summertime An
48 3.Too Young to Know Jessie James Decker-Gold3.Too Young to Know Sitting on the curb in the Sonic
49 4.Lights Down Low Jessie James Decker-Gold4.Lights Down Low作詞 Alyssa Bonagura& ... own Low作詞 Alyssa Bonagura&JessieJames Decker作曲 Alyssa Bonagura&JessieJames Decker You and me were sitt
50 5.Gold Jessie James Decker-Gold5.Gold Sitting round passing round that old guitar th
51 1.Shutter Island Jessie Reyez-Shutter Island1.Shutter ... land作詞Jessie Reyez作曲Jessie Reyez The goodbyes are getting o
52 12.Party br> LyricsJessie Mae Robinson MusicJessie Mae Robinson I feel it in my leg
53 9.Oh No rrel like Walter andJessie I'll put you on Ice I'm like Walter to Gretzky I'm like Barney to Betty rockin
54 9.You Used To Be A Good Girl happened to Drew andJessie Penelope and the rest of them? You known em since forever They treat you like
55 1.Sorry to Interrupt(feat.Jhené Aiko and Rixton) Jessie J-Sorry to Interrupt1.Sorry to Interrupt(feat.Jhené Aiko and Rixton)[Intro ... ené Aiko and Rixton)[IntroJessieJ]JessieJJhené Rixton woo!(Mustard on the beat ho)[Verse1: ... ustard on the beat ho)[Verse1:JessieJ] Back at'em way past'em yeah Stay hungry don't fade away Hands up I need you awake Awake awake Know what it is how I play Do ... the hate The hate[Pre-Chorus:JessieJ] Cause when I come in I spot'em From the roof to the bottom And I ke
56 1.Flashlight Jessie J-Flashlight (from 'Pitch Perfect 2') [Single]1.Flashlight(from'Pitch
57 2.Pheasant Feather(feat.Jessie Baylin) easant Feather(feat.Jessie Baylin) Am I a hunter or a fox? A pheasant feather on a wooden box A child
58 6.Pheasant Feather FeaturingJessie Baylin[Instrumental][ChorusJosh Rouse] Am I a hunter or a fox? A pheasant feather on a wooden box A childhood friend a bitter ... a drink[Instrumental][Verse2:Jessie Baylin] Through the years been up and down I'm still in love but it's diferent now Wish someone would tell me what to be[Chor ... what to be[Chorus:Josh Rouse&Jessie Baylin] Am I a hunter or a fox? A pheasant feather on a wooden box A bitter friend a jealous end of me[Bridge1:Josh Rouse& ... en
59 6.Middle Of America iddle Of AmericaJessie told her mama she's gonna be out late But she ain't comin' home at all Tyler's
60 10.Songs for Us ope my broJessie save me one seat I beg and plead But until that day we gon stunt hard we all gon eat yes God yes God[Verse1] Still that same ... ope my grandaddy I hope my broJessie save me one seat I beg and plead
61 1.Lights Down Low Jessie James Decker-Lights Down Low (Single)1.Lights Down Low You and me were
62 1.This Christmas Jessie James Decker-This Christmas1.This Christmas CHORUS Baby! It's Christma
63 8.Jessie Mae TUNE8.Jessie Mae OhJessie Mae OhJessie Mae Everytime you sing Black angels dance Oh ... you sing Black angels dance OhJessie Mae OhJessie Mae Got a dead thumb groove Got a dead thumb groove Like hammerin' nails Like hammerin' nails On the low E string On the low ... string On the low E string OhJessie Mae OhJessie Mae Everytime you sing Black angels dance Oh ... you sing Black angels dance OhJessie Mae OhJessie may As God is my wit
64 12.My World (Feat.Jessie Reyez)[HookJessie Reyez] I don't I don't I don't I
65 1.Creepers(Young Love) Jessie Baylin-Dark Place1.Creepers(Young Love)[Verse1] Hometown creepers gonn
66 2.To Hell and Back Jessie Baylin-Dark Place2.To Hell and Back I could not tell I could not say i
67 3.Black Blood Jessie Baylin-Dark Place3.Black Blood I was strong enough to say I've done yo
68 4.White Noise Jessie Baylin-Dark Place4.White Noise Rusty denial Puts me in a cage Don't co
69 7.The Ringer Jessie Baylin-Dark Place7.The Ringer All the things that we are goin' through
70 8.London Time Jessie Baylin-Dark Place8.London Time You Took me back to London time A place
71 10.The Money(feat. Wiley) that money is funnyJessieJ told me it's not about the price tag Sam Smith ain't got money on his mind fa
72 3.Super Tuesday le Hart orJessieJ. They won't stick to what they say Sorry Ron it's time to go Back to acting with Bonzo Who you pick it makes no matter We ea ... e one you fear Mondale Hart orJessieJ. They won't stick to what they
73 9.Break Away feat.Jessie Ware Stay away stay away If you care for yourself Stay away I had bad luck each and every day Stay away! Turn around turn awa ... have to stay Baby break away[Jessie Ware:] Break away break away Tha
74 1.Bye Bye Palenville bye Palenville. HeyJessie Lee Man what a mess you leave when you run away But I can never stay gone for
75 5.Kim andJessie(Data Remix) >5.Kim andJessie(Data Remix) Kim andJessie They have a secret world in the
76 16.Not Playin' At All put it on film likeJessie Andrews Mike Check one two guess who What I say comes true see I sprayed the c
77 7.Beans eans beansJessie ate some beans She was happy happy happy That she ate some beans Naked naked naked Sitting cross legged Naked naked naked And ... ate some beans Wine wine wineJessie ate some wine He was happy happy happy That he ate some wine Beans beans beans ... te some wine Beans beans beansJessie ate some beans And he drank some
78 1.Ain't Been Done Jessie J-Ain't Been Done1.Ain't Been Done I'm a do it like it ain't been done
79 2.Masterpiece Jessie J-Ain't Been Done2.Masterpiece So much pressure why so loud If you don
80 1.Ain't Been Done Jessie J-Sweet Talker1.Ain't Been Done I'm a do it like it ain't been done I'
81 2.Burnin' Up Jessie J-Sweet Talker2.Burnin' Up Walking through the fire Please don't let m
82 3.Sweet Talker Jessie J-Sweet Talker3.Sweet Talker So talk me oh yeah So talk me oh yeah So
83 4.Bang Bang Jessie J-Sweet Talker4.Bang Bang[Verse1- ... ker4.Bang Bang[Verse1-JessieJ] She got a body like an hourglass But I can give it to you all the time She got a booty like a Cadillac But I can send you i ... d girl to blow your mind[Hook-JessieJ:] Bang bang into the room I know you want it Bang bang all over you I'll let you have it Wait a minute let me take you there ... cki dominant prominent It's meJessie and Ari If they test me they sorry Ride his uh like
84 5.Fire Jessie J-Sweet Talker5.Fire He is the flame He draws me in That burns within
85 6.Personal Jessie J-Sweet Talker6.Personal No I'm not a liarJust don't know how to tell
86 7.Masterpiece Jessie J-Sweet Talker7.Masterpiece So much pressure why so loud If you don't
87 8.Seal Me With A Kiss Jessie J-Sweet Talker8.Seal Me With A Kiss I ain't gon' lie If I just got one chance With you tonight Then baby we would dan ... m around the way It's...JJJJJJJESSIEJ Look at you over there You know
88 9.Said Too Much Jessie J-Sweet Talker9.Said Too Much Stick and stones shattered bones But in
89 10.Loud Jessie J-Sweet Talker10.Loud Why don't I hate you? Why do they hate me? Why a
90 11.Keep Us Together Jessie J-Sweet Talker11.Keep Us Together I'm feeling like every things figure
91 12.Get Away Jessie J-Sweet Talker12.Get Away Why does it feel like I'm living through you
92 13.Your Loss I'm Found Jessie J-Sweet Talker13.Your Loss I'm Found Where did we go? Put your hand do
93 14.Strip Jessie J-Sweet Talker14.Strip Don't want your money Don't need your gold Or a
94 15.You Don't Really Know Me Jessie J-Sweet Talker15.You Don't Really Know Me The girl who always says yes
95 1.Personal Jessie J-Personal1.Personal No I'm not a liarJust don't know how to tell you
96 3.Bang Bang(JessieJ+ Ariana Grande+ Nicki Minaj) Bang Bang(JessieJ+ Ariana Grande+ Nicki Minaj)[Verse1: ... ande+ Nicki Minaj)[Verse1:JessieJ] She got a body like an hourglass but I can give it to you all the time She got a booty like a Cadillac but I can send you i ... l to blow your mind yeah[Hook:JessieJ] Bang bang into the room(I know you want it) Bang bang all over you(I'll let you have it) Wait a minute let me take you ther ... d girl to blow your mind[Hook:JessieJ& Ariana Grande][Verse3: Nicki Minaj] It'
97 1.Calling All Hearts All Hearts(feat.JessieJ& Robin Thicke) To the dancefloor tonight Let love start Calling all party peo
98 1.Diary Jessie James Decker-Comin Home1.Diary When I met you I had nothing to lose Yo
99 2.Breaking Your Heart Jessie James Decker-Comin Home2.Breaking Your Heart You sip on your coffee dr
100 3.Mama Wrote You A Lullaby Jessie James Decker-Comin Home3.Mama Wrote You A Lullaby Baby girl don't cry

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